tagInterracial LoveWhat Are Friends For? Ch. 02

What Are Friends For? Ch. 02


First allow me to apologize for the delay in submitting this chapter – it has been years. Second, thanks to those of you who encouraged me to finish the story, for your kindness. Lastly, thanks to Mister MIFWIC, my editor and muse.


She awakened to the sound of someone pounding on the door and stumbled out of bed toward the noise. Not taking a second to consider she was in a hotel, it was the middle of the night or what she was wearing she moved forward on auto pilot.

"Jesus, I'm coming." she muttered opening the door in such haste she forgot to even look through the peep hole.

There stood Logan, in low riding running pants, no shirt no shoes, muscles rippling and golden skin every where she looked. She could smell that fragrance that surrounded him and felt her body flush with heat as she looked at him leaning into the door frame with both forearms leaning on the jam. He looked a little confused, as if even he could not recall how he had arrived at her hotel door in the wee hours of the morning.

"Logan, really?" she snapped, trying to control the situation, like the little boss she had tried to become in their relationship. It was less believable that she was in charge of anything as she quickly moved back since he was already walking towards her into the room.

"um, look I understand, things took an off turn tonight, but that is no reason for this behavior" she stated, rather primly, trying to find her confidence and assert some control, though she was continuing to back away from him as deliberately as he was approaching her.

His eyes drank her in as he slowly perused her from the wild, silky curls at the top of her head all the way to the surprisingly hot pink tips of her adorable toes. In that instant he saw her clearly, how tightly wound she was with desire, excitement and fear. He hated to scare her but there was no other way, her smart little mouth had finally written a check her gorgeous, round ass was absolutely going to cash.

"Stop talking and take off your pajamas, Isa" he said quietly as he undid the tie of his pants and casually pulled them down

"Listen, Logan, wwwwe both had a lot to drink" she whispered,stammering and backing up until the backs of her knees hit the side of the bed. "We can't let a momentary blip and alcohol, ruin our friendship" she gasped out as his rock hard dick popped out of his pants and slapped against his tight abdomen.

He stalked toward her his eyes continuing to take in the Hello Kitty tank top and thong she had stumbled to the door wearing. Any thought he had of trying to take this a little slower evaporated as he calmly watched her puffy nipples turn pebbly hard as her eyes widened at the sight of his erection. She was almost panting, little gasps of air coming out of her soft, full, lips as she stared at the implement of her demise.

Because there was no doubt he was going to tear her pussy up tonight. He was going to make his sweet, hot, little Isa sing tonight and destroy her for any other man in the world. She said she wanted to get laid, well she was going to get fucked tonight good and proper and he would make her realize that he was the only man for her.

He reached out to slip his big hand around her tiny waist and as she twisted away she fell hard onto the bed. Her body flailing as her arms and legs gaped wide before she could get her balance. In one continuous motion he slipped his knee between her open legs as she attempted to pull herself up and slid her onto her back as his large, rough hands gently pushed her down flat on her back and he slid his hands behind her shoulders, down her back to those two firm, round golden globes that robbed him of sleep almost ever night since they had met three years ago. The feel of her ass in his palms made his dick twitch almost painfully, and he groaned as he ground his hard erection into the warm, moist, softness between her legs as she moaned and twisted her head from side to side.

He could smell her soft, feminine scent all around him and was losing the battle to seduce her with passion and dominance as he felt her all over him, finally. He struggled to keep from ejaculating but could feel that ache in his balls as she moaned, moving and thrusting her curvy, warm little body into his.

Fuck, she was driving him insane, she had to feel the taunt hardness of his cock as he rubbed it between her legs as surely as he felt every centimeter of her wet pussy against him. She looked as if she might say something and knowing her the way he did it would totally ruin the moment so he slid one hand up to grip her soft, chocolate curls and before she could utter one word, he snatched her hair back and slammed his mouth over hers at the same moment he pushed her legs wide with his knees and the tip of his thick, rigid dick slid into her hot, slippery folds.

He bit down on his bottom lip and pushed into her warm, extremely tight, soaking wet little pussy and as he felt the resistance from her tight walls on all sides of his cock. He couldn't get enough of the taste of her soft warm mouth as he drove his tongue inside and slammed his dick into her hard.

God damn her pussy clamped down on him like a fist, and he heard her moan his name as her hands gripped his waist, pushing and pulling at the same time. The skin on her face looked translucent, golden, damp, wisps of hair curling along her forehead and cheeks. He could smell that sweet, intoxicating essence of her and it made him want to slam her legs up on his shoulders so he could bury his mouth in her pussy and taste her all over again. He tried to pull out slowly but his body was in overdrive and he rammed back into her softness quickly and before he realized what was happening his body started to shake, hairs standing out on his arms, neck and legs as sweat exploded out of his pores in a hot burst as his aching balls started twitching and he exploded inside of her in a violent eruption that seemed to go on forever. "FUUUUUCK" he groaned, shaking up against her neck and shoulder, trembling like a little bitch. He could not believe what had just happened.

He was mortified, this had NEVER happened to him before, premature ejaculation. How fucking disgusting, but damn did she feel like hot, wet, silk against him. He could still feel the walls of her tight pussy gripping and releasing him as she fought to finish and feel the release his body had denied her. It still boggled his mind how could he have allowed this to happen? He was the one who fucked for hours. He was the one most women could not handle not only because of his size but mainly because of how long it took him to cum. And this friggin ice maiden had made him damn near cum in his pants. He wanted to slide away and lick his wounds in private, he had to get out of there before she looked at him with those large green, golden pools of truth detection and realized that she held him in the palm of her tiny little hand. He could not face her so he did what any red, blooded male would do, he got up without saying a word, slipped on his pants and walked out the door.

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now this makes more sense. is this based on some real-world experience? sounds real.

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