tagIncest/TabooWhat Mom Knows Fucks Her Mom

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Mom


Summary: Nana is seduced and dommed by daughter and grandson.

Note 1: Thanks to Robert, Wayne and goamz86.

Note 2: This is part 7 of a continuing incest series (although it is much more complex than a simple incest story). I highly recommend you read the first six parts as the layered subplots may be confusing without the background information...but here is a very brief primer of the series so far:

In WHAT MOM DOESN'T KNOW WILL FUCK HER 18-year-old Curtis goes to a Halloween party dressed in a costume designed for his absent father and ends up fucking his beautiful mother.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER AGAIN Curtis ends up in an amazing threesome with his mother and his fantasy girl, the semi-celebrity weather girl Miranda Collington.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER ASS Curtis begins dating the much older, but sexually exotic Miranda while also continuing to fuck his Mother; and as the title suggests Curtis gets his mother's ass during a legendary evening where he fulfills the Trifecta coming in his Mother's mouth, pussy and ass.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN THE AIR Curtis joins the Mile High Club during an epic first class flight to Vegas with both his Mom, his celebrity girlfriend Miranda, Mom's friend and ex-Mistress Ellie and a very submissive stewardess.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN VEGAS Curtis must try desperately to stop Mom's ex-Mistress Ellie from reclaiming his submissive mother; Curtis and his mom have a heart to heart; Curtis, Miranda, Ellie and his mom end up in a hot five-some in a church with the bride minutes before the wedding; Curtis and Miranda make a BIG decision.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN WHITE Curtis and Miranda get married; so do Ellie and Curtis's mom; they celebrate with an orgy in the chapel and then one more at the wedding of Miranda's ex when they take the bride up to the honeymoon suite, along with a beautiful black co-worker.

And now.....

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Mom

Apparently, much to my surprise, you can actually have too much sex.

After the crazy weekend in Vegas, especially the wedding Saturday, where I married the beautiful woman of my dreams, and fucked four brides that day and night, I was utterly exhausted and, for the first time in my life, refused the sexual advances of a woman.

Thankfully, my wife had my mother and Ellie to play with and they had their own morning sexfest before we headed to the airport.

Exhausted from the previous sex-filled day and night, I slept the whole way home, not adding another notch to my mile high club.

While waiting for our baggage, Miranda asked what I was also thinking, "So now what hubby?"

I answered, "I was wondering the same thing."

"Do you want to move in with me?" She asked, looking surprisingly vulnerable and insecure considering her ferocious sexual appetite and the reality I was her husband.

"Of course," I nodded, before adding, "but I do have to deal with Mom and Dad first. He doesn't even know I was dating you, never mind that I got married."

"He also doesn't know his son is fucking his wife," she pointed out.

"Sometimes I feel so guilty," I admitted. I was part of the reason Mom was about to leave him.

Miranda shifted from sexy teasing to sensitive in a heartbeat, just another part of her enigma of perfection. "Curtis, you can't blame yourself for this. There were problems in your parents' relationship way before you got involved."

"I know," I nodded, "but my fucking her definitely triggered the domino effect that followed."

"Your mom made her own choices to make me her pet before you got involved," Miranda pointed out, before adding, "plus, she knew she was fucking you that first time and every time since."

These were all true statements, yet I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn't decided to pretend to be my dad this past Halloween. I wouldn't be in this amazing relationship with a much older, but beautiful, free spirit, nor would I be living every guy's dream...to have his own pet mommy. "I guess."

"All things happen for a reason," Miranda pointed out, before adding, suddenly all bubbly like a blonde cheerleader, "plus, if you weren't such a pervert who fucked his mom you never would have met me."

"True enough," I laughed, leaning forward and kissing my beautiful bride.

"Your suitcase is coming," Mom called from a few feet away.

I finished the kiss and went to retrieve our luggage.

We all went our separate ways: Miranda headed home with a promise I would see her tomorrow, while Ellie demanded that Mom come and see her at her place after work.

Mom and I got a taxi together, both of us completely exhausted after a crazy, sex-filled weekend. Both of us were newly married, me legally to the beautiful Miranda, while Mom ceremonially to Ellie. In reality a few days in Vegas and everything had changed. We both knew this and it lingered over us like a dark cloud...how do we tell Dad?

Returning home and to Dad, where Mom planned to ask for a divorce, although not tonight while I was home, had me still riddled with guilt. Miranda was right: obviously Mom wasn't happy in the marriage, regardless of my role, but I definitely triggered an acceleration to the change that was about to happen.

I loved my father, although it was hard to tell with the whole sleeping with my mother and getting her reacquainted with her ex-mistress Ellie...but I did.

We walked into the front room and I noticed wine glasses on the table as Mom called out, "Ted, we're home."

There was no immediate response as Mom walked down the hallway. I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of milk and then heard Mom gasp, "Oh my God!"

I quickly went to check on her and walked in on my father in my parent's bedroom with his secretary, a young big breasted bimbo whose name I couldn't recall, on all fours.

Dad stammered, as the redhead tried to cover herself up, "Y-y-you're early."

"So it seems," Mom snapped, before walking past me with tears in her eyes.

I stared at Dad for another moment before following after Mom.

I'm not going to get into the details of the aftermath, but it was obvious that Dad was as unhappy in the marriage as Mom was. Thankfully, the split was amicable as both wanted it done quickly so they could each move on with their new lives.

Dad apologized to me, which added to my guilt, but I tried to ease his guilt by telling him I knew they both were not happy and staying together for me was silly. It felt strange comforting him, since I was the child, and had been fucking Mom for weeks, yet it seemed to bridge the emptiness I felt between us.

He moved in with his secretary and suddenly the stars were lining up. Mom and Ellie could deal with their new relationship, Miranda and I could start our marriage and Dad could start his own new life.

I mused that as one marriage ended, three new complex relationships had blossomed.

A few days later, Ellie was over and trying to take control like she usually did. She said, "When I move in we will repaint this whole house."

"Okay," Mom nodded, still dealing with the sudden reality that everything was different, and not really herself.

"Alexis, this couldn't have worked out better," Ellie continued.

I sighed, Ellie not really the sensitive one in the relationship, "Ellie, she still hasn't come to terms with all that has happened."

"What's to come to terms with? Everything worked out perfect," she countered, oblivious to the reality a long marriage was over, since she was finally getting what she had wanted all these years...my Mom.

"Seriously, for a school teacher, you really are rather oblivious," I shot back.

"Bite me," she shot back. "Ted doesn't have to know about your mother and I, and your mom doesn't have to have that difficult conversation that was awaiting her."

"True," I agreed, looking at Mom who really was still bewildered by the whole whirlwind that had been the past few days.

But before I could continue my thought, she added, "Plus, you should be thankful, too. Your Dad never has to find out that his only son is fucking his wife."

"Nice," I said, shaking my head at her lack of tact.

"Am I wrong?" She challenged.

"No, but it's not that black and white," I pointed out.

"We had a problem, now we don't," she shrugged.

"You can't just forget twenty years," I continued.

"Agreed, but you must live your life going forward," she countered.

"How fortune cookie of you," I quipped, loving to take shots whenever I could.

"Enough," Mom finally spoke, startling both of us. "Stop talking about me as if I'm not right here."

"Sorry," we both said in unison.

"Ellie, I loved Ted and Curtis is right, twenty years is a long time," Mom explained. "I'm happy it's over, but I'm also sad."

"I've waited that long to finally be with you," Ellie pointed out, looking vulnerable herself for the first time.

Mom smiled, "I know, and I'm happy that we can finally be together, without anything coming between us."

Ellie glared at me.

Mom continued her rare defiant attitude. "You knew he was part of the package."

I cupped my dick and quipped, "And a great package it is."

Mom turned to me, finally smiling, "Indeed it is a perfect package, but this power play between the two of you is utterly exhausting."

Ellie said, "Agreed, he's married now, I think it's time that he goes and lives with his bride."

"I will," I nodded, "after Christmas, Mom agrees that Nana isn't likely ready for both the divorce news and the news that her grandson got married without her knowledge."

"Are you going to fuck her too?" Ellie sarcastically shot.

"Why, are you jealous?" I quipped back, knowing she was jealous of my relationship with my mother, and that once my cock was in front of her she usually ended up with it in her mouth or cunt. Plus, she had acknowledged that I was her Master back in Vegas when a similar conversation took place. That said, the idea of fucking Nana, although unlikely, was appealing, as she was still a very beautiful woman.

She shook her head, as Mom continued, "You two are the loves of my life. You need to get over this Dom versus Domme game and accept that I plan to be with both of you. Ellie, as I have told you before, I love Curtis as a son, as a lover and as a Master. If you can't accept that, then our relationship will not work."

I smiled, but didn't say anything, knowing when to speak and when not to.

Mom continued, "With Curtis moving in with Miranda in the New Year, I am sure things will be changing, but I won't stop fucking my son, for you or anyone."

Ellie nodded, knowing my mother well enough to know that when she says something she means it, her rough attitude shifted to softness, "You know Alexis, I am just jealous because I love you with all my heart and soul."

"And I love you too, I always have," Mom continued, "but I also love my son unconditionally."

"I know," Ellie's sighed.

"And I can't have you two always at war," Mom continued, "you're all I have."

"Well, you have my wife," I joked.

Mom looked at me surprised. "You're going to let your wife still be my pet?"

"Of course," I nodded, "nothing has to change because the name of the relationship has changed."

"I guess so," Mom smiled, seemingly liking that she could be submissive to some and dominant to others.

"You're an enigma, Mom," I commented, leaning in to kiss her, wanting to make Ellie jealous, not quite ready to call our battle a truce. I wanted to have Ellie unconditionally and willingly underneath me yet.

Breaking the kiss, Mom added, "As for you, young man."

A tone that usually meant I was in trouble.

"You need to be nice to your new step-Mommy," she smiled, her tone instantly shifting from motherly to sexy.

"Well, I would love to give my step-Mom the same full three hole treatment I give you, Mother," I smiled slyly, while looking directly at Ellie.

Ellie quipped, "I wouldn't mind giving you a one hole treatment myself."

My ass cheeks immediately tightened, understanding her implication. Yet, always one to have a quick witty response, I quipped, "Ladies first."

"You two," Mom dramatically sighed. "The only way to shut you two up is with my body."

"That is something I think we can both agree upon," I smiled, as I guided her onto to her knees.

She fished out my cock and took it in her mouth. "Come share my cock with our pet," I ordered Ellie, who was watching.

"Fine," she said dramatically, always trying to hide the obvious reality that, although she hated to admit it, she loved my cock.

She moved and dropped to her knees beside my mother. Mom took the cock out and offered it to Ellie who took it in her hands and asked me, "Ever had two girls suck you at once?"

"Can't say I have," I answered, looking down at both beautiful women.

"Kiss me," Ellie demanded, putting my cock between them. I watched as Mom and Ellie's lips touched with my cock in the middle.

It felt strange, but was hot as hell as they tried to kiss each other. Ellie then suggested, "Suck your son's dick with me."

"What do you mean?" Mom asked.

"Keep our lips locked together and simultaneously let's move back and forth," she explained.

"Oh, okay," Mom nodded.

I watched as I got a blow job like none I'd ever seen, as both women moved up and down my cock together. It was sexy, and different, but after a couple of minutes of teasing, I wanted to fuck one of them. I still had Ellie's ass to break, but now didn't seem to be the time. Instead, I ordered, "Both of you, get out of your skirts and get on all fours."

Mom quickly stood up, like a bitch in heat, and pulled off her skirt.

Ellie, meanwhile, gave me a 'you-can't-be-serious' look, before she stood up and slowly obeyed my order. I wasn't going to push her at this moment, knowing that as long as she was obeying I was winning.

Soon they were both side by side, their great tight asses staring back at me as I got out of my jeans.

I moved behind Mom and slid my cock in her wet pussy and she immediately moaned, "Yes, baby, fill Mommy's cunt."

Ellie reached over, turned Mom's head and they began kissing, Ellie trying to make sure she too was somewhat controlling the threesome.

I fucked Mom for a bit before pulling out and putting my hands on Ellie's waist.

She immediately broke the kiss with Mom and instructed, "Only my cunt."

I considered pointing out she declared all three of her holes were mine back in Vegas, but again decided that her ass would be saved for another day. I slammed my cock into her and unlike Mom, who I slowly fucked, I pounded Ellie.

Mom whined, "Why didn't you fuck me like that?"

I laughed, "I'm just getting started."

"You'd better be, young man," Mom said, getting all motherly on me.

I pounded Ellie hard until her moans began and then pulled out and slammed into Mom. I went back and forth between the two women for a few minutes until I could feel I was close. I ordered, "Back on your knees, my two cum sluts."

Mom, as usual, quickly got into position knowing a facial was coming, while Ellie slowly did the same, although with the same smug look she loved to give.

When both were kneeling in front of me, I furiously pumped my cock directing it at Mom until, at the very last second, I turned and exploded my first load directly on Ellie's surprised face. I continued coating her face, loving the power I had over her in that moment.

"Fucker," Ellie playfully called me as I finished spraying her face.

Mom agreed, "Yes, what about me?"

"Share away," I smiled, and watched as Mom retrieved my cum from Ellie's face. She kissed Ellie's cheek, chin, lips, forehead, ever so slowly cleaning her face.

I watched as the two kissed until Ellie ordered, "Come finish what your son couldn't, my pet."

I watched Mom move between Ellie's legs and bury her face in her cunt. I smiled at my new kind of step-mom, and she smirked at me, still trying to show her own power even though I could see my cum on her face. I decided then and there that I needed to take control of this situation with her once and for all. I would Domme her completely and make her my submissive, permanently clarifying the power hierarchy.

I watched for a couple more minutes before heading out to pick up Miranda after her shift.


A couple of days later, I decided to confront Ellie face to face, away from Mom...at Ellie's school, my alma matter.

I sauntered in a couple of minutes after the last bell rang and saw her hanging up a poster on a wall, her perfect ass staring at me, as if calling my name. "Hi, Ms. Weatherton?" I greeted.

I startled her as she dropped the stapler from her hand. "What are you doing here?" She asked with disdain.

"Listening to Mom," I said softly, "trying to make sure you and I can get along."

"Is that so?" She questioned, looking at me with suspicion.

"Yes," I nodded, "there needs to be a clear understanding of the hierarchy."

"Excuse me?" she questioned.

"There can't be two dominants," I replied, walking towards her.

"I couldn't agree more," she nodded, not backing down.

"Let's stop playing games, Ellie," I continued.

"I again couldn't agree more," she replied, as I now stood right in front of her.

I asked, "If my mother had to choose between you and I, who do you think she would choose?"

This seemed to freeze her in her place. She hesitated a second before responding, "You wouldn't make her choose after all this."

"I didn't say that," I pointed out, "I'm simply asking a question."

"So what's your point?" She asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" I asked.

"If it was, I wouldn't ask the fucking question," she countered, clearly annoyed and obviously realizing I had the advantage.

"I want you as my slut without all the pretentious crap that goes along with it," I answered.

"You've already had me," she countered, although her facial expression implied she wasn't thrilled by that, even though I knew she loved it deep down.

"Don't pretend you don't love my cock, you can't fake those orgasms," I accused.

"I've had worse," she shrugged.

"I imagine you have," I smugly retorted.

It was obvious she was acting strong, but there was a vulnerability in her eyes. She was worried that I would make Mom choose between the two of us.

"What do you really want?" She asked, taking a shot at me, "Some of us have jobs."

"I want two things, actually," I responded, although it was actually three, but that would have to wait a while.

"That's probably pretty ambitious of you," she retorted, very good at the cold hard outer surface glare.

"One, I want you to stop being so insensitive with Mom when it comes to my father," I began.

"Understood," she nodded, showing compassion, "you were right about that. I was being insensitive."

I nodded, before adding, "Two, I want this silly game we are playing to end."

"That's easy," she interrupted, quickly going back to herself, "Move in with your wife."

"First, don't interrupt me when I'm talking," I firmly said, returning her cold glare. "And second, I've already told you I'm moving in with Miranda after the holidays."

I could tell she wanted to say some smart ass comment but she kept it to herself.

I continued, "The solution to our problem is simple, you become my complete submissive full service three hole fuck toy."

She scoffed.

"I wasn't kidding, or bargaining," I firmly said. "Mom is my slut, she will give you up if I tell her to. I know that and you know that. Let's be honest, the last time Mom had to choose between a man and you...you lost." I know this was harsh and blunt, but with Ellie that was how you had to play the game.

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