tagIncest/TabooWell I Never! Day 03

Well I Never! Day 03


Author: Jack Wellard Title: Well I Never - Day Three Part: 3 Summary: A brother and sister come to their dead mother's house to sort out her effects in 2002. Keywords: MF, consensual, oral Version: 1.02



The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

The names in this true story have been changed, even though the some of the main participants are no longer able to read my account.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author, Jack Wellard. This story may be freely distributed with this disclaimer attached.

Copyright (C) 2011 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.


"Well I Never!"

Day Three

The morning sun was filtering through the curtains. The alarm was due at any moment so I disabled it. Penny was still fast asleep. She looked relaxed and so beautiful, my heart went out to her. I crept to the bathroom, pee'd without flushing and softly went downstairs. The washing up still waited! I filled the bowl with hot water and detergent. The glasses and cutlery went in first. Once they were on the draining board I slipped the plates into the water, soaking while I dried the glasses. Eventually, everything was done and tidied away.

I made the coffee, picked another rose and arranged the cups on the tray.

Penny was stirring as I came in.

"I love you Harry!" She said blearily.

"Oh you only love me for my morning coffee" I joked.

"You've found me out." She said, sipping the hot drink. "Oh that's good, Hal. I knew there was a reason for agreeing to marry you."

"I know we can't actually marry Pen, but I want to live as man and wife. I love you so much!"

"I know Hal, I want that too. I really, really do! Mum's got a lot to answer for, you know!" she said drinking more coffee.

"I will thank her for the rest of my life." I said earnestly.

"Me too." Penny said. "How do you think I knew about 69 and 'deep throating'?"

I looked puzzled, "I did wonder".

"Mum's computer, Hal. I came home early yesterday and read some of her stories. Did you know about them?"

"I saw them on the first evening but forgot all about them." I confessed.

"Well, she describes the techniques in one of her 'true' stories from her youth." Penny said. "I was enthralled, the detail was perfect and I was able to put it into practice. What did you think?"

"It was supreme Pen. Exquisite, like everything we have done - so far!" I responded. "Is there anything else we can try from Mum's stories?"

"I'm sure there is Hal. After breakfast, how about we find a story and act it out, just pick something at random - agreed?" Her eyes were shining bright and she was challenging me!

"OK, deal. I'm game. Just remember I love you no matter what." I urged.

We had breakfast in the nude, another first to add to Penny's growing tally.

Clearing the dishes, Penny noticed that the evening's washing-up was done. "Hey did the cleaning fairies come in the night, bro?"

"Must have done, sis. Maybe they will do the breakfast things while we research our next 'first'." I laughed.

The computer was humming and Penny clicked the stories file. "Don't look at the titles Hal, just pick a number from one to fifty seven." She called over her shoulder.

From the other side of the room I offered "Thirty one".

"OK, let's see what 31 brings that might be new . . " Penny said.

"Here it is, come and read with me Hal, it will be so sexy to share these stories." She pulled a chair for me alongside hers and started to read aloud.

Oh boy, it was a story about sex in a public place. Our 'woods in the dark' episode wouldn't qualify, much too private!

Penny's sexy voice reading the sexy story got my cock well interested. Did it have ears I wondered? The story was written in the first person, was this one of Mum's adventures? After various touching and teasing in full public view the couple in the story screw amongst the racks of clothes in a department store. Clearly this was written in a time when CCTV had not spread to almost every corner of England!

I held Penny's breasts as she read, tweaking her nipples gently while kissing her neck and shoulders.

"Are you listening, big fella?" She asked, a little breathlessly, brushing my erection with her hand. "Come on, concentrate!".

"How are we going to do this sis, without being arrested? CCTV wouldn't allow this actual scenario today."

"OK, where do they not have cameras?" Penny queried. "Mmmm, I see what you mean, hardly anywhere!"

We puzzled over this challenge. We wanted the thrill and some danger but CCTV could involve police or blackmail!

"Let's go to town and have a look around." Penny declared. "If we can't find an appropriate place we'll come back and chose another number, OK?"

We tidied away the dishes and left the kitchen in good order. My car was last in so it was easier for me to drive. We found a place in the car park quite easily, looking around we saw at least two CCTV cameras so that was out! We paid the ticket and walked into town. Every shop had cameras.

"What about the library?" Penny asked. "Let's give it a try."

It was weird! We had come to Wiltshire to bury our mother and here we were going around town looking for somewhere to have sex in public! In the library we looked around, there were obvious cameras near the checkout. There might be others elsewhere which were less visible, how would we now?

Penny was determined to face this challenge. "What about the canal bank, bro? People walk there, boats go by all the time. That's quite public, let's go and have a look." She dragged me along Bridge Street to the canal. From the old stone bridge there was a lovely view along the canal in each direction. Both ways were busy but both had potential for our project.

"That way!" Declared Penny, and with a swirl of her summer dress she was on her way.

Still in sight of the bridge there was a green bank of grass with shrubs and trees around. There were several bench seats with views of the canal and the rolling countryside beyond the other bank.

"It's perfect!" Penny was excited. "Let's sit on that bench and consider how we go from here. Is Willie ready for this?" She caressed the front of my trousers, discovering a half-hard cock. It had been in this excited state since we left the cottage.

"What about you, are you ready?" I ran a hand across her bottom and realised that I could not feel any panties.

Penny giggled, "Ready and wetting stud!" Could this really be my sensible little sister?

"This is beautiful Penny, a memorable place for our first real public fuck.", I was getting harder as we sat down.

We considered the technicalities of the operation and didn't think we could just lay along the seat screwing, at least not for our first try. Our best option seemed like Penny sitting on my lap but facing away from me, sitting astride sounded lovely but might look too obvious. We were like a couple of school kids who were desperately seeking anywhere to have sex!

"Let's just kiss and cuddle a bit first Hal." Penny wrapped my arm across her shoulder as we both faced the canal. People we walking dogs, pushing babies in prams about 30 yards away. Narrowboats and other pleasure craft were quietly passing on the waterway. Kissing Penny was a real joy, she was hot for this venture and the passion in her lips increased my enthusiasm too. As we kissed Penny wrapped herself further across my chest. She reached down and un-zipped my fly but didn't go further yet.

"Next bit is tricky." She murmured. "I'll stand in front and flick my dress across your lap. You can get Willie into the fresh air and I'll lower my undercarriage!" Her face was flushed as she got up. The dress was long enough to make the cover she suggested and, with my cock out and straining, I pulled on Penny's hips to guide her as she came in to land. She brought a hand round to direct my cock into her wet opening and engaged firmly onto my lap.

"Oh, Harry, I can't believe it! It feels so extraordinary, so sensational."

We just sat for a while at ease with the situation and very comfortable with our glorious conjunction. At that moment Penny's phone rang in her handbag. She fished it out and said "It's Arnold!".

I kissed her the side of her neck and whispered "Keep him talking - another first!"

"Hello Arnold, how are you?" She ground her bottom deeper onto my lap and I raised my own hips to push harder into her.

"No, we're fine. Still lots of hard stuff to do of course." She tightened her inner muscles, gripping my cock hard, then relaxed. I made my cock twitch in response.

"At the moment? We wanted to get out of the house and it's such a lovely day, we thought we would come by the canal." Her squeezing and my jerking were moving us rapidly towards the inevitable. Penny's face was already flushed and her mouth dropped open as she listened to her husband.

"Yes, it's a fabulous day here too." She was becoming breathless. "Quite entrancing coming along by the flowing canal, lots of boats coming and going." Her juices were flowing around my throbbing penis. I was not far from my own climax. She gasped as her orgasm charged through her.

"What, no I'm doing just fine. Mum left some interesting things." Penny bounced up and down a little and my hot sperm shot into her cunt adding to the flow of juices. Penny gasped and Arnold obviously heard her.

"Sorry, Arnold. I sat down for a moment but had to jump up, my bottom's a bit damp." She tightened her cunt around my dick which refused to go relax. The excitement of the situation was keeping my old chap desperately interested.

"Yes, we had a meal in the pub on the first evening. We forgot the torch and had a tricky walk home in the dark." She was riding me again and bringing another orgasm rolling through her body.

Almost out of breath she responded to the phone "Yes, we've had to do lots we've never done before but it's been an interesting experience." Luckily Arnold took this opportunity to relate how he had dealt with a death in his family which gave Penny chance to enjoy her moment and to kiss me deeply while holding the phone to her ear. Again she started squeezing my dick with her very wet pussy.

"Yes I think my brother is just coming, he sounds out of breath." Too true, another tightening of my balls added to the overflowing honey pot.

"Hi Arnold" I called to the phone, jerking my cock hard inside Penny.

"Harry's just come, he says Hello" said Penny. "Yes, must go. Lots of cleaning up to do." She snapped the phone shut and kissed me hard.

"That was fucking amazing!" she said. "Two firsts with one fuck!" Penny was flushed, coming again and flooding my already soggy lap.

As she calmed in my embrace she murmured "Do you know Hal, I don't think I've used that four letter word since I was at school! Now I want to say it and do it all day long - what a wonderful legacy from my mother!"

Eventually we were both composed. As Penny eased up from my lap I held the hem of her skirt down so that it fell immediately into position. She looked down at my lap. "Did you spill something, darling?" and we burst out laughing.

"Stop, Harry stop! Don't make me laugh!" She cried. "When I laugh all our sexy stuff pours down my legs! Quick, let's go home and shower."

As we approached the cottage we saw a car parked outside. I pulled my car onto the drive and told Penny to go straight in. She giggled and whispered "OK bro, see you in the shower!"

As Penny jumped out of the car and dashed indoors I went over to meet the solemn middle-aged lady getting out of the car.

"Hello, you must be Harry, I'm Kitty Johnson from the Women's Institute. You know the W.I. .?" She paused offering her hand.

As I shook it I asked. "Of course, nice to meet you Kitty. Was Mum a member of the W.I. then?"

"Oh yes, a well loved member too. We wanted to offer our condolences and ask if there is anything we can do for you."

"That's most kind Kitty. Oh, sorry about my sister, we've been out all morning and she had to dash to the bathroom!" I smiled, hopefully charming this serious lady. "Yes, there was something we wondered about and maybe that's where your ladies might have the answer." I paused, Kitty nodded so I continued. "We don't know Mum's local friends and contacts. Obviously we have address books and so on but they only give us part of the story. We wondered whether we should have a party after the funeral next Monday? If so where and how do we cater?"

"Perfect!" Beamed Kitty, the broad smile changed her character completely. "We would love to do that for you, well for your Mum really I suppose. We would love to celebrate her life in our village. I'll get on to it right away, what time is the funeral?"

Great, I thought two problems solved, the W.I. ladies want to contribute and we really need help on this one!

Kitty gave me her phone number but she promised to call me later to let me know what they could propose for us. She drove off looking much happier than when I met her. Kitty should smile more often I thought to myself.

Inside, I locked the cottage door and went in search of my sister, peeling off my shirt as I went upstairs. Penny was in the bathroom, she had showered and had almost finished drying herself.

"I wasn't sure how long you'd be or whether I should put in an appearance so I thought I should speed up a bit." My naked sister explained as she folded the towel over the rail.

"God you look gorgeous!" I couldn't help myself. "Let me get out of these stinking pants and get clean too." As I showered I related the conversation I had with Kitty. Penny agreed that it was the perfect solution. She held a towel for me as I finished my quick shower.

"I was glad to talk to her outside - those clothes reek of sex!" I said.

"Yes, they do rather pong a bit don't they bro, I'll get them in the washer. I guess you have some others, just in case we go out again . . "

We went downstairs in what had become our customary indoor condition - naked! Penny sorted the washing and started the machine while I got some coffee brewing.

"That was amazing this morning Pen. It was so exciting loving you out in the open, especially with Arnold on the phone."

Penny agreed but seemed a little pre-occupied, then she said. "I think one of Mum's stories involved someone called Kitty . . let's have look while we drink the coffee." She powered on the computer and came back to me while it wound itself up.

"Oh yes, Hal, this morning was incredible. Just to think that 48 hours ago I could hardly pronounce the word sex in mixed company and we just fucked in a public place." Penny had her arms wrapped around me from behind, I loved the soft warmth of her breasts pressing into my back.

"Coffee's ready, let's see what Mum says about our little Kitty." I said picking up the tray.

Penny looked at the screen. "I can't remember which story it was. One of the later ones I think, maybe this one . . oh yes, this is it! Sit back darling and I'll read it to you."

I gazed at Penny as she sat in front of the monitor, her skin glowing from it's illumination. She took a sip of coffee and started reading. I was mesmerised by her beauty and not paying proper attention. Willie listened of course, as he always does, he was very attentive!

It seemed that after one of the W.I. meetings Mum had helped clear away chairs and ended up with just Kitty doing the locking up. Kitty invited Mum for a cup of tea. Back at Kitty's house their chat eventually went where Kitty intended as she confessed to Mum that she didn't like sex and wondered how to avoid her husband's demands. Mum suggested various ways, most met with disapproval. The only one to find favour was to somehow get Philip involved with another woman who might have sufficient sex drive to quell his attentions on Kitty.

They talked over likely candidates but Kitty ended up saying they only woman she thought suitable who she trusted was Mum! Mum was dubious about coming between a friend and her husband and went home to think about it. When Kitty called round the next morning Mum was very cool on the idea, unsure about the seduction and keeping it from the gossips. Kitty appeared devastated. Well, to cut a long story short, Mum offered to try to get Kitty to enjoy sex so she could be happier with Philip. There followed several interesting afternoons of instruction, related in some graphic detail of how Kitty enjoyed her first orgasm, tried various dildos and discovered that, after all, she really might be able to enjoy sex! Mum then recruited Vinnie to act as a 'teaching aid' to help Kitty become more comfortable with the real thing! So it all ended happily, Mum didn't have to seduce Phil, who got his oats regularly and Kitty who blossomed in her new found wisdom and joy.

"Oooo, I know how she must have felt." Penny muttered. "I've had that wonderful transformation very recently." She looked over and saw my cock waving at her.

An hour later, after we had made long and tender love on the hearthrug, Penny suggested food.

Over lunch we decided that we must do some work towards the funeral. I suggested that we compose a list of likely people who might want to know or come. We decided that where possible we would contact people by email, the rest we could send a card that we could make on the computer.

While I cleared the lunch plates and started the washing up Penny got the email address file and started comparing it with Mum's little book. She made lists of email possibles and contacts who were post only. As I finished drying the plates Penny was concentrating hard on her task, still naked, still beautiful and still incredibly arousing!

I went upstairs and pulled on a shirt and slacks and found one of Penny's flowery summer frocks.

She was reluctant to cover up even with only this thin cotton dress but agreed that if someone came to the door she might not have time to hide. Penny went back to her task while I prepared to make some phone calls. While I was looking up numbers the phone rang. It was Helen, Penny's older daughter.

"Hi, uncle Harry. How are you?" She started brightly.

"Hello there Helen, I'm just fine thanks, and you?" We made the usual exchanges, but I felt there was an undercurrent of Helen not being as happy as usual. Penny came to take over.

"Hello darling." She breezed. "Yes, we're getting on really well. Lots still to do as you can imagine but we've made a so much progress." She stopped and listened.

"Thursday? That's tomorrow, I'm sure you can, let's have a look." Penny called to me "Harry, OK if Helen comes down tomorrow afternoon and stays the night?". Following my nod she went back to Helen and they chatted on for a while ending up with "See you on tomorrow, darling."

We looked at each other, both thinking the same thing. We needed to think through the sleeping arrangements!

"Mrs Whatsit will be here in the morning to do the cleaning." I said as I wandered over to the kitchen calendar, adding Helen's name in the evening.

"Mrs W. will expect both bedrooms to have been used." Penny said. "Our sheets need a wash anyway so if I put them in the wash first thing in the morning we can say we have already done the others if the question arises. I'll move my case and clothes into that room tonight so it looks OK for her. But what do we do about Helen?"

"When I came to visit Mum" I replied, "I sometimes slept on the pull-out settee bed down here. Would Helen be OK with that do you think?"

"She's a student, she's used to crashing out wherever there's a space!" Penny suggested.

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