tagLoving WivesWhat Possessed Me - Amanda’s Story

What Possessed Me - Amanda’s Story


This story is part of a series of separate stories that are related. They are not specifically chapters or parts of a larger story. Each story stands on its own. These stories are accounts of a single event as experienced by three different people. If you like any one of these stories, look for the other two. The stories are; Amanda's, Blake's and David's view of this one event and what led each one to participate.

Amanda's Story

A little over a year ago I did something I should never have done. Even though it felt good at the time, deep down I knew it was wrong. It ended up turning my life upside down.

I was a 42 year old married mother of two teenage boys living a typical suburban life. It was the kind of life that included watching the boys play sports on Saturdays and going to church on Sundays. We weren't wealthy by any means, but my husband David had a good enough job that I could stay home and raise the boys. We were happy, or so I thought.

Late one night I saw David masturbating at the computer through a crack in the door. Now I don't masturbate, but I am old enough to understand that most men do, so what I saw didn't really bother me. I didn't even let David know that I saw him. This wasn't the first time I had caught him playing with himself, but this time turned out to be different from the others.

I was curious about what kind of porn David had been watching. So the next day I got on the computer and did some digging, but I didn't find porn. What I found was that he was video chatting with a woman from his office, and the dumbass had recorded it.

It didn't take much more digging to find out he was having a full blown affair. I even watched a video the bastard made of the two of them having sex. I was hurt, humiliated and so pissed off. Worst part was I could never un-see that damn video. Trust me, seeing your man fucking someone is way worse than just knowing he did it.

When David got home from work I told him that I knew about the affair. I told him I wanted a divorce. Somehow he managed to talk me out of leaving him. For the next couple of weeks I almost couldn't look at the bastard. Everything we said to each other seemed to turn into a fight.

In one of our fights David blurted out that I should just go have sex with someone so we would be even. What a dumbass thing to say. I'll bet a lot of cheating spouses say that, but none of them really mean it. I knew David didn't mean it. I am sure he felt safe when he said it. He knew that I could never do anything like that.

One Friday I really needed a break from the fight at home so a couple of my girlfriends took me out to this trendy new restaurant. It was there that I met this thirty-something guy named Blake while we waited in the bar for our table. He was very cute and I couldn't stop flirting with him.

He played along and flirted back. It felt like he wanted me. Of course I knew he was just playing me, but at that point I really didn't care. I have no idea what possessed me to do this, but when we got up to go to our table I scratched out my number on a napkin and slid it over to him. I never expected Blake to call me. It just seemed like a fun, spur of the moment thing to do.

That next Monday I was surprised when Blake called. We talked for about an hour that day and then again every day that week. He was so easy to talk to. By Friday the conversation had turned to sex. Imagine that. I asked if he thought about me when he masturbated. He tried to claim he didn't do that, but I knew better.

I told Blake that David masturbated and about how I caught him having the affair. I also told him how much it hurt me to watch that awful video. Blake tried to lighten things up by saying that I should fuck him a bunch of times and make David watch. I instantly became excited, and totally flustered. Not knowing what to say, I just hung up. I was such an idiot. I wanted to call him right back but I felt bad for hanging up and didn't.

I didn't talk to Blake for days after that. But I couldn't stop thinking about having sex with him, and strangely the idea of doing it in front of David got me excited. Then it went from just thinking about it to really wanting it. I knew David would never go for it, but my thoughts wouldn't stop. Finally I came up with a sneaky little plan to trap David into it.

I bated David into a fight over his affair and told him I wanted to leave him. David defended himself and gave me all the reasons we should stay together. After his speech I agreed to stay under one condition. I was going to take him up on his offer to have sex with someone else, and he had to watch me do it. I told him it was either that or a divorce. David just sat there looking shocked, and then just quietly mumbled that he didn't want a divorce. I took that as a yes to the sex.

For the next couple of days I could think of nothing else. I had wanted Blake to fuck me pretty much from the moment I first saw him. Now I kind of had my husband's permission to let Blake have me. The thing is I wasn't sure if Blake would go for it. I was sure that Blake was joking about making David watch us have sex. Because of that, I figured that my threat to David would stay an empty one at best. So I didn't actually do anything to follow through.

Early one afternoon I was daydreaming about having sex with Blake, and out of the blue he called. He wanted to apologize for offending me at the end of our last conversation. I didn't really listen to his apology. I could only really think of one thing.

As soon as there was a pause in the conversation I interrupted and told him I was taking him up on his suggestion to make David watch me have sex. Then I just included him in my plan hoping like crazy he wouldn't object. I was surprised when he didn't tell me no. Blake and I spent the next hour or so discussing how we would meet for sex at a downtown hotel that coming Saturday.

On Saturday I picked up the key cards for the room, texted Blake the room number, and then went shopping for some sexy lingerie. While I was shopping I started getting really excited and had to be careful not to leave a wet spot on anything in the store.

When I got home I packed a little bag and made myself pretty for Blake. Then I informed David it was time for him to drive me to the hotel so he could watch me have sex. He couldn't believe I was actually doing it, or how fast I had set it up. I had to threaten him with the divorce again to keep him from backing out.

When we got to the hotel I was relieved to see Blake waiting in the lobby. The plan was for him to come up 30 minutes after David and I got there. I winked at him on our way by. I also texted him when we got to the room making sure he knew it was me winking at him. Between being super horny and nervous I just couldn't hold still.

After texting Blake I kicked the room's little desk chair over next to the bed. I made David pull his pants down around his ankles and unbutton his shirt. Pushing David backwards, I made him to sit. I got out my new lingerie and suggestively changed into it right in front of him. At that point David probably thought I was going have sex with him instead of another man, but he was so wrong.

I was sitting on the bed giving David the rules. (Stay in your chair, watch everything, no talking, and no touching yourself) I had just reiterated the no touching rule when there was a knock on the door. I grinned at David as I went to let Blake in.

I opened the door and took Blake by the hand and led him into the room. He stepped back and admired me and told me I looked amazing. I'm sure he was just playing me, but I loved the complement. Then I pointed to my exposed husband sitting in his chair and introduced Blake to David. Blake just looked at him and chuckled a little.

Then things got really awkward. My heart was pounding like crazy and my nerves tingled all over. I just stared at Blake, totally aware of my own excited smile. I wanted him so bad, but I wasn't sure he really wanted me. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally pulled me in and kissed me.

Oh my god, Blake was a great kisser. It got me even more excited than I already was. He was so sexy and I wanted him naked. I practically ripped his clothes off as we kissed. Then Blake peeled off what little I had on. When he pulled my panties away from my pussy, it felt different than usual, so I looked down.

There in the crotch of my panties was a big creamy wet spot. I had never been this horny before in my life, not even close. Just for spite I walked over to David and gave him an up close view of the wet spot and stuck my tongue at him, teasing him over how damned excited I was.

Now naked, Blake and I caressed and kissed each other while I squirmed. As soon as Blake got nice and hard he turned me around, bent me over the bed, and started to take me from behind. Oh My God, I love being taken from behind! He rubbed his cock up and down, opening up my pussy and wetting his cock.

I almost couldn't take it. My body tingled with excitement as I squirmed all over trying to get him to put it in. I looked up to make sure David was watching and just then Blake pushed his cock into my pussy and started fucking me. I was so excited I came immediately, and David was looking right at my face the whole time. It was priceless.

After my first quick little orgasm, I dropped face first onto the bed. I was embarrassed over coming so quickly, but I didn't much have time to think about it. Blake immediately grabbed me and rolled me over, threw me further up on the bed, and shoved his cock back into my pussy. I didn't come again, but this insertion still made me gasp. Blake was just taking me, and I loved it. With David, sex was more like a negotiation. Then Blake started fucking me in a slow and sensuous, yet forceful way. This was also way different than sex with David. Blake's cock felt really good in my pussy, and I felt like he wanted me.

Blake was staring into my eyes and telling me how pretty and sexy I am, and I was eating it up. Then he started telling me stuff like how warm and soft my pussy felt on his cock. I responded telling him all about how his thick cock felt inside me and what a good fuck he was. I never thought I would like dirty talk, but apparently I do. Next thing I know an orgasm is building up. It felt so good and I didn't want that feeling to go away. I begged Blake to fuck me harder. He did, and I came again. It was intense and lasted a long time. I've had maybe one or two orgasms like this before in my life. It was awesome.

After I recovered from orgasm two, Blake pinned me down and started kissing me. I couldn't move and had that wonderful feeling of being taken again. He teased my breasts for a good long while, and then he kissed his way down and started eating my pussy.

Damn, he was good at this too. The texture of his tongue made my pussy quickly become both numb and incredibly tingly at the same time. It was like my pussy was an ice cream and he was licking it away. My whole body tingled when he started teasing my clit with his tongue. I couldn't hold still and I may have grabbed a handful of Blake's hair to hold him there, but I am not sure. All I know is that I didn't want him to stop.

From the moment he touched my clit it felt like I was starting to come, but it wouldn't finish. I just laid there at the edge of an orgasm and the intensity kept on building. I felt something pushing into my pussy and realized that it was Blake's fingers. He started caressing what must have been my G-Spot while he sucked my clit. Wow! It felt amazing and finally pushed me over the edge. I started having a huge orgasm.

I felt myself arching hard which drove my pussy hard onto Blake's mouth as giant waves of pleasure rushed through body into my pussy. I wanted to cry out loud, but I could hardly make a sound. I would catch just a single breath, and then another intense wave would rush through my pussy. This kept on going over and over again. Oh my god this was so intense. I wasn't just having an orgasm... I was fucking coming.

Finally I felt I couldn't take it anymore, and I pushed Blake's head away. Amazingly strong aftershocks of orgasm kept on going well after Blake stopped touching me. Wow, Blake had just given me the orgasm of the century, and David had to watch the whole thing.

After this orgasm I could barely feel my body. It felt like I was floating in warm pool full of tiny bubbles. The sounds of the hotel became muffled and I felt completely at peace. My mind was adrift with pleasant emotion. If you have ever had one of these orgasms you know what it's like. If you haven't had one, by all means go and get one.

The post orgasm bliss probably only lasted for ten minutes or so, but it felt like hours. I didn't want it to stop. The thing that finally brought me back to my senses was a wet cold feeling on my ass. When I looked to see what it was, I saw a sizable wet spot on the sheets. I thought for a second it was Blake's semen. Then I remembered he wasn't fucking me. I got really embarrassed. I thought I must have accidentally peed a little while I was coming. I immediately apologized for it, but he swore it wasn't pee.

Now it was my turn to fuck Blake. I wanted to make him come really hard like he had made me come, and I wanted David to see me make him do it. I straddled Blake and slid my pussy along his cock to get him hard again.

As soon as he was hard, I slipped his cock deep inside me and started fucking him. Blake started thrusting, driving himself even deeper inside me as I rocked. He grabbed my breasts and I held his hands there by the wrists and fucked him harder. I wanted to make him come. I wanted to feel his warm semen in my pussy. Then almost without warning I started feeling another orgasm coming on. I tried as hard as I could to hold off so that Blake could come too, but it was no use. I came again.

Once orgasm four was over I knew I was done fucking for a while. My pussy was way too sensitive for any more. I was lying next to Blake with my head on his chest looking at his cock while I played with it. Not thinking about the options I asked, "How do you want to come?" Blake whispered back, "In your mouth".

A rush of anxiety ran through my body. From our phone conversations he knew that was something I wouldn't do. I told him no, and to pick something else. Then Blake teasingly whispered, "I'm going to make you do it". My hair stood on end at the thought of being forced to do that. The thought of having cum in my mouth grossed me out, but for a moment I felt like I owed him. I was pretty sure I had peed in his mouth. Instead of saying, "Please don't make me." I just tried to convince him that I didn't know how.

The next thing I know Blake has me by the hands leading me to a place at the foot of the bed right in front of David and he orders me to get on my knees. My heart started pounding and I was shaking all over, but for some stupid reason I did what he said. I looked at David hoping he would break his silence and put a stop to this, but the bastard just sat there with smile and a fucking boner.

I just stared at the head of Blake's his cock while he stroked it. I wanted to have the courage to get started but wasn't finding it. Blake put an end to my indecision when he ran his fingers through my hair and took me by the head. It didn't hurt, but he was definitely in control. My mind kept telling me, "just say stop", but I couldn't seem to say it.

When he pressed his cock to my lips I gave in, took him in my mouth and started sucking. I was so scared, but at the same time incredibly excited. I was finding out what the term 'take me, make me' was all about that night, and 'make me' turned me on every bit as much as 'take me' did... Who knew?

So I was actually doing it. I was sucking cock and it didn't seem all that bad. Blake was making me go really slow and his cock felt smooth and almost velvety in my mouth. It sounded like Blake really liked the way I was doing it too. I figured I would be okay, as long as he didn't come in my mouth. After a bit he pulled his cock out of my mouth and was stroking it. I thought, cool he's just going to come on my face or something.

Instead of coming on my face, he made me lick all over his cock while he and David watched. Then Blake put his cock back in my mouth and told me I had to suck it while he jacked off. This reminded me that he could come at any moment and my heart started pounding again. I felt so out of control. Blake really was making me suck his cock, and what the hell, I was letting him! The only consolation was that David had to watch the whole thing.

Blake then told me to suck it harder. I did it and he shuddered and moaned while his cock jerked in my mouth. I was relieved when he didn't come. Right after that he ordered, "Don't stop. Don't stop until I am done coming".

Well I stopped. I did not want him to come in my mouth. I thought maybe I could just finish him in my hand or something. I tried to pull my head off his cock but his hand stopped me. I started to panic. Then this damned little voice in my head told me, "It won't be that bad. Just do it already. You owe him." So I slid back down on his cock and started sucking him hard just like he had asked. Instantly his body tightened and he moaned. Blake was coming and that same little voice in my head now said, "Oh my god why are you doing this?"

I braced myself for his little squirts of semen and wondered if I was going to be able to swallow them. Then Blake's cock started vibrating and instead of little squirts, huge gobs of nasty semen gushed into my mouth. It was so fucking gross. Having a mouth full of cum was far more disgusting than I ever could have imagined. It tasted awful and I had to fight hard to keep from gagging. I wanted to stop and spit it out, but as awful as it was Blake was having that huge orgasm I wanted to give him so I kept on sucking. This was by far the grossest thing I have ever done, but I somehow managed to keep on sucking until he was done.

When Blake finished coming I immediately pulled off his cock. I had to get that cum out of my mouth soon or I thought I might vomit. I was going to spit on the floor but I then I thought David needs to have a good look at what I just made Blake do. So I moved over, cupped my hands and spit out the semen showing David just how much I had made Blake come. Damn there was a lot of it.

That bastard David still had god dammed hard on and it pissed me off. So I took Blake's semen and rubbed it all over David's cock and balls. I started jacking David off using Blake's semen as lubricant. When David was about to cum, I stopped and blocked his orgasm. Then I got up and kissed David on the mouth and tried to part his lips with my semen coated tongue. He resisted, and as he pulled away I told him that if he ever cheated on me again I would make him eat another man's cum.

I rushed to the bathroom to rinse that nasty taste out of my mouth. Thank god the hotel had a little bottle of mouthwash. I came out of the bathroom I saw that Blake was laying back reeling from his orgasm, and David's stupid boner was gone.

I sat next to Blake and just looked at him and how perfect he was. I was strangely proud of myself for what I had just done. I had given Blake a really good orgasm and also punished David for his infidelity. At that moment I also knew that I'd never put anyone's cock in my mouth again. Oh my god that was so fucking gross.

Blake got up and was sliding his sexy body back into his clothes and I sat naked on the bed watching him. I told David he still needed to be watching too. I got up and walked Blake to the door. We kissed while he caressed my naked back and butt. It felt really good being held by him.

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