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What I Want


I see you standing before me. Your head bowed, hands behind your back, clasped together. You followed my instructions exactly. I knew you would, not that you had much of a choice. You learned long ago not to disobey me. You have on the exact boots I told you to wear. Black, mid-calf leather boots with a high heel that comes down to a sharp point. These boots change your posture, forcing your perfectly formed arse to become more prominent, your lower back curved in slightly, accenting your behind. You have on the black stockings I told you to wear, the ones that match the lacy, black French knickers that you wear so well.

I know you're conscious of your small tits, which is why I wanted you topless. I want you to feel uncomfortable and on edge. Your B-cup tits are perfect in every way. They respond to my slightest touch and react exactly how I want to the pleasure and pain I want you to feel. The first time you stood before me topless, you tried to cover your breasts with your arms and were punished for it. Not because of covering up, but because I hadn't told you to. For that I tied your arms above your head and had you stand in the window so everyone could see your breasts.

I could just stand and stare at your perfect form for hours. The curve of your hips, your tiny waist, your perfect breasts, your elegant neck, every part of you is incredibly beautiful. I step toward you and see your every muscle tense up. Good. I want you to be tense and ill at ease. I reach out with my walking cane, the tip of it settling under your chin. I raise your head using my cane so that I can see your face. Your piercing, pale blue eyes are remarkable. Your cheekbones sit high, but not too proud, your face framed by your golden hair, which you have tied back as I instructed.

Our eyes meet before you quickly look down at your boots again. You fear me, and you enjoy that fear. I walk to you so we are inches apart and still you don't look up. I reach into my pocket and bring out a steel collar with a padlock attached.

"It's time for you to be reminded." I say, in hushed tones. Not that there is anyone else around that could hear of course. This room was the wine cellar of this building, now it is something a little different. The brickwork remains, the exposed beams, the concrete floor, but now there are metal hooks attached to the walls, floor and ceiling along with some scaffolding sections made up into odd shapes tucked away in the corner.

I snap the collar shut around your neck and close the padlock on the latch. The collar has two hooks on it, one at the front, the other at the back. I grab the front hook and start to pull you along as I walk to a corner of the room. Once I have you where I want, I produce a 4inch long chain with clips on either end from my jacket pocket. I attach one end to the front hook on your collar, then roughly pull you down to the ground by it and attach the other end to a steel ring set into the floor.

Your face is pressed up against the cold concrete ground whilst your on your knees, your position making your arse stick up into the air. You can't move your head or neck because of the short chain, I can see you straining to get comfortable, which we both know won't happen. I see you looking at my feet, eyeing my boots and wondering what will happen next.

I walk around behind you to admire your arse as it's presented to me. You can no longer see me because of your head being restrained the way it is, but you can hear me. I tap my cane on the floor once every few seconds. I can see you flinch with every sound. I run the tip of the cane up the back of your thighs causing you whole body to go rigid for an instant. I run the cane across your arse cheeks , left to right. Without warning I raise the cane and strike you across the back of your thighs.

The scream that comes from you is primal in every way. It is exactly what I want and everything you crave. You need punishment like this. Your body needs it and your mind wants it. This is why you are here, to be owned and punished by me, because you have to have it.

I strike you across the backs of your legs again, multiple times until your screams merge into each other. Just one continuous sound of agony and ecstasy. I can see the red welts on your thighs raising up, standing out against your pale skin. I bring one final hit across your arse cheeks, making your back arch up. Your breathing is quick, your heart racing. I run the cane over the fabric of your panties before I tell you to remove them.

You struggle to get you arms to reach back, then start to slide them down over the glaring red marks on your legs, stopping at your knees. I can see your panties are wet from your pussy, I'd expect nothing less from you. I run my cane up your inner thigh and then up your pussy lips and when I raise it up I can see wetness on the very tip. I tell you to spread your knees and place your hands on the floor between your hands, palms facing up, and you do so without hesitation.

You can hear me take a few steps away and open a cupboard on the wall behind you and then close the door again. I place a dildos in each or your hands, nothing overly mad, just something to get you started, simple 6 inch black latex, not too thick either. I explain that I want you to put on a show for me. I want you to use both toys on yourself, one in each hole and I expect them to be used in their entirety. You raise the one in your left palm to your pussy and start to slide it's tip over your pussy lips, getting it gradually slick enough to slide inside you.

Once you have that dildo working gently in and out of your pussy, you remove it and raise it up to your arsehole, although it's an awkward angle, you line it up and start to apply pressure to your tight hole, hoping your pussy wetness will ease it's entry. Your other hand slides the second dildo into your already wet pussy, it slides in effortlessly. Once it is fully inside you, you go back to concentrating your efforts on your arsehole. I can see you straining to push it inside, your tight hole resisting the intrusion. Gradually you apply more pressure until the muscle talents and the head of the dildo glides inside you.

I can see your body relax from the effort, taking a moment of relaxation to enjoy the sensation of fullness, a pair of dildos inside you. I tap my cane on the floor, rousing you from your moment of exhilaration. In no time, your hands start to work the dildos in and out of your holes, slowly at first, gradually picking up the pace as your body responds. Before long I hear you start to moan with pleasure. Your hands working over your holes feverishly. You know you aren't allowed to cum without permission, but that doesn't stop you getting as close as you can.

I crouch down beside you, close enough for you to hear me as you continue to fuck yourself.

"We're going to discuss your situation here. I'm going to tell you what is going to happen from now on. If you agree, you will stop fucking yourself with those dildos. If you disagree with what I am telling you, you are to fuck yourself as hard and fast as you can to show your disagreement. Is this all understood?" I ask.

Sure enough, you stop pleasuring yourself.

"You will not leave this building today, you will stay here with me as my personal fuck toy for the foreseeable future, until I either break you or grow bored of you. Is that understood?" I ask.

You hesitate at first, then I see you start to see your hands start to work the toys inside of yourself, slowly as if you're unsure. Good. I know you value your life outside of this room, but that is now over, you are my property.

"You will be used and abused as I see fit. You will do what I say, when I say. You will be ready for me to fuck however and whenever I want. Do you understand?"

Your hands start to work faster in disagreement, you try to stifle your moans of pleasure. This is exactly what I wanted.

"You don't exist anymore, except as my property. Your body is mine. You will wake me every morning by sucking my dick until I cum in your mouth, which you will swallow. You will then join me in the shower to wash me and for me to fuck you."

You moan louder as I explain all of this, you fuck your pussy and arse harder, showing your disagreement.

"Your perfect arse will be available to fuck at all times. You will have a plug that is to be worn at all times, to train your arsehole to be ready at all times. If I click my fingers, you will stop what you are doing, drop to your knees, remove the plug and present your arsehole to me, ready to be fucked. Do you understand."

You start to fuck your arse harder and faster at this, I know how much you enjoy anal.

"If you disobey any order I give you, you will be punished. You will be chained up and whipped. You will be publicly humiliated. You will be given out to my associates for their amusement."

Your hands are a blur now, fucking your pussy and arse as hard and fast as you can.

"This whole time and everything I've told you, you've been fucking yourself to an orgasm. You want all of this. You want to be used. You want to be mine. You didn't care about anything I said, you just wanted to put on a show for your owner. To prove you are my property, I'll mark you as mine, I'm going to piss on you while you fuck yourself. If you don't want me to, just say the word now."

Your moans become screams as you try not to cum. You look up to me just as the first stream of piss hits your face. At that moment, it tips you over the edge, your body convulses as you cum, your hands fall away and dildos hit the floor. You don't even register anything going on around you, the stream of warm piss marking you as mine, the sounds you are making, the almost animalistic noises, you're just lost in your own moment.

I leave you there chained to the floor, your well fucked holes on display. As I leave, I look back as your orgasm subsides.

"Well done. You've just proved to me how depraved you are. Being pissed on made you cum after you'd fucked yourself while being told you are now property. Me and you are going to have some fun. Starting tomorrow morning when you wake me up."

I throw you the key to the collar and a plug for your arse before leaving you there.

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by Anonymous

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by themightyhood05/13/18

Thank you

Puuuurfect_kitten I will attempt to write some more just for you after your lovely words. Glad I could be of service 😉

And to the anonymous poster, thank you also for your feedback. I’ll have a thinkmore...

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by Anonymous05/13/18

fairly good

Not turned on about pissing, that is just me. how do you place your hands in-between your hands. Not once but twice. Logisticly it would seem rather difficult. Also are you going to sleep on the concretemore...

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Mmm this made me so wet, I can't wait to see if anything else comes from this. Keep you the good work 😘

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