tagIncest/TabooWelcome to La Hotel Familia

Welcome to La Hotel Familia


This is a work of fiction.


You know, road trips can be boring as hell sometimes. Especially when they are with your family, how boring really depends on the person in charge.

That person was my mother, Betty, a very good looking 40 year old brunette.

It's not that she didn't try, she did, after all this was her idea to take a good long cross-country trip to kind of forget about all the bad things that had happened in the last few months. We saw sights, went out to good restaurants, went swimming in places that had pools, etc. It wasn't a bad little vacation at all, just a little boring sometimes.

But over all I think getting away was more for Mom than anyone, me and my sisters were just dealing with things as they came, not really bothered a whole lot by the events that had transpired the last few months.

Our Dad, Phillip had one morning sit down at the breakfast table and announced he was leaving. He needed to find his soul again so he had said. We all thought he was joking of course, he sometimes said crazy things.

I had just shrugged and resumed eating and looking at brochures for colleges. My sisters had giggled and continued talking about their dates that past Friday. Mom had played along with him and gave him a hug and told him to do whatever he needed to do to be happy.

I think it was our lack of reaction at all that really got to him. He had stood up and said good-bye one last time before walking out the door, he didn't eat anything Mom had fixed for him, nor did he take anything with him, he just left.

Mom had stared at the door a moment curiously before resuming making a plate for herself and sitting down with us.

It wasn't until later that evening when Dad didn't come home that we started to worry. I had just got in from hanging out with my buddies that I realized something was wrong. I had gotten home at 8 that night and usually Dad was home by 6 at the latest. I found Mom and my sister Tracy sitting on the couch talking quietly. Both jumped when I entered and then looked crestfallen when they saw it was me.

"What?" I asked.

"Your Dad still hasn't gotten home and he hasn't been at work today. And he's not answering his phone" Mom had said worriedly.

Dad never showed up that night, nor any other night. A week later Mom received the divorce papers in the mail, no explanation, nothing, just a number for some back street lawyer. Dad had took 5 grand out of their checking account and left her the rest. The house, the savings, the cars, he left her everything. He had taken just enough to walk away and that's it.

At first Mom had thought he might be having some kind of mental problem so a couple months after he had left she hired a private detective to find him. Which as it turned out wasn't a very good idea at all. He had found him, but Mom wished he hadn't. Dad had shacked up with some kind of weird cult in the southwest. He even remarried and was about to be a father again, which really upset my mother, but she had paid the private detective and then threw the contact info in the trash.

So now here we were driving down the California highway in the evening, just about dark, looking for a motel to pull into for the night. I was in the passenger seat and the twins were in the back playing with their laptops, Mom was driving and searching the road signs for motels.

Looking at the passing scenery while listening to music from my iPod I happened to see a sign up ahead and told Mom there was a motel at the next exit.

Pulling off at the exit Mom took a right and drove a couple more miles before we saw the place.

It didn't have that roach motel look, in fact it looked kind of nice, even if it was in the middle of nowhere. Hell I didn't even see a gas station nearby, which was kind of weird. The sign said 'La Hotel Familia' and we even saw some nice bungalows out behind it. Which we reasoned must be where the residents of this little area lived.

But the motel had a nice clean parking lot, no trash blowing in the wind, the paint looked new and a pleasant beige color. It was half full of cars, but luckily no one was parked in front of the office.

Pulling in and parking Mom told my sisters to wait in the car while she and I went in and got us 3 rooms. She always wanted me to go in with her when got to places were there wasn't a lot of people around, I guess she was a little afraid to go in by herself.

Going in first with me following we walked up to the desk that had this cute middle-aged Spanish lady behind it, she stood when we entered and gave us a brilliant smile. Mom smiling back asked her if any rooms were available and got a response that surprised her and me as well.

"Welcome to La Hotel Familia, Is your name Betty Stephens?" The Lady asked.

"Why yes, yes it is, how did you know?" Mom asked with a dumbfounded look.

"We have your reservations here Miss Stephens you and three others I believe." She said looking at the reservations.

"But that's impossible, I didn't make any reservations, and I know none of my children did, can you tell me who made them in my name?" Betty asked.

"Oh no Miss Stephens, I took the reservations but I haven't a clue who that person was, I only assumed it was you." The Lady said staring at my mother with a doe-eyed look.

I don't know why, but that one look had an effect on me, I felt my cock begin to rise, something about that clerk was getting to me. Of course she was an attractive woman, I had no doubt of that, her tits were about to bust out of her simple bronze colored t-shirt and her long black hair had a very silky look to it. But no it was her eyes, swirling pools of midnight on a white field that had me staring and my cock rising. I didn't realize my mother was trying to get my attention until she smacked me on the arm.

Shaking myself I turned to one amused mother and a very amused clerk, both were staring at me and glancing down. Looking down my face turned crimson. My cock was making a tent in my pants, it was harder than I had ever felt before and in order to avoid further embarrassment I shuffled over to the front door with my back to the women as they giggled.

"Your husband certainly does have a longing for you doesn't he?" The Lady giggled.

"Oh... I think it was for someone else, not his old Mom" Betty giggled in reply.

Ignoring what the women were saying I barely caught that last bit as I forced myself to calm down while they finally got back to business. Mom eventually just sort of shrugged off the reservation business and took the rooms and paid for them, which turned out to be one of the bungalows we had seen from the road. Each one had 3 bedrooms and a kitchenette with a roll-away bed in the closet if needed. She informed Mom that the rest of the rooms were either reserved or occupied.

Signing the papers and paying for our bungalow, the lady behind the desk gave Mom the key and told us to call her for anything. Thanking the woman and turning to me Mom paused a moment at the door, looked at me with a grin and asked if I was alright to go now. With my face turning red again I assured her I was.

Going out the door I just couldn't figure it out, the woman's eyes had just drawn me in, I just didn't know what to make of it. I wondered to myself if I was instantly infatuated with the lady. I just didn't know...

Getting back to the car Mom told my sisters about the bungalow we got and they loved it, I guess they were tired of the same old motel rooms and pay-per-view porn (which I didn't mind at all).

Going around the drive and moving down the rows I didn't see one soul outside which was kind of strange if the place was booked up, surely there must be some people around. But it was late I reasoned and people pulling up here were probably pretty tired and just wanted to sleep.

Pulling into our place for the evening I noticed the nearest bungalow next to ours didn't have any lights on, they had shades drawn and no around, even though a mini-van was parked in front of it. Probably just some travelers like themselves that just wanted to sleep. Shrugging to myself I helped my sisters unload our suitcases from the back as Mom went and unlocked the place. Taking our bags and me carrying Mom's we went inside after Mom. As I entered I felt kind of strange, almost like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, I don't know exactly what to call it, but I felt free I guess. Shrugging my shoulders I proceeded inside.

The place was huge, when you look at it outside it looks small and cozy, but inside it defied belief. The ceiling was at least 8 feet high and the main living area had a couch and chairs and a big screen TV. As soon as my sisters set foot inside they squealed and ran to the bedrooms checking them out and trying to claim the best one. Setting mine and Mom's suitcase down I went over to our mother who was checking out the kitchen and looking in the refrigerator. Suddenly Mom gasped and I hurried over to her.

"What's wrong Mom?" I asked a bit worriedly.

"It's nothing sweetie, I just didn't expect to find a full bar inside the fridge" She laughed.

I inspected it and sure enough there were all kinds of beer and different selections of wine and liquor. Probably there to over-charge on the room bill I reasoned.

Gathering herself Mom told me to take her bag to her room while she set about to call room service and get some food for us.

Taking my bag and hers I went down the hallway and finding the master bedroom I set Mom's down and then took the one next to hers. I knew the other room was occupied by my sisters as I heard them squealing and laughing already. With no idea why and not curious to find out I just set my bag down and started looking for a bathroom. Opening the door to the right I found a closet and on the left I found Mom's bedroom, apparently all the rooms were connected with each other.

Walking back out of the bedroom I looked down the hall and finally found the bathroom and went inside. It was a hell of a lot bigger than I thought it would be, it had a walk in shower big enough for 8 people and a big tub that could fit 6 comfortably.

What the hell is this place I thought.

It looked so small on the outside but inside it was like a full apartment. Curious now I washed my face and dried off and went back into the kitchen to find Mom on the phone with room-service.

Waiting until she had finished ordering for us I told her about the bedrooms and the bathroom and asked her if we could afford this.

"Oh don't worry about money sweetie, we're fine, and the price isn't too much more than a normal set of rooms" Betty said as she sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

Shrugging I sat beside her as the TV came on.

Mom found some silly romance movie after flipping through the channels and snuggled up close to me. I just put my arm around her and sat with her. I was bored as hell with the movie but it was nice to have my arm around a woman, so I sat there.

We watched maybe 20 minutes of the movie when the doorbell rang. Mom said it was probably room service and asked me to get it. I got up and went to the door.

Opening it I found myself staring at the same lady from the front desk. The middle aged Spanish woman with her arms full of food in brown bags.

Smiling at me with those eyes and asking where I wanted her to put the food I motioned for her to come in and set it down on the kitchen table. As she set it down I suddenly realized I didn't have any cash. Excusing myself a moment I went over to my mother and asked her for some and explained I didn't have any for a tip. Mom got up and grabbed her purse from the counter and rifled through it and to her dismay didn't have any either. The Spanish lady assured us it was ok and no tip needed. But Mom was adamant, she needed to thank her somehow.

"Why don't you have dinner with us? It would be nice to have some company and there is a ton of food here." Betty suggested.

To my amazement she accepted and told us her name was Maria. With Maria helping Mom set the food out I went to get the twins.

Knocking on their door I yelled out the food was there and went back into the kitchen just as Maria and Mom were sitting down with plates in front of them.

The table was laden with Mexican food. Tamales, Tacos, Burritos, salads and sauces, it was enough food for a dozen people!

"Did you make all this yourself Maria?" Mom asked gazing with appreciative eyes at all the wonderful food.

"Oh no Betty, I don't cook all that much anymore, the chef makes it and I just deliver it." Maria said smiling.

"Well it sure smells good!" I said grabbing some taco's from the platter in the center of table

"Yes she does a very good job if I do say so myself." She giggled while pouring some soup into a bowl.

Munching on a taco I couldn't help but stare as Maria sipped her soup and talked to my mother. Her silky black hair seemed to catch the light and shimmer every time she moved her head or jaw. She had that mature ripe look that only beautiful women get in their 40's. I didn't even hear my sisters come in till they were sitting down and stuffing their pretty faces with burritos. Already dressed in their pajama's they looked like twin sleepwear models, brunette hair and pretty faces doing a taco bell commercial for late night food.

"How long have you run the hotel here Maria?" Mom asked, breaking my reverie with a question I took an interest in.

"Oh it's been years now, I built this place a long time ago after my husband moved on" She said sadly.

"Oh I'm so sorry, he passed away?" Betty asked.

"No, no, not anything like that, he left me for a younger woman, it's ok, it was a long time ago." She said smiling.

"Men are such pigs" My sister Julie said wrinkling her nose up.

"Hey now..." I said setting my fork down.

"Oh be quiet Davey, she didn't mean you, you aren't a man after all." Shana said giggling.

"Stop teasing your brother girls, he is a man, the man of the family now, he's our good man" She said smiling at me.

Getting back to my food I happened to notice Maria staring at me with a small smile on her face, a small considering look. Smiling back I felt that small sensation again, losing myself in her eyes as I sat there. Soon enough I shook myself and noticed she was talking again to our mother and I had a raging hard on.

Glad that the table hid my erection I started thinking of baseball and movies to try to get it to go down.

All too soon the meal was done and my sisters had gone off to their bedroom to do what sisters do, chat the night away about guys and gossip. Maria had stayed to help Mom clean up and I kicked back on the couch to watch TV.

Flipping through the channels I found an action movie that was already playing. I didn't recognize any of the actors but it looked pretty good so I left it there and settled in to watch.

It was probably 10 minutes or so when Mom snuggled back in beside me and to my surprise Maria sat down on my other side, laying her head on my shoulder. Curiously I looked down at my mother who made a shushing motion with her lips. I guess Mom invited Maria to stay awhile and I have a feeling Mom was feeling sorry for her at having to go through the same situation she did. Taking it all in stride I put my arm around both women and we watched the movie as it played on.

Then came the love scene between the hero and the women, two sisters (they looked alike) he had rescued and were now shacked up in a hotel room with.

At first it was just a normal kissing scene while the other was in the shower. But then it turned into a three-way with the sister coming out in nothing but a robe with the tie undone. For some reason I didn't think it was strange at all, two women kissing their man and each other, sisters or not. And frankly it was turning me on, my cock was rising and I just didn't care at the moment, all I wanted to do was keep watching.

As the movie played on the scene became more and more graphic, and a small part of me realized this wasn't just a normal movie and it wasn't a porno flick either, the two women were very obviously related. Each woman taking turns on the man's cock and then turning it into a daisy chain as all three went to work on each other.

I could feel my mother squirming and looked down to see her with her hand down in her panties. She had unzipped her jeans and was working her fingers over her clit and starting to pant with pleasure. It was like she was in a trance as she worked herself over. Maria on the other side just watched and snuggled closer.

Just as the guy on the screen was about to fuck the older of the two women I heard Maria sigh.

She was moving her hand towards the tent in my pants and when she touched it I almost exploded. I was so turned on it was like electricity was running from her hand to my cock.

Deftly she unzipped my jeans and fished my cock out of my boxers, running her hand along its length.

Staring back at the screen I became short of breath as her hand did wonders to my manhood, stroking and pulling on the skin up and down.

I heard my Mom groan and I knew she was having an orgasm and she started shaking beside me, I just tightened my arm around her as she came.

I now felt a wetness on my cock and looked down to see Maria taking me into her mouth, hot warmth surrounding it and going down lower and lower till she had all 8 inches encased in a vacuum of warmth. I felt my mother shift beside me and soon she was staring into my eyes.

"I don't know what's happening Davey but I don't want this to stop..." Betty said staring at me with a lust filled gaze.

"I don't either Mom..." I sighed as Maria came back up for air.

Looking at both of us with a smile on her face Maria spoke and got our attention.

"You're at La Hotel Familia; this is a place of fantasies and carnal delights. A place where all your secret desires can happen. And also where a family can heal old wounds..." Maria said smiling sadly as she fisted my cock, still hard and strong.

"What? I uh... I've thought about sex but I uh..." Betty rambled a bit.

"You've thought of your son in that way Betty, or else you could not be here, and he has thought of you in that fashion, and also his sisters. This place isn't for everyone, its only here for those that need it, a place of love for the family. A chance to bring closeness to people you feel have drifted away..." Maria said now using both hands to massage and pull on my cock.

"Now it's time for you Betty to take over, take your son's cock and give him what he wants, what he has missed for many months now. A new form of his mother's love, the old is gone, it died when your husband left you, now he needs you and you need him, take it and give it to him... Make his and your dreams come true..." She finished releasing my cock from her grasp with me giving a moan of protest.

Mom now almost in a daze got up and while staring me in the eyes took off her clothes, her big d-cup tits bounced free when she unsnapped the bra and tossed it to the floor. I could see her cunt was dripping when she pulled her jeans and panties down. Pausing a moment she stood still and watched me, my cock jutting up from my jeans and underwear.

"Help me Maria, I want it so badly but I..." Betty said.

"Stand up Davey and get out of your clothes baby..." Maria whispered in my ear.

Standing I quickly took off my clothes and sat back down, naked on the couch. Shaking my head to try to clear some of the fog I looked to my left and saw Maria was as naked as Mom and I were. Not even realizing she had gotten undressed I saw her tits were a pleasant handful with a bronze color and her eyes had that same smoky look from before.

I was still staring as I felt my mother settle her knees on either side of my legs and slowly guided my cock to her moist entrance. I looked back at my mother and she had her head rolled back looking at the ceiling as she mounted me, my cock slowly going deep into her pussy.

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