tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhat Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For?


It began with a relatively innocent prank. It was as innocent as pranks between old friends go. Matt and Dave were lousy drinkers and just could not manage to keep up with me some times. I had come from an Irish family and had been drinking since I was 10 or 11 years old. A few tours in the army added to my tolerance to heavy drinking. Matt and Dave always did their worst to keep up whenever we had a boy's night out. The problem was that I had no mercy on them when they got so drunk that they passed out. On many occasions I used the opportunity to embarrass them in the most creative ways possible. These pranks would include anything from painting moustaches on their face with felt tip markers, to getting them in compromising photos with strippers or what have you. I knew that they had both plotted revenge many times but they were never able to get me to pass out drunk before they did themselves. I always kept my eyes open around them, as good as friends as we all were, they could not be trusted.

On this occasion, my girlfriend, Roxy and I were newly engaged and the boys decided to make a celebration of it. They promised a night out of town to go to on the piss, drinking at every strip joint and pub we came across. We drove 125 miles to the city and booked into a cheep motel room on the strip near one of the strip joints. The party began with some in room drinks then we made our way out by taxi and hit as many bars as we could find. As usual, Matt and Dave tried their best to get me drunk again but it was a normal pattern. I wasn't too worried yet. Finally at midnight or so we ended up at the strip joint across from the motel. Now if I have a weakness in my armour, it is for dancers. I love everything about them. To me they personify womanhood. They are the sexiest creatures on the planet whose sole purpose is to seduce men. They are perfect women to me. Their bodies, their scent, their moves, all have a profound impact on me. I truly zone out when a hot dancer is working on me.

The boys were generously buying me private dances and I wasn't refusing. One dancer had me completely under her spell and I was in another world. My friends brought me drinks from the bar while I enjoyed the company of Buffy. After taking a hard swig of one drink after a song ended I started feeling very light headed and dizzy. The colours were blending together and balance became a problem, suddenly I felt like I was in a hole and everything went dark. I was out.

When I awoke with a massive hangover to an alarm clock that read 11:30 I tried to get my bearings. My head was thumping and it quickly dawned on me that the boys had slipped me something in my drink to do me in. I shut off the horrible alarm and picked up my naked body from the floor. I realized soon enough that I was in the motel room but I was naked. I looked around for some cloths but couldn't find any. My two friends were nowhere in sight, and neither were my things. I looked out the window and the parking lot was empty. Were they coming back? I decided that this was the revenge prank I had always been dreading and went into the bathroom to inspect the damage. To my surprise I was not covered in writing or marker and had no obvious tattoos or body modifications. I didn't look too bad, even at 29years of age. I have always been very fit, not muscular but slim from swimming. I still had my shaving kit, either they forgot to nab it or left it on purpose. Either way I could clean up. I hopped into the shower and turned it on cold.

During my wake up shower it dawned on me that check out time was noon. Had the room been paid for or did the guys stick me with it. If my wallet were gone what would I do? I shut the water off and jumped out in a panic. I searched frantically for my wallet but to no avail. Checking the time I realized I had ten minutes to do something. I looked around the room for something to wear. Since it wasn't the Grande Hotel, there were very few things and no bathrobes. What would I wear? The curtains, bed sheets, towels were not comforting alternatives. I had to get out of there fast and needed to move quickly. I chose a towel. I peeked out to look around. I saw the maid cart a few rooms down and the maid entering a room. At the end of the corridor was a utility closet with the door left open that the maid was probably using to store the cart but left open while doing her rounds. Leaving the door wedged open, I sprinted down to the closet in my towel and looked inside for anything to use. It was pretty sparse, towels mostly but I did spot a maid uniform neatly pressed on a shelf. Running out of time and options I grabbed it and sprinted back to my room. When inside, I quickly threw on the grey dress. For a moment I felt kind of funny, kind of sexy wearing a dress with nothing on underneath. The maid was done with the room she was in and was now going into the room next to mine. I had to move now. I grabbed my shaving kit and made a run for it.

Outside in my bare feet wearing a cheap motel maid uniform I made a run for it getting clear of the motel as quickly as possible. I ran across the street to the parking lot behind the strip joint. I don't know how many people in passing cars saw me but was only concerned that nobody from the motel spotted me. Checking that the coast was clear, I sized up my options. I was 125 miles from home, with no money, no ID, no shoes and wearing a maid uniform, which was beginning to feel kind of nice. As I sat lurched behind some garbage cans I noticed the front part of my dress tenting up with an erection. I wrote it off to an adrenaline rush and gave it no more thought. I figured if I could find a pay phone, I could phone one of my bonehead friends collect and demand them to come and get me. I definitely didn't want anyone else to see me like this. In order to get to a pay phone I would have to go looking dressed like I was. It wasn't as if I could pass for a woman and inconspicuously stroll through public looking for one. I have very short hair, a goatee and my legs were hairy. It would never work. I thought if I could find some male cloths to steal and change that would be better but looking around did not see how I could work that.

As I sat there going over my options while fighting a hangover I gazed around the parking lot. One car was present. I had no idea what to do. Suddenly, I was alarmed by the sound of a door opening at the back of the strip joint. I hid quietly as I watched a grubby, dirty looking man taking out the garbage. He filled the dumpster with some trash bags and then went back inside. This was obviously the janitor doing his morning after clean up. It gave me an idea but I would have to wait until he came out again. I snuck around the garbage bins to the other side of the back door. And hid behind some boxes. Soon enough, the door opened again as the burly man brought out some more trash bags. I quickly and quietly slipped inside the unlocked door without being noticed. Once inside I had to find a hiding place since the janitor would soon return. I ran into the back and up some stairs and found myself in a change room with a bathroom and a window facing the back. I jumped in the shower stall and pulled the curtain closed. I waited quietly and listed as the janitor went about his rounds down stairs. After twenty minutes or so I heard the door again and looked outside the window as the man got into his car and drove off. It appeared that I was alone for a while. I had no idea what time anyone would be returning as the place was closed on Sunday until 8:00 pm.

I ventured out and looked around. It was quiet so I was sure I was alone. I soon found a bottle of aspirin and took a couple for my headache along with some whisky. I could find nothing in the way of men's clothing to change into just a dressing room full of stripper's costumes. I looked at myself in one of the large full-length mirrors in my shabby maid uniform. It seemed so un-sexy compared to all the hot outfits in the change room. I pulled some outfits off of the rack and held them up to myself in the mirror and began getting very excited. I thought of how sexy I would look in some of those cloths. That gave me an idea. I took my shaving kit and hit the shower. I took off the maid uniform and slipped into the hot shower. I took my razor and shaved my legs, armpits and the sparse chest hair I had. Then I gave my entire face a good close shave. I tidied up some more, brushing my teeth, and such and put on a silky black robe. There was a shelf full of wigs most of which were outrageous and I selected a subtler redhead wig that was long and curly. I sat at a mirror and went through the makeup items. I began experimenting with everything, including false eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick, everything. I even trimmed and tweezed my eyebrows. I was fair-haired to start, so I didn't have too much to pluck. I lost track of time as I made myself up. It was incredible to watch myself transform from plain old me into a hot looking babe. I even painted my toenails. Eventually I could not recognize the pretty woman looking back at me in the mirror. She was magnificent. I was so turned on my hard-on was straining. I leaned back and began stroking it and in record short time I exploded all over myself in a gusher I had never witnessed before. As I sat there still staring at the sexy creature looking back at me I scooped up some of my come with my fingers and like a practiced porn star began to seductively lick it all up off my fingers. It's as if it wasn't me, it was the sexy redhead in the mirror. I had never done that before. I loved it and made me even hornier.

I tried to wipe it out of my mind after realizing how much time had passed. I fixed my lipstick and started picking out an outfit. Most of the cloths were very skimpy and very few could be worn in public by anyone. I found a black leather mini skirt that I recognized from one of the dancers the night before. I then found a sexy purple bustier with black lace trim at the bust and a short sleeve black silk jacket. Searching around I found some padding for the bust, black silk panties, and some black fishnet stockings with seems. I put on a garter belt and hooked up the stockings. Shoes were tough as they were all pretty small and all outrageously high. I finally found a pair of black open toe platform stilettos that I could just squeeze into. I looked at myself again in the mirror. The effect was amazing. I looked as hot as any sexy stripper I had ever seen. I didn't think it was possible, but I looked like the fantasy girl I had always dreamed of being with. I definitely looked slutty given the wardrobe I had to choose from, my stocking tops showed below the hem of the leather mini but I did look like a woman enough to go into public. I found a little bag and loaded it with lipstick, mascara, compact, eyeliner and perfume. The perfume I wore added to the effect of femininity and I was so turned on I had to stroke myself off again. I couldn't go out in public with that tent in my skirt. I came quickly again and I again hungrily licked it up while watching myself in the mirror. I was convinced I was as hot as any porn star I had ever watched. One final touch up and I was ready to split. I searched around the bar for some cash to no avail. I took another drink for courage and left.

I tried to get clear of the strip joint and that motel as quickly as possible by walking back toward the city. Walking in high heels was no easy chore however and my feet were soon killing me. I had no idea how far the closest store or gas station would be with a pay phone. Just after five minutes of awkward walking an SUV pulled over just ahead of me. It was black with tinted windows. As I got closer the window came down, and there was a man inside waiting to talk to me. He looked about 40, with a businessman's haircut and golf cloths on. He lowered his sunglasses and asked me if I wanted a ride. I hesitated, thinking it might be a bad idea, but the pain in my feet decided for me and I got in. He introduced himself as John and in as breathy a voice I could muster I replied, "Mary" not being able to think of anything quicker. He tried making small talk. He said stuff like, "I've never seen you around here before, and I would remember a girl like you." He pasted me with compliments about my legs, my cloths, my hair, etc. I just kept smiling and blushing at his flirtatious remarks so I wouldn't get kicked out and loose my ride. In a way, I did get a satisfying feeling at the compliments and it made me feel more confident about looking like a woman. It wasn't as if he was a loser. This guy was good looking I guess and obviously successful. I occasionally would glance over and bat my big eyelashes. Flirting was kind of fun from the female perspective.

We drove into the city and I noticed a gas station with a pay phone. I softly said, "Here please." He looked a bit disappointed and casually slowed down and drove a bit passed the station and into a nearby ally. At first I figured he couldn't stop in time and was going to turn around and go back but he stopped and put the vehicle in park. I waited for a minute to see if he was going to put it in reverse and back out. After that I nervously looked over and saw that he had unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. He was pulling out some bills from his wallet and slapped $50.00 down on the console. I gasped in shock. My eyes were glued to his very big dick rising from his pants. I was like a deer in the headlights, not knowing whether to open the door and run or punch this guy, or do as he wanted. What was I thinking? I would never do that. I wouldn't but would Mary? So why haven't I moved yet? I could not take my eyes of it; it was so big. I was hypnotized by it.

"Okay, twenty dollars more, but that's all I got on me," he spoke out as he dropped a twenty on the pile of cash. I don't know how it happened because it was something that I never would have considered doing but I wasn't myself at that moment. I suddenly found my lips wrapped around his big cock head with my tongue licking it all over. As if on autopilot, my mouth and tongue began working his meat like I was an accomplished porn star. I wanted to suck him like a pro. I wanted to give him the best head of his life. I started jacking the base of his dick as I licked it up and down. I spotted a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip and licked it off. It tasted like mine but I savoured it like a guilty pleasure. I was really getting into it, licking and sucking his balls, kissing the shaft, and trying to take it deep into my throat. It was during a very deep plunge when he suddenly grasped the back of my head and began shooting hot jets of cum down my throat. It was about to blow out nose when I figured I should swallow. He held my head in place as he dumped his load in my mouth. I swallowed down every last drop. It was so hot! I was licking his shaft clean trying to get every last drop when he suggested that I should split. I really didn't want to leave his cock but I suddenly remembered that I was trying to get home and scooped my money and left. I made my way down the alley as the SUV pulled away. It suddenly dawned on me that I had just sucked a man's cock. Was I turning gay or what? I was getting myself confused. I had to straighten my head out and think about getting home. At least I had $70.00 toward the cause.

I stopped and pulled out my compact to fix my makeup, I still had a drop of cum on my chin. I wiped it off with my finger and gave it a good suck clean. It was so good. I then repaired my makeup and reapplied my lipstick. Looking extremely hot again, I headed for the gas station where I saw the phone. On the way, I got several wolf whistles and "hey baby!" from passing cars. That made me want to work it even more and I really swung my hips as I walked. I even got one "Filthy whore!" from a female voice passing by. I ignored her and kept walking. I got to the phone and my feet were aching again. I leaned on the wall of the phone booth and took off a shoe to massage my foot. It was swelling a little so I quickly put my shoe back on before it got too fat to fit back in. I dared not attempt the other one. I tried calling my 'so called friends' collect but there was no answer at either place. They may not have made it home yet, they might be taking their time, they might be somewhere spying on me for laughs, they were probably ignoring me. It then began to cross my mind on how I would ever get them back for this one. Another thought crossed my mind. What if I called Roxy to come get me? How would I ever explain this one? I decided that anything would be better than that. I tried calling a cab company but the phone wanted money for that so I went into the store to get some.

The store clerk wouldn't give me change for a twenty. I said in the airiest voice I could do, "I need it for the payphone." He pointed to the prepaid phone cards on the counter. The cheapest ones were $10.00 so I bought one along with some gum and aspirins. I went back out to the phone and called a cab company and asked how much for a trip back to my town. They said that it would cost $75.00, which put me about $25.00 short. I hung the phone up and thought it out. If I just made $70.00 giving a blowjob, I could make enough money by doing it one more time.

I had dropped my phone card on the ground and was bending over to pick it up. My skirt must have been riding way up my ass. Before standing back up I heard a car squeal its brakes. I looked over and saw a big silver Cadillac behind me on the road. It turned into the parking lot and came up beside me. The tinted window came down and I saw two black men in gangster cloths staring out at me. They were both big guys. "Damn! Look at your fine ass!" the driver stated.

"Hey Baby, want to go for a ride?" the passenger asked smoothly. It was my chance but had to play it real cool. I just flashed up three fingers to them. The passenger leaned over and confabbed with the driver for a second. He looked back and whispered, "One-fifty".

I flashed two fingers back and he nodded. He then opened his door and got out. He was even bigger than I thought. He stood about 6' 2" and was very muscular like a football linebacker. He had a mild growth of chin hair and a shaved head. He opened the back door and ushered me in. The man then climbed in with me and shut the door. The car was off in a shot. I didn't even notice what direction we were going. The guy sitting with me introduced himself as Ricky and his friend driving as Antoine. I did my best girly voice to say, "Mary" once again.

Ricky quickly rolled out four fifty-dollar bills from a huge roll in his pocket and handed them to me, which I stuffed into my bra. He dispensed with formalities at that point and began feeling me up starting with my leg. I couldn't let him get too close so I put grabbed his hand. As I turned to him, his mouth was pressed on mine and his tongue forced deep inside. I was still trying to psyc myself into sucking another dick but had not anticipated a kiss. It was strangely erotic and exciting to be kissed so forcefully. He could really kiss too. Ricky's tongue worked the inside of my mouth and played with my tongue and his full lips moved all over mine. It felt very sexy and I found myself sighing as I melted into his arms. His hand worked its way up to my ass. I had my legs squeezed together to prevent finding my secret. Still, I had to make a move so I pulled away reluctantly from his kiss and grabbed hold of his crotch. I could feel the outline of his cock threw his loose pants. I could tell it was huge.

I unzipped Ricky's pants and he helped to pull them down to his knees. I was caught like a deer in the headlights again staring at his cock. It was dark brown and easily 10" or bigger and massively thick. My mind was telling me that there was no way I could take that thing into my mouth but like before my body just moved toward it and I was soon worshipping it with soft kisses and long licks. I was in total shock at the size of it. I really wanted to suck it badly and made sure to get it nice and wet with my tongue. I got it nice and shiny and then went down to suck on his large balls. They were each too big to fit into my mouth, like a baked potato. I took in the musky smell of his groin and found myself getting aroused. I started working on the cock head giving it a good lick and suck. I could sense Ricky's frustration and attempted to take his shaft into my throat. It was too big for me and was making me gag as it lodged in my throat. I backed off and concentrated on sucking the head and began stroking the base with my hand. He liked this and I kept giving him the best head that I could. Antoine was asking Ricky if I was a good cocksucker. Ricky would moan his answer.

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