tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 05

What She Needs Ch. 05


Laura spent the next couple of days lounging by the pool or visiting some of her favourite attractions. She went to the aquarium mid day on the sunniest of days. She had learned this was the quietest time there and she could sit back and enjoy the fish better. Finding a nice spot in front of the large shark tank, she sat and just watched them swim and go on with their lives in such a small space.

Oddly she pondered the where about of each fish. Were they bred in captivity or caught in the wild? Had they been injured and unable to return back to the ocean? This particular display only housed animals that were local, right off the coast of the aquarium. Scary thought when one saw the hideous teeth of the sand tiger shark; not that they were any danger. No, it was those bulls that pulled swimmers under. Funny, they didn't have any bull sharks here, and the coast was loaded with them.

Laura's thoughts were pulled from the fish when she saw a young couple walking through the exhibit. They were wrapped up in each other and other than her and maybe five other people, the large room was fairly silent. Laura took quick notice of several employees standing at the two entrances of the exhibit, keeping watch and asking people to stand back.

Laura smiled and watched as he brought her to the middle of the tank and dropped to one knee. The girl began to cry immediately. Laura couldn't hear exactly what he was saying, something about meeting there, and needing her for all eternity.

The girl nodded through sobs and they kissed; everyone applauded. After some pictures, the couple and what looked to be their parents headed off.

Laura thought about Brad. She thought sure he would have been the one. It had gotten to the point that she was hinting at rings, looking at them. Hell, he had even looked with her, let her try on a few. Then every special date, every weekend away, she was waiting for it, but nothing.

Finally, after over hearing a conversation he had with his mother, about needing to travel and see places; that he was too young to settle down, Laura sat him down and ended it. In a need to drive a point home, she used his own excuse on him. That she wanted to visit far off worlds and meet people she would never have known otherwise.

Laura had said it all with a straight face and held her breath when he had begged her to reconsider, that he loved her and they had bright future together. She walked away; spent the next few nights crying and almost ready to go back to Brad, but then a friend called her about going to Vegas, so she did. It was wonderful. Just five girls out to have a good time and leave all their dirty little secrets behind them, and Laura had left several of those secrets back in that town.

It was a week after coming home that she got the phone call from her father, an odd phone conversation at that. He was usually so reserved with his emotions, the one in the family that held himself together and got things done. This time however, he was a wreck. The words were jumbled and she barely made out, "she's dead." But that was all she needed to make out. Laura had then told him to call her uncle, and just sit tight till she could get there. As her father broke down, she calmly explained what would need to be done, and that she would handle several things before coming to the house.

When Laura hung up the phone, her hand was shaking and she quickly went into the bathroom to vomit. It took her almost three hours to get herself composed enough to drive to her dad's house....her home. She was a Daddy's girl, but she and her mother were always close, and their relationship had gotten closer as Laura continued to age.

The week following was a blur, visitors, cards coming in, settling papers; and the food....so much food. She had made her mind up the day of the funeral that she would go away for a few weeks; something her mother had said kept ringing in her head.... "find time for you."

So here she sat, watching the sharks and fish swim in their fake world quite content to be boxed in and accept what was handed to them in life.

The ringing of her phone brought her back to reality.


"Hey girl, we're on our way."

"Ok, see you in three hours or so."

Laura stood and stretched and headed off to drive back to the house.

As she climbed into her truck, the phone rang again; it was Jesse. They had talked on the phone and had ice cream one night, but otherwise she had kind of kept her distance. Thinking about her friends though, she answered it.

"Hey there."

"So, what are your plans for tonight?" He asked.

"My girlfriends are on their way. Think we will just relax when they get in, but I was thinking about a nice pool party tomorrow night. Ya know, hamburgers, hotdogs kinda thing. Got some friends you could bring over?"

"I sure do. What time?"

"Maybe two or so?"

"Sounds perfect. I will see you then."

Once home, she stared into the fridge and opened and closed cabinets, she just wasn't in the mood to cook anything.

"I shoulda picked up a burger or something."

With car keys in hand she headed back out the front door.

"Where ya headed?" The question echoed over from behind her.

It was David. He too was standing by his truck.

"Not in the mood to cook. I was gonna get a burger."

"Do you like Mexican? I was off to eat and would rather not sit alone."

She laughed at his phrasing.

"Ok, sorry, that came out completely wrong. Would you like to join me?"

She was already crossing the small grass strip, "I sure would."

He again opened the door for her.

"So where have you been most of the day?"

"The aquarium."

He looked over shocked, "It isn't that big of a place."

"I relax there. Watching the fish is soothing."

"Well, I agree. You know, I could call Emily, get you in behind the scenes."

"Really?! Oh David, I would love that!"

"Sure, maybe one day next week."

Laura was beaming from ear to ear.

It was a short ride to the little restaurant on the by pass, several people were seated outside, margaritas in hand waiting for tables.

"Must be good food."

"It is."

David opened the door and took her arm gently. He would start his slow seduction now, during dinner. He knew with a girl like her, and of such young years there were two ways to do this. The easiest way would be to get her drunk and just fuck her; knowing full well that in the morning she would hate herself and him, and that she would probably run home early. The second way, the way he intended to win her, was just to be her friend, with subtle hints of attraction; let her figure it out on her own that he wanted her, and then she would realize too that she wanted him.

Most young women craved older men; they only had a hard time getting past the age, or the "Daddy complex." Older men had better knowledge of what felt good to a woman, and how best to treat them. It was about bringing her pleasure, not how many times he could get off.

"Mr. Ross, so good to see you. Come, you needn't wait for a table."

Laura looked over to him smiling; she had that funny look on her face. David only winked and put his hand softly at the small of her back as they walked to a back room.

The gentleman sat them at a small table, and David offered a chair; then conveniently sat to her right, instead of across the table from her. This put him slightly closer to her, allowing for subtle touches that may seem accidental.


"Jack and coke, please."

Laura thought for a moment, "A strawberry daiquiri."

David looked at her smiling, "Thought sure you would get a margarita. You don't do tequila?"

"Oh, I do, but I drink it in shots, not fruity drinks."

"I'll keep that in mind." They both laughed glancing over the menu, talking about what was good, or what was too much food for someone so small to eat.

As they sipped at their drinks, David watched her intently, the way she opened her napkin and placed it in her lap, setting the flatware just so, even how she properly put her drink and water glass in certain spots. She didn't lean on the table, or slouch back in the chair, too prim and proper he thought. He wondered if she were putting on heirs for him.

Laura glanced up and saw him watching her.

"I know, bad habit. My ex hated it."

"Hated what?"

"My 'do goodly' table manners." She laughed. "He used to say, 'why can't you be normal like everyone else.'"

"It's a good trait. Shame more people aren't raised in such ways."

"OH! I saw a couple get engaged today at the aquarium. It was so romantic...or maybe sweet, not so much romantic."

He laughed at her re-wording.

"Were you ok with that...ermmm...I mean...well, did it upset you?"

"Huh? Oh, no. It made me think, but no, it didn't upset me. May I ask; how long have you been divorced?"

"Just over 10 years now."

"You didn't care to remarry? Or are you still looking."

"A little of both. If I meet the right woman, then perhaps, and if I don't, then I am fine being a bachelor. How was your date with Jesse?"

"It was very nice, quite a gentleman for someone of his age."

He wanted to expand on that thought. "Oh? How do you mean?"

"Well, there was a moment when it got rather intimate, and he was understanding when I...well...pulled back on the reins, let's say. Most guys his age assume, 'I bought dinner, now we go back to your place' especially in resort towns like this."

"I've known him since he was a kid; I wouldn't have sent you out with someone like that. It's a shame boys have to be like that."

"I know you wouldn't. Funny, that I should feel comfortable with you like that; the truth being that I barely know you, but I am at ease with you and trust you, and who said just 'boys' are like that?" She giggled.

He took the moment to reach over and push the auburn curls from her shoulder. A soft touch that seemed to be out of concern that they may get in her way, but it was slightly affectionate.

"It's the age thing." He laughed as he did so. "I'm old and trustworthy."

"No, I don't think that is it at all. I just get good vibes from you. I've been with older men, they can still be perverts." She winked at him.

"Oh, I thought the assumption was that all old men were perverts. Like now, for instance."

Laura almost choked on her food. "Excuse me? How so?"

"Well, several people have looked over here at the two of us. I can read the expressions. Some assume we are father and daughter. The others assume we are lovers. See that women by the window, in blue?"

Laura casually looked over and saw the women sneering over at them.

"She thinks I am a sicko taking advantage of a young girl. And the man two tables over from her, the one with a huge grin. Well, he thinks I am the luckiest SOB in the world."

Laura laughed with him, but she did notice what he was talking about.

"I would assume that women would most often have the belief that an older man is taking advantage of a younger woman. And well, what man wouldn't want to be in such a position. But I am of the firm belief that age is a number only. Maturity comes with life and mindset, and as long as two people have an attraction and sexual gratification from one another...why the hell not. Besides, once again, with your financial security, I could be the one taking advantage of you."

This time it was David that almost choked. He took a minute and cleared his throat.

"So you think it is fine...or rather possible for two people of such an age difference to ummm....well, enjoy each other? Don't you think they may be looking for different things?"

"Please, David. I am quite sure there is more confusion between two twenty-three year olds about what constitutes sex. The girl will tell you she wants to feel loved and needed...a connection. The guy will say, 'well, its just sex.'"

Laura looked over at the woman again; something stung her seeing that look. She looked at David, reached out and touched his cheek softly, as if she were wiping away food or such. David was just as surprised by her action. He got what she was intending when she caught his eye and pursed her lips in a kiss.

He chuckled with her, glancing over at the woman who was almost glaring red.

"Are you sure you are only twenty-three?" He teased.

He paid the bill and helped her from her seat, making sure to keep a hand on her at every step. They talked lightly on the way home. Pulling into his drive, he helped her from the truck and casually took her hand.

"Your friends aren't due for a bit. Why don't you come in and sit for a while."

Laura didn't even flinch. "Sounds great."

He led her up into the home and upstairs, watching as she slipped off her shoes and sat on the couch.

"How about some wine?"

"Trying to get me drunk, David? I couldn't help but notice you kept bringing on the daiquiri's."

"Damnit, you caught me. Guess I got myself thinking about the older guy younger woman thing."

He handed her a glass and sat beside her on the couch, leaning back. She turned and looked at him as she sipped the chardonnay.

"Oh, I am sure you have plenty of little hotties running about. Last thing you need is another."

David just drank from his wine glass, letting the comment linger in thought.

"I've really enjoyed our time together, David."

"So have I, Laura.

"I would never take you as an old pervert at all."

He loved her easy manner and the way she felt comfortable with him, but more than that, he loved how comfortable he felt with her. She seemed so much more than her years, and her beauty was stunning. He likened her to a Celtic Goddess. Damnit David....now you're gonna picture her in some shear white flowing gown.

He shifted positions on the couch. He had had several drinks at the restaurant and sitting here now, with her curled up on his couch, watching the way her little painted toes kept tapping out an unheard beat. If it had been any other woman he would have reached out a grabbed her right then.

But when he shifted, inadvertently she did also, putting them even closer together. She looked at him, her stunning green gems catching his bright blues; did she just blush?

Laura was happy when her phone rang. She had felt her heart rate increasing. She told herself it was the alcohol, but down deep she knew better. She kept thinking of the other night in the hot tub. Why did those eyes have to be so bright, so clear? Why did she feel so easy with him?


"Hey girl, Carey sped like a demon; we are crossing the bridge now."

"Ok, see ya in ten."

David sighed, hoping she couldn't tell he was disappointed.

"The girl's are on the island?"


"Guess I will walk you back over."

She chuckled. "David, it's only next door. I am a big girl."

"You've had a lot to drink, would hate for you to fall flat on that pretty face."

She blushed again.

He took her hand and steadied her as she slipped on her shoes. He kept a hand on her arm or her back as they walked.

"Oh, tomorrow, around two...we are having a little party. Just light stuff, hamburgers and such."

"That is nice of you, but you don't need an old guy hanging around."

"Nonsense, the only way to make sure the old geezer next door doesn't call and complain about the racket is to invite him." She gave a soft nudge as she smiled sweetly up to him.

At her door, she turned in to him, pouted out her lush bottom lip and batted those long dark lashes, "please."

"Ok, then. I will bring some shrimp." Looking down at her, he could tell she was a bit tipsy, just as he had intended. Brushing a wild curl that clung to her lips, he kept his hand on her face, then leaned down and kissed her cheek very gently, lingering there. He took in a deep breath, was that perfume or her shampoo? It was heaven; so sweet and warm spring. He could breathe it in forever.

Laura felt his lips on her cheek; it seemed to be happening through skips in time, not fluid movement. It was the alcohol, she knew that. What she didn't know was why he was kissing her cheek; why he was lingering so close, how to react, was it just friendly. Her mind was spinning and through it all her heart began to race.

Oh my God. In one movement she opened the door and took a step back away from him.

"Thanks for dinner David. See you tomorrow."

She turned quickly and shut the door, taking in deep panting breaths, trying to wrap her head around it all. The heat was there between her legs, her panties were wet. Had a simple, soft kiss to the cheek made her cum? She just stood there leaning against the front door.

David stood on the other end of the door. Any other man would have felt embarrassed or thought he had screwed up. But he was older, had been around a lot of women. He knew very well that flush to her face; he was even certain he could make out that frantic pace to her heart. And now, watching her stand there on the other side of the door, just leaning against it, he knew. She was affected by the kiss; it had turned her on, possibly even made her excited.

He turned and walked home with a little smile on his face.

Laura took the steps up stairs slowly, letting her mind circle around what had just happened. She wanted to take a shower. Nope, she seriously needed to take a shower.

The girls will be here in just a minute, then...you can get a shower.

As soon as that thought cleared her head she heard the front door open. Carey was yelling something about needing a drink. That she had done all that driving while the other two just boozed it up.

Laura met them at the top of the stairs, smiling.

"Same old Carey. I bet AA will miss you this weekend."

"Yeah yeah, funny."

Behind her Jen and Kim walked up the stairs. Both of them were stunning brunettes with deep brown eyes. Most people thought they were sisters by their looks. Kim was much more endowed and curved, and Jen was the petite beauty.

All three were wearing bikini tops and little shorts.

After exchanging hugs, Kim asked first, "So where is this pool and hot tub."

"Down stairs, I am need of a quick shower, drop your stuff in any room on the next floor and I will join ya'll in a bit."

The two look a likes turned and headed off, Carey instead shot her friend a questioning glance.

"A shower? Before the pool?"

"Don't ask." Laura rolled her eyes and headed back to her room.

Turning on the water she shed out of her clothes, noticing that wet spot in her lace panties. She just couldn't wrap her head around what had happened. She felt sure it was just a friendly thing, that he meant nothing by it, but why did she react like that around him.

As she let the hot water run over her, she thought back over the evening...the drinks, the conversation, the way he had touched her, the way she had touched him. She could feel that quiver again, and her fingers had mindlessly wandered between her soft folds and she was rubbing her clit; this time clearly thinking of David. She started to picture him that day on the beach. How handsome he looked paddling out, the way he had rubbed her when applying sunscreen.

She whimpered softly as two fingers pushed into her sex. Then she startled as the door to her bathroom opened.

"Hey girl. I can't find a cork screw for the wine."

"Jesus Carey! You scared me!"

"Sorry. You want some help in there?"

"I thought you wanted a cork screw?"


Laura heard her friend giggle.

"I haven't seen one. Go next door, the house with the Landrover, ask David for one. Tell him who you are."

"Is he cute?"

"What?! Ummm....hell, Carey, he's my father's age!"

"Ok...again, is he cute?"

"Just go get the damn cork screw."

Laura wasn't sure she wanted to answer that question.

"Sure thing. Then I'll come back and help you."


Laura sat there taking several deep breaths as she heard the door shut.

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