Welcomed In


They were young lovers who wanted to spend some time alone, wanting to take advantage of the warm, summer weather in New York's Adirondack Park. The two set out as dawn broke, and he drove the two hours north to a cabin one of his aunts owned.

It was a wooden A-frame; two levels though the top floor only held one room, which usually had three of four small beds. It had a bathroom, but one that held only the commode and sink. The shower was outside, exposed to the air. Some might have been self-conscious of this, but with the nearest neighbor more than a quarter mile away, the odds someone would watch were next to impossible. Anyone who stayed at the cabin had access to the reservoir, to a dock where one could dive from or just enjoy the water. If a person wanted to stay close to the cabin, there was a private small lake, created from a spring-fed pond and surrounded by a sand beach.

Sabine Rosener had the cabin described to her by Campion Theriot and thought it was wonderful. She readily agreed to come with him and spend a weekend alone, enjoying the open air and the lake. She even hinted to him that she wouldn't mind skinny-dipping.

He pulled his car up the gravel road and parked in front, better to unload here than to park in the back where there was adequate room for five vehicles. He bounded out and to the passenger side, to be gallant and open the door for her. She shook her head and giggled at this small show of chivalry.

"Your descriptions of this place don't do it justice," she commented as she walked to the door. She stopped and spun around, looking at the woods the enclosed the cabin. She smiled, noticed that the pines were shading the majority of the property, keeping the heat away, even at this early hour.

"Beautiful, just beautiful," she mumbled to herself as he unlocked the front door.

"Let me get that," she said. She reached down and took her bags from him. "I don't want you to bring in everything."

"The bedroom's straight ahead," Campion directed.

"Thank you, Honey." The young woman walked into the cabin and slowly walked towards the bedroom. She turned slowly to see the roughhewed logs that supported the roof. She liked that the living, dining, and kitchen areas were all in the relative same place, just footsteps away from each other. She found the bedroom and placed her bags on the queen-sized bed.

Sabine sat next to her bags and smiled. "This is going to be a good weekend," she thought to herself. Campion told her that they had the next three days to themselves, no roommates of his to worry about, none of their family members getting under their skin, and most importantly, no lecherous married male manager at work constantly asking her to have a drink with him.

"Hey Campion," a female voice called from the second level.

Sabine rushed out and asked, "Who's that?"

Campion stood wordless, his gaze going from his girlfriend to the naked female looking down at him.

"Hello Sabine," another female said from behind her. She jumped, startled by it. She turned and blushed. He looked and shook his head, placed his face in his palm: His aunt's best friend Gwendolyn was naked, her hair wet, obviously returning from the outdoor shower. She was a short, plump woman, one gifted with large breasts and a matching smile. She was ten years senior of the young lovers: his aunt was just 15 years older herself.

Sabine turned and faced her boyfriend. Through her tight lips and eyes, she conveyed her anger. He opened his mouth to express his own shock at them not being alone. He didn't have a chance.

"Honey," Gwendolyn said, touching the younger woman gently on the shoulder. "He didn't know we were going to be here." She tossed her towel over a shoulder and continued. "I'm sorry if we made you mad."

Sabine relaxed her body, but was still upset. "Why are you here?"

The other woman descended the wooden stairs and began to explain. "Gwen and I knew you two were going to use the cabin this weekend. We didn't care. We wanted you to know what Camp has been seeing for the last two years.

The older woman's body shook with each step, causing Sabine to smile inwardly. She noticed that the older woman had children, the stretch marks on her stomach made it evident. She was older than the siblings' parents were.

"Who are you?" Sabine asked. "I've never met you."

"She's his Aunt Debbie," Gwen answered.

Sabine turned to Campion, still standing straight, his mouth still ajar. "I thought I met all your relatives, or a majority of them." She returned to looking at the friend.

Gwen smiled and shook her head. "She's his mother's longest and closest friend."

Debbie stood in front of both younger women and smiled. "Nice to meet you finally," she said with a hand extended. Sabine hesitated for a moment before accepting it. She turned to the friend, her hand still holding onto the older woman's hand.

"Why are two naked?" She paused for a moment, and then continued. "What? Wait. You said, 'Camp's been seeing for the last two years'. What does that mean?"

Gwendolyn wrapped an arm around the young man's girlfriend and led her to the living area. Once set on the couch, Gwendolyn began to explain.

She placed the towel next to Sabine, sat on it, and spoke. "Camp just started college and our mother began work as a manager at Champion. The gym right next to the store, Forever Lady, gave her five free yearlong memberships as a welcome to the strip mall family. His sister Tara, his aunt Mary, Debbie, and I took them quickly.

"A week into our memberships, the gym started something called 'Steam Aerobics.' We had it explained that the women would remove their clothing and exercise in 90-degree heat and high humidity. We enjoyed it: it wasn't as long as regular aerobics and we had less muscles strains.

"In November, Campion came home suddenly while Tara, his mom, Debbie and I were doing some nude stretching an instructor taught us to do at home. For some reason, none of us rushed out of the living room to cover ourselves up in spite of his obvious embarrassment.

"He didn't rush off to his bedroom, either. He came back out with a book, sat in a chair, and read. He didn't bother us, didn't ask asinine questions. He let us do our thing.

"As time went on, we became more comfortable with the nudity, staying without clothes after we exercised or left the shower. Hell, his mom would come home from work, remove all her clothes, and have us over, Mary and I. We would be naked as well, not wanting her to be the only one naked. Campion became more comfortable with it, too. He didn't blush, nor did he ask us to put on clothes."

Sabine interrupted. "That explains why he could read while my friend and I went topless accidently past him this winter." She looked at him and smiled. "You behave well with naked women."

"Only until I'm told I can misbehave," he added. Campion turned and left the cabin: the car still had to be unloaded."

"He really does behave," Debbie whispered.

Sabine's smile turned evil. "Between just us girls, has he misbehaved with any of you when you were naked?"

There was a brief but tense silent moment. Gwendolyn looked at Debbie, eyes opened wide in shock. The older woman slowly shook her head. Leaning in, Gwendolyn whispered, "Would you be upset if he did?"

Sabine shook her head and smiled brightly. "I have my own sex secrets I'll share with you later." She wanted to tell them more, but he walked in, holding other pieces of luggage. Campion walked towards the master bedroom, causing Sabine to chuckle.

"I don't think we'll use them much," she giggled. Campion looked at her confused before watching her closely. She stood, kicked off her sandals and removed her blouse. She looked at her boyfriend, "I like their nudity idea."

Campion dropped the bags where he stood and watched with shock as his Sabine joined the two women in being naked. A stirring began in his crotch.

It was a surprise to him. Before, seeing the two family friends naked together, whether with others or just with each other, this didn't happen. He thought to himself, thinking that it could have been seeing them with Sabine. When his girlfriend was naked, exposing her thin yet feminine body, Campion caught himself drooling. He raised his hand to wipe, but stopped. He grasped the significance of that act: the women would see his excitement. He hoped none of the three would notice. He reached down and grabbed the bags.

Someone turned and looked at him, someone with an evil smile on her face. "Do you like what you see?" Gwendolyn asked. Sabine looked into his eyes and had a similar facial expression.

"I know that look on his face," she said. "I've seen it a lot."

Debbie grinned slyly, internally knowing what the girlfriend meant. He gave the same look last year when she came to him, alone, when she knew no one else was in the house. She had intended to disrobing in the foyer and surprising him in his bedroom, but she didn't see that he was in the dining room reading wearing headphones while listening to music. He saw her strip and liked what he saw. She shuddered in subtle delight thinking of what the look led to. The older woman composed herself and tried not to speak.

"I do, too," she whispered. Debbie looked quickly, hoping no one else heard her. Gwendolyn let out a knowing sigh before looking away. Sabine's eyes widened before she looked away herself.

Campion excused himself from the women before walking towards the bedroom. Away from everyone, he collapsed on the bed and allowed himself to enjoy the views he just witnessed. Though he always placed a façade of acceptance and compliance when he saw the women in his family and their friends naked, inside he was a pervert.

The first time he entered the house and saw several women naked, some related to him, he wanted to go to his room and masturbate, then return to watch them exercise. He wanted to ask them if they would like to join him in bed, fuck him and each other in an orgy of incest and bisexuality. He knew, though, that behavior was not what the women were looking for and decided to put on an air of acceptance and coolness.

Campion knew he couldn't return to the women with the hard-on they caused. He had two ways of eliminating it: flick the head and painfully cause it to shrink or jerkoff. He decided to use the former, since it was quick and less embarrassing if caught.

"Come out, Camp, we won't bite," Gwendolyn called.

He chuckled as he removed his hard cock from his shorts and prepared to snap his finger against its fleshy head.

"I know you like me naked," Sabine called. "And I bet I know what you're doing in there."

He laughed silently after he performed the act of causing shrinkage. Campion pulled up his shorts and fished into his backpack. He wanted a magazine, something to read when he left the cabin.

"No you don't."

"Yes I do," Sabine said. "You're looking for something to read."

He shook his head in incredulousness. "How did you know?"

There was no answer. Campion grabbed the magazine and headed out, to join the naked women. For a moment, he thought of removing his clothes, to be like them, and then decided against it. He wasn't sure how they would react, especially Sabine. He walked out and saw her with a frown on her face.

"How come you're not naked?" Sabine's tone was jovial.

"Yeah Camp, why are you in clothes?" Gwendolyn's question didn't faze his girlfriend. It made Debbie smile.

"If that's what you want," he playful said. He turned on his heels and headed to the bedroom.

"Strip here," Sabine said. "I mean, I did." She threw up her arms and showed him her body.

Debbie laughed and commented. "Come on, Campion. It's not like you've not been naked with your sister before."

Sabine didn't lose her smile and kept silent despite wanting to ask questions about them. "Hurry up," she teased.

"Okay, okay." He put up his hands before placing the magazine down on the floor. He flipped off his sneakers, unbuttoned his shorts and reached for the zipper. Campion noticed the smiles on the faces of all three women.

"I guess you want me naked," he quipped as he quickly unzipped. He held on them for a second before allowing gravity to take them to the floor. He stepped out while removing his t-shirt.

Sabine stepped forward and held out her arms. She motioned for him to embrace. "That's my Honey," she proudly as her arms engulfed him.

Debbie and Gwendolyn looked at each other and shrugged. "Yes, that's our Campion," both said. They draped their arms around the young loves and held them tight.

Campion loved being in the arms of three naked women, loved how it felt on his body. He's felt all of their bodies before, having slept with them. He closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like to have all three at once.

"What do we do now?" Sabine asked. He opened his eyes and smiled. He knew what he wanted to do, but knew it wasn't the time to suggest it.

"We go do what we'd do, if we were dressed," Debbie answered.

"That means Camp's going outside with his book and a can of soda to read," Gwendolyn added.

He smiled and nodded. "That's what I always do when I'm up here," he said. Campion turned on his heels and returned to the bedroom, to pick up his beach blanket and towel.

"Everyone can come with me," he shouted. No one answered. He walked out and saw why: the women had sat on the couch and chair and were whispering.

"I better leave while I still can," he joked. The three women looked up and laughed.

His aunt's best friend stopped talking and looked at him with evil intensions. "Yes, brother dear. You better leave while you still can."

With her comment, he rushed out the side door and to the private lake, where he could read and swim nude. The women watched him leave and smiled.

"Should we join him?" Sabine asked.

"No," Gwendolyn said. "He'll be back in."

"How do you know?"

Gwendolyn didn't say a word, just nodded towards the door. He walked through the door.

"I forgot to have breakfast," Campion said. He looked down at his feet and shook his head.

"That's good," Gwendolyn started. She quickly closed the distance between then and looked at him with ill intensions in her eyes. She reached up and pulled his face close to hers. She kissed it tenderly.

"What was that for?"

She whispered softly in his ear, "That was for not being a pig and assuming naked women want to fuck."

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