tagIncest/TabooWelcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 02

Welcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction.


Julia and Shana did everything together. From shopping to sunbathing, they never left each other's side. The first time one of them got asked out Shana made date call a friend and make it a double for her sister. The two young women were inseparable.

So it was that the twins were sitting on the bed chatting away as they played a scrabble game they had found in the closet. Now only wearing their pajama tops each sat across from the other.

"Julie what do you think of that Maria woman? It's really sad her hubby left her, but she is kind of strange, gives off a weird vibe, ya know?" Shana said moving a piece into place for points.

"Yea I kind of felt that too, it wasn't bad, just unusual. I think Maria is a good person, after all she gave Mom this place pretty cheap for the night and it's amazing." Julie said as she slid a U into place for the word CUNT.

"Julie, why do you make all these sexual words?" Shana said laughing.

"I can't help it, we've been broken up with Steve for weeks now, and I know you miss good ole male cock the same as me." Julie replied laughing.

"Well I miss having a good hard cock but not his, he turned out to be an asshole." Shana said wrinkling her nose at the memory.

Shana and Julie were both remembering the time their boyfriend Steve had wanted to surprise them with his new frat house brothers. He had set it up for them to be the guests of honor at a huge frat orgy, only he hadn't told them. To say the least the girls weren't pleased. They loved sex, but didn't like the idea of being lied to. But to him they were just a couple of bi-sexual beautiful women ready to fuck 50 guys in front of him.

He had walked them into the frat house talking all about how colleges threw wild parties and had all kinds of fun. When Shana and Julie first entered everything appeared normal, guys and girls drinking and dancing. But Steve had told them to skip this room and move on downstairs to the basement.

Both sisters could hear the moans and groans as soon as he opened the door. Going down the stairs at his urging they both saw a scene out of a roman orgy at the bottom.

Men and women everywhere were fucking like rabbits. The downstairs basement was huge, with several couches, a bed in a corner, a full bar over on one wall and a pool table. And people were on all of them fucking each other silly.

There was one particularly hung individual leaning against the pool table getting his cock sucked by this pretty little blonde that made eye contact with Steve. Motioning them over he grabbed the blonde by the hair and told her to get lost, he had a better deal coming up. The blonde called him an asshole and found another guy with his cock free.

"So these are the sluts you told me about eh Steve?" The guy said as they got near.

At hearing that Julie and Shana both stiffened. They didn't mind a little role play in the bedroom with their boyfriend, but a stranger calling them sluts didn't go over too well with them.

"Yea John this is Shana to my right and Julie to my left, both are first class fucks, you won't cum harder in any other pussy I promise you." Steve said grinning at his buddy, missing the fire in his girlfriends' eyes.

"Oh I don't know, I've known some pretty good whores but we'll see." John said settling back on the table before continuing.

"You girls know your friend Steve made a deal with me don't ya? He gets into this Frat but the Frat gets to fuck you two every weekend for 2 months. With me being first every time of course, I don't take sloppy seconds as I'm the head of this fraternity." John said now pulling on his cock.

Julie and Shana both looked at each other and something seemed to pass between them as they both turned and smiled at John.

John thinking this loser Steve might have brought him some prime pussy just grinned at them and told them to get to work, their boyfriends success at this university depended on it.

Julie going to her knees in front of John and Shana reaching up to run her hands through John's slightly longer than normal hair put John at ease as he closed his eyes. Then suddenly Shana grabbed a handful of hair and jerked backwards just as the taser from Julie made contact with his balls.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" John screamed before passing out twitching on the pool table.

It had all happened so quickly that Steve hadn't moved, he had seen his girlfriends start to seduce the frat elder and then they looked to have given him a real shock. A very literal shock.

And then all eyes were on them, everything had stopped, the moans from the other women, the guys had gone limp. They had heard what happened, but they didn't know exactly what, they only knew their frat elder was lying on the pool table twitching and that couldn't be good.

Turning back to their former boyfriend both girls looked at him for a moment before speaking.

"You really should get your head together Stevie dear, we were only sluts in the bedroom for you, not for the whole world, and we especially don't like to be tricked into any situation." Shana said.

"Maybe next time, if you ever get lucky again, you might think before you decide to use someone, eh sweetie?" Julie said in a syrupy sweet voice batting her eyes at him just as the taser again made contact with male genitals for the second time that evening.

"UhhhhhUUUUHHHH!!!!" Steve shuddered as fifty thousand volts went through his balls and into his body.

He dropped like a sack of rocks at their feet just twitching, the same as the head of the frat house.

Pausing a moment before leaving, Shana and Julie looked around at all the shocked faces of couples paused in mid-fuck to see the drama unfold.

Julie held up her taser and displayed it to the gathered mass of people.

"Mail-order for $129.95, consider it asshole insurance girls." Julie said before they both turned and headed up the stairs giggling.

Julie moving another letter into place giggled at the memory of tasering Steve and his frat house leader, they had never even found out his name. They did find out later that Steve had gone to a different college, he was probably a laughing stock at the other one they reasoned.

"So what do you think ever happened to big boy from that house?" Shana asked.

"Oh he's probably got a dozen kids and working at a garage in his hometown changing oil for people" Julie giggled.

"Good evening young ladies" Maria said standing just inside the doorway with a tray of snacks.

Both Julie and Shana jumped at hearing her voice, almost knocking over the board.

"Maria! You scared us." Julie laughed.

"Oh forgive me, I knocked but you didn't answer, I heard voices so I knew you were not asleep, my apologies if I have disturbed you." Maria said gliding over to the edge of the bed.

"I thought you girls might need a snack tonight, so I brought some with the take out your mother ordered earlier." Maria said setting it down for them.

"Oh wow! Chocolate covered pretzels! How did you know?" Shana squealed, it was their favorite junk food.

"Oh it was just a guess." Maria said laughing.

"Wanna sit with us and play the game a bit Maria?" Julie said grabbing a pretzel and snacking away.

"Certainly Julie, do you girls mind if I slip out of these shorts? They are very confining when sitting." She said reaching for the waistband.

"No not at all, it'll be like a slumber party." Shana giggled.

"Yea we always take ours off at night, it's more comfortable with just panties and tops on, and of course those get removed too eventually." Julie said winking and finishing another pretzel.

"Julie do you have to tell everyone we sixty-nine at night?" Shan giggled reaching for another pretzel.

"Mmm, these are very good Maria, best I've ever tasted! And yes sister dear, I'll tell Maria, why not? This chocolate makes me feel so sexy, sometimes chocolate is better than sex!" She said laughing now.

"Slut!" Shana said laughing with her sister as Maria joined in with them.

Getting over their giggles they started playing again. Maria moving words into place while the girls snacked on the pretzels.

"Mmm, that's a good word Maria, COCK, mmm, yes it is." Julie said, admiring her new friend's choice of letters.

"I'll say, it's been awhile for us." Shana said wistfully.

"But you girls have each other don't you? Surely that must be nice, having a nice warm tongue to keep you satisfied at night." Maria said seductively.

"Mmm, it is Maria, but a good hard cock is good to have around, lesbians are missing out!" Shana giggled reaching for another snack.

Maria then spelled out another word, BROTHER. Both Julie and Shana agreed it was good too, worth a lot of points.

"You know I saw Davey one day in the pool, his shorts had come off when he dived in, he had the hots for us that day I think, he was as hard as a rock." Julie said.

"Was he big?" Shana asked.

"Of course, around 8 inches I think, nice and thick too" Julie said thinking of Davey and his cute ass as he struggled to get his trunks back up his legs that day.

Maria then spelled out the word MOTHER on the board.

"I think Mom has the biggest tits in the neighborhood don't you Julie?" Shana asked now watching the board as Maria moved more pieces around.

"Yea hers are pretty big, you know the looks and leers she always gets when we go shopping with her, it makes me feel good that men still want her, even at 40 she's still one hot mama." Julie said now staring at nothing as she thought of her mother's large breasts.

"Maria what do you think? Are Mom's tits bigger than average?" Shana asked, snapping Julie out of her reverie.

Maria moving another few pieces around looked up with a small smile and answered her.

"Yes your mother has very fine breasts, it actually surprises me that she doesn't have more children. If I had tits like hers I would have at least a dozen." She said giggling with the girls now.

"Do you think ours will get that big?" Julie asked, hefting them up a bit.

"Hmm, take off your top and show me dear, it's hard to judge with a top on." Maria said softly.

"Ok, but take yours off too." Julie giggled.

Julie and Shana both removed their tops as Maria took her t-shirt off. Both girls noticed right away that Maria was bigger than them, her tits were well ripened with age as both of theirs still had that just-beyond-puberty-look.

Now all three of them were sitting on the bed in nothing but panties, each examining the others breasts.

"Your both a decent B size am I correct?" Maria asked, hefting her own to show the girls.

"Yup, both the same, identical twins have the same of everything." Shana said.

"Well I wouldn't worry too much, a few children will make you both fill out quite nicely" Maria said smiling as she rubbed her nipples a bit.

Getting back to the game Maria started spelling out a new word as each sister started on a new pretzel.

"Mmm, I feel so damn sexy right now, Sis we're gonna have to play a new game soon..." Julie said giving her sister a smoky look.

"I agree..." Shana said returning the look.

"Come now girls, surely you want to finish this game first before you two start another?" Maria said with her eyes on both of them now.

"Maria, do you think my sister and I are sexy?" Shana said now eyeing their host's breasts hungrily.

"Of course I do baby, you and Julie are two of the hottest little things to come through here in awhile." Maria said smiling.

Both girls were now starting to pant as they gazed into Maria's eyes and the swirling depths located there. They we're being drawn in and their juices were starting to flow.

Just as Shana reached out Maria leaned back laughing saying they had to finish this game before another one started.

"Look at the words now girls, what do they say?" Maria said in a very soft and sexy voice.

"BROTHER, COCK, MOTHER..." Shana started.

"...FUCK, ORGASM, SISTERS, CUNT." Julie finished.

"Yes, you girls need a good hard cock don't you?" Maria said in that same sexy voice.

"Yes, oh yes we do..." Shana said while rubbing her panties where her clit was with her eyes closed.

"Do you want your brother's cock?" Maria asked softly.

Julie still looking at the board and the words nodding her head slowly as her breath came to her faster now, her chest rising and falling a little more rapidly.

"What of your poor mother? Doesn't she deserve a good tonguing by her daughters? I bet you two would enjoy lapping her sweet juices wouldn't you?" Maria said in that same soft smoky voice.

"Yesss...." Shana hissed softly, still rubbing her clit through her panties.

"Take off your panties girls..."

Both girls in an almost trance-like state removed their panties in a twist of legs as they shifted.

"Oh looking at both of you I just know you taste so sweet, all nice and clean. Oh I bet your mother would like to dine as well..." Maria said shifting on the bed to get between Shana's legs.

Julie now looking at her sister as Maria slowly slid her tongue inside the folds became dripping wet, soaking the soft sheets beneath her. Moving to get behind Maria she noticed the game had disappeared, but gave it little thought as she slowly worked her hands over Maria's tight and ripened ass, getting her to open her legs.

Maria feeling Julie behind her slowly scooted to her knees until her ass was high in the air like a bitch in heat. Parting her legs at Julie's urging she felt the girls tongue on her dripping pussy in no time.

Running her tongue over Shana's now very wet and very hot box Maria felt Julie slide a couple of fingers inside her as she tongued her from behind.

It seemed only a moment until Shana was moaning to a climax as Maria sucked in her clit and shoved a finger in deep making the twin cum hard.

Maria, feeling Julie redouble her efforts, smiled into the pussy she was feasting on and felt her own climax build up.

Sitting up on the twin's face she ground her pussy and clit onto Julie's sucking mouth until finally she came. Moaning out and shaking she orgasmed on top of the girls tongue.

Drinking in the ecstasy from her orgasm she smiled with her eyes closed as she felt Julie's tongue slow to a nibble.

Getting off Julie she saw Shana still with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Julie now on her knees reached around Maria and put her hands on her tits pinching and lightly twisting Maria's nipples.

"I bet you want to cum don't you Julie?" Maria said softly.

"Yes Maria, oh yes please..." Julie said sliding her tits up and down Maria's back, stimulating her hardened nipples.

"Do you want to fuck your brother? Do you want his good thick cock?"

"Yes, oh god yes!" Julie said panting, now desperate to cum.

"And Betty? You want to sixty-nine with your mother too?" Maria said turning to Julie and taking her earlobe between her teeth and nibbling.

"Yes! YES!, I want them both!" Julie moaned out loud.

"Then let him and your mother, take you..." Maria whispered.

With her hot breath tickling Julie's neck she breathed out another whisper to the twin.

"Turn around sweetie..."

Julie turned and there was her brother and mother both looking at her with eyes filled with lust. She hadn't heard the door open and close. Shana now had her eyes open and watching as she rubbed her clit slowly.

"Mom...Davey... please make me cum, please..." Julie breathed, reaching for her mother and brother with open arms as Maria moved to stand beside the bed.

Betty was the first to enter into her daughter's embrace, kissing her passionately. Davey moved behind her and cupped her tits in his hands, taking her hardened nipples with his thumb and forefinger, pulling and pinching lightly.

After pulling back from her daughter Betty smiled and spoke to her.

"Momma and Davey is gonna good care of you sweetie, don't worry baby." Betty said as she got down and flipped over on her back sliding her head underneath her daughter's dripping lips.

Julie's breath caught as she felt her mother's mouth go to work on her. Then she felt her brother's hands on her hips urging her to lean forward as she felt his cock lightly rubbing along her ass cheeks.

Doing what her brother wanted she leaned down and immediately attacked her mother's cunt, lapping at the juices there. She noticed right off that a man's cum was mixed with her mother's juices. It could only be her brother's cum she reasoned silently as she lapped it up even faster making her mother moan into her pussy.

Then she felt it, she felt the tip of her brother's cock make contact with her cunt lips as he slowly slid into her hot wet hole.

Julie groaned as she felt the first male enter her pussy in weeks, being that it was her brother's was an even bigger turn on for her. Now sucking her mother's clit into her mouth she worked her fingers inside making her mother moan even louder on Julie's clit causing her to shudder as she had her first small orgasm of the night.

Julie, coming up for air, now saw Maria behind her brother running her hands along his chest and twisting his nipples as she whispered in his ear. Shana had moved and was between their mother's legs taking Julie's place on her cunt, tongue going in and out like a small cock.

Julie couldn't take much more, it had only been a few minutes of her mother working her tongue on her clit and her brother fucking deep into her and it was almost time for her to explode, she felt it coming.

"Oh Mom, you and Davey are going to make me cum so hard!" Julie moaned out loud.

"Yes baby, cum for your mother and your brother, they want to feel it, they need to feel it baby..." Maria said in her sexy voice.

"I'm so close!" Julie said panting, loving the feel of her brother fucking her and her mother sucking clit at the same time.

"Davey, your sister needs you baby, she needs your seed for her release, will you give it to her? Will you make her cum by filling her up?" Maria asked him still rubbing his chest with her hands.

"Yes... I'll give Julie what she wants, I'll give her a load she won't forget!" Davey said panting as he pounded harder into his sister.

Shana hearing that started sucking their mother's clit harder now, desperate to taste more of her brother's cum, pushing her tongue far in to gather as much as she could, making her mother groan in orgasm.

Julie was so very close now, she was almost hysterical as she writhed on top of her mother. Her brother's cock was going in and out at a furious pace and she could tell he was almost there, the same as her.

"Goddamnit Davey, give me what I want!" Julie screamed.

"Here it comes Sis!" Davey yelled as he exploded inside his sister.

Julie felt it then, the tidal wave crashed into her. She shook and moaned loudly as her orgasm took hold and shook the world around her. Her eyes dimmed and wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as she felt her brother giving her every drop of cum he could shoot inside. Every hot drop that touched her sugary walls brought another wave crashing down. Panting and shaking she felt her brother pull her to him and fired his last shot as deep as he could, giving her one last blast of orgasmic bliss.

And finally after what seemed like hours, it was over.

Julie now out of breath from screaming and moaning was shaking from the best fuck of her life and collapsed off to the side feeling her brother's still hard cock slip out of her. Betty sat up smiling as Shana got to her knees on the bead and leaned down to kiss her twin, sharing the taste of their mother with her.

"I do think Julie is truly satisfied, don't you Betty?" Maria asked, still behind Davey with her arms around him.

"I think my baby just had the best sex of her young life Maria." Betty said grinning.

"Davey still has a hard cock, and Shana still needs her load of cum too..." Maria said softly.

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