tagLesbian SexWhat are Friends For?

What are Friends For?


"What are friends for?" Sally asked.

I just smiled. Sally and I had been lovers for about a month, and had explored all kinds of pleasures. I had been very apprehensive about anal sex, and even with her constant reassurance, I was reluctant to try it. You have no idea how good it feels, she would tell me time and time again. It didn't do anything for me when my old lover had attempted. I think he was too aggressive, hence my constant reluctance. I had never even done it with my husband of ten years, nor had he pursued it. After several days of thinking, I finally decided it might be worth a try.

"I'm telling you", Sally said, "you will love it."

I first met Sally at a porn shop while picking up a gag gift for a friend. We shopped together and after paying for a purchases, spent time in the lot chatting. One thing lead to another, and by the next afternoon, we had begun to explore each others hot bodies. We fell in love almost instantly, a fact that surprised us both, but we both had interests in pursuing a bi-relationship for some time, so it all seemed to fall in place naturally. I couldn't get enough of her hot pussy. There were days when we couldn't meet, and I would pleasure myself just thinking about being with her. I felt as if I couldn't get her at least once a week, I was not going to make it to the next time we met.

We normally met at Sally's house, but her husband was running a meeting there, and with my husband out of town, my place would be the place for our weekly love session We started the evening as usual in the hot tub. Thankfully both of us had one in our homes. The warm water was always such a great way to unwind and relax. Neither of us had kids, so there was no time constraints. We both also had husbands that traveled a lot. The aroma of the candles burning added to the atmosphere. The glass of wine added too. Sally wanted the evening to be perfect. We both took great prides in caring for each others bodies, so I knew I was in good hands. "When was the last time you emptied your bowels?" she asked.

I hadn't that day.

"Lets do something about it."

She asked me to get out of the tub, and wrapping a towel around me she led me to the bed. She asked me to lie there for a few minutes. I heard her in the bathroom, and wondered what he was up to. She came back in the room, and in her had she carried an enema bag. I had never had, one so I was normally apprehensive. Sally, knowing me well, quickly saw the fear and reassured me. "I want to make sure everything is perfect."

She told me to lie on my side, and hung the bag from the rail in the poster bed. She then took some lubricant, and told me she wanted me to be comfortable, and gently rubbed the lube all over my virgin hole, and even slide one finger in my tight ass. I gasped, and she told me to relax. She massaged my ass, and I could feel the tension begin to leave.

"The water is warm." she instructed.

She inserted a small tube, and after it was placed, she told me to slow breath. I could feel the water enter my bowels, and after a few minutes I felt as if I could take no more. She told me I had to lie there for some time in order for it to work. I didn't know if I could hold it, and she told me she could help. She went to the dresser and came back with a rubber plug, and told me this would help. She rubbed it well with lubricant and inserted it in my ass. Securing it in place, I knew the water would not be released, but the pressure seemed to build. She then asked me to lie on my back. I turned, and she began to stroke my clit. I told her I had to empty the water from my bowels, and she said I had no choice but to wait. It was necessary to hold it as long as possible. The intense pressure was building, but I now found myself focusing on Sally rubbing my clit. She stroked it in circles, and I wanted her to go on and on. It seemed as if the pressure in my bowels and the feeling of wanting to cum all merged into one feeling. Sally soon began to lick my pussy, sliding her tongue in and out of the waiting and wet slit. Her fingers probing, caressing. Sally was a lover who was always eager to please, and her mouth knew exactly what my pussy wanted. She continued until I could no longer hold off. I want to cum and to release the water all at the same time. The feeling was so fucking incredible. I moaned and moaned and asked Sally to take out the plug. She allowed me to climax, and then removed the plug. I ran to the toilet and emptied all the contents. Sally then had me return to the bed. She again said I had to repeat the procedure. Again she inserted the fluid, but this time, allowed the bag to completely empty into me. The pressure was absolutely intolerable and I felt as if I was going to cry. She again inserted the butt plug and told me I had to wait even longer this time. She told me to get on my knees, and when I did she began to fuck my already saturated pussy with her biggest dildo. While she fucked me, she rubbed my clit, and again I felt as if I could not control the built up pressure in my ass and pussy. She leaned in and whispered that soon my wanting ass would be begging for something this big to be in it. I could not imagine this at this point. Sally fucked me until I again came and begged her to stop. She knew how to get to me. I was then allowed to empty my bowels, and she then said I was clean. We retuned to the hot tub, and she washed my back. I was sitting with my back to her and she reached under me, and began to rub the crack of my ass. Slowly, as if she was the master of some game.

"You know you like this. Admit it."

I had to. She knew exactly what made me feel good. She then began to push her finger in my ass, and I felt myself lean forward to help in making room. Rub your clit for me she asked. I complied and began to run my aching, and very hard clit. Sally often would have me masturbate for her pleasure, and I always complied. I could feel myself again begin to climax, and Sally knew I was close. She then instructed me to get out of the tub, and I did. We went back to the bedroom, although this time she asked that I get on my knees on chair, and lie forward on the bed. I did as she asked as if she had total control over me. She then tied my legs securely to the seat of the chair, and tied each of my hands out straight to the opposite poster on the bed. I felt a bit frightened at first, but she continually reassured me, and I soon felt as if I was under a spell. She began my massaging my ass, kneading it. Slowly at first, but then aggressively. She had warmed some oil, and I could smell the almond scent. She poured it over my ass, and separated my cheeks. I could feel the warmth run down towards my ass.

"What is important," she said, "is to start out slowly at first. Trusts is also important. You do trust me, right?"

"Of course I do."

Sally never hesitated from the beginning of our relationship to take the lead when we were together. I often wondered if Sally had more experience before we met, and just led me to believe she did not.

Sally knew that I was becoming uncomfortable in the chair, and began to talk to me in a more soothing voice. This was one of the things I liked most about Sally; her ability to take control of the situation in an almost motherly way making me always to feel more at ease. Yet at the same time, Sally always demonstrated the coolness of being the more dominant, almost master-like person in the relationship. This was confusing to me at times. Was Sally more of a mothering type or more of an aggressive player, in which I was the slave and Sally the master? I always felt safe, but at times I had to admit, I was almost at guard.

"Take some nice deep breaths."

Sally made sure that the silk scarves were tight enough to keep my arms out straight. The rope around my legs secured me to the chair, and the pillows under me insured Sally my rump was elevated high enough for Sally's complete inspection.

"I'm going to massage your lower back with some warm oil. Just like you like, remember?"

I loved the feel and the smell of the almond oil Sally brought to our lovemaking. It was soothing, and added to the experience. My husband and I never did anything like this. I had to admit, compared to what I shared with Sally, my sexual life at home was pretty dull. I never felt ignored by my husband, but I always felt there was something missing. Sally always added something. Sally had warmed the oil, and began massaging her lower back.

"Feels good huh?"

"Mmmm yes."

Sally wanted me to feel as relaxed as possible, keeping in mind she wanted to pleasure my virginal ass.

"Keeping relaxed is the key."

Sally dumped the oil between the crack of my rump, and I could feel the warmth run down between my legs. Sally began to rub the area between my rump, and I could feel myself tense a bit.

"You will love this, I promise."

Sally then began rubbing her finger around my very tight bud, and as she continued I could feel myself relax, as well as becoming once again excited. Sally's fingers traced my slit, and I could feel my wetness increase as she did. Her fingers probed my hot pussy, while her other hand continued to rub my tight virginal hole. Slowly she began to insert fingers, and immediately I could feel myself tense a bit. In a soothing voice, Sally told me to relax.

"I bet this will feel good."

Sally began to lick and caress my hole with her tongue. Moaning, I told Sally I liked it, and not to stop. Sally's skillful tongue probed, and sucked, and licked, until she could feel my hole relax around her tongue.

"Oh God, that is so hot," she said.

"Your hot," said Sally.

As I relaxed under Sally's spell, Sally began increase her pace with one finger.

"I think you are ready for the next step."

Taking a small vibrator, she inserted in my ass, and began to slowly fuck my hole.

"That's it baby. One step at a time till you'll want more."

My rump was so pink, and being elevated with all parts quite visible, made Sally all the more excited about being in control.

"I hope you don't mind being tied. I think it will add to the experience for you."

Massaging my clit, and probing my hot wet slit, made me want to cum so bad, but every time Sally thought I was close, she slowed to hold me off.

"Time for more oil."

As Sally added more oil, she also removed the vibrator.

"I want it back. Oh please."

Sally bit my rump and told me to be patient. Sally then took a larger vibrator and began to fuck me once again.

"This is one of my favorite toys."

"I'm so hot Sally."

"I know Baby, I know."

Sally then added a dildo to my hot pussy, and began to fuck me, slowly.

"Oh baby, I'm going to make you cum for me. I want you to beg for it baby."

Sally continued to fuck my pussy and ass in a similar rhythm, making me want to explode. I couldn't imagine what Sally had in mind for the grand finale. Sally stopped and removed both toys from my ass and pussy.

"Time to stop for a bit."

Sally then got on the bed, and sitting between my tied and opened arms, Sally sat with her pussy inches from my face.

"I'm so hot baby. Time for me to pleasure myself a bit."

Sally began to stroke her very throbbing and hot clit, making me watch. I could actually feel my clit throbbing, and I wanted to lick Sally's slit so bad. "Please move closer."

"Not yet hon."

Sally then took the vibrator and moved it in and out of her soaked pussy, and teased me into watching. Sally was definitely hot, but this was too much for me to watch. Sally took the oil and rubbed on her tight ass, and then took a dildo and placed in her ass. She began fucking herself, and seemed to forget I was there. It wasn't long before I watched Sally explode right before me. I felt as I was going to explode. My arms attempted to loosen the ties, but to no avail. I had to wait. Sally seemed to cum and cum in a multitude of times.

"Ohhhh baby, wait till you feel how good that feels."

Sally then got off the bed and went to the closet. Pulling out a box she had stored in the closet, she took out a huge black strap on. The thickness was an impressive sight, as was the 10" length.

"This is all for you."

I thought I would faint, and I was suddenly afraid, despite the need to cum.

"It's too big. I can't."

Sally seemed to be mesmerized on the huge cock she held in her hand, and I wasn't sure despite my excitement if I could go through with it.

"I keep this for special times, and this is special."

I told Sally I wasn't sure, and she came to me and began rubbing the huge rubber cock between the crack of my ass reassuring me in her most soothing voice.

"Oh baby, you can. I'll show you how."

She laid the cock on the bed right next to me, so that it now seemed even larger. Once again her tongue began to flick my once again tight hole. Her tongue darting in and out, and over it with huge lapping movements. Sally had me again under spell. Her fingers began to probe me, one at a time, adding one at a time, until she had several pumping me. She reached for the cock and I could imagine her strapping it on. She grabbed the bottle of oil and once again poured it over my ass. She reached under me, and adjusted the pillows and I felt as if my ass could not go any higher.

"Oh god I love your ass, " she moaned.

She began to rub my slit again, and before long had the biggest of several dildos pumping my pussy. I could feel the warm oil and my juices running down my thighs. I was close to cumming, and Sally knew. She placed the huge head of the cock against my hole, and I could feel a small jab, as the head popped the rim. Initially, there was a small pain, but as she continued to pump my pussy with the dildo, I wanted her to push the cock deeper in my ass.

"More." was all I could moan.

Sally then told me to beg for it.

"Baby, you want it, you have to tell me."

The cock then backed out, and my hole was left empty. I hated being teased, and this was the worst Sally had ever put me through.

"Sally, please, Oh please."

"What is it you want hon?"

"I want that cock in my ass. Fuck me hard Sal."

Again the head popped through the rim, and this time she moved it in further. "How's this?"

"Oh yeah."

Again she pulled it out, and by now I couldn't stand it. I begged her to fuck me hard and long, almost screaming. I could not get enough of the huge cock. Finally after begging for what seemed like an eternity, Sally began to fuck my ass hard. She continued to pump my pussy, and with the two cocks pumping, and I exploded in a multitude of wild orgasms. I finally had to beg her to stop. Sally too, exploded. She collapsed on my back, and we shared the afterglow together. I no longer had a virgin ass.

Sally then got up and said, "Now it's my turn."

I could not imagine she wanted more. I had never seen her like this. She again went to her toy box and pulled out a big red rubber cock she called "Big Red." The cock was 3 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. I felt like she would tear me in half. I began to shudder.

Sally looked at me, and said, "This is mine hon. Not yours."

She untied my hands and legs, and assisted me with strapping the device on.

"Now it's my turn hon."

Sally got on her back, and pulled her legs up.

"Lick me hon." I had never done this, but was slightly intoxicated at the thought. It took me no time to get into licking and sucking at her hole. She was so relaxed.

"Get the lube hon."

Taking the tune out of the drawer she instructed me to cover her hole and the red cock.

"I'm so ready baby."

I placed the head at her hole and began slowly to penetrate it. Sally pulled me into her, and with one fast thrust, I had entered her.

"Pump me hon."

I fucked Sally hard and fast, and within minutes she exploded. The pleasure I felt in fucking her ass was unbelievable. I wanted to go on and on. I finally understood how Sally felt being in control. I removed the cock after a bit, and soon collapsed into Sally.

"I told you it would be good. Besides, what are friends for?" she asked with a smile.

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