tagLoving WivesWhat Baby Wants, Baby Gets

What Baby Wants, Baby Gets


He couldn't believe what he was seeing but there was no disputing the truth.

Right there -- in the middle of their marriage bed lay a naked black man sporting a huge erection. Which would be bad enough in itself, but the fact that his equally naked loving wife of five years was sitting next to the guy stroking that huge cock of his made things a helluvalot worse.

She looked up and noticed him standing in the doorway.

"Oh hi honey," she greeted him smiling. "Great to see you. And you're just in time too."

"Diane? What the FUCK is this?"

"You mean, who the fuck? Well this is Trey."

The man in the bed nodded lazily, "Yo."

"And Trey, this is my husband Burt..."

"I don't give a flying fuck who the asshole is Diane. I wanna know what the hell he's doing in our goddamned bed!"

"I'll get to that in a moment honey. But first..."

Diane snapped her fingers and Burt felt a strong hand on each shoulder.

"Ok guys. You know what to do," she commanded.

Burt was lead politely but firmly to the far corner of the bedroom by two NFL-sized guys in rent-a-cop uniforms and forced down on a chair. This didn't exactly help his mood and never a man to suffer in silence he let his feelings be known loudly.

"Burt honey. Please bear with me. I will explain in a second. And yelling at the men is pointless, cause they are under orders. I'm the one who has organized everything so if you need to cast blame on somebody, blame me."


"Burt! Calm down or I'll have you tasered till you do."

Burt noticed that both gorillas carried Tasers in their belts and shut up. Revenge would come later. Oh yeah! Revenge would come.

"Thanks honey." Diane said. "I need you to pay attention cause today you have an important decision to make. In fact, it's probably the most important decision of your entire life. So for your own sake please stay as calm and as focused as possible. I know you're angry, but you will have to postpone the raging. Please."

"I'll do my best," Burt growled. "But you'd better realize that you're in serious shit Diane. Regardless of what you have planned, we're most likely heading for a court of law based on what has just happened here."

Diane smiled.

"And what exactly HAS happened Burt?"

"Oh just minor stuff like detaining me against my will, discovering my wife in bed with a stranger, being threatened with a weapon..."

"I see nobody being detained around here," Diane remarked. "How about you guys?"

All three men shook their heads in unison. "Nobody's being detained here Mrs. Dewalt."

"See what I mean Burt? So would the police, so please cut the posturing and focus on the matter at hand."

"Which is?" Burt asked sourly.

"Kids," Diane replied.



"But we haven't got any kids."

"Exactly honey!"

"I still don't get it Diane. Please cut the Wheel Of Fortune bullshit and make your fucking point before I cut off that guys schlong and beat the crap out of you with it."

"As you wish honey. Remember before we got engaged? When we talked about our dreams, goals and ambitions? Usually after we had sex."

"Yeah," Burt answered still not sure where she was going.

"Your dream was travelling the world and making a career in business. Since you are currently on the fast track to a seat on the board of dads company and we have travelled extensively all over the world for the past four years, will you agree that I have accommodated your dreams to the best of my abilities?"

"Come on Diane! We were travelling together, as a couple. You had as much fun as I did."

"I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy myself honey. But I had another dream too. Do you remember what that was?"

"Erhm... well..."

"BURT! I can't believe you!" Diane said angrily. "Did you even listen to anything I said back then?"

"Well," Burt stammered. "We were having sex and I... fuck Diane! How the hell am I supposed remember every piece of pillow-talk we had half a decade ago?"

Diane sighed exasperated, "Men!"

"Ok honey. Please let me enlighten you then. I told you -- repeatedly, I might add - that my goal for the future is building a family. I won't end my life as an ageing socialite who never grew up. If you expected me to be content with partying my life away for dads money; boy did you marry the wrong billionaire heiress."

"But we have time Diane. Let's enjoy life while we are young. We can always settle down later."

"NO!" Diane barked angrily.

"YARRRRH!" Trey screamed. "MY BALLS! You just hammered your fist down on my fucking balls!"

"Oh sorry Trey. I didn't mean to do that." Diane excused flustered.

Burt smiled; served that asshole right!

"Anyway, I'm not prepared to wait any longer Burt. We have lived the jet set life for four years now and it's time to move on. I'm twenty-seven and I want four kids. That could take like five years, and I'm not gonna be an old mom."

"That's not your decision to make Diane. We need to discus it as a couple. Maybe I don't agree with your time table and you do need my help to make kids."

Diane smiled happily.

"This is where you are wrong honey. You can decide whether YOU want to have kids or not, but you have neither the right nor the power to decide for ME."

"I'm warning you Diane. If you try to have your gorillas force me or trick me I'll go get a vasectomy a.s.a.p. I'm serious. I won't be held hostage and dictated terms by my own wife in my own home!"

"I would never do that to you honey. The decision is yours to make. Yours alone, of your own free will. And you will make it today."

"Didn't you hear me? I will NOT accept an ultimatum from you!" Burt sneered.

"It's no ultimatum honey. More like an offer. Here is the deal: I am now off birth control and with assistance from our doctor I have graphed my hormones and temperature carefully. I know for sure that I entered my most fertile window of the month yesterday. This means that I'm highly likely to conceive if I have unprotected sex right now."

"You really planned this carefully, didn't you?" Burt grumped.

"You have no idea honey," Diane replied. "But what you need to know is, that I intend to become pregnant today - by you or by Trey here. Who will impregnate me however is all up to you. That's the decision you will have to make."

"WHAT?" Burt jumped so fast the two gorillas almost lost their grip.

"Have you fucking lost your mind Diane? You expect me to watch you fuck this asshole right in front of me?"

"Excellent! Now you're getting it," Diana said smiling. "We can finally move on to step two."

She straddled Trey's legs and began massaging his hard cock with both hands.

Burt was livid.

"Don't you dare Diane! Don't you fucking dare! I SWEAR I'll make you regret."

"Sorry honey, but this is for your own good and for mine as well."

With those words Diane rose up and moved forward so he tip of Trey's cock rested against her trimmed pussy. She moved the cock back and forth along the opening a few times.

"Here we go," she sighed with closed eyes.

"NOOOOO!" Burt screamed and fought like mad to get free.

"Yesss... uhhh..." Diane uttered and she slid down on Trey's massive pole.

She sat still for a few seconds with her eyes closed enjoying the feeling, seemingly oblivious to Burt going berserk on his chair. Then, with an effort of will, she pulled herself back to reality.

"Burt! Honey! Calm down. Getting hysterical wont help."

"You bitch! You fucking slut! You whore! You goddamned adulteress! You..."

"Suit yourself honey. Go on rambling, but the clock's ticking," she cautioned and began riding Trey's cock in a slow deliberate rhythm.

"What do you mean, the clocks ticking," Burt sneered. "What clock?"

"As you see I'm now fucking Trey and you can probably predict what's going to happen sooner or later. So you basically have from now and till he cums to decide whether or not you want to father my kids."

Burt was speechless with shock. Diane continued.

"You should know that they will only be his in a biological sense. He has been paid well to sign over all parental rights to me in advance. Besides he's married and got a few of his own already. This is purely a financial arrangement; semen for cash. I simply prefer this mode of insemination over a syringe in a clinic."

"You're PAYING that guy for sex?" Burt croaked, still in shock.

"No honey. I'm paying him to impregnate me. Though he's making a thousand extra for each five minute he can last while I ride him. I put that clause in the agreement in order to give you a little more time. Don't waste it though; I must warn you that he hasn't had sex for ten days and feels quite tense."

"But... but... but..."

"Of course you can always fuck me afterwards, but he cums very deep as you can tell from his size and sperm can remain fertile for two days inside the womb. If you allow Trey to inseminate me, chances are better than good that my baby will be his rather than yours. That's why you need to decide before he reaches orgasm. Once he starts cumming, you've pretty much lost your chance of fathering my first child."

Burt was aghast.

"I can't deal with this Diana. I simply can't! No fucking way! I'm SO divorcing your ass."

"That would make me very sad honey because I love you with all my heart and I know you will be an amazing dad. But if you don't want to build a family with me, we never really belonged together anyway."

"At least I've never broken our marriage vows, unlike some low-down slut I know," Burt remarked.

"You haven't honey? What about me telling you that I wanted kids of my own? You knew that when you proposed, yet you're reneging on the agreement now because it doesn't suit your party-going lifestyle. I may be breaking a promise to God right now, but you're breaking a promise to ME!"

"Don't you dare try justifying your cheating ways by turning things back on me Diane. You're fucking another guy with the explicit purpose of getting yourself knocked up! Do you know how sick that is? It's not even in the same BALLPARK, as far as I'm concerned. And on top of that the dude's black! EVERYBODY will know that you cheated on me simply by looking at the damned kids."

"Guess so. But they wont be your kids anyway honey; at best they'll be your step kids. If you permit Trey to father them you will neither be on the birth certificate nor will you be allowed to adopt them. They will be mine alone. If you want kids of your own, you have to man up and do the work yourself."

Trey groaned and Diane realized that she had increased her pace while talking to Burt. She slowed down a little.

"I think I'll take the divorce Diane. I wont be told what to do by you or anyone."

"Sorry to hear that honey, but it's your choice. I know you well and knew there was a risk that your silly pride would prevent you from seeing reason. So the paperwork is prepared already. According to the prenup you get twenty thousand for each year we've been married -- that's a hundred thousand - and I asked Mr. Eisenstein to add your car to the package. You love that car so much and I would never take it from you."

"What?" Burt blurted out. "The fucking bathroom of this mansion is worth more than that!"

"You signed the prenup dad made for us honey. You knew about this; even got your own copy. I didn't trick you."

Burt looked down at his two thousand dollar hand-made Italian shoes and glanced at his ten thousand dollar gold Rolex.

"Crap!" he muttered. "I can leave with a small one-time payment or I can stay and help raise that bastards kids. Either way I'm screwed."

"Uh oh! This was NOT part of the plan," Diane said with a somber expression.

"What? Did he cum?" Burt yelped.

"No but I think I'm... uhhh... going to," Diane replied.

"That's not the deal Mrs. Dewalt," Trey said desperately. "Please!"

"Sorry Trey, but... ohhh... it will have to be. I'll give you f... five thousand extra if you make it through... gnh... GAAAH!"

Burt was watching with wide eyes as Diane threw herself down on Trey with a hoarse scream and began shaking all over as the orgasm took hold of her.

Burt knew better than anybody what Trey was getting in that moment and he was jealous. The total abandon with which she made love was one of the qualities he loved by Diane. She wasn't like any of the other stupid rich socialites. Diana was... well... real. She would never laugh at a joke unless it was funny, she would never simulate an orgasm and she never took part in gossip.

"I love her," he realized. "Even without that goddamned prenup I could never leave her. I'd rather live in a trailer with Diane than in a castle without her."

He had never really thought much about it before, but he now realized the simple truth: He was madly in love with his wife.

And consequently he would do anything for her. And the idea of having a family actually sounded quite attractive, now that he thought about it.


Diane sat back up, still shaking in post-orgasmic bliss, and resumed her slow riding.

"Oh wow! That was quite a bonus. Well done Trey."

Trey groaned and looked like somebody drinking vinegar.

"Mrs. Dewalt... I'm afraid... I wont be earning... the next... thou..."

"Trey!" Diane asked worriedly. "Are you cumming? Please no! Not now! Not inside me! OH NOO!"

"OH YES!" Trey roared and thrust his pelvis up against Diane's fertile womb, just as Burt came vaulting over the bed and tackled her like football player. He practically ripped his wife off Trey's pumping cock and landed with her on the floor next to the bed.

Burt heard Trey yell from the bed, "MY COCK! OW... OW... OW... SHIT!"

He rose slowly, dragging Diane with him and was surprised to notice that the two gorillas were gone. Trey was getting up from the bed as well.

"Are you hurt Trey?" Diane asked worried.

"Did I rip that fucking thing off?" Burt asked hopefully.

"Naah, nothing serious," Trey answered while pulling on his pants. "If I'm wrong, I'll be adding medical costs to the bill of course."

"Of course," Diane said and smiled. "Tell LaShondra hi from me and give her my thanks for the rental."

"Yeah I'm a regular rent-a-cock," he said and laughed. "Maybe I should work for fucking Avis. Anyway, be blowing this joint. Have fun ya guys."

He paused by the door and nodded to Burt.

"You have one hell of a woman there dude. If I were you I'd man the fuck up and get the work done. Just saying."


There was an awkward silence in the bedroom now that they were finally alone.

It was broken by Diane.

"That was quite an action stunt honey. I take it you've made a decision then?"

"Yes," Burt growled and grabbed a fistful of her hair. He guided her forcefully to the bed and threw her on it. Then he undressed, got on top of her and pinned her arms.

"You are MY wife and your pussy is MINE! You just gave it to another man without my permission."

"Yes I did," Diane admitted.

"Furthermore you have plotted and schemed behind my back for weeks in order to create an ultimatum for me, with no way out."

"Yes I did that too."

"Answer my this - and you'd better be totally honest: Are you pregnant with Trey's kid Diane?"

"No," she said with absolute certainty. "Your Jackie Chan act was just in time."

"Which doesn't change the fact that you were fully prepared to let another man impregnate you and have his child."

"I wasn't really," Diane smiled. "I always knew you would save me. That's what knights in shining armor do after all."

"What if I had been one second slower?"

"But you weren't honey. I trusted you completely, as I always have."

"Like with the prenup?" he asked.

"That was entirely dad's doing. But one day I will be the one running the estate and as the first order of business we will rip that nasty piece of paper into a million pieces and burn them! I never cared about the money anyway, and if you should decide to leave me I would be happy to give you half of everything."

Burt was losing ground fast. How the hell do you stay mad at a woman who keeps saying all the right things? But she had still fucked another dude in front of him! He wasn't quite ready to forgive her THAT stunt yet.

"Are you my woman to do with as I see fit?"

"Yes honey. Now and forever," Diane said and put her hands behind her back in a handcuff position.

"So tell me my dear wife; what kind of punishment do you deserve for betraying me, stabbing me in the back and pretty much shitting all over every single marriage vow you made?"

She swallowed nervously.

"Anything you see fit honey. I will gladly accept any kind of punishment that will keep you from leaving me."

"Leaving you?" he asked with mock indignation. "Are you crazy? I can't just leave the mother of my kids!"

"Good because I couldn't live w... eh what? WHAT? OH MY GOD!"

Diane suddenly realized the implication of Burt's reply and went wild with joy. She wriggled her hands free and pulled him down on top of her. Almost before he knew what was happening, his cock was buried to the hilt in the pussy of his loving wife, pounding away, working on creating the first new member of his family.


Diane and Marie relaxed next to the pool after a refreshing swim. Swimming is one of the best exercises for pregnant women because of the way the water ads buoyancy to the body and helps relieve the various pains and fatigues caused by the extra bulk.

And Diane most definitely looked pregnant these days, as did her friend who listened with fascination to Diane's tale about her daring plan to redefine her marriage.

"And he seriously pulled you off Trey's cock with a flying tackle?" Marie asked incredulously.

"You bet," Diane giggled. "Cost me a hefty bonus to Trey and LaShondra for the week of extreme soreness in his cock afterwards, but the experience of watching Burt leap at me like a tiger was well worth it."

Marie laughed.

"And he was just in time," she added.

"Actually no." Diane grew somber. "He was way too late. Trey was almost done cumming when he pulled me off."

"Uh oh, " Marie injected.

"Yeah I decided to keep that little fact a secret. Trey came so deep inside me you couldn't tell, and by the time his cum leaked out, Burt and I were in the middle of the fuck-session of the century. He probably just figured that all the extra sticky stuff came from himself or me."

"I see. And I suppose you also forgot to enlighten him about the fact that Trey had the snip years ago and is completely sterile?"

"Yep that kinda slipped my mind too..." Diane replied with a sly grin.

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