tagGroup SexWhat It Takes To Be Number One

What It Takes To Be Number One


Susan Cole, senior partner of the advertising firm of Whittamore, Haskins and Cole, got where she was by accepting nothing but the best performance from herself and anyone or anything she directed. She was about to go ballistic as she read the Tri Delta Sorority report in her hand. As the Chairman of the directors of Tri Delta, she felt personally responsible for the dismal picture this report presented. The base year was 1994. New pledges down 23 percent. Marriages to professionals down 52 percent.

On and on it went. Something was happening on the Campus scene that cast her Tri Deltas' in a bad light. Who would know? Who would tell her? Looking out her window onto wall street, she smiled and picked up the phone. Put me through to Phil Johnson at Hard, Leddy, Mitchel and Dole. Phil was on the board of Sigma Phi.

Sue put on her "Demi" bra , and red outfit for her meeting. At thirty-six, she still was a hot item, and she knew it. When she sat down with Phil, she got right to the point. Phil laughed when he told her that he knew just what her problem was. What would she do for him in return if he showed her? Not one to waste time, Sue said, "What time tonight for a meal and some together time?" Phil pulled a folder out of his drawer and slid it towards her.

"Qualifications of a sexually satisfying wife." The reports main points were that all University woman were smart enough to be good wives, but only a few would be long term sexually satisfying, in the 90 percentile. The report went on to outline in detail what was good performance, and where Sigma Phi men would have the best chance of finding such woman. Tri Delta was mentioned as having self centered woman that seldom gave good sex. When she put the report down, Phil quipped, "Of course, I hope that you are the exception?" As Sue walked out, she said," See you tonight for lessons."

Sue worked day and night for the next four weeks working out the Tri Delta reorganization program. Presented at the National conference in July, it was approved. Board members held regional meeting to present the program to the leaders of the on campus chapters. All existing members and pledges were presented with it and tested to determine exactly if they understood the program.

September 14, 1999, every Tri Delta Sorority in the US hosted a party for the local Kappa Sigma Frats. KS was chosen because they are always horny and predictable. Vodka punch was served and many pin hole cameras recorded all activities. By 10:15, sexual activity was occurring in every area.

The following day, each girl was brought into a room with the three most senior girls and her performance was graded.

Before Sex: Did she flaunt her tits? Did she rub her tits or pubic area on a man? Did her hand brush against his penis? Did she draw a man to a bed area? Did she unzip him and pull out his cock? Did she promptly undress?

Oral Sex: Did she lick all over his shaft? Did she take all she could into her mouth? How was her smile and sucking action? Movement? did she swallow the sperm?

Intercourse: Did she moan and plead for him to "fuck" her. Did she keep her pelvis in constant action to meet his thrusts? Was her orgasm screams and moans loud enough to be heard at fifty feet? Did she immediately put his penis in her mouth as soon as he withdrew, so as to get him hard again? If there were other men, not yet serviced, did she make it clear that she wanted them in her also?

The scoring was tough. Only a score of ninety (90) would allow a girl to continue as a Tri Delta. All girls were given a second chance, but the next party was it!

What was at stake here is the real reason girls go to a University, or parents pay for it. It is a hunting ground for the men that usually earn the most income. The best income of all is the professional groups: Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers. They are so busy studying, that they want the easiest way to get sex, and rate the Sororities. "You marry who you date". No good fuck, no date, no marry professional. Easy, huh?

Tri Delta was out to be number one.

Sue, upstairs in the Tri Delta house at Michigan, watched the cameras intently. Sheer tops and not a bra to be seen. Girls were rubbing each guy as he arrived. Vodka was flowing by the gallon. 150 proof stuff. Rock and Roll music allowed for those free breasts to swing and sway with the music. One girl pulled a guys hand to her crouch. It was only 7;30, but they were soon in a bedroom franticly undressing. Sue approved as his cock was sucked into her mouth down to the balls. "I've got to help out here", Sue said to her self, as she removed her bra and panties. She joined the brewing orgy. Sue latched onto a six foot eight basketball player, and in five minutes had him in the study with his throbbing member in her mouth.

Aware that her performance was being taped and would be shown as example A all over the country, she gave the boy an hour of the best sex a woman can deliver. While his eight inches was pushing in, she used bunts and double bunts and things unknown to common cunts. He thought she was tearing off his cock with her twat, but he met her at every turn and filled her ass with white hot sperm. Her screams and yelps of pleasure could be head on all three floors, and inspired the lesser girls to become all out sluts. What had started out as thirty guys with thirty girls became eighty guys because one genius made a phone call for reinforcements. The Tri Delta girls never missed a beat. Every new guy was met and a girl gave him something to sink him meat into within minutes. The Tri Delta girls would be number one by morning, but now was busy time and yes, yes, yes they were busy.

Sue could not remember having such a good time, as the third guy she was servicing thrust his hard cock to and fro in her pussy. Heels dug in and ass thrusting up, she was bouncing him, while at the same time pulling his ass cheeks apart and fingering his ass hole. As he rolled off, a small black kid rolled onto her. Well, not small all over. It had been years since Sue had a 12 incher, but she knew how good they felt. This was one, so she closed her eyes and rocking with his motion fully enjoyed the moment. Her Orgasm sound headline the Tri Delta training film. She got his name, and sees him alone from time to time. You know, just to keep a BREAST of things!

If you have dated a Tri D, please let me know how she was: good or bad.

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