tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWell-Bred Family Ch. 02

Well-Bred Family Ch. 02


The trail broke out into the open, heading downhill toward a small river. On the other side, we could make out fires and huts in the dusk. The leader stopped at the edge of the river and waited for all of us to gather. Then he said something to Jeremiah, which made the others laugh and point.

Jeremiah said, "He wants us to wash in the river before we cross into the village. He says stink does not make a good first impression. We need to be presentable to his chief, and the Big Mama." No one asked what the Big Mama was; we were too tired to express much interest. As we waded knee-deep into the river to begin washing, some of the locals escorting us approached the women and started scrubbing them everywhere. At first the ladies shied away and tried to fight them off, but soon relented and resigned themselves to the fact this was something they would need to get used to... strange hands on private parts of their bodies.

We sank to our knees and dunked our heads. The water felt good, and it was a relief to wash away the sweat, the urine and feces from our bodies. The locals took extra time to rub the brown away from Alison's and Elizabeth's rear ends and inner thighs. As we were told, stink would not make a good impression. The women were too tired to resist further as their legs were spread wide, and water was forced up into their vaginas and rear crack to make them fresh as well.

We waded to the other bank, and stood there dripping while a large crowd of black men, women and children surrounded us, pointing and chattering loudly. The women wore brightly colored wraps of thin material; men wore loin clothes, while toddlers ran naked or were held on the hips of women. For some reason, I had the impression that African villages were small, with no more than 50 to 100 people. But this crowd was already larger than that, and more were still coming down the hill to the river. Huts and fire pits spread up the hill in every direction.

Our captors transferred responsibility for our custody to an unusual collection of men and women. Each was taller than average, muscular and serious looking. Their hair was dyed a bright orange-yellow color. However, unlike the other villagers, they were completely naked but carried large knives or long spears, and were apparently responsible for managing the captives.

They took us up the hill a hundred or so yards to the right, to what appeared to be fenced-in corrals of some sort. Vertical sticks woven together to make penned enclosures a little over four feet high. As we approached, we could see men and women standing up in the pens, curious about the excitement being generated. Two gates were pulled open. Burgess, Jeremiah and I were pushed into the one in the middle. The women went in the right one; we soon discovered the left one held some cattle and goats. Their stink did not make a good impression, either. We were being treated as livestock! Placed in pens, not even covered huts.

Once inside, we were approached by two naked white men. One was about my height but much heavier; the other was a short, wiry man who was bald on the top of his head but had long, stringy hair on the sides and back. He spoke first.

"I am Andre, and this is Jacques. He is from France, but speaks a little English. I'm from New Orleans and speak a little bit of French." Pointing to another man sitting against the fence, he said, "That guy's from Portugal, but doesn't speak French or English. He only arrived a short while ago; so far we have not communicated much, only sign language."

I introduced myself, then Burgess and Jeremiah. "What is this place, and why were we brought here? We are on a mission to build a church and school farther up the coast. We've done these people no harm. They've stripped our women naked as well, and touched them... well, in private areas."

Andre chuckled, and then translated to the other man. "They will very soon be more than just touched. Your women were brought here to breed with the locals. You three were kept alive as a mere convenience to service them and to be used as leverage to make sure they are more willing to participate. I don't understand why they kept him, though," nodding at Jeremiah. "They've only used whites and Asians in the breeding since I've been here."

I explained that Jeremiah was essentially part of the family, having been raised with us since an early age, and he also understood the local language. I didn't elaborate about the price Mother paid to keep him with us.

"Have a seat, and I will tell you how we got here and about our experiences since arriving three, maybe four, years ago now. There are no seasons here, so it is hard to tell."

"I was captured and brought here with my wife and two daughters. We owned a brothel in New Orleans, a successful one. I ran the business while my wife, Monique, managed the prostitutes. She had some favorite clients she would take upstairs herself on occasion. It was just business, nothing to get jealous about. We wanted our daughters to live different lives, so we married them off. But one husband died, and the other ran off with another woman. Lulu and Melissa, or Missy, were forced to come back home and work in the family business. It was awkward at first. I only saw them nude a couple of times when they were moving from one room to another. And I never had any physical interactions with them, until we got here, that is."

"I made some foolish gambling decisions, and we were forced to leave New Orleans on very short notice. We gained passage on the first ship leaving, which happened to be on its way to Hong Kong in the Orient. Bad weather forced our ship to go farther up the African coast than anticipated. It was badly damaged in the storm, so we took to the long boats hoping to find shore. As far as I know, ours was the only one to make land. It was just our family, an elderly woman and one of the crew men."

Andre continued with his story. "A couple of hours after we landed, a group of black men emerged from the jungle onto the beach. Of course, we couldn't understand a word they were saying, but they proceeded to strip us all down, jewelry, shoes, everything. We're there naked on the beach, and some of the men begin examining the women, checking their tits, cunts, asses." I wasn't familiar with those terms, so Andre took a few minutes to explain about pussies and dicks, assholes and peckers, orgasms and cum, various forms of oral, anal and vaginal sex; and a lot of other new words and concepts that I would be using soon.

"Monique and the girls were used to being naked in front of strangers, and of course being checked out wasn't unfamiliar, either. But I felt sorry for the old woman; she was nearly hysterical. Her tits were flat and sagging; her butt and pussy were puckered and small. So they decided to take us and leave the crew man and the old woman behind. They were left there naked, had no food or water, and him with a broken leg. I can't imagine they lasted very long. We walked for about a day and a half to get here."

"I'm sure Monique and the girls are at this moment trying to prepare your women for what is to be. There will be an initiation ceremony for you new arrivals. These people seem to be ritual-crazy. To be extremely candid, your women will have sex with dozens of men tomorrow." In the pen next to us, we could hear Elizabeth sobbing again. Alison was muttering, "No. No. No," and we could hear Mother whispering prayers trying to soothe the other two.

Andre took the next hour, perhaps longer, explaining what happened the morning after they arrived, and what would happen to us tomorrow. He told us about the natives with the bright yellow-orange hair, which he called the "Keepers." They were captives from other tribes, but trained to guard the white breeding females and their men. Their hair was regularly died so they could easily be identified if they tried to escape, and they were naked because being covered was a privilege only for adult and adolescent tribal members.


The sun had been up for a little while when the Keepers opened the gates and brought in food and fresh water. I didn't know what it was; it didn't look or smell very good. But when you're hungry, that's not as important. They gave us a little time to finish, then opened the gates again and guided us back down to the river.

In addition to the six of us men, there were 14 women breeding captives. The Keepers began scrubbing the newcomers; the other captives were already busy washing themselves. A burly woman with large breasts took me by the arm to waist-deep water, and began washing me from the head on down. She didn't hesitate when she got to my genitals and my rear; it was all the same to her, but very uncomfortable for me. As I looked around, I saw Mother, my wife and Burgess each being scrubbed by large male Keepers. Jeremiah was being scrubbed by a tall, skinny woman; Elizabeth had a man and a woman washing her big body. One lifted a tit while the other washed underneath it; then the other tit. Elizabeth's gut was raised to wash between her legs. Until seeing her naked, I had not realized how fat my sister was. All three women gasped as the Keepers chopped off their long braids and flung them in the river. Now their hair hung just above their shoulders; I'd never seen them without the braids of our faith.

The male Keepers were all taller than me; big chests and muscular arms and legs. Even their rear ends seemed powerfully built. Another common trait was their penises; each nearly twice as long as mine and Burgess' and half-again as thick. They seemed even a little larger than Jeremiah's. It was very odd to watch their penises and sacks dangle and sway as they scrubbed the captives. I glanced over and noticed Mother staring at the crotch of the male washing Alison, while Mother was being scrubbed from behind. She lifted her arms above her head so the man could reach around and wash her breasts, then spread her legs so he could clean her down there as well.

Alison was almost like a rag-doll; limp and not protesting at all, almost distant as though she was thinking of something, or somewhere, else. Elizabeth was whimpering, but chose not to resist the two Keepers tending to her. The Keeper washing Jeremiah was thin with long legs, and had small, roundish tits with little nipples. In the past 24 hours, I had not only seen my wife nude for the first time, but my mother and sister as well. And now we were being bathed by naked black men and women. This was much too bizarre to be able to comprehend in such a short time.

We were ushered toward the shore, where more Keepers were waiting with the other 14 captives. They didn't bother to dry any of us. We marched single-file toward the center of the village, passing through a long gauntlet of curious and excited, chattering locals. They pointed at the six new arrivals, and made gestures I didn't understand.

Except for toddlers being carried by their mothers or perhaps sisters, everyone wore a wrap or loincloth of some sort. That's when it occurred to me that none of us bothered to attempt modesty by covering our private areas as we walked. In only a day's time, we had already become adjusted to being paraded naked in front of black strangers.

The group of huts ended into a very large cleared area. The 14 other captives formed a line to the left, then lowered themselves and sat cross-legged. It was then I noticed that two of them were very pregnant, and one seemed perhaps half-way along. Some of the women had some sort of body markings, tattoos? I didn't have time to scrutinize the rest of the group before the six of us were jostled into position by the Keepers.

We formed an inverted "V" shaped wedge, opening toward the far end of the village. Burgess, Jeremiah and I were on the left, with our backs to the other captives.

Elizabeth, Alison and Mother formed the other side of the wedge, facing us. The Keepers nudged our legs apart, then pulled our hands behind our heads. I must admit it was provocative to see our three women with their chests pushed out and their legs spread. I took the time to look at the tits and crotches of each one. I did not believe there could be any harm in gazing at the same views (and body parts) as the hundreds of strangers surrounding us. As I finished looking at Mother's breasts, I saw that she was examining the three of us as well. When our eyes met, she offered a very slight smile of reassurance. I knew she was thinking that this was somehow part of a greater plan, and that she believed my father would soon be here to retrieve us.

I didn't have any way of knowing whether Andre's wife and daughters had been as candid or detailed about the extreme initiation ceremony planned for us today; he was very blunt. Although today would have ceremonial aspects for the villagers, the primary purpose was to shock us to the point of complete and total submission. Before the day was over, the six of us would be subjected to unimaginable humiliation and physical torment.

Andre said all of our senses would be transformed, overwhelmed: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. After this, we would have little, if any, resistance to the expectations which would be placed on us during our captivity.

I was curious as to whether the women were aware of this but very composed, or naïve about the changes that would affect all of us for the rest of our lives. That's when the drums began beating, and we noticed a brightly decorated group proceeding slowly in our direction from the other end of the village.

Unlike the rest of the villagers we'd seen, the women leading this pageantry were nearly naked. They wore necklaces of shells which were wrapped several times around each tit to lift them and make them bulge outward. They also wore belts made of shells, with a thin token of grass leaves hanging down. Andre addressed the symbolism the night before. The tits were made to appear full, ready to be milked. The skirts, such as they were, indicated ready accessibility, with their pubic hair clearly visible.

These were the village matrons who were anxious to get pregnant. Life in this part of the world was harsh enough to have an almost insurmountable infant mortality rate. Father had also mentioned this in his letters. Over half of the babies would not reach their second birthday due to diseases, the natural violence of the jungle, and raids by other tribes seeking breed able females but not wanting the burden of young mouths to feed. So infants and toddlers were either left behind to die or sold to slave traders.

For the villages within this tribal area to survive, women were expected to stay in a nearly continuous stage of pregnancy. Within two months of childbirth, a mother would begin actively pursuing pregnancy again. Except for the six or seven days a month of her "cycle," she would participate in vaginal intercourse at least twice daily. One of these times was with her husband, the other time a man selected by Big Mama.

Unmarried or widowed women would mate with three different men per day, again selected by Big Mama. This allowed them to continually demonstrate their sexual prowess to potential mates until chosen for marriage. If they became pregnant before marriage, their families would accept the baby into the household.

As they slowly marched closer, I had the opportunity to observe their bodies. Some had large, floppy tits which bounced as they walked; others barely stuck out even with the help of the shell bondage. There were very dark areolas, some as large as perhaps three inches across, with flattened nipples. Some women had small areolas with longer, pointed nipples. There were a couple who had areolas and nipples that appeared to be black balls attached to their tits, almost like smaller tits on top of larger tits; very odd looking.

They danced in time with the drum beats, feet pointed outward, knees bent, and bodies dipping slightly as they moved forward. With each step, they pulled the grass fronds apart and pumped their groins outward, then grunted or moaned or simulated an orgasm. I was starting to use and understand Andre's brief vocabulary lesson.

It was embarrassingly stimulating for a naked man standing in full view of his mother, wife and sister. With my hands behind my head, I was unable to conceal the effect this was having on my penis. I could also see similar consequences for Jeremiah and Burgess. All three of us had dicks pointed straight out in front of us. Elizabeth was staring at us, wide-eyed and frightened. Alison showed little emotion, and Mother just observed us calmly.

The women marched through the middle of our "V," reaching out to fondle our women on the other side, and play with testicles and penises on our side. Occasionally I'd notice one of our women flinch as a marcher twisted a tit or inserted a finger in the vagina as she passed by. After going through the vertex of the "V" the matrons circled to form a line behind the women. That's when the symbolism of having us in this configuration occurred to me; they were like sperm going up the canyon. They quickly unwrapped the beads from around their breasts, ripped the grass strips from their waists and dropped the decorations on the ground in front of them. The women sat nude and cross-legged facing us, making their pussies (Andre's term) very obvious.

The drumming stopped for a few seconds, then started again with a slow, steady beat. The crowd in front of us opened wider, allowing our first view of what appeared to be the king or chief of the tribe. He was brought forward on some type of seat carrier, hauled on long poles by four very large Keepers. The chief was a heavy-set middle-aged man with a grim expression. They set him down about 20 feet in front of the women's side of the captive's "V."

I was not prepared for what came next. Eight male Keepers struggled to carry a woman, presumably "Big Mama" according to Andre's description. She was placed aside the chief, in front of our side of the "V." She was very dark with a somber expression, and unlike the other villagers, completely naked like us. I could not estimate her weight, but she seemed to be easily three of me. Big Mama's breasts were each the size of grain sacks, with large black nipples resting on top of her legs as she sat. Her thighs were proportionally huge and her calves about the size of my thighs.

I was still examining Big Mama when more women emerged between her and the chief. There were five women of different races, also totally nude. They had tattooed designs around their breasts and crotches, and each had a bright red, circular scar just above the tops of their vaginal slits. Andre was told it was a brand, burned into them as a mark of honor. These were called the "Seers" because it was believed they could foretell pregnancies, even the genders of the unborn, just by certain evaluations they conducted on women.

It was said that the Seers had been captives who successfully bred with locals multiple times, and had since become willing participants in the culture. Each had been taught her skills by Big Mama. It was hard to believe these predictions were possible; Andre said the results were virtually infallible, something not yet discovered in American or European societies.

The Seers continued slowly dancing toward us, with tits and butts projecting out with the beat of the drums. As they circled around our group, Keepers helped Big Mama stand up just as the drums stopped. She walked up to the opening of our "V" and looked each of us. At the same time, I noticed the leader of the group that captured us walk up and stand at the point of our "V" and look directly at Big Mama.

In a loud and stern-sounding voice, Big Mama spoke to the group leader while pointing at Jeremiah. From his facial expressions, voice tone and gestures, it appeared he was explaining something to her. Then Jeremiah whispered that she was upset that he brought a black man with the other captives. He was pleading his case; Jeremiah said the man took it as good omens that he understood their language and that Mother offered to swallow the man's seed in exchange for Jeremiah's life.

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