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Cindy was one of few 'non-programmer geeks' at the company where she worked, which began as a video game company, and now had moved far afield into online role playing games, social media networking and promotions, and their most promising new market segment, online pornography. Although they certainly did not operate porn websites, or distribute porn videos, they did make massive software systems that made operating these kinds of sites so much simpler and much more profitable. They didn't want to be publicly associated with the porn market, so they used generic terms like "serving rapid turnover high bandwidth content' and gave very favorable licensing terms for sharing revenue from the web sites that their software helped to run. They even used third party value added resellers to buffer them from direct connections with the porn industry. But it was a major and growing revenue stream.

Cindy was officially a 'market and user specialist', which meant she looked at everything except the technical implementation of a product. She worked on what customers wanted to do, how they wanted it done, how they wanted the products to look and feel, and how much they were willing to pay for it. She had power and importance far above her title, which sounded almost like an entry level job for a college new hire, which was how she started.

Her nickname while growing up was 'Brainiac-180' both for her reputed IQ score and her tendency to approach things from a completely different direction than most people. She finished high school at 14, and then earned a degree in English from a small private college near her home at 16, then an MS in computer science at Carnegie Mellon, which she finished by the time she was 19. She understood all the things the programmers were doing, she just didn't do them herself. She told her sister once that she was like a race car driver who understood the workings of the car and its engine perfectly, but kept her hands clean for driving.

She actually was hired as one of the first ten employees of the company right out college, but proved to be so skilled at bonding with customers and understanding their needs that she had led the positioning and final configuration of most of their successful new products and at age 24 had more stock options than most of the VP's. She was a critical part of the stage gate approval process for funding new projects and releasing new products, and anyone who studied the 'informal organization' of the company would realize she was a key player even though the formal organization chart did not reflect that.

Most of the other employees did not realize her real status, either, and since she usually worked from home, many of them thought she was an outside contractor, not a key team member. She often worked 20 hours a day studying a market, a customer, their competition, and becoming a user of competitive products, literally immersing herself in the market she was studying. She usually only came into the office two or three days a month, for formal product review meetings or strategic planning sessions, but had a large unmarked office that most people thought was a special conference room for the CEO and his direct reports.

Her latest project grew out of a meeting in that office, where the CEO, reviewing the incredible growth in their porn related revenue, took a 100,000 foot look at the overall market and said they had too small a share and were growing it too slowly. He created a 'tiger team' composed of two proven 'super programmers', a product manager, a market research geek, and Cindy to find 'the next big thing in porn' before someone else did. He envisioned a new paradigm, a quantum leap that could get them huge market share in months, rather than just the steadily growing share of a huge market they forecast now.

So for the last several weeks, Cindy had been immersing herself in the porn business. Taking her usual offbeat but comprehensive approach, she had visited strip clubs, adult bookstores, porn theaters, bath houses, and whorehouses in Nevada. She surfed hundreds of every kind of website, marveling at the micro-targeting and specialization and mass customization of the innovators in the market. One of her professors used to use an unlikely and politically incorrect demographic example of products designed for left-handed Chinese midgets, but Cindy had found multiple website offering midgets and Asians doing just about any sex act possible, but without reference to handedness. She discovered some things about herself, too. She had never before seen 'Hentai' cartoons, but found herself totally captivated by them, especially the ones that depicted impossibly beautiful and juicy young girls forced to submit to dominant men and sometimes women. The first time she saw a well produced one, luckily while she was working at home, she ended up wet as hell with three fingers in her pussy and one in her ass driving her to one of her best orgasms ever! Whenever she masturbated now, she often found herself making those little high pitched cooing noises, which even made her more excited.

She had never dated much. All through school, she was much younger than all the boys in her classes, and had many IQ points on most of them. She lost interest before she could really even consider them sexually. She looked even younger than she was, and she was tall and thin with surprisingly big boobs. She actually looked a bit like the girls in the 'Hentai' cartons. She had taken a scientific approach to studying her sexuality in graduate school, and seduced a few guys and one girl who all thought she was another freshman undergrad. She carried on affairs with them, and learned all the mechanics of what she liked and what she didn't. Since then she was hoping to find smart guys and an occasional girl that were interesting enough to talk to and hot enough to take to bed, but was not seeing too many so far. Most of the guys at work ignored her completely, since she tended to dress in androgynous slacks and tee shirts that were comfortable to hang out in. Occasionally a guy would notice that she had a very hot body under the shapeless garb. Also occasionally a guy would be interested in how cool she was to talk to and how many things she was interested in. She was hoping for a guy that combined those two, and engendered the same reactions in her. No luck so far.

One of her pet peeves at work was people who just wanted to work nine to five and did not get as enthusiastic as she did about new products and markets. She tended to dismiss them and discount their potential contributions to the success of a project, and focus on the team members that shared her enthusiasm. On her latest tiger team, only one of the super programmers, Jason, had that kind of spark. The other team members were contributing nothing to brainstorming or idea evaluation, and just wanted a written assignment to carry out after someone else had defined the proposed product. So her 'team' turned out to be just the two of them, hanging out in her office bouncing ideas off of each other.

This situation, and the subject matter of their assignment, forced her to notice several things about Jason. First, he was really bright, most likely just as bright as she was. And although he was an 'ubercoder', he also seemed to be well versed in current events and well read in general, a clear contrast to most super programmers. He also was open and frank in his discussion about sexual topics, not showing some of the junior high school demeanor that many of his peers did when the subject came up. She proposed they have a final brainstorm and review session the rest of the afternoon, and he agreed. He volunteered to go down and get some Thai food from the restaurant down stairs, remembered that she wanted a big green tea, and though he was a total white guy from Ohio, pronounced all the Thai dishes perfectly. Somehow that piqued her interest in him! Once he came back, he proved to also be perfectly capable of eating in a mannerly way with chopsticks, and she also liked that!

They began throwing out ideas with wild abandon, without evaluating them for feasibility at all. He seemed to be very aware of most of the other development work that was going on in the company, and was able to easily extend the concepts to things that might be used in their current assignment. He also picked up quickly on the some of the ideas she tossed out. They ranked them by their estimate of how much market share they would gain if they were successful. Then they went into evaluation mode, using a weighted ranking decision model to gauge the chances that each would succeed and the resources that would be required to implement them. Only two potential new products made it through their screening process.

One used a technology developed by one of the gaming groups. It was originally designed to make it easy for players to choose which game characters they wanted to control by simply touching the image. It had now been extended to work not only in the game space, but to work on external video, or any image. Their idea was to use it to implement role playing massive multiplayer role playing porn scenarios, rendered in brilliant HD video from the point of view of each character, and with an overall views that could be seen by an audience not playing in the game. Players could shift from one character to another, essentially becoming a 'shape shifter' in the virtual world of the game. There was already a software demo that could be used to demonstrate the capabilities, and they each used it to switch roles in a wrestling game, and by extension imagine it in a sexual context.

The second potential new product idea arose from some of the social media trend following techniques that were currently used to spot and rank popular new ideas, but to use them to gauge and predict user's reactions to porn. This was an ambitious extension of the apps that recommended new music that 'sounded like' things you already had chosen. Another new twist was that it could use a special VR style headset to record and measure user's eye movements, heart rate, respiration rate, and galvanic skin response. It could not only tell which porn turned a user on but exactly which part of the image their eyes were drawn to. By presenting instantaneous subliminal images, it could show them whole new images just long enough to gauge their reaction, but not long enough to have them consciously recognize them. There was also a software demo of this technology that let them watch websites and built up an unedited and subconscious rank of their favorite porn scenes and by extension their sexual proclivities. They both played with the demo and watched brief clips from the top 50 most popular porn sites and then Cindy quickly crossed their two lists just for fun. They both topped out on Hentai, the same kind that Cindy liked!

Before she could even mention that to Jason, they both had the same idea: combine the two proposed products into one killer porn app! Then the additional ideas came so fast they were finishing each other's sentences and talking faster and faster. They could use the eye movement technology to learn which characters and actions in a scene that the users wished they were and what acts they wished were performing, then use the image switching to put them there! They could use existing laser body position sensor technology to drive what the on screen characters did, and then use the video rendering subroutines to show them their character's point of view on the action. Once you had an idea of what the user liked to see, use the technology to find or generate scenes and characters that you already knew they would be excited by.

Once they had this shared vision, the proposal package to get development funding almost wrote itself! They put together a development plan, including the defined and concrete assignments that the other team members wanted, and a testing and market validation plan. They thought they could do a rough demo of the key technologies in two weeks, and perfecting the app would take three more months. They put together a 'canned' onscreen demo to be shown in their initial PowerPoint funding pitch to the product review meeting, and filled out the rest of the required slides quickly. They reviewed the pitch over and over and made up a list of corrections, then started working through them.

Jason was hunched over his keyboard, totally in the zone, communing with the monitors, and working through their punch list of corrections to their presentation for the product review meeting. He would be through their list in less than 5 minutes. They had now been through the PowerPoint so many times they were no longer effective as proofreaders. They could be looking at the same mistake over and over and still not see it. They had talked about needing to get away from it for a few hours and then look at with fresh eyes before doing final corrections. Cindy thought she knew how to provide that diversion.

Jason was not looking at Cindy. He was so into his tasks he was not even aware of her. She had worked with him on this project all week, and every interaction made her more interested in him, and more impressed with his intelligence and emotional openness. She was now totally convinced that under his baggy sweatshirts and jeans he was in pretty great shape. She knew he rode his bike into the office every morning and showered in the locker room downstairs. She now knew he liked the same Hentai websites that she did, and the kind of female submission scenes that made her so wet. She could understand why he was not open about his sexual fascination for wanting to dominate women especially in the modern litigious workplace; she certainly had not been open with anybody about her desires. She decided to make a bold and decisive move .... to submit!

She locked the door to her office and put the shade down on the little window in the door. She walked to a spot about 5 feet behind his chair. She silently took off her jeans and threw them on the couch, then skinned out of her panties, too. She was braless anyway, and she had seen him looking at her nipples through her tube top. She pushed the top down around her waist, and then placed her arms behind her back as if they were bound behind her by the tube top. This made her ample breasts stand up, and her nipples were already at attention. She took a small leather cushion from the side chair and put it on the floor, then kneeled on it facing toward Jason, and put her eyes down to the floor.

"Jason", she said, "When you are finished with those changes we need to completely forget about the presentation for a while."

"OK", he said distractedly. "I am almost finished, and then we can work on something else. OK that one's done now just one more misspelling and one more reformatting. Done, and done. He started to spin toward her in his chair. "What did you....." He stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth hanging open.

Cindy began making those little high pitched squeaking noises that all the Hentai girls made that said 'I am about to get violated and it excites me and think I am going to like it' while still keeping her eyes down at the floor.

Jason said "Oh Cindy, you are so beau..." Then a change came over his voice, he drew in deep breath, and she thrilled with the realization that he was suddenly in character.

She heard a rustling noise, and then saw his shoes, socks, sweat shirt, jeans, and underwear hit the floor in a pile off to her left. She saw his feet move into the field of vision of her downcast eyes right in front of her, with a leg just in front of each of her shoulders. His penis must be right above her head! She noticed his calves were incredibly well muscled and defined, and densely covered with coarse brown hair. He spoke in a deep, slow voice "What is your name, slave?"

"Haruko, Sir" she squeaked, and felt her nipples get harder. He put a finger under her chin, and lifted her face up until her eyes met his. On the way up, she saw that his thighs were just as muscular and hairy as his calves, as was his abdomen. There was not an ounce of fat on his frame. He must ride in from a long distance each day, and up and down a lot of hills! His penis was completely erect and beautifully formed, at that.

He spoke "You are beautiful, Haruko. But I cannot promise to be gentle or kind. Your beauty fuels my lust. I will take you; I will have my way with you. You will satisfy me in every way possible. I can only promise that you will survive, and if you bring me pleasure, I will take you again and again."

She felt her heart pound in her chest. She thought she might actually be dripping the copious amounts of clear fluid the cartoons often depicted!

Then he gently held her head in his hands, and said "I smell your excitement, Haruko. You will serve me well!" and with that he not so gently thrust his penis into her mouth!

She found it was just as exciting as she thought it would be. She sucked and licked and bobbed her head, all the while making high pitched noises and sighs. She felt him get bigger in her mouth, and then he thrust into her even more. She began to actively suck him into her. She leaned forward to meet his thrusts.

He reached down to her waist and effortlessly picked her up and turned her upside down, while keeping her mouth on him. He threw her legs over his shoulders and began licking her thighs. He was lapping up the fluids that she was generating! She was now making an almost continuous high pitched keening sound, somewhat muffled by the fact that her mouth was so full. He shifted her slightly and began to tongue her pussy directly, and soon she shuddered with a great orgasm. He laughed a villainous laugh, and shifted her again, biting her ass cheeks hard enough to leave tooth marks and then putting his tongue on her anus. She almost screamed! Soon he was sticking his stiff tongue into her ass and then her pussy alternatively. Perhaps it was not the most sanitary practice, but it was driving her crazy. With her legs over his shoulders supporting most of her weight, he grabbed her head with one hand and began forcing it up and down on his cock. In her present inverted position, she was almost the perfect angle to allow him to penetrate her throat lengthwise. She relaxed her mouth and cheeks and just let him fuck it. Soon she was anticipating his strokes and sucking on him in time. He grunted and came forcefully and in some volume, and she sucked hard and swallowed, draining him completely. He stopped thrusting, but she kept sucking, and soon he was completely cleaned out but still hard as a rock.

He turned her upright again, and kissed her tenderly on the mouth, holding her strongly with his arms. The he kissed her face, her shoulders, and her neck, and then laid her out on the couch and penetrated her missionary style. She made a little cooing noise with each thrust. Soon he was thrusting into her with maximum depth, and grinding against her with his full weight and strength. She came again and scraped his back not so gently with her fingernails, and he put his arms around her and crushed her in a bear hug. Then he turned her over and thrust into her doggie style, using the same rhythm and strength, and soon she came again. He picked her up and put her on her knees on the floor in front of him, and she took him in her mouth just as he came for the second time, and again she sucked him dry.

He then got on his knees with her, put his arms around her, and kissed her tenderly. "Oh Cindy, you are fantastic!"

She kissed him back, but then made squeaky noises and said "don't forget little Haruko! She needs attention several times a week."

He laughed and said "Haruko will do whatever Cindy and I tell her!" They just hugged for several minutes. She realized this was much more significant than just the great sex.

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