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The Easy Fuckslut


The Easy Fuckslut

by NiteWriter

This is a story about my first meeting with Nicolle. After being online friends for months we finally met. Nicolle shows me that all the dirty things that she told me she loves to do are really true. And I don't even have to ask. She's that easy.

* * * *

Nicolle walked into the room. She was a sight to behold, just as I had seen in so many of her pictures. But in person she was even more beautiful.

I knew what she expected for this weekend and I had every intention of giving her that and more. She enjoyed being a slut, a whore, a cheap disgusting cunt. That's what she was. Every online chat we ever had, Nicolle told me how much she loved being that way. Meeting any other girl I would certainly take some time and slowly build the sexual heat between us. But with Nicolle, she craved the feeling of being treated like a worthless slut. At least that's what we had always talked about.

She wore this short tight black skirt that hugged her thighs showing off every curve of her gorgeous body. Her legs were smooth, soft and silky with a look that cried out to be caressed and felt up. On top she wore a tight fitting see through mesh type blouse that you could easily see her black frilly bra underneath. Instantly I craved to see her incredible nipples that I'd seen so many times in her photos.

I didn't say a word at first. I just looked at her standing there. I walked over and as I stood in front of her I grazed my hand over her face feeling the soft skin of her cheeks. I don't know what she was expecting to hear me say first, but I wanted her to know that she was here to please me and that's all. Everything she ever wrote had me convinced that she was a girl that enjoyed pleasing men and wanted men to use her just for that purpose.

I looked into her eyes. "I like the way you dressed for me, Nicolle... SLUT!!!..." I patted her on the cheek as she heard me say the name she adored so much..."SLUT!!!" "Are you going to just stand there or are you going to show me what kind of whore you really are?"

"Oh fuck, yes Master," she sighed out smiling.

Instantly she was on her knees in front of me feeling my crotch through my pants. My cock was already growing.

"Looks like it doesn't take much to get you on your knees, does it," I remarked? Nicolle pushed her face between my legs mouthing my cock through my trousers. She looked up at one point with begging eyes. "I need your cock Master." "Please..."

I grabbed her hair pulling her head while grinding my groin in her face. "That's it you nasty little whore." "Use that mouth." She was trying to suck my cock through my pants.

"Fuck... you really are a cheap easy fuckslut aren't you?"

I grabbed her by the arm to pull her up to me. Then I kissed her hard tasting those incredible lips. "I guarantee you'll remember this weekend you cheap little whore." Every comment I was making to her was to find out if she was really everything she had been writing to me about. Was she really a cheap easy fuckslut willing to do anything?

When our lips parted Nicolle quickly asked before I started anything else, "Master.. it was long flight... I have to go." "Where's bathroom?"

The suite I had for the weekend was exceptional. The bathroom was large with a Jacuzzi tub as well. I led Nicolle to it. Inside the bathroom I pulled Nicolle's skirt up around her waist. I pretty much expected seeing no panties underneath. Then I ordered her, "in the Jacuzzi." "I want to watch my slut piss." She didn't question me whatsoever. She kicked her heels off and stepped into the tub. At the same time I dropped my trousers and underwear to the floor and pulled off my shirt. Nicolle looked back watching and smiling as she saw my hard cock for the first time.

I stepped into the Jacuzzi behind Nicolle and sat on the edge of the tub. "Go ahead," I commanded. "Let me see you bend over, spread those pretty cheeks and see your cunt pissing. She reached back with her hands spreading her asscheeks slightly as she squatted just a bit. She looked forward and took a deep breath relaxing herself. I was stroking my cock in anticipation of seeing this gorgeous creature piss right before my eyes. Suddenly, I could see the yellow fluid trickling from between the folds of her shaved pussy. Then it began squirting out of her cunt into the tub while some ran down her long delicious legs.

It was so arousing seeing this gorgeous young girl pissing, that I was jerking my cock harder. I quickly stood up right behind her. Some of her hot urine splashed on my cock and my thighs. I put one hand on her ass, which made her turn back to see what I was doing, and then with my other hand I guided my hard cock to her gushing cunt and shoved it right in. I started fucking her. Piss was squirting out all over around my cock as I buried it deep inside her hot soaked hole. She screamed out, "OH...FUCK ME!!!.... "FUCK ME!!!".... "YES...FUCK ME!!!".... She became instantly delirious craving my cock even though piss was still pouring out of her hot little fuckhole from around my hard shaft. "Oh YES!...," she cried out. "Give me that cock..." "FUCK! ME!... OH! FUCK ME!...."

I placed both hands on her hips and drove my cock in and out of her pissing cunt. I fucked her hard and deep while she urinated all over both of us. After about a minute I sensed that she finished emptying her bladder, so I immediately pulled out. "Suck it you dirty slut." "Clean that piss off me," I ordered.

Nicolle instantly fell to her knees in the Jacuzzi right in her own piss and grabbed my cock between her lips. She sucked her smelly urine from my hard shaft actually enjoying the taste. "Mmmm..." "Mmmm..." I love piss," she commented like a bitch in heat. Then she proceeded to swallow my cock whole. I grabbed her hair yanking it hard to pull her head fully into my groin. Then I fucked her throat until I knew I was ready to explode with a huge load of sperm. And that didn't take long. Just seeing her gorgeous face between my legs sucking my piss covered cock and taking it down her throat was enough to arouse me more than I've ever been before. I backed away a bit leaving the tip of my cock resting on her tongue. I began throbbing, shooting a massive load of cum into her mouth and onto her tongue. She knelt there taking it and waiting until I was done as her mouth filled with my thick white cream. Then she sucked the tip getting the last drop, closed her mouth and swallowed every bit of my hot creamy load.

When we finished in the bathroom I lead Nicolle to the bed. "Get on your knees," I instructed. Seeing Nicolle's gorgeous body kneeling like that with her ass in the air was making my cock hard again. I had to have a taste of her beautiful rear end. So I knelt behind her feeling her ass and spreading her cheeks open. I slowly began licking her, working my mouth deeper and deeper into her crack. "Do you like having your ass licked," I asked? "Do you like the feel of my wet tongue licking and tasting your asscrack. "Mmmmm," I can taste you...so nasty...so dirty.

Nicolle was moaning like crazy.

I began scouring her ass with my tongue. I placed my lips over her tight anal hole and sucked. I let my saliva coat her anus making it wet and slippery as I kept licking and letting more saliva run from my mouth into her crack. Then I tried to push my tongue into her ass. "Do you like that slut?" "Do you want my tongue inside your asshole?" I pushed harder.

With both hands I positioned my fingers either side of her tightly closed ass. I pulled. I started spreading her tiny hole open. I pulled harder. "Relax you dirty bitch." "Let me open you," I ordered.

I pulled even more and her anus began stretching open. I could see the beginning of a small opening as her ass spread for me. As I pulled more it got wider. "Oh Nicolle, you look so nasty," I commented. "That's it, open your dirty ass up to me."

I licked across her stretched asshole. It opened more. I let a big mouthful of my saliva drop right through her gaping hole into her ass. That looked so fuckin' hot. Again I spit into her ass and into her crack. "Can you feel that you fuckin' whore?" "Feel me spitting into your ass?"

Then again and again I drooled and spit saturating her hole and watching it dribble into her gaping anal chute. Her entire crack glistened from being soaked with my spit.

Then I knelt up, held my hard cock in my hand and shoved it right into her ass. I could feel how sloppy she was inside from all the wet juicy saliva. And it squished from her ass as I fucked her deeper and deeper. "Oh Nicolle, your asshole feels so good."

It wasn't long when I realized I couldn't take anymore. I was going to cum. I pulled out and quickly crawled up to her face. "Open your mouth slut." "Suck my cock." Without hesitating Nicolle's mouth opened and I shoved my slimy dirty cock into her mouth. I grabbed her head entangling my fingers in her hair and pulled her roughly into my groin. My hard slime covered cock slid right into her throat. It happened so quickly that I felt her gag around my cock. But I held her there anyway keeping my cock buried deep inside her tight throat. I couldn't help but feel so nasty making her take me like that.

"That's it Nicolle." "Swallow my cock." "Choke on it."

"You're such a nasty little thing." "Such a filthy whore." "A dirty anal slut." "You'll do anything won't you?"

She was sucking my dirty cock and was enjoying it.

"I'm gonna cum right in your filthy fuckin throat, you slut."

And I started cumming, spurting thick gobs of cum down her throat. I pulled back and shot more into her mouth making her gag again. "Swallow it bitch." "All of it." And I shoved my cock back down. I could feel her throat heaving around my cock as she choked on my throbbing spurting cock.

She spent the next ten minutes swallowing my sperm and cleaning the nasty tasting anal slime from my cock. She licked my balls sucking them into her mouth. Then she cleaned my crotch licking between my legs and returned to my cock again. She was determined to get every bit of her anal taste off me. Then she sat back licking her lips. "Oh fuck.. I love being a dirty whore."

I sat back resting for a moment looking at her. "Look at you Nicolle." "It's hard to believe anyone so pretty could be such a slut like you." "You really will do anything." "You're such a pretty young classy girl, but you're in a whore's body." I paused a moment and then continued.

"You have no respect for yourself, do you?" "You'll let any man have you, won't you?" Nicolle sat there listening to me. It looked like she was getting more aroused hearing all the degrading things I was saying about her.

"You're a worthless easy fuckslut." "All you want is to have a cock and get some cum."

Nicolle finally answered. "I want to be YOUR easy fuckslut." She started masturbating her cunt shoving her fingers in deep. "Treat me like the dirtiest whore you ever had." "Please!!" She was begging. She slumped down off the bed to the floor. "Piss all over me," she pleaded shoving her fingers deeper inside her cunt. "Make me drink it, swallow it, like no other slut would.

I got up and walked over to her amazing body sitting there leaned up against the bed. I stood right over her as she looked up. "You fuckin' little easy whore." "Open your mouth," bitch." "So you want my piss, huh?" "You'd better swallow every drop that goes in your mouth."

I held my cock aimed at her parted lips. The flow began streaming from my cock. At first my piss hit her in the face, but then I redirected it into her opened mouth. It filled in seconds. The hot yellow fluid formed a bubbly pool inside her mouth. Then she closed it only for a second to gulp and flush it down her throat. Her mouth opened again and she was ready for more. Seeing that made me want to just violate her like I've never done to any girl before. I put my pissing cock to her lips and pushed it inside. Then I grabbed her head to hold it in place and demanded, "drink it you filthy piss drinking whore." "All of it." "Drink from my cock."

She gulped and gulped, mouthful after mouthful, as my cock drained hot urine into her mouth. "That's it bitch." "Swallow it." "You whore." "Filthy pisswhore." "You're such an easy piss drinkin' cunt."

When I finished I pulled out and wiped my smelly cock all over her face. Then I sat on the bed and watched my dirty piss slut licking the taste from her lips.

For the rest of the weekend Nicolle let me do anything I wanted to her. Anything I asked her to do she did without ever hesitating once. She obeyed completely and did everything so willingly. I've been with quite a few girls and heard many stories of sluts and whores and everything they did. But what Nicolle was doing didn't even come close to any whore or any slut I ever knew or heard about. I even commented a number of times to Nicolle that she was an "easy fuckslut." I was even calling her that all weekend because that's what she was. She would do anything.

What surprised me the most was later that evening. I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet emptying out my bowels. I was just about done when Nicolle pushed the door open and crawled in on her hands and knees. "Are you done Master, she asked?"

"Yes I am," I answered. "Why?"

"Let your slut clean your ass," she asked in quite a pleading tone. The sound in her voice gave the impression she had done this before. And even more surprising was that she wanted to do it. She was asking for it. After everything else we had already done, I figured why not? Although it was surprising that a beautiful girl like Nicolle wanted to lick my ass after I had just taken a dump.

I stood up and turned around. I had no idea actually how dirty I might be back there. But Nicolle put her soft hands on my ass spreading it open and pushed her face to it. I could feel her licking and cleaning through my crack. Then her tongue went deeper and I could actually feel her playing with the dirty coating that was caked on my asshole. I looked over my shoulder to see, and when I did, she backed away to look at me. Her lips were covered with a brown slime. She licked them and cleaned them off while I watched. Even as she was acting this disgusting, she had this sexy voice saying,... "Thank you Master, for letting me clean your dirty ass." And then she returned to my anal hole to finish the job.

When we got into bed that night we were under the covers naked. As she lay there I began playing with her pussy. She was so wet. She moaned almost continually as I fingered her cunt. Eventually I was stuffing four fingers in as far as they would go and fucking her hard. She moaned even more. So then I twisted my whole hand against her wet pussy until I had it shoved completely into her cunt. She came almost immediately as hit bottom. Afterwards, I left my hand inside and as we lay there and I kept softly massaging the inside of her juicy fuckhole. She had three more orgasms during that next half-hour. When I pulled my hand out I was dripping with her cunt juice and cum. In the dark I wiped it over her face and I could feel her tongue licking, trying to taste herself on my hand. I whispered in her ear, "My God.. you're such a dirty slut Nicolle."

The next morning when I woke, I had a pretty full bladder. Nicolle was still asleep. I could see her pretty face in the sunlight that was shining through the window. Her desire to be so dirty just seemed to bring out the nastiest in me. I rolled over and crawled between her legs. She began to stir opening her eyes. In a groggy voice she responded, "Oh..., good morning Master." "Good morning slut," I replied. "Master needs your dirty cunt." And I spread her legs and stuffed my piss hard cock into her hole. Then I just relaxed lying on top of her with my face next to hers. In a sleepy voice she asked, "what are doing Master...?"

"You're a whore," I answered. "I'm going to piss in you, whore."

I no sooner finished saying it and my cock began emptying into her cunt. My hot stored up piss began flowing into Nicolle's hot little cunthole. She moaned, "Oh Master... Yes... Piss in me." "Give it to me." "I'm just a cunt that deserves to be pissed in."

In my half asleep state there were so many things flashing through my mind while my bladder emptied. She was such a dirty whore that I was thinking about what else I could do to her. She was such an easy slut. I wondered how many cocks she could handle, how many asses could she suck, how much filth could her body take?

Her pussy eventually filled and piss began spraying out all over the bed. I didn't really care. I just lay there urinating into her cunt until I was done. When I finally pulled out, piss was dribbling out from between her legs onto the already soaked sheets.

I got up and began getting dressed. Nicolle lay there playing with her pussy. Then she asked, "Master, what are we going to do today?"

"Don't worry Nicolle, I've got plenty in mind." "I know what my slut needs."



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