What is Going On?


This story is dedicated to Ms. Karen-Anne Brown and all the amazing Nifty transgender writers who wrote mind control stories back in the 90's. I grew up reading Nifty stories and always loved the mind control category so I felt compelled to try my hand at it. I hope I did all the great writers who have come before me a little justice. Please also check out my earlier story, "Tell Me About Your Day" with more chapters to come soon.


I am not really sure when it started, maybe about a month ago, that I was paying more and more attention to how women dressed. My job has a pretty casual dress code and we are given free reign to wear what we want so long as we are decent, and I would sit at lunch in the cafeteria and watch women walk by with their food.

I began noticing combinations and trends: miniskirts with leggings and open toed shoes, camisoles layered with cardigans, fancier dresses appearing more towards the end of the week.

It never really occurred to me where this impluse came from, I have maybe only stepped foot into a clothing store five times in my entire life and have been wearing the same ratty clothes since college.

The next sign was a Tuesday when I was in the bathroom about to do my business when I noticed my underwear did not have a fly in the front. In fact, I was not wearing boxers at all but a pair of cotton panties!

I quickly ducked into a stall, lowered my pants to discover that I was wearing a bright red pair of panties. They were shaped like men's briefs, but had no opening in the front and a big Victoria's Secret logo in the back.

Trying to think back to this morning when I got dressed, I remembered that I was in a hurry to get out the door for a meeting having overslept but could not recall any part of putting on clothes at all. I am only 25 so there is no chance I am coming down with Alzheimer's already, so I made a note to check my underwear drawer when I got home that night. I mean, I think I would remember replacing my boxers with panties but kept coming up a blank.

The next sign came a few days later when a female coworker complimented me on my jeans.

"Hey nice jeans Steve! I like the fit," she said with a wink. I was very confused and mumbled a quiet thank you before walking back to my desk. Sure enough, I was wearing a new pair of high-rise flare jeans that were tight around my ass.

I ran to the bathroom and pulled them off to see the Gap tag in the back learning that apparently I am a women's size 6. Once again I tried to recall either buying these jeans or putting them on this morning but I came up blank again.

At the same time I realized that I was wearing a nylon thong, meaning my panty choices were getting bolder, and that unknowingly I had been using the stall in the men's bathroom for the past week since I discovered myself wearing panties for the first time. I sat down on the toilet and tried really hard to think what I did when I got home that first day I found myself in panties but again I could not think of anything.

When I got back to my desk I called my roommate Sara. She was at home having been laid-off when the recession hit and answered right away.

"Hey Sara, the strangest things has been happening to me lately. Have I been acting odd at home at all?"

"No, not really Steve. Everything has been about the same as it always is," she replied.

"Do you remember what I did last Tuesday after work?"

"Yeah, we went out to the bar on the corner. You tried to hit on a girl and got shot down, then we came back and you watched some porn in your room."

"But I never watch porn!" I screamed, suddenly embarassed that I said it so loud at work.

"Yeah sure buddy, you keep saying that. I know what I heard coming from in there and I know you were all alone."

"All right, well we can talk about this when I get home I guess."

"Sure, see you then sister."

Her sign off should have been another tip, but as I was hanging up the phone the office mail guy came by my desk with a package for me. It was a large box from Forever 21 that I immediately opened and began rifling through.

It took me a few minutes to realize that the entire box was filled with women's clothing, dresses in particular, and that I was picking each one out to look at it with great joy. I slumped back in my chair and wondered what was happening to me.

I quickly packed up the clothes and shut the box tight. I tucked it under my arm and headed out to my car. It was a very tense drive home as I pulled my car off the freeway and into a parking spot outside my apartment building.

When I opened the door to my apartment I was shocked to find Sara on the couch on top of a guy. Our couch faced away from the door but I could see her as she was sitting in the guy's lap bouncing up and down. Her cell phone was still in her hand as she waved me inside.

"Sara, what is going on? Who is that?"

"Hey Steph, was not expecting you after you just called. I have been entertaining Brian here for a few hours."

"A few hours?!? Does this mean you were... um, entertaining him while we were on the phone?"

"Of course it does silly. Shut the door will you?"

I stepped out of the threshold of our door and sat down in an armchair next to the sofa. Sara turned her body so that she was facing forward, never once letting herself up out of Brian's lap and I assume off his cock, as she did. She was wearing a white sweater and red plaid skirt, nude stockings and black knee-high patent leather boots. I noticed her feet barely hit the floor as she bounced up and down on Brian's lap and spoke to me.

"What is going on Sara?"

"You already asked me that. This is what I do during the day while you are at work. Have to keep myself busy somehow."

"So are you going out with Brian? Why have you not introduced me?"

"You have met him before. In fact, you two have been very close."

"I am not sure what you are talking about."

"Yes you do, think about it."

I tried to think of any time I might have met Brian. I stared at his face, which was clenched tight with his eyes closed as Sara bounced in his lap. It took a minute and then it came to me.

"We met in the bar last Tuesday." I said as I started to recall flashes of the evening.

"Yes, go on."

"He came up and started talking to us. We were sitting at a table and he came and introduced himself, offered to buy us a drink."

"Now, does any part of that seem weird to you?" she asked. I tried to focus but for some reason I was having real trouble trying to remember what had happened that night.

"I cannot think of anything. What's so weird about that?" I asked.

"Why would a man like Brian here offer to buy you a drink if he did not know you?"

"I... that..." As soon as she said it I realized she was right, it did not make sense. Guys only buy drinks for their friends or girls they are trying to hit on. Girls like Sara. But if I was with Sara we would look like a couple more than anything, unless...

"You can remember, you have my permission."

Suddenly it came back to me, I was wearing a minidress. No bra, but a thong and stockings, five inch fuck me heels. My face was made up and I had a brown shoulder length wig with bangs. I could feel myself crossing my legs underneath the table flashing a bit of my shoes to Brian when he walked by. I could feel him coming back to the table with our drinks and taking a seat next to me. I remembered putting my hand on his after Sara gave her approval. The memories stopped there.

"Sara, what is going on?" My eyes began to water as I started bawling. I cannot remember the last time I cried before this point but it came so easily to me.

"That is three times you have asked me that. But you already know the answers. Now, you're home so why don't you get changed?"

I immediately got up and went into my room. I could tell right away that things had changed, I saw that there were dresses on hangers on the curtain rod by the window, including the bright pink one I was wearing on Tuesday at the bar. There were stockings hung up to dry next to the dresses and I saw a bright blue babydoll nightgown sitting at the foot of the bed.

Before I could realize what I was doing I took off all my clothes including the girl jeans and panties as I walked into my bathroom to wash my face. I noticed in the mirror that my entire body, including my crotch, was shaved.

Next I walked back out into my bedroom finding myself a bra and a pair of breast forms. How did I even know what breast forms were, let alone how to attach them with glue to my chest?

I opened my closet to find it was completely packed with dresses of all shapes and sizes. I flipped through a few options before pulling out a summer-ish tube dress that was white with pink flowers all across the front.

I pulled the dress on and walked over to my dresser where I pulled out a pair of nude pantyhose. Sitting back on the bed, I balled them up in my hands and started to pull them over one leg, noticing that my toenails were painted a light blue color as I did. I was amazed that I knew how to do this without making a run in the hose but my body kept moving without any control necessary from me.

The nylon felt wonderful over my skin and my cock began to harden as I did one leg and then the other. When I pulled the hose all the way up past my belly button it held my cock, which was now very hard, up against my chest.

I stood up as my dress fell back down around my hips and I walked to the closet where I found a pair of wedge sandals that I slipped onto my feet. As I walked back to the bathroom I wondered how I was able to walk in heels, and moreover why I was now walking with a bit of swagger in my hips, one foot in front of the other.

While I was applying my wig and started to do my makeup I began to suspect that Sara was behind all of this. It only made sense that way, I could not remember ever having any interest in crossdressing before; let alone being able to completely make myself up like a girl on my own.

After applying foundation, powder, blush and lipstick, curling my lashes and a couple of squirts of perfume on my neck, I walked back out to the living room of our apartment. Sara was facing the door again but still bouncing on Brian's cock. I was amazed that this was still going on but when I looked over at a clock I noticed only ten minutes had passed since I went in my bedroom to change.

Sara turned her head and looked at me over the shoulder.

"Okay Steph, I want you to come over and take Brian out of my pussy. I want you on your knees with his cock in your mouth, just like Tuesday night in the men's room."

I had a moment of shock as her words sunk into my head before I found myself bending until I was on my knees in front of the couch. I lifted up Sara's skirt and pulled at Brian's cock until it was out and pointing right at me. Sara shifted her weight so that I had a bit of room and without hesitation I took him in my mouth.

It was an odd sensation having a cock in my mouth, I ran my tongue all around the head paying special attention to the slit before pushing forward to take more of it into my mouth. I felt a bit of panic when it reached my throat and I started to feel my gag reflex trigger before my body calmed and it slid further down my throat.

I hit bottom as Brian's pubes were tickling my nose and Sara slid off his lap. She got down on the floor next to me and watched as I started backing off of Brian's cock until he was almost out and the head was on the tip of my tongue again.

I felt her hand on the back of my head as she pushed me back down on his cock again, my tongue sliding up the entire length. Once I had the entire thing she used her other hand to grab Brian's balls and massage them until he came down my throat.

I felt his cock pulse and warm as his cum traveled up to the tip, which I tried to get back in mouth so I could taste his cum. Luckily he seemed to cum a lot, probably building up from hours of fucking Sara beforehand and I still got a nice mouthful before he went soft.

As soon as he slipped out of my mouth Sara grabbed my head with both hands and turned me toward her into a kiss. More like she attacked my mouth with hers, as I gave up some of the cum in my mouth pushing it into hers. We snowballed back and forth a bit until she gave it all back to me and told me to swallow which I did happily. She looked up at Brian who was almost passed out and told him he could go. He was out the door before I could blink.

I sat there on the ground completely bewildered by what had happened. Sara got up and sat back in the armchair, crossing her legs, and looked at me. I waited for her to say something.

"Steph, I want you to know that I did not think you would be ready for this for some time but it seems you just cannot wait any longer."

I wanted to say "Wait for what?" but I found I could not speak at all when she was talking, I could not even open my mouth.

"I know this all must be confusing for you but I did not anticipate how much you wanted this to happen. I never told you to start wearing panties to work, and frankly I have no idea how you got your hands on a pair of flares, so I can only assume that this portion of your mind is not willing to stay locked away any longer."

She snapped her fingers and I felt as though my entire world shifted around 180 degrees. I was no longer Steve, helpless single guy with a roommate and no love in his life. I was now Steph, hot girl who can bag guys and prowls the town with her roommate Sara every night. The girl who is only happy with a warm cock in her pussy and another in her mouth.

"Oh my god, did you see how much Brian came? I thought I was going to drown with his cock in my mouth. LOL." I said with a giggle.

"Yeah girl, you really took one for the team there," said Sara.

She snapped her fingers again and the world shifted back to the way it was. I could not believe not only what I had just said, but the emotions that filled my brain were those of happiness and pride, not the sort of things most straight guys get after giving someone a blowjob.

I wanted to scream but I could not open my mouth so long as Sara looked me in the eyes it seemed. She looked down on me with a look of pity, as though she knew what was happening to me.

"I am sure you have lots of questions but right now I want you to think about me for a moment. How long have you known me? Where did we meet?"

Nothing came to me so I closed my eyes and tried to think really hard. How long had I known Sara? Well it has been a while, I know that I lived alone after college for a bit but someone I knew came and needed a place to stay and since then I had a roommate. Was that Sara?

No, it was my old college roommmate. He had lost his job last year and his girlfriend kicked him out. Why could I not remember his name or his face? We had dormed together for two years before he moved in with his bitchy girlfriend. Then he came to me about a year ago, hat in hand, asking for a place to stay.

Sean! His name was Sean. Okay but then, who was Sara? Could she possibly be?

I opened my eyes and looked up to find that Sara had lifted her skirt and her cock was pointing straight up. As I looked at it, the tip entirely covered in pre-cum I realized that Sean and Sara were the same person. I could not recall when Sean had become Sara, but then I could not remember much of anything from the past year.

I felt myself compelled to move closer to the chair so I could take Sara in my mouth. I slid up and while I kept my eyes locked on hers I took just the tip of her cock in my mouth. I waited there until she gave me an approving nod before I started taking more of her into my mouth.

"I want you to know that you agreed to all of this, in a way, it would not have worked if you had been any more reluctant and so I have been treating this like something you wanted even if you have never directly stated it. I guess I am trying to say this is not against your will."

Sara's cock was thinner than Brian's but about the same length, I had no trouble taking it all the way down my throat. Once I hit bottom I began a slow rhythm of moving off of it until it was completely out then working my way back down. I played with the head and her foreskin with my tongue.

"When I moved back in with you I was in a bad place, Carrie had left me once she was done with me and I was pretty broken. It did not take long before you discovered what she did to me and you were great about it. Not condemning at all, you accepted me and in fact I think you had a little crush on me."

I took one of Sara's balls in my mouth as her cock rubbed against my face. Without realizing it I had placed both of my hands behind my back as I looked up as she continued talking.

"You came home from work one day and found me dressed like this, thought that I had brought a girl home until you realized it was me. Again, you were really cool about it which was surprising. I never told you the full story, I lied that I had been doing this in secret since childhood. You said I could dress up whenever I wanted, that it was fine, and so I stopped dressing like a boy in front of you."

I had started to face fuck myself on Sara's cock now, taking the entire length in a single motion and then back out again in a split second over and over.

"The thing I never told you was that Carrie did this to me. I was just the guy you met in college before her, before she made me like this. I am not sure if it is considered just hypnosis or brainwashing, but after dating her a while I started to forget things. Entire weeks would go by and I would not remember what happened or anything. I imagine the same thing has been happening to you for some time now."

I was fucking my face on Sara's cock so hard that I worried I might rip it off. A couple of times it left my mouth entirely and I had to scramble to get it back in my mouth with just my lips.

"Carrie liked to brainwash guys into becoming cock-hungry crossdressers. She would take average, nerdy guys and turn them into complete sluts who could think of nothing but sucking cock and getting fucked at all times. I am sure I am not the first one she has done this to."

I slowed down and went back to have just the tip of her cock in my mouth again, running my tongue all up her head. I used my lips to pull her foreskin back and she shuddered.

"Ahhhh. You have gotten so good at that. Where was I? Oh right, she had me under her spell for about a year before she got bored with me. I guess one can only watch someone give blowjobs and get fucked by an entire fraternity so many times before you need to move on. I did the most amazing things, I have told you about most of them but I doubt you remember right now. Any time I would tell one of my stories you would look so excited hoping I would make you do the same thing. But I am not like Carrie."

I was bathing the outside of Sara's cock with kisses as she shuddered each time my tongue touched a sensitive part of her cock.

"The last thing Carrie did before she released me was give me the memories of what she had done to me. I would always have this part of me, the girl who yearns to have cocks in her holes at all times, but I could control it now. What I do not think she realizes is that I remember everything she did to me including how she turned me, which means I know how to turn someone else too."

Sara was shuddering with every pause now as she got close to her orgasm. I took her back inside my mouth as she got out of the chair and stood up towering over me. She lifted up her skirt and pulled her cock out of my mouth. I saw it twich as she began to cum. I opened my mouth but she had a different idea as she started spraying my face with girlcum. I closed my eyes and felt it run all over my face and in my mouth. It tasted delicious, as it always did.

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