tagGay MaleWerewolf Ch. 02

Werewolf Ch. 02


As I am walking the streets my neck, shoulder and chest are bleeding yet I cannot feel a thing. Sadly this far off the main path no one is around to notice me stumbling down the street shirtless, bleeding and wondering how I got raped by a werewolf. After a few nameless streets I found one I recognized and started towards my apartment, seeing no one along the way. Faltering up the stairs to my apartment I finally made it to my door, and luckily I still had my keys. After making it inside I hurried and locked the door, then sank down, 'Fuck! What happened?' is all I could think over and over again until I passed out.

I woke up with the morning sun hitting my face, lying on the floor next to the door disoriented. That was until I saw the healing scrapes on my body, and then the night came crashing back into my mind. I got up as fast as my sore body would allow and ran to the bathroom mirror. The bite and scratch marks were healing like they were days, maybe even a week old. I stripped out of my jeans and found that I was still tender from him entering me. His huge cock growing even larger when he changed in front of me, just the memory of it was making me get hard. I watched my cock grow hard at the memory of my first time with a guy, before my brain caught up and screamed.

What was I doing, I was getting hard at the thought of getting raped by a guy that wasn't a guy. I wasn't gay, I liked chicks, I haven't had one in awhile but that's no reason to want it again. I took a cold shower and headed back to bed and hoped that the world would self-destruct, but it was no such luck when I woke up hours later. Instead I denied it all and decided that I had been drugged and then attacked by a dog. That lie got me through three weeks but that last week my eyes kept going to the sky watching the moon fill out each night, checking the date of the full moon.

Finally the night was upon me, I knew that I would be worse if I went outside so instead I locked myself in. In my mind I kept hearing his low growl of a voice saying, "I have given you 27 days and then I will find you again and help you." Though I wasn't sure how he would find me again I somehow knew he would have his ways, so what that I was hiding but I was good with that. I've never been the one to fight, I would rather talk it out, and somehow I didn't think this guy or beast would like to talk. Then I heard a knocking on my door just before dusk, I tried pretending that I wasn't home. He didn't believe it, knocking louder, "I will get in there whether you let me in or not, it's only a door in the way."

I didn't want him to get the neighbors into it I quickly walked to the door and opened it to see not only the one whom bit me but three others. They were just as big as he was and just as masculine, only differences in faces and colorings. Without farther prompting the first guy- or beast?- said, "You gotta come with us for the first change and meet the pack." And then the rest turned to go, I had figured that they would have more to say or do to me, but I wasn't real interested in getting beat up by four huge guys so I kept my mouth shut and followed them out. My guy was behind me making sure I didn't run off I would guess, somehow made me feel better. Still the idea of turning into such beasts made my stomach turn inside out, at least I will look like a man now and not a teenager.

They kept me in line for quite awhile as we trotted down and up the streets until I had no idea where we were. In the street lights I would notice how broad the others' shoulders were and how good their asses were in their jeans before catching myself, I didn't need to get a woody from this situation. Finally we made it to an old residence with lots of open land near it and what looked like a large park behind it, on the outskirts of the city. Surprisingly I wasn't tired at all, more like wired to get my manhood, to become part of the 'pack' and all that. I've always been the outsider, too quiet in school and even with cute features most people were friendly with me but not too interested in anything more.

As we came to the house I could feel the others in front of me relaxing and started to make jokes with each other in their low growling voices. Upon going through the large, ornate, front door we turned a couple of times until we came to what would have been a ballroom before. There was a grouping of people, not all were men, a handful were women although I wouldn't call them models, they look more masculine than I do. I got plenty of looks from both but it wasn't longing or reassurance, it was distaste. Great, I'm an outcast here too.

As we passed one of the women said to my guy, "Gees I knew you liked them small but didja have to change this one, he'll never be one of us." He only growled back at her.

Fucking fantastic! Now I'm a freak werewolf and I don't even fit in here. My hopes that the change would change me were lessening; I just hoped that I would make it through now. We were passing through the ballroom now and entering a smaller chapel like room, though there is no cross on the walls it still screams sacred. The three newer guys fell back so that it was only my werewolf leading up to a man in robes. On cue my werewolf dropped to his knee and dipped his head, "Master I am here to set my foundling to his first turn." He turned his head at me with a growl low in his throat; I jumped down to match his stance.

The robed man looked down on us, only the moonlight reflecting off his eyes. "So be it. You will help him in this first turn as the midnight moon forces it, then you will guide him so that he will not be a problem to this society." And with that he turned and left out a side door.

My guy got up and moved towards the same door before looking back and growling, "Come on, you don't want to have your first change indoors." The fear was growing in the pit of my stomach but I couldn't deny the excitement either. I will be part of a society, of course in this case it's more of a pack but I'll take what I can get.

As we moved outside I saw that most of the people that had gathered inside had also moved outside under the moonlight. Quickly I noticed that everyone was undressing or undressed already, so I guess that means you rip your clothes when you change and no clothes when you change back. Good to know. As my guy was undressing I followed suit and started too. It was worse than high school, at least there the guys didn't check you out lest they are thought gay, here I had everyone looking at me and judging me not worthy. I could hear the grumbling whispers and low chuckles of the others here, but the man in the robe yelled out to us and grabbed all the attention.

"Here we gather under the full moon for the Hunt, upholding the honored traditions of our forbearers. Throw off what makes us civilized and run with your pack in the light of the illuminating mother. Go now and be free." And with that last he threw down his robe and shifted growing larger, hairy, more wolf-like. With a howl he lead the pack away into the ground's wooded area, but my guy and I stayed behind. I had yet to change.

Finally he turns to me once all the other werewolves are out of sight, "Dude I am sorry that I did that to you, but now you'll live a long time and be really cool." Sadly my first thought is 'I will be stuck with a illiterate surfer guy for the rest of my life'. He looked me over once more and his eyes flicked over the woods and suddenly both of his hands were around the sides of my head and he brought me into his hot lips. His hot tongue flicked into my surprised mouth and his moist lips meeting mine, then he released me just as quickly. "So...ummm... this is going to hurt a lot the first time but it doesn't as much once you do it for awhile. You don't have to shift every moon after this one but you'll want to it and it's really hard to fight. That's what happened last month but it's really fun to let go and be free as a werewolf. You'll love it."

I was fighting the draw of his sexuality and my cock twitching while still listening but it wasn't easy. Abruptly those feeling stopped and a pain started racing through my body, just as the clock was striking midnight. The blinding pain was my bones were growing too large for my skin and trying to break out and my skin was on fire as a multitude of hair grew out. I heard creaking and cracking of my bones as they changed shape and the stretch of my skin trying to fit over the new shapes. My fingers burns as I brought them before my eyes they and my nails grew longer but felt as though they were getting pulled out. A loud moan of pain started but switched to a howl as it passed over my tongue and soon the blinding pain subsided to a dull throbbing one.

I looked over to my guy and he had changed as easily as he had last month, so I knew it would get better, but fuck that hurt. He was still taller and overall bigger than I was, but there wasn't as much of a difference as when I was human and he werewolf. So it was a wash and I didn't get huge by getting bit, but I get to be bigger, stronger, faster than before. He looked at me and back to the woods then started running for the woods. I followed and was surprised on how easy it was to run, almost more natural than it was walking. We came upon the pack and found that someone or many had killed a deer and while some were feasting on it some were having more fun fucking the females with blood on their muzzles. My guy went up to the carcass and bit into the meat taking some to swallow, then looked back to me with a hand motion that meant I should follow suit.

Moving up to the bloodied mess I found that I wasn't horrified or repulsed by it, rather I was moved by instinct and grabbed a bite for myself. My guy huffed and moved to where the others were having their orgy of sorts, his eyes moving over the different bodies before moving away and going into the woods. I watched the crowd for a few moments, the humping males covering the she-wolves but I found that they didn't change partners and the crowd watching, wanting and drooling weren't trying to move in, rather they were just being voyeurs. As odd of a sight as this was, my attention grew thin and I wondered where my guy went so I turned to the woods and started to follow. My nose flared and his sight rose to lead me, light at first it grew until we were well out of sight of the others; there he was standing there ready to teach me more.

Slowing my approach I could see the same hungry look in his eyes as the others I'd just left behind. As I moved closer I noticed his cock which is already hard has a bit of a sleeve on it reminiscent of a wolf's, but every bit as big as last time. His eyes flicked downward and made me aware of my own hard cock bouncing as I moved in front of him. Something in me pulled me down to a crotched position, instinct wouldn't allow me to confront him by standing. In his gravel voice, "Good you're learning fast. Now the other hunger needs filling." His claw-like hand came around my head and pulled me into his huge cock, my mouth already open to receive him.

The heavy feeling and the full manly smell of him filling my senses, I licked and sucked him as I could with my newfound features. Panting he pulls my head away from him and pushes me down on all fours, one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip. Panting myself I find that I want him as much as I've ever wanted pussy, my body craved having his hot cock impaling my ass to release. He covered my body with his and I could feel his cock wet with my spit and his precum rub my asshole just below my new tail. Pushing into my tight ass is another sharp pain but nowhere as bad as the change had been, no this had a feeling of fullness that quickly followed and changed to pleasure as he thrust in and out of me.

His hot body pressed along my back and his hot breath blew across my neck as his body drove into mine. My whole body was aware of him and nothing else, we could have been on a busy highway for all we cared in that moment. His strokes were getting frantic and my own cock was slapping my stomach from the force, he must have noticed the sound or maybe he wanted to please me because he took my cock into his hand. That was all it took to get me to cum and with a growl I thrust into his hand and came upon my stomach and dirt below us. Not a moment later he came as well burying himself deep within me, letting my cumming muscles milk his seed deep into my ass.

Panting with him resting along my back hotly, the world around us snapped back into view and the ring of werewolves staring at us brought back reality. Gently he removed himself from me growling low and deeply at the others around us, staking his claim on his 'bitch'. I felt so dejected at getting caught by the others but emboldened that at least someone wanted me and would fight for me. Truthfully it was the first time that anyone wanted me, it wasn't as though I hadn't had sex, but mostly it was one-night stands. The other males moved back to the larger gathering for more action and left us behind to enjoy the rest of the moonlight.

Oddly I didn't know if we should cuddle, fight, play or run; in the end the urge to run won out and with just a look I started running as fast as I could. Once again I was astonished how easy it was to run, I could feel him running beside me as we moved effortlessly through the foliage. As the night drew to an end we made back toward the house where our clothes still littered the lawn. Some werewolves were still in monster mode; others were back to human and putting on clothes while talking amongst themselves. We just waited and watched the moon set as the sun made it fade ever faster from the sky before the horrible pains returned as my body crunched back to it's normal shape.

Still feeling the phantom werewolf body I slowly put my clothes back on next to my guy when it hit me. "Oh, I'm John by the way." He rewarded me with his low chuckle, "I'm Jake. Good to know ya."

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