tagLoving WivesWhat Kate Did Ch. 04

What Kate Did Ch. 04


It all happened surprisingly quickly. Three weeks after Kate’s audition we were in Jamaica. It appeared that no expense had been spared on the accommodation. We were staying in a large private villa near Savanna-la-Mar on the south of the island. The villa and its extensive grounds were screened from view by dense vegetation. There was a good size pool on the large terrace that overlooked the azure blue Caribbean. Steps led down to a private beach, just a short walk through the palm trees. It was idyllic or it would have been until we pulled up. Then the tranquillity was shattered. It was organised chaos as we disembarked from the minibus and the technicians began unloading the van that contained their equipment.

As I stepped through the imposing entrance Greg, the producer was holding forth. He was about forty, with a shock of grey hair, and had an air of quiet authority. He had a clipboard in his hand and was ticking off names, determining who would be sleeping where. There were three girls including Kate and they would be sharing one room. Greg had a room to all to himself. He wasn’t just pulling rank; it would also be used for some of the filming. A bedroom was allocated to the three male performers and the rest of us had to doss down on individual camp beds in the remaining three bedrooms.

We had been travelling for some hours and Greg said that we could have the rest of the afternoon to ourselves. In the general confusion I managed to talk to Kate and we agreed we’d have a swim. I’d hardly spoken to her since we’d got on the plane as Greg had insisted she sit next to him. Some people were already in the water and it was obvious no one was bothering with swimwear. As we stepped out on to the terrace I noticed an attractive slim blonde. She would have been gamine, were it not for her rather obvious silicone enhanced breasts. She had a short spiky haircut and was wearing large hooped earrings. I would have put her in her late twenties. She stood on the pool edge and dived in. I did likewise, whilst Kate gingerly descended the pool steps.

I was mindful that sound carries over water so I spoke quietly. “Is everything alright?”

She nodded. “It’s fine. I’m sharing a room with Colette, over there. She’s very friendly. I think the make-up girl is also in with us but I haven’t spoken to her yet. What about you?”

“There are five camp beds in my room. It’s like being back at school.”

We swam a couple of lengths together. “I quite like swimming without anything on Kate, don’t you?”

She went to reply but got a mouthful of water and started coughing instead. She couldn’t continue.

Colette was nearby. “Are you all right?”

She was smiling between the coughs. “I swallowed some water.”

“ Best not to.” She turned to me. “You’re the writer aren’t you?” Her teeth looked very white against her olive skin

“Yes, I am. The name’s Joe, by the way.”

“Hi, Joe, nice to meet you. Now Kate, come with me and you can meet two of the guys you’ll be working with.” The little mermaid swam away, revealing a very fetching rose tattoo on the cheek of her pert backside. She surfaced just in front of the two men who were sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water, catching the late afternoon sun.

“Hey, you two, don’t go getting your dicks sunburnt. I don’t want to have to go easy on you because you’re sore!”

“Don’t you worry, Colette. I’ll still fuck your brains out, with or without sunburn!”

She smiled sweetly at him. “Well no one’s ever going to fuck yours out, Rudi, are they; but that’s only because you haven’t got any!”

Colette glanced round as the splashing indicated our arrival. “Let me introduce everyone. This is Kate and this is Joe. He’s a writer. Kate, this is Tom and Rudi, our co-stars.” She had an impish grin on her face. “As you can see, Kate, we’re making a horror film! ”

“You’re pushing your luck, Colette.” Tom was smiling. “Anyway, nice to meet you Kate. Hello Joe.”

Rudi nodded a greeting. Colette was wide of the mark, especially as far as Tom was concerned. He was good looking and had a warm welcoming smile. He looked after himself too. There was not an ounce of fat on him. Rudi, on the other hand, was more thickset. His hair was longer than Tom’s but not as dark. He too smiled but it was not reflected in his eyes

“Hello.” As I continued treading water I was at eye level with their dicks. Tom’s was certainly impressive, maybe not quite as big as Kate’s dildo, but there wouldn’t have been much in it. Rudi’s was not quite as long but was a tad thicker. His balls were definitely bigger, though.

Tom continued. “Had you read your script Kate? You and me are in the beach scene together.” Hearing this Kate could not resist another glance at his dick. Neither could I!

Greg appeared on the terrace.

“Oh there you are Kate. I’ve been looking for you. I’m sorry to spoil your fun but there are one or two things we need to work on. Can you dry yourself off and come in at once please?”

“OK.” She swam to the steps and climbed out. Tom and Rudi eyed her full natural breasts, her erect nipples and her dark triangle. She picked up a towel and was drying herself as she went inside.

Rudi was mimicking Greg. “One or two things to work on? I know the first thing she’ll be working on!”

“Well,” said Tom, “she is rather nice. I’d do the same I must admit.”

Colette turned to me. “He needs to talk to her because he has to make sure she’s familiar with the different positions he wants when we’re all filming. He will also go through the signals.”


“Yes. Suppose your partner is hurting you. You need to be able to get the message across without it being obvious. Say I am a bit too enthusiastic when I’m doing a reverse cowgirl. Remember in that position I cannot see his face. He has to be able to let me know otherwise he’ll come too soon and the scene is ruined.”

“Yes, Colette, but you’re not suggesting he’s not going to give her one?” It wasn’t quite a sneer on Rudi’s face.

“No, I expect he will. I was just trying to explain to Joe how it works, that’s all.”

Watching Kate walk naked into the villa, knowing that she was going alone to his room and would, in all probability, shortly be on the end of his dick, caused me real anguish. It would be the first time she’d been with anyone else since I’d known her. Yet it was all so illogical. She was here to make a porn film for Heaven’s sake. What did I expect her to do?

Was I upset because she was doing it in private? Would it be more acceptable if she were in front of the camera? I couldn’t think straight. I must have swum dozens of lengths whilst I tried to collect my thoughts.

We were all having dinner on the terrace. Kate was sitting next to Greg on one table, whilst I was on the other. I had seen her as she walked out on to the terrace, wearing a white blouse and a short blue skirt. It was clear from the way her breasts gently swayed that she had not bothered with a bra. I surreptitiously studied their body language to try and ascertain if he had already fucked her.

A woman sat down next to me. She was in her early forties. She had platinum blonde hair but her eyebrows were dark. She had a slightly hard face but she still had a nice shape though. Her cleavage was certainly impressive.

“Hello, I’m Joe.”

“Hi, Joe. Colette said that you’re a writer. I’m Jan, the makeup girl. I used to be a performer but age catches up with everyone.” There was a brief rueful smile.

We continued our conversation over a surprisingly good meal considering we had only arrived a few hours earlier.

“So what does your job entail, Jan?”

“Well, obviously the ladies like to look their best so I make up their faces as well as do their hair. And I don’t just mean the hair on their head. These days the punters like to see everything so I keep their labia clean-shaven. Being bisexual it’s a nice job. You’d be surprised how many women are turned on when I’m working down there.

“What else do I do? The ladies administer their own anal douches but I am meant to check that they are scrupulously clean before the shoot. If a stud loses his erection it is usually my job to get him hard again. I tell you I’ve sucked more dicks than you could ever imagine. Otherwise, I just make polite conversation at the dinner table!”

“I would never have thought about these things.”

“You’re not alone. Most people don’t think about what goes on behind the scenes. Our contribution is never mentioned. But I get laid as often as I want so I’m not complaining. With any luck I’ll have one of the technicians tonight. If I’m really lucky I’ll have two of ‘em!”

I admired her frankness and raised my glass to her. “Good luck then Jan.”

Greg got to his feet and called for attention.

“Hello everyone. I’ll try to keep this short. I hope you’re all settled in. Firstly I want to welcome you all, especially our new performer, Kate. This is her first shoot and I’m sure you will all want to help her as much as you can. I think she’s going to be a star performer.”

Rudi called out. “You should know!”

There was some laughter and Kate went red.

“Thank you for that, Rudi. Anyway getting back on track, I should also welcome Joe, too. He is writing a book about our industry and is here to see what happens when we make a film. Which brings me to the main subject. You’ve all got the script. We start tomorrow morning at 10 am. We’ll be doing the beach scene which involves, you Tom,” he nodded to him, “and Kate. If all goes well and time permits we will also shoot the scene with Colette, Wayne and Rudi. If you are not actively involved please remember to keep the noise down and not to use the pool whilst we are shooting. He raised his glass. “So let’s drink to a successful shoot. ”

“He’s one of the best producers around. He knows this business inside out.” Jan put her glass down. “Did you know that he used to be a stud?”


“Oh yes. And he was good, too. I know because I have worked with him. He was very popular with the girls, but the studios also rated him. It was because of his staying power and the fact that he could virtually come to order. That is a great asset in our business.”

“And now he is working on the other side.”

“Yes. And for someone like Greg it is perfect. He is able to fuck anyone he wants to. See that girl next to him, um…Kate… well, I bet you she’ll be sleeping with him tonight. She won’t be getting much sleep, though.”

I glanced across at them but they were in deep conversation. I went back to Jan. Now that she had started talking she didn’t want to stop.

“Do you know Wayne?”

I shook my head.

“He is the one next to Greg. He is not that much to look at but he has a really big cock and the biggest balls I’ve ever seen. I have never known anyone produce so much cum. But he is a bit peculiar. He doesn’t really mix with the rest of us. He is obsessed with his cock. He takes vitamin supplements because he believes they increase the volume of cum that he shoots. And he is always eating bananas because he thinks that will improve the texture and colour.”

“What about Tom?” I couldn’t resist asking about him. After all, he would be performing with Kate.

“He’s a real sweetie. He’s got a lovely technique. And all the girls like working with him because he always wants his partner to enjoy herself too. I believe the new girl is working with him tomorrow. She could do a lot worse, believe me.”

I wanted to ask her more but people began to get up from the table. I glanced at my watch, and was surprised to see how late it was. One of the cameramen came over to Jan and whispered in her ear. She smiled at me as she stood up before following him indoors. Greg and Kate were also on their feet. He turned to speak to someone and Kate sneaked a glance in my direction. I smiled at her and was rewarded with a mouthed ‘goodnight’. I went into the lounge in time to watch her disappear into Greg’s bedroom. The door was firmly shut behind her. Jan’s prediction had been correct.

Although I was rather tired, the spectre of Kate being fucked by Greg in such close proximity dispelled any thought of sleep. Most people had headed off to bed and eventually only Colette, sitting next to me on the sofa, and Wayne remained. Colette would have gone to bed herself, but for the fact that Jan was still noisily screwing the cameraman in there. Colette was wearing a stringed top and a short black skirt. Her nipples poked through the top in a most provocative way.

“I think I’ll go to bed.” I hadn’t heard Wayne speak all evening. I was unprepared for what he did next. He stripped off and stood in front of us both. Jan was right; he was very big indeed. In fact he was standing so close to me that his genitalia seemed to fill my immediate vision.

“Anyone want to suck it before I go?”

“That’s a very kind offer Wayne,” I said, “but no thank you.” Colette just shook her head.

Wayne acted as if we had just politely declined his offer to make us a cup of tea. “I’ll say ‘goodnight’ then.” He picked up his shorts and left.

Colette couldn’t contain her laughter.

I looked at her “That was quite a chat-up line of Wayne’s. I’ll have to remember that.”

“I don’t think that approach would work, Joe. You need a big dick for that.”

“Do you mean that you have to have a big dick or that you need to be a big dick?”

“Wayne qualifies on both counts,” she said, “you don’t qualify on either. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

I tried to make light of the situation. “Now you know why I am a reporter and not a stud. Talking of reporting, have you worked with Wayne before?”

“Yes a couple of times.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, how do you cope with a dick that size? There’s not much of you.”

“It’s not as difficult as you might think. I can take it all as long as he doesn’t try and push it in all at once. I’ve even had anal sex with him. The biggest problem with Wayne is that he comes so much. He came in my mouth the first time and I thought I was going to choke. I ruined the whole scene by coughing.”

“And you have a scene tomorrow. Are you looking forward to it?”

“Yes, I really am. Do you know just talking about it makes me wet?” She pulled up her short skirt. She had nothing on underneath it. She was very smooth down there, just a thin landing strip of hair that ran from her lower stomach to within an inch of her opening. She parted her legs and inserted a finger in herself. She took it out and made a show of inspecting it. Even in the subdued lighting I could see that it was quite wet.

I was then surprised for the second time in as many minutes. She placed her wet finger against my lips. And I opened my mouth to it! The next moment we were kissing. I reached down to touch her. “I’m sorry I can’t let you fuck me but I will suck you off.”

She knelt down and quickly unzipped me. She opened her mouth and swallowed my length in one smooth motion. And then she began to fuck my cock with her mouth. She had a wonderful technique and soon I was on the verge of coming. She must have recognised the signs too. She repositioned herself so that she could still keep the crown in her mouth but was now able to stroke the shaft as well. And in this position I could see everything. She was able to look at me too and was staring into my eyes all the time I was ejaculating. She only released me when she felt I was finished.

I don’t know how much semen I deposited in her mouth but there must have been a fair amount. She was still staring at me when she swallowed it all. I know she said she’d suck me off, but I never thought this she’d go this far.

“I did that because I shouldn’t have been rude to you.” She had that impish look on her face again

Colette was a really nice girl. And I adored that little tattoo on her bum. But she wasn’t Kate, and it was Kate that I wanted above all else.

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