tagLesbian SexWhat Karen Wants

What Karen Wants


I didn’t realize that I was so sheltered in my life until Karen shattered my tea cup world with an erotic explosion. She was an amazing woman. Tall, sexy, and oh so smart. She had a quick wit and at times a quicker tongue. To this day, I’ll never understand what drew her to me.

My name is Ashley and I am about 5’7” with auburn hair, 36D breasts and what I think is a pretty great ass. It is after all my favorite physical part of me. I try to stay fit by working out and eating right but sometimes I slip into my old pizza and beer routine. Karen is several inches taller than I am, at a ravishing 6’ she stands taller than most men I know. Her fiery eye and red hair are constantly looking for the slightest thrill. She also works hard on her body with a workout that puts me in the hot tub for hours. She has also chosen to get a tit-job. Before she had rather small breasts for her size now they are mountainous breasts that make men drool as well as some women. She is in great shape with a rock solid stomach and a glorious ass that has always made me a bit jealous.

She lived on Long Island with her boyfriend Jack. He was every bit the perfect match for Karen. He was also tall, with a perfectly groomed goatee and an obviously well toned body. His dark eyes and raven hair often make him look a bit devilish in dim light.

Karen and I had been friends for several years. She and Jack were frequent guests at my home in Huntington. They would come for Cowharbor Days and we would all end up drinking way too much. I love spending time with them and it always brings a tear to my eye when they go home.

I was between boyfriends during their last visit and wasn’t feeling particularly festive.

“What’s keeping you down, baby doll?” she asked.

“Oh it’s just that I see you two so happy for so long… I just wish I could find a guy who I can be that way with.”

“Trust me, you can. Just give me an afternoon of your time and I’ll take care of everything.”

I thought we would have a quiet lunch and some drinks and then she was going to introduce me to some random guy that she picks up. I was way off!

“Jack honey, would you mind if I asked you to get lost for a few hours while I try to cheer Ash up?”

“Nah, that’s alright. I was going to see if the Hockey game was on at the bar anyway.”

“Thanks doll.”

An hour later we hadn’t set foot out of my door and were halfway through a bottle of pretty decent wine. I was feeling no pain.

“Karen, how did you do it? I mean, how did you find a guy like Jack?”

“It’s easy baby doll. I let him know that he wasn’t going to get anything from me until I got what I wanted from him.”

“What was it you wanted?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you, It is pretty wild.”

I could tell she was baiting me into asking again so I tried to beat her at her own game by cleverly changing the subject.

“Never mind, let me ask you something else. Why the new breasts?”

She was ready.

“Because now there isn’t a soul on earth I couldn’t fuck if I didn’t want to.”

Her answer caught me completely off guard. I was also surprised to feel My nipples instantly stiffen when she said fuck.

“With these,” she continued as she jutted her massive bosom out, “I am now the complete sexual fantasy of almost every living being on earth.”

My reaction was getting worse. My pussy started getting wet. I tried not to look at her tits but the she surprised me again.

“Look at me, I have it all now, great legs, flat tummy, big tits, and a firm round ass. Oh, and yes baby doll, I have seen you looking at my ass.”

Now the wine and the sexual energy building in the room take me to the next level.

“I like your ass.” I say, although a bit shaky. “I like my ass better though.”

She knew I was lying. She stood and reached her hand out for mine. I was scared. I had never even considered sex with another woman until now. Of course I had looked at Karen a few times, sort of sizing up the differences, but I didn’t realize the pure, raw lust she exudes would ever be turned on me.

“Don’t you want to take a better look and reconsider?” She asked.

“I don’t know. What if Jack comes back.”

“For your sake, I hope he does.”

God, was I really considering this? She leaned in closer as I stood. She was forced to stoop a bit as she neared me but the all was lost in the most sensual kiis I have ever had.

She caressed my lips with hers for what seemed like minutes. Her lips gently parting in the half open kisses I love to watch in the movies. Then just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, her tongue lightly slips from her mouth and presses into mine. I lose all self control at this point and devour her mouth. It felt so good having her body so close. She slides her hands along the side of my body and grazes the outsides of my breasts.


I couldn’t help but let it slip, now she knows she has me.

“What is it I wanted from Jack? Hmmm? Wasn’t that what you wanted to know?”she asked with the seduction on full blast.

“Uh huh.” I whimper in utter helplessness.

“I told him I was going to make him watch while I seduced another woman. And then he was going to seduce another man. And then if he was really good to me, I would suck hi cock until he came all over my face and tits.”

Her words had the intended effect. I was discovering that I loved dirty talk. And she remembered from many drunken conversations that I get aroused by the idea of two men getting it on.

“Mmm… oh Kari, what are we doing?”

“ We’re going to fuck baby doll. And then maybe I’ll let Jack fuck you. And if I get my way, I’m going to turn you into the sex goddess you are meant to be.”

I was bought sold and ready to be unwrapped. This may have been a new thing for me but her mouth and words had taken me to the brink of orgasm.

She ripped open the front of my blouse exposing the white lace bra I had worn that day. She dove on my tits, gently nibbling through the thin material. I grabbed her head and guided her around my chest. Finally, she reached around me and unclasped my bra.

“Ooh, Ash, these are great. I can’t believe I let you go so long with out licking them.”

I let her do what ever she wanted. I held her hair as though I would fall if I let go. She worked her way down the front of my body, licking lightly at my belly button. She quickly found the zipper on the back of my skirt. Yanking the skirt off she stood up and took a step away from me.

There I was, standing in my living room with nothing on but white lace panties. She smiled in satisfaction.

“You are a sexy woman, I am going to really enjoy this.” She said.

She didn’t waste anymore time on words, she took her t-shirt off and then she wiggled out of her jeans. Standing there in nothing but the skimpiest bra and thong I had ever seen, she licked her lips and asked,

“What do you think? Do you want to stop?”

“No.” I replied meekly.

With that she removed her bra and panties and led me to my bedroom.

Once there she sat me on the bed and stood in front of me rubbing her pussy. It was trimmed neatly and was obviously very wet. She brought her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean before returning them to her sopping wet pussy.

Seeing her in her obviously aroused state gave me a small measure of confidence. I leaned forward and licked the back of her hand as she massaged her pussy. She with drew her hand and let me taste her for the first time. It was sweet and tart and I was instantly hooked. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hips to me.

God, her ass is sooo perfect!

She put her hands on the back of my head as I devoured her wet sex.

“Ohh… Mmmm… Ashley, you are so good at this. Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

I licked her with all the energy I could find. She raised one leg up on the bed giving me better access to her pussy. She tasted good. Really good. And her ass feels so good under my novice touch.

I decide to take control.

“Turn around and bend over” I say with as much playfulness as seduction.

“Ohhh, I like this side of you a lot!” she says as she turns her glorious butt to me.

I put my hands on her ass and gently pull the cheeks apart. I look at th sight before and waste no time getting into her with my tongue. I lick at her from her clit up to her tight ass hole. I lick until my saliva is dripping from her, oozing down her legs with her own juices.

“Oh God… Oh fuck… Stick your fingers… inside of me… please fuck me!!”

I do as she says. I stick two fingers as deep inside her pussy as the can possibly go. Her pussy is so warm inside. I love the feeling of having my hand inside of her that I immediately jam a third in. With my other hand I rub her tight ass hole until she begs for more.

“Yes… My ass… fuck my ass… fuck me… oohhh… baby doll… fuck me!” she cries between gasps for breath.

I oblige and stick my middle finger deep into her rectum. I don’t even think about it, I just do it. She loses all control and screams wildly.


I gently slow down my actions on her pussy and ass and lick her until she colapses next to me on the bed.

“Ooh, baby doll. I didn’t know you were so good at this.” She says.

“Neither did I.” I giggle back.

“I think I should return the favor.” And instantly I am on my back with me panties off and her head between my thighs.

She rapes my pussy with her mouth and fingers. Her fingers snaking inside of me, making me feel as if something alive was trying to crawl into my depths. She kept going and going, harder and harder until I realize that she is fucking both of my holes.

“Oh my God… oh my fucking God… more… give me more!”

She responded by doubling her efforts. I never thought that I could ever feel so full without a big cock in me. But this was amazing her fingers pounding my pussy, her fingers pounding my ass. The wet noises that can only come from a pussy getting royally FUCKED!!

“Mmm… mmm… that’s it… more… more… give it to me… YES… YES… HERE IT COMES!!!”

I fly off of a cliff and there is nothing but air all around. And this feeling resonating from deep within my body. The most powerful orgasm I have ever had. My pussy feels so fucking good. My ass so full with my new lovers fingers.


She returns me to earth with gentle and knowing caresses. Steering me back to my bed with sweet kisses all over my body. I look at her and realize that this feels better than anything I could have possibly imagined. The sex was fucking awesome, but the look in Karen’s eyes…

I never knew how wonderful things could be. All that is wrong in the world, all the violence and pain, it all drifts blissfully away in those eyes.

We were then startled by a soft moan from the doorway.

“You two look stunning lying there together.” Jack was back.

“How long have you been there, honey,” asked Karen.

“Long enough to realize that you two are going to be a lot closer from now on.”

“Well get those clothes off and let’s show Ash why we are so fucking happy!”

I knew I was in for another powerful orgasm, but it would never equal the passion that would now flow freely between Karen and I.

“You know,” said Karen “it seems to me that if you got a free show we deserve one too.”

“How do you mean?” asked jack.

“ You can’t have either of us until I get what I want.”

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