tagRomanceWelcome Home Pt. 01

Welcome Home Pt. 01


It was mid-afternoon when I walked through the garage entry into our house. Continuing through the laundry room I stopped at the clothes rack, one of the folding kind like my mom always used. Mother wasn't about to hang her underwear on the line for everyone to see, she would dry her "dainties" as she called them, inside on the rack. My bride Susan could care less who saw her underwear on the line, if she even hung clothes out. She used the rack to dry her panties, bras and lingerie because apparently the dryer would destroy them.

As I stood looking at my wife's bikini panties and almost transparent boy shorts I reached out and stroked them, soft, silky, inviting. I ran my fingers through the crotch of a pair of my favorite boy shorts when I heard Susan, "I know you've been gone ten days, but are you so horny that you're playing with my panties?" As I looked up Sue was leaning against the doorjamb smiling, holding her arms out for me to embrace her.

Holding Susan, I told her, "I was thinking of how sexy you look in all that gear, and how much I like playing with the furry kitty inside those panties."

We held on to each other like we'd been apart ten years instead of ten days. As I pulled back we kissed long, gentle, seductively. Teasing with our tongues. Reality set in as we pulled apart, I had to pee, she needed to finish the last few lunch dishes.

"Was Zena here." I asked as I returned to the kitchen. Sue looked at me quizzically. "I'm looking at the white nylon panties in the garbage."

"Oh, I was cleaning out my dresser drawers and found those toward the back taking up space. Not sure why I hadn't thrown them out a long time ago."

I was behind her, arms around her waist, moving under her blouse and cupping her breasts. I lifted her bra, caressing those lovely globes her and nibbling on her neck.

"What was the deal with her anyway, and those white nylon briefs?" I asked?

Drying her hands she turned to me, "I'll give you all the details after you take care of my hot box. I want it by the sink, me bent over, you, ramming me from behind. There's one more thing though. I know you've been gone for ten days and you'll have lots of cum, but you won't dump it all in one load. Tonight, I want you to take me around the world, we haven't done that in a year."

My cock was instantly standing at attention. Susan smiled, "Mmmm, you like that idea, don't you?"

Sue bent at the waist holding onto the edge of the counter, I moved in behind, lifting her skirt I saw bright yellow with red polka dot boy shorts. I groaned and reached for her panties.

Looking back Sue said, "Around the world tonight, promise."

"I'm gonna fuck you fast and hard to lighten my heavy balls, but I'll make sure there's plenty later for my cum slut wife."

Sue smiled, "Thanks honey, you take such good care of me."

With Sue's panties off I moved her legs apart a few more inches and reached for her snatch. I was touching a warm, wet, and inviting playground. I dropped my pants and briefs, aimed my cock at her pink beckoning slit and pushed forward.

As wet as Sue was I was balls deep in one even stroke. Sue let out a soft "mmmm" as I held that position for a few lovely seconds, enjoying the feeling of being so deep. Neither Sue nor I are big people, both average in height, she being 5'7', me being 5'10". I loved her long brown hair, she had it in a single braid down her back today, her facial features were pretty, her breasts were a 34C, waist of the mother of 4 without fat or a muffin top, gently flowing hips and long legs.

I consider myself an average father, husband, & lover. Not overly muscular, but what muscle structure I do have is hard and taught. I've been blessed to be one of those guys with a wide chest and a slender waist. Sue would often tease me about not having enough ass to fully drive my cock all the way to the bottom. She knew it was bullshit, she also knew talk like that made me fuck her all the harder which she loved. My cock is what I think is average at 6". (I know because Sue measured) Sue said what made me stand out was the size of my balls. She said they hung like a bull and produced large amounts of semen.

If we made love late enough it was not unusual for Sue to leak cum all night long. She had gotten to where she sometimes wore a panty liner depending on how big the load had been. She was extremely proud of the fact that through the years she had learned to swallow my entire load most of the time.

With my cock buried balls deep in Sue's luscious cunt I began ploughing ground. In, out, back and forth, picking up speed a bit at a time. Sue arched her back and using her arms pushed her cunt back onto my dick.

"Fuck her hon, reem her good, I didn't even get myself off waiting for you to come home. I've been a good girl, fill me with cum baby. Fill my pussy."

That was all I needed, my cock thickened, my abdomen tightened, I could feel the juice from my balls begin it's rise to freedom.

Sue cried out, "I can feel it hon. Oh God it feels so good."

I rammed forward as Sue rammed backward, this wasn't our first rodeo, we were both shaking as we held our bodies together. Me spitting cum out the end of my cock, she, using her pussy muscles to suck me dry.

Sue's thoughts:

I've read articles in women's periodicals describing men's semen as thin and slightly milky. Obviously, they'd never given a hand job to my Larry, that son of a bitch shoots small ropes of cum a foot or two in the air. Milky it is not, it is thick, creamy, and a solid white color. I know how thick it is, through the years I've swallowed many a load.

Sue's body was still convulsing lightly as we started to relax, her hips were still bucking a little. We hadn't made much noise beyond the obligatory moans and grunts. With windows being open and nosy neighbors, we tried our best to not make noise if we made love outside our bedroom. With 4 kids we had learned to fuck in stealth mode, and fuck we did, all over the house.

One of our fondest stealth mode fucks was when Sue was leaning over the back of the couch looking at a catalog with the kids just before Christmas. I was behind her, dress up, cock inside her warm, hungry pussy, screwing her slowly. We were quiet as church mice, only shuddering when we came. I moved her panties back in place, lowered her dress, then turned to put my cock away acting as though nothing had occurred.

It had happened twenty minutes before supper, so we couldn't break away for a shower without a ton of questions. We sat at the table smelling like raw sex, my dick sticky and drying onto my underwear, cum leaking into Sues panties. The kids and I did dishes so mommy could take a quick shower. Standing in the kitchen after her shower, her arms around my neck she whispered, "My God Larry, I don't know how they didn't smell us. You unloaded a bucket full inside me."

Back to the present:

My half erect cock was still inside her, as it plopped out cum dribbled onto the floor.

I told her to go take care of herself, I'd clean up my mess. Sue held her skirt up and waddled into the half bath off the laundry room, hoping it ran down her legs and not all over the floor.

Once we finished cleaning ourselves we sat on the couch catching up. My trip up north to get lumber had gone well. Yellow Birch, Basswood and Black Ash were all on sale, so I'd gotten more of that than planned. However, Hickory, Maple and Birdseye were all a little higher, so I got less of that. With what I already had in the drying sheds I would have plenty for the furniture orders already scheduled.

Sue gave me a run down of the kid's happenings, school stuff, mail, and life in general. We were expected at the Gleason's on Saturday afternoon for a BBQ, and Sunday was the annual church picnic.

"So, what's the deal with Zena and those damn panties, I never did get the entire story. She's weird as hell in my opinion."

"Okay, this will take some time, so bear with me and don't interrupt. Zena and I have known each other all our lives, from daycare until now. We lived next to each other, played together, grew up together, fantasized about boys together, went through our first periods together, shared our training bras, practiced kissing with each other, and finally ended up rooming together at college. In our freshman year we had both been the victim of boys trying to get in our pants. We thought we were in love, all they wanted was pussy. Thankfully neither of us gave it away."

"By the end of first semester Zena had enough and decided she was going to try girls. I didn't know it at the time, but she was going out with some bull dyke on one of the sports teams. She fully embraced the lesbian lifestyle, she absolutely loved the smell and taste of pussy. Of course, she wanted me to be a part of it. I went to a few of the parties and was horny enough once that I let one of the girls eat me. In our room Zena begged to let her eat me, I let her do it twice, then told her I just wasn't into it. She backed off and didn't pester me anymore."

Then I met you, and six months later she met Tom. He was kind, gentle, and took his time with her. Soon she was liking cock instead of pussy and remained that way until she became pregnant with their first. Tom was an asshole on their first and wouldn't touch her. She began trolling the gay bars and in no time at all she had a steady girlfriend, another housewife like her. Both preggo, both asshole husbands, both eating each other's snatch for relief. She and Lois continued that relationship well after they'd both had their respective families, until Lois husband was transferred cross country."

"That's when she met Anna at a housewife's yoga class, they've been together every ten days to two weeks since. I guess it's cheating in a sense, at the same time it isn't. Neither of them wants another man, but they both have husbands who ignore their needs. Instead of going out and fucking some guy, they find solace in each other's arms."

"Okay, but what's with the white nylon panties.?"

"The panties, I'm not sure, it seems to be her fetish. Tom's lilly white and she's chocolate brown, so the contrast in colors shouldn't be an erotic thing. I'm average colored Caucasian, so white panties on me shouldn't create a real contrast. It happened the second time I let her eat me. She wanted me to wear white nylon panties, they had to be full brief's, no bikini or boy shorts. Now comes the kinky shit."

"I told her point blank I was not eating a woman's pussy. She said I wouldn't have to. Part of her fantasy was that I must be wearing white nylon briefs and have on a skirt or dress. She knelt in front of me, crawled under my skirt, rubbed her face on the front of my panties, slid them down and proceeded to lick me. She'd eaten me before and knew my hot spots, within three or four minutes I was dumping pussy juice onto her face. She kissed my pussy, crawled out from under my skirt, told me thanks and acted as though nothing had happened."

I was laughing hard, not at Sue, but at the situation. "Not to be judgmental hon, but that is some fucked up territory. And you've never had a desire to do her in return?"

"Not once Larry. I like tasting my pussy on your face when you kiss me after eating me, but that's in the heat of our passion. I don't mind tasting myself any more than you don't mind tasting yourself when I kiss you after a blow job. It's different, I never had any desire to eat her. We touched each other a few times during puberty, but it was a flash in the pan sort of thing. I acquiesced to letting her do that mainly because she's literally my oldest friend, but you're right, that was some fucked up shit."

At the supper table Sue and I were making eyes at each other, touching hands, smiling a lot, sneaking in a kiss whenever possible. Our oldest daughter, just 17, piped up. "Do I need to take us kids for an ice cream or something?"

Looking at me Sue spoke, "Honey, you'll need to buy the whole truck to stay away long enough."

Smiling and looking at Marcie she said, "grandma is having popcorn and movie night, take the littles over after supper. Make sure you're home by 10, school tomorrow."

"Are you sure three hours will be enough?"

"Oh yes, we know what we're doing, this isn't our first night out."

Marcie stood up and huffed, "You guys are disgusting, you should remember how old you are. Sometimes you're worse than rabbits."

Sue and I laughed, then told her thank you. She had no understanding why.

With the kids gone Sue went into the master bath to get ready. Our trip around the world only happened once a year, but it took prep time before hand. While Sue got herself ready, I showered and got the bedroom set up with aromatic candles. There would be no lingerie tonight, no long lingering kisses, no time-consuming caresses, no teasing, and no more foreplay than necessary. We could finish up in a little over an hour with plenty of time to clean up before the kids got home, but not if we lingered and played as we usually did.

Sue had showered and douched after my deposit earlier in the day, she also gave herself an enema, trimmed the few strands of hair on her labia, put on my favorite perfume, then walked into the bedroom wearing nothing but a sheer silk robe. I lay on the bed, as soon as Sue walked into the room my dick began to rise. By the time she'd reached the bed I had a full erection. Though we'd been together over 20 years, I never tired of seeing her in all her glory.

I pulled her into my arms, kissing her, telling her how beautiful she was, how much she made my dick ache with desire.

"Are you ready to go around the world my lovely wife?" Sue nodded yes. "Would you like me to eat you with or without your robe?"

"She breathed her answer almost in a whisper, "I want it on tonight, make me feel like a high classed French whore."

I lay her back, positioned myself between her legs, put her calves over my shoulders and got busy. I love the feel and silkiness of pussy fur. I rubbed my face in her muff, smelling her essence, loving the feel of her soft, silky, bush. I kissed her belly right above her bush, then plunged my face into her valley of wet, salacious tasting juices.

I wasted no time licking her labia, her perineum, or even teasing her puckered little anus before I went for the clit. Sue's body was moving about the bed, hips pumping slowly, breathing was heavy, hands alternating between grabbing her breasts and my hair.

After so many years I knew my way around her clit, teasing, tasting. I knew where her hot spots were, though we agreed on minimal foreplay, I was purposely avoiding them.

"Please honey, don't tease, please baby, eat mama's pussy."

The right side of her clit is the most sensitive, I concentrated on that area. Closing my mouth over her clit and hood, her hips raised off the bed as I gently sucked on her love button. I made love to her clit with my tongue, not breaking the light suction or stopping the licking of her clit.

Her hips began to pump rapidly, her legs stiffened, suddenly her ass was about two inches off the mattress pushing into my mouth as her hands laced through my hair, pulling me ever tighter to her gushing pussy. She didn't cry out even though her mouth was wide open, her head thrown back into the pillow. Sue made a few grunts and relaxed her body.

"Was it good baby? Did I begin to make up for having to be gone 10 days and nights?"

"Oh my Larry, sometimes you make me cum so hard I think my heart is gonna stop. Give me a minute before we move on."

I enjoyed our trips around the world as we called them. Because it was so exhausting and intense we didn't do it more than once a year. It always began with me eating Sue, then it was her choice whether she wanted anal or vaginal sex first, followed by the other, finishing with a blow job in which she would pull me out as I started to cum, aiming my cock at her face. One of the key features is that Sue had to cum in every position. Because there was so much stimulation, we never did this unless I had cum earlier in the day. Basically, guaranteeing I could last until the end.

Sue had recovered, getting on hands and knees. "In my ass first, and give it to me hard, I'm so fuckin horny."

I lubed her anus area as well as putting fingers inside to stretch her as I lubricated internally, then lathered my cock with lube. Sue's ass was high and pointed almost straight up. I squatted down, put the tip of my dick against the anus and steadily pushed. Sue was pushing against me and the head popped in, we both let out a breath and waited. Sue told me to go ahead. I began by working my cock in deeper and deeper with each stroke, when my balls hit Sue's clit she hissed, "YESSS," as she pushed back against me.

"Now daddy, ram it in, fuck mama's ass. Your ass whore needs it bad."

Sue knew I loved bedroom talk, she knew exactly how to get me fired up and stroking. I was pushing all the way to my groin with every stroke, no short strokes, long and deep, just the way she wanted it. I could feel Sue begin to tighten up and her breathing had changed. She was close as I began a verbal assault of my own.

"That's it baby, take all that cock in your ass. You're a little ass slut and you love having your asshole pounded don't you bitch. I should pull out and not let you cum."

"No, no daddy, pound my ass, make me cuuuuummmmm." Her body shook, her head flew back, she groaned from deep within.

I had to pull out before I dumped my load, I was so close it scared me. My cock was twitching, bobbing up and down on its own. Almost as though it was asking what the hell was going on. As Sue sank to the bed she was almost asleep, I caressed her, rubbing her back, stroking her hair. Trying to keep her awake. She stirred, raising her head she talked,

"That was so fucking intense. I could feel your cock getting bigger, I was afraid you were going to dump your load. Go wash up, I'll be ready for my pussy to be filled when you get back."

We knew there were people who switched from ass to vagina without cleaning, but in our eyes, it was far too risky. I washed with soap and water, making sure I was completely clean. Back in the bedroom Sue was waiting for me, laying on the bed, legs spread, beckoning me to her with her index finger.

She cradled me in her arms. "Baby, I want you to make love to me now, no hard pounding, just a nice slow pace. Make me know how glad I am that I'm your wife, impaled on your dick, and the mother of your babies."

I loved my wife's bush. It was thick, but not wiry. It was soft, silky feeling, contained mostly to the center of her mons. I kissed her pussy lips, then her clit hood, followed by a kiss on her mons.


I love the fact that he still makes me feel desirable and wanted. The soft kisses, the little licks here and there. He's never asked me to shave or be someone I wasn't, he adores me just as I am, head to foot.

I hovered over her before I lowered myself into Sue's valley of lust, her mommy hips inviting me to the center of her universe. As I placed my dick at her entrance she moaned and pushed her hips into me. My cock slid in, I slowly pushed it all the way to my balls. Those huge things hanging against her ass.


I could feel those monstrous balls against my ass, I immediately began wondering how big his load was going to be. Even though we fucked earlier, there should be enough to cover most of my face. I'm not into humiliation, nor is Larry into humiliating me, but I love the once a year he cums on my face. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but when we do, it feels exhilarating, as if my lover is painting my slut face with all that baby juice, claiming me as his own.


It had not been my idea to cum on Sue's face, it had been hers. The first time I did it I felt horrible and started apologizing to Susan. I felt like I somehow made less of my love for her by coating her face in cum. When she finally got me calmed down she told me she did not feel humiliated.

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