tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 13

What She Needs Ch. 13


"David, thank you so much for taking us out." Jason was beaming from ear to ear as he and Laura took pictures with their catch. He had landed a 412 pound Blue Marlin, while Laura was excited with her 120 pound cobia, landing her the new state record. She watched as the crew hurried to unload the countless tuna and dolphin they had caught as well.

"My pleasure Jason, I had just as much fun."

Laura was talking with one of the gentleman about how much fish they would like to keep, and the rest could be sold off. She wasn't paying much attention to the two men. She had been trying to concentrate on the fishing with her father and not so much on David. But as the hours out on the water went by, David and her father had joked and laughed and looked every bit of the closest of friends.

Why wouldn't they? The men were similar in age and had the same interests. With a glance over, Laura groaned seeing them laugh and smack each other on the shoulders. Her father made his way over to her.

"That's my little girl, taking care of the necessities. David is having the taxidermist come claim the marlin and cobia. I'm gonna have them mounted."

"Daddy, that's expensive."

"It's taken care of sweetie. This is a special moment and I want that big fish on my wall to remember it."

She just laughed at him as he pulled her into a hug.

David was watching from his place on the boat. The thought went though his mind that he was a sick ass. A relationship with Laura shouldn't have been sexual, it should have been fatherly. When she had first come to him she was so scared about the gas leak. He had been angry that she could have been seriously hurt or even killed. It was the natural reaction for a man his age over such a young girl. It had been a fatherly reaction. When had he seen her as such a beautiful sexual being? When had he decided to cross the line and have her?

"Thank you David." He hadn't even noticed her walk up. She had that bright wonderful smile. "We had a great time. Thank you so very much."

He was just as shocked when she threw her arms around his waist and hugged him tight.

He just put a hand on her back and hugged her, placing a kiss on her forehead. "Anytime baby girl, I am glad you caught that record. Watching you bring it in was amazing." He laughed, "and that record will stand on my boat as well."

She started laughing, "oh! Feeding off my buffet huh?"

She hadn't let go of her hug, still keeping her arms around him just looking up as she joked with David. Again Jason saw the closeness between the two and it was slightly unsettling. He was trying to put the pieces together. He had learned some about Laura's weeks here and about David and the boy he had met earlier, Jesse. Of course, his daughter had left out many details, but he was filling in some of the pieces.

The younger guy Jesse wanted Laura, but Jason could see that while she obviously was attracted to him, she was not warm and affectionate with Jesse. Now, to see her with David, it was extremely affectionate, but Jason couldn't determine if it was friendly or much more than that. His temper was rising slightly to see his daughter hold on to the older man. He wondered if they had been intimate. What sicko would have a sexual relationship with a woman more than half his age?!

He strode over quickly and took Laura's arm, forcing a smile as he coaxed her out of David's arms; suddenly sorry he had agreed that he and Laura would join him for dinner.

"We should head back to the house Laura. David invited us over for dinner."

Once again Laura was hit with a flare of anger. David was continually putting her in an awkward position with her father. And she could pick up on her father's reaction; she could see he was questioning their relationship.

As they made their way to the house, the ride was quiet with unasked questions and puzzling thoughts. Laura took a deep breath and released it slowly.

"Dad, I...."

"I wont ask, and don't really want to know, Laura. You are a grown woman, and can make your own choices. Your happiness is all I care about. Both guys seem very nice and genuinely care about you."

The whole statement was forced. The truth was Jason cared greatly about what was going on and what she was thinking, but the thought of her telling him she was in love with or had an intimate relationship with David made his stomach turn. What was funny was that had Laura not been his daughter, he would have been extremely jealous of David. But since it was his daughter, he just thought the man a sick bastard.

"Dad, I am coming home in a few days. I wont continue a relationship with anyone long distance, or right now for that matter. Finishing my degree is the only thing on my mind right now."

"Well I am glad you have your priorities straight."

Her phone rang and she answered it without looking. She should have checked because it was Jesse. He asked about the fishing trip. In usual fashion on the island he knew who they had gone out with. Jesse wanted to talk. He wanted to know where he stood.

"I cant right now, Jesse. And Dad made plans for us to eat dinner with David. Can I see you tomorrow?"

"That's fine." He hung up and from his response she knew he was hurt.

It only made her angry. It hadn't been her decision to go out on 'Envious.' Her jaw clenched; she was growing quite tired of being the hot potato between the two men.

"I take it Jesse was none to happy?"

"Dad don't, please."

Jason just shrugged. There was no point. He and his daughter had always been close, closer than most fathers and daughters, but it was on her doing. She would talk to him or tell him when she was ready, and no questions or prying would bring it about sooner.

They took showers and Laura got some of her leftovers out to try and clean out the fridge. Jason came out of the bedroom cussing.

"I will need to leave first thing in the morning. There are some issues with the estate settlement. I just don't understand how complicated this is turning out to be."

Laura sighed; she should have been the one handling all of this for him. Jason saw the look on her face. He knew what she was thinking.

"No way in hell sweetie. You will have to deal with all of it when I die. I wouldn't force you to go through it twice." He laughed.

She kissed his cheek and rubbed his back. "We should head over, Daddy."

Laura's eyes went wide when they walked over, the familiar red Camero was parked in David's drive. Jason shot her a look, but Laura said nothing.

Upstairs they found David and Maria both in the kitchen, a glass of wine sat waiting on Laura.

"Jason, I didn't know what you would prefer to drink."

"Bourbon if you have it, please."

As David poured him a drink, Laura made introductions. She wasn't sure if Maria had just dropped by or if David knew she would be there, but suddenly Laura relaxed. Having Maria join them seemed to ease some of the tension.

During dinner they talked about the fishing trip and Laura returning to college. Maria talked about a new job she had on the island and that she would be staying for a month. David obviously offered his home, but she said her business put her up in a very nice house in Corolla near the business that she would be working at.

Jason and Maria talked about the settlement of the estate, and Laura learned that Maria had been married, but her husband had died only two years later in a car accident. There was still pain in her voice when she talked about him. They had been high school sweethearts and after his death Maria sank everything into her career.

After dinner, the two men went onto the deck to enjoy cigars and Maria took the time to talk to Laura. Maria just knew that Laura was good for David. In three weeks she had seen a sizable difference in her long time friend. She didn't want Laura to hurt him, and more than that, she wanted the younger woman to recognize the feelings that were there. Even Maria could see the affection in Laura's eyes.

"So you are leaving Sunday?"

"Yeah, sadly. I could use another week. I even checked with the rental company, but the house is booked."

"I am sure David would let you stay here."

"I don't think that would be a good idea." Laura didn't know what Maria knew. Truth was the idea had crossed Laura's mind as well, but she didn't want to impose, and honestly thought it might truly be a bad idea.

Maria turned to look at Laura, giving the younger girl a knowing, and caring glare. "Laura, he really does care about you. I haven't seen him so happy. I've never seen him fret over a woman. They come and go and he just carries on, but with you it is different."

Laura stared at her; she didn't know what to say. She knew Maria and David were intimate, yet here she was talking to Laura about a relationship with him. She was a deer caught in headlights.

Seeing Laura's shocked expression, Maria decided to clarify things.

"Yes, he and I are...or rather, were sexually intimate. But that changed when he met you. He means the world to me, Laura, but neither of us is meant to be together. We have what we have. I want him to be happy; to meet someone that will be there every morning and evening; not just for a few fleeting days."

Laura stammered. "And what on earth makes you think that I am that woman?"

"Cause hun, I can see it in both of your eyes. Ya'll are both troubled by the relationship, and the future, but there is no denying what your eyes say when you stare at each other. Eyes are the window to the soul."

Laura just turned away and wiped the counter for the fifth time. "I don't know Maria."

"Stay another week. Take time to at least find out. Laura, you don't want to miss the chance to be truly happy hun. It makes the nights long."

Maria picked up her wine glass and walked out to join the men, leaving Laura to digest her words, and to wrestle with her emotions. She did want to stay another week, but she wasn't sure if it was just for David.

While the women cleaned up David and Jason sat in silence for a long time just enjoying the warm evening air and the cherry flavour of the cigars, it was Jason that spoke up first.

"I originally thought I would thank you for watching over my daughter while she was here. Then I thought I should slug you for being a sick son of a bitch. And now, having met Maria, I am thinking I should still kick your ass, but for playing two women." He turned his gaze to look at David sternly. "Am I wrong?"

David took a long pull from his cigar, and then let it out slowly, giving him time to process what he wanted to say. How much should he tell Jason?

"Maria and I fulfill a need for each other with a clear understanding of what the relationship is...and what it is not. Or rather we did fulfill that need."

Jason clenched his jaw and tightened a fist. So far, David's answer wasn't sitting well with him. "And my daughter?"

"That's more complicated." He decided to not only be honest with Jason, but with himself. Saying it out loud might be the clarity even David needed. "I care for her greatly. In all my years of being single and dating since my marriage ended, no woman has ever pulled at my heart the way she has. Sadly though, I think she is conflicted on her own feelings."

"She's only twenty-three." Jason proclaimed.

That one statement held so many meanings behind it. It was a reminder of their age difference; of her maturity level; of the fact that most twenty-three year olds were partying every night with their friends. Jason thought it perfectly normal for his daughter to want her freedom.

David just looked at him, puzzled. "I don't think she is confused on her life's choice. She is clear about her career and about what is expected of her. She is surprisingly mature for her years. And quite honestly Jason, I think she knows that being with me is a good choice and that she has fallen for me just as hard as I have fallen for her. The only thing holding her back is her past relationship and that she is over thinking the whole damn thing."

Jason laughed inwardly. That was very much his Laura. She was a free spirit, but often, if she slowed down and was given time, she would beat a dead horse in thought.

This didn't change the fact that Jason wasn't crazy over his daughter falling for such an older man.

"Don't you think you are being selfish, David?"

"Selfish?" He knew what Jason was hinting at, but he wanted the man to actually say the words.

"Your age, David. You will make her a very young widow."

David chuckled, "Jason look around you. I will make her a very rich widow, with time on her hands to remarry. Besides, I plan on living for a few more years. I promise she won't have to wheel me up the aisle after we say 'I do.'"

Jason didn't care much for David's jokes. He knew the older man was right, that his daughter would have a life few could give her, but David seemed to be so nonchalant about the whole thing. It angered him.

He rose quickly and turned and glared at David. "I won't have her go through this over and over. Her mother's death was extremely hard on her. She put on a façade and pushed through. She helped me and carried me. Without her, I would have sank. In the future, she will have to go through this for me, which is understandable; but she shouldn't have to do it with her husband."

David just smiled at him. He wasn't going to argue with Jason, He could fully understand where he was coming from.

"Jason, had she married her ex, or if she were to marry Jesse, they could be killed in a car accident like my husband." Maria had walked into the conversation.

Jason turned around and looked at her, sighing. "She is my daughter; I want what is best for her."

"No one is making future plans. I'm not buying a ring. I just didn't want to lie to you about how I felt about her."

"I appreciate that." There was an odd silence, as if David and Maria were waiting for him to say more.

The door opening drew everyone's attention to a puzzled Laura.

"Is everything ok?" She asked.

Jason let his eyes drift from Laura to David and then back again, trying to wrap his head around everything. It was a moot point if she was showing interest in Jesse, and if she was coming home in a few days. Maybe that was his true fear, that Laura would fall for David, give up school, and then move here and leave him behind. His little girl was growing up and knowing she would move on and follow her own dreams had made him so proud when her mother was there with him. But now it just scared the shit out of him.

"We were just talking about you sweetie and your plans for the future and college."

Laura's gaze shifted from her father to David. She knew her dad would not lie to her, but that statement seemed to have a mixed meaning to it.

"It's late, and I have to be up early." Jason extended his hand to David. "Thank you again for taking us out, and for dinner."

Maria stepped forward and gave Jason and Laura a hug and then father and daughter headed back to their home.

Maria put a hand on David's back as he leaned over the rail and watched them walk back.

"Just give her time David; him too. Make sure when she goes home that you keep in touch; emails or phone calls."

David sighed and shook his head, turning to wrap arms around Maria and hug her close to him.

"Why are you pushing for this?"

"Cause I can see what she means to you. I can see that she would make you happy. You haven't had that spark in your eyes in years David."

He knew she was right. Any other time, holding Maria this close would stir his cock. He would be kissing her; his hands roaming all over her. But all he could think about was Laura.

"I'll walk you to your car."


Laura had stayed up when her dad headed to bed. She was tired from the early morning and long day, but her mind was spinning and she couldn't sleep. She had seen Maria leave and was surprised by it. What had the three of them been talking about when she came out?

She was relaxing in the hot tub when she looked up and saw David standing on his back deck looking down at her. For a moment the two just stared at each other through the night. That tingling crawl went through her, the one that reminded her of how much she wanted him.

Without a word she stood and left the hot tub, disappearing inside.

David just sighed and walked back inside, running his hands through his hair. As he came to his front door, there was a soft knock on it.

He smiled when he opened it. "Had I not been standing here I would have never heard that little rap."

"Maybe I knew you would be standing there." She walked right past him and went up the stairs.

"And how would you know that?" He mused with a soft laugh, but he didn't allow her to answer.

Instead he grabbed her waist and pressed his lips hard to hers, his tongue demanding entrance to her mouth. She didn't resist. She gave into him and dropped the large towel that was wrapped around her body.

David was shocked to find her completely nude under it. He was hard in an instant, growling against her lips.

"You have this one moment to change your mind and go back to your house, otherwise, I am carrying you into my bedroom and making love to you."

Laura was pulling his shirt over his head, still trying to kiss him as he spoke.

"I want that David, please. I want to make love to you, to feel you inside of me."

That was it. He scooped her up, strong hands grasping her round ass cheeks and lifting. She instinctively wrapped her slender legs around his waist and squirmed against him, purring her content. She was hardly aware he had carried her into his bedroom until she felt the soft bed against her back. David followed her down and laid over top of her. His hands seemed to be every where at once, grabbing her supple tits, pinching those beautiful pink nipples and making them hard pebbles. She was then aware of a warm flat palm running down the length of her side leaving a wake of chills in its path.

He pulled his lips from hers and lifted up, looking over her beautiful young body. She was his, he could feel it. Laura had come to him, she wanted him, and when he was done with her she would never want another.

"David? Please don't stop." Her voice was pleading. Why was he just staring at her?

He pulled his shorts down and chuckled when Laura's bright green eyes drifted down to his standing cock and she licked her lush lips. He could spend all night enjoying that mouth wrapped around his length. Just as he could be very happy lapping cum from her tight cunt, but right now the only thing on his mind was making love to her. He needed to be buried inside of her.

As he stared at her, the vision of having her every night for the rest of his life flashed in his mind. The thought of cumming inside of her brought forth images of her carrying his child. His eyes drifted closed and he rubbed at his forehead. It had been years since he thought of a woman in such a way.

David lay down on top of her, just holding her close.

"What's wrong David? What is it?"

He looked deep into her eyes. "Laura, I need to know this is more than just a casual fuck. It doesn't have to be love, but it has to be more than just great sex."

Laura chuckled and ran her fingers through his hair, then touched his cheek softly. "First, it is amazing sex. Second, I really care for you, David. I don't know what will happen when I go home, but I know that I need you in my life."

With that he shifted his hips forward and found his cock sliding with ease into her wet sex as she rocked upward to meet him. Both of them moaned in unison as he buried his length to the hilt within her.

They both lay there for a moment, savouring the intense feelings moving through them. This was like coming home for him. Being inside of her, joined with her was everything for him.

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