tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat Alicia Did on Her 30th

What Alicia Did on Her 30th


Author's note: This story is set on 31 October 2006, Alicia Silverstone's 30th birthday. Hope you all enjoy!

* * * * *

I walked in to a restaurant to get some dinner. The place was surprisingly empty, probably because it was Halloween and parents were at home giving out candy and worried about when their kids will be home or people trying to stop kids from throwing eggs and other junk at their house. Either way, the place was empty and I was sat down at a table instantly. It was a table for two and I was alone. I looked around and noticed that everyone was here with someone. Well almost everybody. There was a table to my right where there was a blonde haired woman sitting there, looking at a menu.

"Hi!" I said to her and she looked up. My throat went dry and I froze. It was Alicia Silverstone!

"Hi!" She replied, smiling, showing my that famous, cute smile of hers, where you see the top half of her top row of teeth and her gums. I regained my composure.

"I just noticed you sitting there by yourself and wondered if you wanted any company, unless you're waiting for someone." I looked down at her hands and noticed that she was wearing her wedding ring. "Maybe your husband?" I finished. She looked down to where I was looking and started to fiddle with her ring.

"No! He's out touring. I'm here by myself." She said. "I would really like the company." I walked over to here. It looked like she was wearing a pink dress.

"I'm Kash by the way." I said taking a seat opposite her.

"I'm Alicia."

"I know who you are. There's no mistaking that cute face." I said.

"Cute?" She said, her head pointing down, but her eyes looking up straight at me. Shit! Have I already blown it. "You don't think I'm sexy?" She said in a half joking kind of tone. Was she playing with me? It seemed that way, so I decided to answer in the same fashion.

"Cute. Sexy. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Which ever word you want to use, would still describe you and won't stop millions of guys jerking of to you." She started to blush.

"Cut it out!" She giggled. "You don't say stuff like that to a girl you just met!" She said nudging my knee with her foot, under the table.

"Sorry!" I replied. "You're just so hot, my mouth doesn't seem to be able to control itself. My brains thinking up of clever stuff to say and my mouth is just spouting out all sorts of crazy stuff. So if you notice me drooling over you, remember, it's not my fault, my mouth has a mind of it's own." Alicia laughed. "Shit! My mouth did it again!"

"You're a funny guy!" Alicia said. "Most fans get nervous and up tight. But you. You are more confident and comfortable around me."

"Who says I'm not nervous? I started off by telling you that I jerk off to you!"

"You said guys jerk off to me. You didn't say anything about you jerking off to me."

"There my mouth goes again. Saying stuff that my brain's telling it not to say." Alicia laughed some more. We placed our orders and continued chatting away as we ate. There was a lot of flirting back and fourth and whenever I would say something a little too dirty, she would nudge my knee with her foot.

"You know..." Alicia started off, looking down at her plate. "...Today is my birthday."

"Oh! Happy Birthday!" I said. I felt bad, not knowing it was her birthday, but then again, I had only met her today so how was I to know when her birthday was?

"Thanks!" She replied.

"So why isn't your husband here? He should be celebrating with you!" I said. "What kind of jackass misses his cute wife's birthday?"

"He was touring and he said he was gonna get a flight out, but I told him not to."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because.... I'm no longer in my twenties!"

"Oh! You're old!" I joked.

"Shut up!" She laughed nudging me with her foot again. This time I grabbed her foot. I took her shoe off and moved it out of her reach.

"Hey! Give me my shoe back!" She protested. I held on to her feet.

"No!" I said. "You keep nudging me with it!" I said, rubbing my thumbs up and down the sole of her foot. "You know... you have the cutest feet." I said lifting up the table cloth, getting a look at her feet. "Pink toe nails!" I commented. "Matches with your outfit!" Alicia giggled.

"That actually feels good!" Alicia said, as I continued to rub my thumbs up and down her sole.

"You know. You have very cute toes." I said. "I would love to suck them." I felt quite comfortable around her and we kept making a lot of jokes, a lot of them being sex jokes.

"Go ahead!" Alicia replied.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah! But I doubt you will. In a public place like this. You won't do it!" Alicia was calling my bluff. This wasn't a bluff. She gave me the OK, so I wasn't gonna pass up the opportunity. I looked around. We were on a table, next to the wall and we weren't really in anyone's view. If we did anything, no one would really see us. The tables that you could see us from, where empty. This was the perfect spot.

I leaned my head forward, reaching closer to her foot. I leaned my forehead on the table while her foot sat on my lap. I moved the table cloth back, so her foot wasn't covered by it. Alicia couldn't see my mouth or her feet, so she didn't know what I was doing. I stuck my tongue out, licking the top of her foot. She giggled and tried to pull her foot back. I held onto it firmly with both hands.

"You said I could do it."

"OK." Alicia said, not struggling to pull her foot back anymore. I licked the top of her foot again, running my tongue up to the tip of her toes. I ran my tongue along the tips of her toes, starting with the big toe and making my way across to the little toe. Alicia giggled at the touch of my tongue.

I pushed my tongue under the heads of her toes and ran my tongue along, back to her big toe and took it into my mouth. I sucked her big toe, causing her to giggle some more. I went onto the next toes, gently sucking each toe one by one until I had sucked all five of them.

I kissed the sole of her foot, on the ball just below her big toe and started to lick her sole, making my way down. Alicia laughed and pulled her foot back.

"I said you could suck my toes. I didn't say anything about licking my soles." She smiled. There was a moment of silence before Alicia broke it. "You've gotten my foot all wet!" I could still see half under the table and I could see her wiping her foot on the floor.

"You want your shoe?" I said picking her shoe off the floor, showing it to her.

"Yes!" She smiled.

"Gimme your foot. I'll put it on for you. She lifted her foot and placed it on my lap. I placed her shoe on her foot. I was pretty sure that she felt my hard on when she put her foot on my lap, but she didn't say anything. The waiter came up to us.

"Do you need anything else?" He asked.

"Just the check, thanks." I said.

"Separate or together?" He asked.

"Together." I said looking at Alicia. "This one's on me." The waiter walked off to get the bill.

"I can pay. I make way more than you." Alicia protested.

"It's your birthday, so I insist." I replied. I paid with a credit card and me and Alicia headed out.

"So you drive here or you..." I started.

"I took a cab." Alicia cut me off. "What about you?"

"I actually live two blocks down, so I walked." I replied. "I would be one hell of a lazy fucker to take a car here." This was gonna be the last time I'd probably ever see her, so I decided to just let it all hang out. "If you want. I could show you my place."

"See your bachelor pad?" Alicia Smiled. "Sure! Why not? I have nothing better to do on my 30th birthday!"

"That's actually pretty sad." I joked.

"Not as sad as sitting at home in your underwear eating ice cream."

"I'd love to watch you in underwear eating ice cream." I said as we started to head in the direction of my apartment.

"I bet you would!" Alicia flirted back.

"Actually no."

"No!" Alicia seemed shocked and surprised. Guess she knows she's a hottie after all.

"Yeah. I'd much rather lick the ice cream off your naked body."

"Or of my cute little toes!" She gave me a seductive smile. I looked at her and notice that the cold night air was making her a little cold and her nipples were sticking out.

"Yeah! You think we should've ask the waiter for ice cream? We could've done it at the restaurant before we left."

"Shut up!" She playfully pushed my arm. Alicia then linked her arm with mine, she had one arm linked with mine and held my arm with her other hand.

"I would offer you my jacket, but I love the way your nipples poke out." I commented, staring at her tits. Alicia looked down.

"Shut up and give me your jacket." She laughed, hitting me on the arm. I took my jacket off and handed it to her and she put it on. She hugged my arm as we made our way to my block. I lead her all the way up and into my apartment.

"So. This is my place. It's not the biggest place, but it's big enough for just me." I said.

"I would've love to have a place like this." She said, getting excited.

"Like you can't afford a condo or a mansion." I said sarcastically.

"If I wasn't rich and famous, this would be my dream place." Alicia replied looking around. I know she was just being nice, but I knew it wasn't true. At least I think it wasn't. Alicia went from room to room. Looking around. She went into the bathroom.

"That's quite a big tub!" She commented. "You know what I need?"

"What?" I asked.

"What I need is a nice... hot... bath!" Alicia said in a hot sexy tone, getting closer to me.

"Er... you want me... to... run you... a... bath?" I asked, stuttering my words from being so nervous.

"That'd be nice." She said giving me a quick closed mouth kiss on the lips and that famous smile of hers, showing the top half of her top row of teeth and her gums.

"OK!" I said, quickly making my way in to the bathroom. I plugged the bath tub and turned the water on. Do you want any bubbles?" Alicia was standing in the door way.

"Do you have any?" She asked, smiling, raising her eyebrows.

"No." I replied.

"Than why get a girls hopes up?" She said walking towards me. She ran her hand through the bath. "How hot do you like it?" I put my hand in the water.

"The level it's at is just right."

"Than keep it at that level." She smiled. She locked her eyes on me.

"I'll leave you to fill the tub. There's some clean towels over there." I pointed at the radiator. There was a couple of towels there, a white one and a blue one, which were already dry.

"You don't wanna join me?" She asked, in a kind of cute voice, walking closer to me. She pouted and placed her hand on my chest.

"Yeah... yes... I wanna join you."

"You do that a lot." She said.

"It's just because you are so beautiful and you are married."

"Oh Christopher Jarecki Don't worry about him. He's probably screwing some groupie on tour." She said turning around, slowly shaking her ass as she went over to the towel. "Which one do I use?"

"The blue one is mine and the white one is spare." I said.

"So I guess I'll use the blue one!" She smiled. "Having a towel around my naked body that's been around your naked body." She stopped for a second. "Will make you think of me every time you have this towel around you." I didn't know what to say. It was obvious where this was headed. I wasn't one to sleep with a married woman, but this wasn't just any woman. This was Alicia Silverstone.

Alicia let the straps of her dress slide down her shoulders, then her arms. She let her dress drop to the floor, standing there in matching pink panties, that coincidentally matched with her dress and toe nails as well.

"I take it you really like what I'm wearing." Alicia said.

"What makes you say that?" She pointed at my crotch with her index finger. I looked down to see that I had a boner.

"Impressive." Alicia commented.

"I take it you like what you see as well than?" I asked getting brave. No point in being nervous, considering that she wanted it to happen and I wanted it to happen as well. As hesitant as I may have been, all that went out the window as soon as I saw her in those cute, yet sexy pink bra and panties.

"If only I wasn't married." She said. If only she wasn't married? What the fuck was she talking about? It's clear as day where all of this was headed.

The bath tub was half way being full. If we were both gonna get in, then now would be when you'd turn the taps off and Alicia turned them off.

"I think it would be best if you went in first." Alicia said.

"But I thought you said 'If only I wasn't married.' Remember?"

"What? You think that because a man and a woman get in a bath tub naked, that it automatically means that they have to have sex?" She asked.

"Well... they don't. But nakedness usually means sex."

"If you got in a tub with a man, would you have sex with him?"

"First of all, I wouldn't get into a tub with a man..."

"What about the shower?" She asked.

"Shower is different." I replied.


"Like at the gym you do. But in there...." I pointed at the shower. "It's small, you wouldn't get in there with a man." Alicia laughed.

"Good points. But I was just teasing."

"So we're gonna have sex?"

"Er... no!" She replied and laughed.

"What?!" I was confused as hell. "I don't follow." Alicia came over to me and kissed me, gently pushing her tongue into my mouth, giving me a taste of her tongue.

"Just get in the tub." She said in a low voice. I took my clothes off, not sure what was gonna happen, but in that tone of voice, she could tell me to do anything and I'd do it. I started to get in.

"The tap side." She said. So I turned around, so my back was facing the taps and sat down. The taps were spaced out, so my shoulders didn't even touch them.

Alicia took her bra off, slowly. She then leaned forward, bending over as she took her panties off, giving me a view of her tits as she leaned forward. She caught me looking at her tits and locked eyes with me, she gave a little giggle and then stood up straight. She put one foot into the water.

"Hot!" She smiled, as she stepped into the tub. She stood over me with both legs in the tub, her legs in between mine. I bent my knees to make space for her to sit down. Alicia sat down, holding my knees for support as she got in. Instead of having her legs go out the side of me, like I had mine going to the side of her, she placed her feet on my lower abs, her legs bent at the knees.

"Massage my feet some more." She told me. I reached down to one of her foot and started to massage it. I started to massage the sole of her foot with both thumbs. "My feet getting you hard again?" Alicia said touching my cock with her other foot. She pushed my cock back, pressing it against my lower abs and than stroked up and down my shaft with her wet toes.

"I thought you said..." I kind of trailed off.

"This doesn't count as sex. It's just me doing you a favour." She said pulling the foot that I was holding, away from me. "Helping you to jerk of to me." She smiled, giving me that famous half teeth, half gums smile. If this is all she was gonna do, I wasn't gonna complain. She had cute little feet and her soles felt soft rubbing against my shaft. Alicia rubbed the soles of her feet up and down my shaft pressing my cock against my stomach.

"Hold it up straight." Alicia told me. I reached down, held my cock at the base and held it up straight. "That's better!" Alicia smiled. She sandwiched my dick in between her feet, her sole on either side of my cock. Alicia rubbed her wet soles up and down my shaft, going at a reasonable pace.

"You need me to go faster or slower?" Alicia asked.

"Just keep going at this pace." I moaned my reply. She wrapped her toes tightly around my shaft as she tried to squeeze my huge member in between her toes and the balls just under her toes.

I looked down to see her pink painted toe nails on her big toes scrap along my cock head every time she worked her feet up my shaft. I leaned my head back, looking at the ceiling and closed my eyes. If I carried on watching I'd probably cum very quickly. This way I'll have her jerk my cock off for a while, make it last longer before watching her feet go to work on my cock and orgasm.

"Did you jerk off earlier today?" Alicia broke my thought's.

"No. Why?"

"Cause no guy takes this long when I jerk them off." Alicia replied with that smile of hers. "I guess I'm gonna have to go faster!" She said rubbing the soles of her feet faster and faster up and down my cock.

Alicia was now going so fast that water started to splash up. One of her foot was going faster than the other and she ended up losing grip and one foot went right off and off and over my cock and the other foot pushed my cock sideways into the water.

"Oops!" Alicia laughed, as she grabbed my cock head with the toes of one foot and pressed the sole of her other foot on the side of my shaft. She slid the foot that she was holding my cock head with, down my shaft and started to stroke my cock.

"This foot is a little dry." Alicia said taking the foot that was holding my cock head off my member and she curled her toes, arching her foot, only dipping the top half off her foot into the water. She turned her foot sideways a little and scooped up some water with her curled toes and splashed it on my cock.

My cock got really hard and pushed upwards towards my stomach a little. Alicia sat up, pinning my cock down on to my abs, pressing the sole of her foot down on my cock, squeezing my cock hard against my lower stomach. She stroked down slow and hard, my cock in between her two biggest toes.

When one foot went down my shaft, she'd bring the other foot up and stroke down and when that foot went down, the other foot would come up and takes it's place. She was applying a lot of pressure and pressing her foot down hard, that I felt like I'd cum any second. My orgasm was building up and this slow cock stroking that Alicia was doing was starting to become quite painful, in the way that I wanted to cum so badly but she wasn't giving me enough for me to cum.

"I'm close!" I moaned.

"You gonna cum?" Alicia moaned.

"Yeah! Just... stroke it really fast!" I moaned.

"You want me to stroke it fast?" Alicia moaned letting go off my cock and letting it spring up to being more vertical. "I'll jerk your fucking big dick fast!" She said sandwiching my cock in between her soles again, pressing the balls under her toes hard against the sides of my cock.

"You like that? That better?" She moaned, jerking my cock fast, gripping the top side of my shaft hard with her toes, squeezing my cock so hard that it was a matter of seconds before I felt the rush in my shaft.

"I'm gonna cum!" I yelled pushing my hips up slightly. Alicia squeezed my cock hard pushing it up, pressing it against my stomach with one foot and lowering the other down to my balls, gently squeezing my balls with her toes.

"Yeah! Cum for Alicia! Yeah! Give me that hot cum! Mmm..." Alicia moaned, pressing my cock hard against my lower abs, squeezing my cock really hard with the balls under her toes, not stroking it any more, knowing that I was literally a second away from cumming, making my orgasm even more intense. My first load shot half way up my chest.

"Yeah! That looks so good!" Alicia moaned as my cum gushed out all over my stomach. "Can I taste your cum? Please?" Alicia moaned.

"Yeah!" I moaned my answer back to her. She pulled her legs back and use her hands to lift herself up, she did this carefully, so water wouldn't splash up and wash my cum off me. I used my hands to pull myself up, carefully, so I was sitting up. Alicia re-adjusted her legs, so she was kneeling on top of my legs, which were in between hers. I could feel her pussy pressing against my knees.

"Mmm..." She moaned again, keeping her eyes locked on mine. She breathed in deeply, taking in the smell of my cum. "It's been so long since I've smelt cum!" She said. "And even longer since..." She licked my stomach, scooping up my cum with her tongue into her mouth and then she swallowed. "...I tasted it!" She completed her sentence, licking her lips. She started to lick my cum of my stomach, stopping after a couple of licks to swallow.

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