tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 03

What She Needs Ch. 03


(ok, since this came up....if you arent following the storyline and just want wild sex, there isnt any in this particular chapter. sorry i write for full involvement, not just to get you a quite orgasm...lol)


Having woken at five AM, David laid there in bed holding Maria. Her body was warm and entangled around his. He smiled thinking about the wild sex the two had endured throughout most of the night, but his mind kept going back to thoughts of Laura. He wanted to talk to John about the gas problem first thing, though he was sure his friend wouldn't want a call this early.

David slowly untangled himself from Maria, slipped on a pair of jogging shorts and made his way out to the kitchen. He started the coffee and went downstairs to get his paper. He was shocked to see Laura coming out of her house.

"Morning David." She called, smiling as she noticed the red car still parked out front.

"Morning. Why are you up so early?"

"Couldn't sleep, I figured I would take a jog." She was putting in ear buds as she continued out to the main road. Laura waved and then took off.

My God, her ass is nice in those shorts. He watched her continue down the road a bit then headed back up stairs.

Rich Columbian blend filled the house and Maria was there pouring two cups. She slid his over to him; black, "why ruin good coffee," is what he would always say. Maria on the other hand, liked a little coffee with her creamer.

"Why even bother, Maria? It's not coffee once you are done with it." He laughed.

She only sneered at him, took the political section from the paper and sat down at the table.

He once again looked at the clock, still too early to call his friend about the house. He sat across from her and looked for the local section. Both sat quietly sipping coffee and reading the paper. This was the reason why their relationship worked the way it did, and they both were content with it.

When Maria had finished her second cup of coffee she walked over and kissed his forehead, "I'll call you later."

He sat there at the table and watched her disappear down the steps. How could two people that had been so hot for each other last night be so cold to the other's emotions in the daylight.

He looked again at the clock, "Ahh...screw it. I'll just wake him."

David went down to the second floor and into his office. After flipping through the rolodex and finding the number he needed, he picked up the phone and dialed.


"John, it's David. I hope I didn't wake you."

"Nope, been up for an hour. Damn grandbaby is here and that little girl just does not sleep. What's up?"

David told John about the issue with the gas, and that the rental company still had not put up the house sign. John was rather angered and mentioned the contract with that company was up for renewal. He asked if David had any recommendations; David said he would ask around. They talked about the weather and fishing; when John would be back down; what had happened to Janelle.

As David was about to say his goodbyes, John asked, "So is she hot?"

"Who?" David seemed confused.

"The little girl next door."

"My God, John. She is barely old enough to drink!"

"Wasn't the question I asked."

"You're a sick fuck, you know that?"

"I'm gonna take that as a yes."

"Why would that be a yes?"

"Cause if she were fat or ugly, you would have said rather quickly, 'no, she's not my type.' Being defensive means you are guilty of naughty thoughts about a girl that could be your daughter. Wonder if I should come down personally to check on that gas issue."

"Bye John, see you in two months."

Both men laughed as the phones were hung up.

David quickly checked the surf report on his computer, and with a wide smile on his lips, he headed up to change. It had been bad surf for five days straight and today promised to break that cycle.

After changing he grabbed some toast and another quick cup of coffee then back downstairs. He was strapping the boards to the top of his LandRover when he looked up and saw Laura jogging back up the drive. He waved.

"Gonna try the surf again?" She called.

"I'm heading down south. It's breaking great there." He paused for a brief moment, "Want to join me?"

Laura stopped and thought about it. She didn't really know him, but twice now he had been in her house and had done absolutely nothing to show her harm or give her concern. She also had no plans for the day.

"Ummm, ok. Let me change." She darted into the house.

He finished packing the truck and then locked up his house as she came down the steps from hers, bags and beach towels in tow.

"I packed some bread and lunch meats, figuring we would be gone most of the day."

He laughed as he added her things. "You women are always thinking ahead."

He opened her door for her and Laura looked a bit shocked.

"Yes, I know, not a common gesture among younger fellows."

She just smiled as he walked around and climbed in.

They pulled out onto the road and headed south along the beach road. Laura leaned back and looked at all the huge, brightly painted homes. Every year something around here changed; hard to believe that when she first started coming here as a child, there was almost nothing but dunes and a couple of homes, hotels, and even fewer businesses. She remembered driving back to the mainland for the little grocery store. The big four lane by-pass had been fairly new then and was rarely travelled, but now cars honked and weaved and it seemed every license plate was from out of state. They continued on south to the junction, David merged over into the left lane and turned, heading to another isolated island.

"Have you always lived here, David?" Laura broke the silence.

"No. I vacationed here starting in college. Then my wife and I continued to come down several times a year. My kids grew up spending most of their summers here. I am from Hampton originally."

Wow, Laura thought. He had a wife and kids. His kids were probably her age. Was he divorced, widowed? How did he end up here by himself? There was an odd silence as she pondered things.

David picked up on it immediately, "I am divorced. I have two daughters and a son."

Laura heard what she thought was a hint of bitterness in the last part when he said the word, "son."

"Do your kids live nearby?"

"One daughter, Emily, lives here. She works at the aquarium. My oldest daughter, Samantha, lives in Virginia, and well my son lives anywhere that will give him a free meal and roof over his head. He's the baby of the three and is still finding himself."

"Boys do mature slower than girls." She laughed.

"He's two years older than you and has less maturity than Sam's 11 year old. I would blame his mother, but truth is, I can't say no to him either."

"Well, as you said, he is the baby. I am an only child." Laura got a little angry with herself for saying that. People always assumed an only child to be a spoilt brat and she was far from it. She had never wanted for anything growing up, but her parents made her work for everything she wanted. And now, hearing David talk about his son, she was glad she had been brought up that way.

David pulled her from her thoughts, "It must have been hard to loose your mother."

She nodded silently, turning to stare out at the flat marsh and the quick glimpses of the smooth sound.

"She went without warning in her sleep. It wasn't like she was sick or anything; she was just....gone."

They drove on in silence, passing the marina and huge fishing boats, crossing the bridge, and making their way onto the small narrow island that was scattered with towering houses on stilts. The stilts offered protection from the flooding from hurricanes and everyone wanted better views of the ocean. Here, a house set in the right position with a tall deck, could see both the sun rise off the ocean and set into the sound.

He wanted to ask her more about herself, but figured she might not want to talk to a stranger about such things, and she seemed to be lost in the surroundings and tranquility of the warm air and humming tires.

David slowed the truck and turned onto one of the narrow paths that took four wheel drive vehicles onto the beach. He maneuvered around other people parked out on the sand, fishing, tanning, kids playing. Then out in a certain section you could see all these people bobbing up and down in the swell of the waves, standing up to ride them in on perfectly honed boards. It was something Laura had never cared to do, but was mesmerized to watch.

Turning his truck and backing up he spun his tires in the sand lowering the rear of the truck. Laura laughed, it reminded her of her father when surf fishing. She climbed out and got set to finding a comfy place to lay out the large double towel she had brought.

"Do you need help, David?"

"No, I got it. You want to learn? The waves are easy right now, and I brought a long board."

"Oh no," she laughed. "My ex used to push me all the time. I have no desire to be shark bait, thank you."

David just laughed attaching the leash to his ankle and tucking his board under his arm, headed to the waters edge. "Suit yourself then. It's a rush."

He paused long enough to watch her pull the little sun dress over her head and settle in on the towel. She was gathering up the long fiery strands and bundling them on top of her head and her body and muscles twisted and rippled in the early morning sun. He shook his head as he dove out into the water and onto his board.

Laura looked up to see him standing at the waters edge, was he just checking her out? As he paddled out she couldn't help but chuckle and think to herself that he too was rather sexy in that moment, shoulder blades turning under his tanned skin, built calves tensed over the tail of the board. She blushed at the thought; then she looked at the other surfers. Most were younger guys and a few kids with their fathers. The waves looked to be knee high and had good even sets to them. With the tide, they would begin to get bigger.

Another truck pulled up beside David's and three guys her age jumped from it. She quickly noticed the license plate, a local.

The driver, a blond looked her over rather strongly, smiling. "You don't surf?"


"Want to learn?"

"I prefer to watch." Laura couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. His hair was cut rather short, but still had a wave to it, and his chest and abs were well defined, a bronzed God that women dreamed about and would worship.

The other two just remarked to themselves and headed to the water.

"I'm Jesse." He took a couple steps over and extended his hand.

Laura thought it rather smug of him, for all he knew her husband was out in the water. But she shook his hand and smiled sweetly in return.

Taking a guess she asked, "Did you blow off work for the surf?"

"Sure did. We can't all be rich and retired like David." He motioned to the Landrover. "Are you a friend of Emily's?"

Laura couldn't hide her smile. He was trying to figure out if she was intimate with David.

"No, I am staying in the house beside him. You are missing all the great waves Jesse." She teased.

He just shrugged, "I find you better to look at."

"Well that was blunt."

"Momma always told me to tell the truth. Want to have dinner tonight?"

"I'm not in the habit of going out with complete strangers."

That couldn't have been further from the truth. Her ex was a complete stranger when she spent the night with him, and now she was sitting on the beach having driven down with David, another complete stranger.

"By the end of the day, I will ask again, see if your answer changes. David can vouch for me." He obviously wasn't the type of guy used to hearing "no." His smile was cool, easy, and blatantly sexy. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of desire with it.

David nodded to the two locals as they joined him amid the other surfers.

"Aren't you too old to be out here, David?" Nick called.

"Well I see your brother would rather wipeout on a woman than a decent wave." David smirked back.

"Is she yours? Cause if so, you know he will back off."

"No, just a friend."

Jesse had paddled out to join them as Nick took off on a wave.

"Your brother is getting better."

"Teaching him everything I know. How ya been old man?"

"Still kicking your ass on sets, Jesse."

Jesse laughed. "Well, if I didn't have to work it would be a fair game. So tell me about Laura."

"Not much to tell, I don't know her very well. Just offered to drive her down here for the day. I think she's single."

"I told her you would put in a good word."

David laughed, then turned and paddled away to catch a wave coming.

Laura watched the surfers ride in on waves; paddle back out; dive off the board when they thought they might fall anyway. Watching the kids was really amusing, but as the surf grew bigger, the crowd started to dwindle.

She eventually flipped over onto her belly and reached back to untie the strings of her bikini. She laid her head down and closed her eyes. Lack of sleep and the rhythmic sound of the waves and breeze lulled her to nap. She wasn't sure how long she had been asleep when David's voice penetrated her thoughts.

"Falling asleep on the beach can be dangerous."

She lifted her head slightly and started to rise up; his hand pressing to her bare back reminded her of her loose top.

"See..." he chuckled.

"Mmmmm...lucky for me I have you."

"My God, Laura. Did you put on any sunscreen?"

"No, there is some in my bag though. She tied the back straps to her top and sat up. "Will put some on my back?"

Laura continued to watch the waves smiling every time she saw Jesse stand up on a wave.

David sat down behind her and started to rub her shoulders, he knew what she was looking at.

"He's a good kid."

Laura laughed, "Kid? He's probably my age."

"A year younger; and you are both kids compared to me. You would be perfectly safe with him if you two were to go out for dinner or such."

"He said you would vouch for him. Did you loose a bet?" She looked over her shoulder as she teased him.

His hands felt wonderful on her shoulders. It was a soft touch, he knew she was already burnt and was trying to be easy. His gentle caress moved down her shoulder blades and followed her spine then out her rib cage. David couldn't help but actually massage her back, not merely slap on the lotion. He thought for a moment her heard her moan and whimper softly. She was leaning forward, offering more of her back, and he quickly found himself rubbing her tiny waist and just at the line of the bottoms to the bikini. He shifted; her skin was so smooth under his fingers and rubbing such a younger beautiful woman was getting to him.

Laura couldn't stop herself from whimpering at his wonderful touch, and as his hands travelled further down her back and out along her waist she felt a soft tremor run through her. She gasped slightly, biting her bottom lip.

"So you think I should go out with Jesse," trying to get her mind from the sensations running through her.

"No, that isn't what I said, but if you are interested in having dinner with him, or getting to know him, then you would be safe. He did ask you out didn't he?"

"Yes, but I am truly not interested in romance while being here."

David just shrugged as he stretched out his legs, leaning back on his hands.

"Ham or turkey?" Laura was desperate to change the subject.

"Ham, please. So when do you have a visitor coming down? Any set plans?"

"My two best friends are coming down Friday through Monday morning, and they basically just want to sit by the pool or on the beach. Maybe I should invite Jesse and his friends over then." She joked as she handed him the sandwich.

"Oh, I can't guarantee he will behave with three beautiful young girls and his buddies egging him on."

They sat and ate their sandwiches, watching the waves crashing upon the shore. Other surfers came in and talked with David about patterns and sets. Laura couldn't help but notice the looks she got. David saw the looks also; he rolled his shoulders back and took in that deep breath again pulling his stomach in. It felt good that people thought he could be with such a hot little thing.

"Are we heading in also?"

"Not unless you need to get home. The sets will return in an hour, I would love to catch them again."

"Fine by me. I'm hot though, wanna come out with me?"

She had stood up and took a couple steps toward the water adjusting the little pink and white bikini. She flashed that sweet angelic smile then turned and took off down the slope to the refreshing water. David drew in a deep breath watching the sexy sway to her hips; that perfectly shaped ass popping. Again he shook his head trying to get the thoughts out of his head that were trying to control his senses. He stood and headed out to join her.

As she splashed into the water she turned to see him dive in behind her, emerging close enough to grab her as a wave unsettled her tiny frame. Wrapping her tight in his strong arms, she also clung to him, pressing her soft curves against his body.

"Never turn your back on the ocean."

She laughed and tickled him as he let go of her, "I was distracted by some old guy going under the surf."

"Old?!" David pushed her under the water, holding onto her arm to be certain not to loose her completely and pulling her back up.

She was laughing when she came back up. They continued to splash and swim in the lull of the waves, talking casually between each other. Her eyes kept darting over to Jesse as he and his brother swam out much further.

David felt a twinge of jealousy and he was shocked at the feeling. He barely knew Laura, and she certainly had shown no interest in him. It must just be a man thing to want something so beautiful to look at you in such ways.

"The sets are picking up, think I will go in and get my board."

Laura swam over and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressing her small bikini clad body and lush breasts to his muscular back, "I don't swim all that well. Mind hauling me in?"

He just laughed at her, "If you don't swim well we shouldn't have come out this far." Truth was, had he known that bit of information he might have taken her out farther.

He swam her in, well beyond where she could have touched, just so he could continue feeling her hold to him tight. Then they walked up the beach together. As she dried off he looked through his phone at an email and a missed call. Seeing her already laying on her back and about to get burnt, he knelt beside her and spoke up.

"Want some sunscreen on you before I go?"

He knew she could easily apply it to her front, but he was hoping she would allow him to rub her down with it. It was again that primal urge of a man that wanted to touch a beautiful woman, and she knew it.

With a soft smile and nod from her, he leaned over and started applying the sunscreen to her front shoulders and chest, gently moving the thin straps of her bikini to cover as much of her as possible. David let his fingers follow the round curve of her breasts, fingertips dipping under the small triangles that barely covered supple tits and hardening nipples.

He moved over her flat belly, smiling at that pink stone in her navel and the way her fragile waist felt in her hands. And just as he had done with the straps of the top, his fingers slipped under the straps on her hips that held the tiny piece of fabric that covered her mound and ass. He wondered if she were shaved bare, from here it seemed so, but she might have had a very tightly trimmed strip.

Something in him changed from friendly older father figure to the sexually aroused man he truly was as he rubbed her legs, working from her feet up. His touch was sensual, gliding and smooth, kneading her muscles and touching with tenderness all the areas a more experienced man knew to touch, ankles, the back of knees, that small crevice where the leg meets the pelvis. Slightly unnoticeable touches of soft fingertips, and he saw her stir at it. The little rise to her hips, thighs tightening in anticipation. It was the final simple touch to each hip bone that made her look up and lock eyes with him, taking a deep breath and parting her lips in a quiver of a sigh.

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