tagBDSMWhat She Wants Ch. 02 Pt. 03

What She Wants Ch. 02 Pt. 03


I'm always a little insecure sitting in the Uber. Mostly, it's because I'm wearing a black kilt, which is not typical going-out clothes here, but also because even the most cursory look is going to find the handle of our ever present crop.

I endure and we remain fairly quiet on the way up. We can hardly chat about the entertainment to come in front of our friend in the driver seat. Anyway, the club is only about 10 minutes away tucked between a bridal boutique and a shoe store on a long shopping boulevard.

It's past 11 so there's no one out shopping and there aren't any bars or restaurants on that part of the block.

The driver drops us off at the corner and we pile out.

"Slave. Let's duck into that entryway over there." She's pointing at a little alcove a couple feet deep that leads to a door. It's shielded and slightly hidden from the sidewalk. Though it's fall and typically chilly, it's not too bad and there's no rain. There are a couple people walking along the sidewalk but it's pretty deserted.

"I think we're going to try something different this time. Let's be a little better prepared heading in." We normally go directly to the bathroom and put on our accessories and get ready before getting into the action. I have to agree it would be better to not have to take that step as it breaks the magic a bit.

"Put on the ankle and wrist restraints." I shudder a little as the thought of being seen walking around with those on. It would be quite humiliating out of context. But, we're only a hundred or so feet away from the entrance to the club and we're probably 50/50 to cross paths with a pedestrian along the way.

"Ok, now the collar."

Then she looks at me with that smirk I saw much earlier in the day. "Put your underwear in the bag." I hesitate for a moment and look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Slave. I won't punish you on the street for obvious reasons, but that hesitation has cost you. The price will be paid once we get inside."

Dammit! I reach under the kilt and slide them past the restraints and over the combat boots. In case you're wondering why I'm wearing underwear with a kilt: Uber = dirty seats = ewww. She stuffs them into our bag. Then she pulls out the leash.

"Lift your kilt." I take a quick look around to make sure no one is close by and lift it to expose my semi-erect member. She reaches down and attaches the clip to my ring.

"Give me your jacket. I want you in full slave mode heading in." I pass it to her.

"Oh slave. I said ... full ... slave ... mode."


"Put your shirt and kilt in the bag."

It's hopeless. I know not to hesitate but I'm trembling at the thought. This is actually a little dangerous because if we're seen by the police, it's going to be very difficult to make the case that my nudity is an artistic demonstration and not just a weird sex game.

I take off the shirt quickly and then set to work on the buttons and latches on the kilt. Just as I release the last button and one side falls away, we hear the sound of footsteps only a couple feet away.

I press my back against the door and one end of the kilt against my exposed junk. Mistress in her wisdom pushes into me and starts making out covering me with her body: two lovers in a doorway.

I close my eyes as they come by, but can't help but open one slightly to see two thirty-something women walk by chatting, but just as they're passing I catch the eye of one of them and see it spring wide as she registers that something particularly naughty is afoot. Her pace falters but they walk on. Seconds later we hear a burst of laughter from them.

We're both giggling as she steps back from me. I'm expecting her to hand me my jacket at least but instead I get a smack to the face.

"Why, Slave, do you persist in disrespecting me by not standing with your legs spread and hands at your side? We'll deal with that, too, in a few minutes."

"You will, of course, remember your behaviour earlier today at the club. When we are walking and you are on your leash, you will maintain a respectful distance behind me. Let's go."

And without so much as a glance down either side of the street, she pulls on the leash and drags me from the darkened alcove into the brightly lit shopping plaza.

If I had it my way, we'd run the whole distance. But, she has other ideas, in her thigh-high red PVC boots and tight fitting PVC dress she sets a stately but excruciatingly slow pace down the street.

I look and there are people everywhere. Admittedly, the adrenaline has given me super-human hearing and telescopic vision, so the couple walking towards us might actually be a few hundred feet away, perhaps not within ogling distance as they seem to me. Still, the walk takes a good couple of hours and my heart is thumping through my chest.

Finally, we reach the door, but the couple that was a fair distance off is now considerably closer and they seem to be looking a bit more intently at us.

Buzz! Mistress pressed the button. No answer. They're getting closer. Still no answer. Christ. They can see me now and they're pointing. Buzz! She tries again. They are almost up to us, not 20 feet away when the door's magnetic lock finally releases.

I'm ready to bolt. But mistress is looking in their direction and I know her well enough to see she's trying to figure them out. She opens the door, but doesn't move and now the couple is right beside us where they stop.

I'm standing naked on the street wearing nothing but restraints, boots, a leash to my retreating penis, and a crimson face and this early forties couple is gawking. Mistress is standing impassively with a slight smile.

"He's been a very bad boy and I'm going to take him upstairs to provide some training." The woman snorts out an explosive laugh and the guy just stands there shocked.

"Slave. Wish the nice couple goodnight."

My parched throat allows me to croak out the meekest of goodnights, before I turn back to face the stairs and follow her up

Whenever we go to parties where she gets to use her kinkware, she always draws quite a lot of attention. So as we enter, I hear the typical disturbance in the Force that her presence brings. However, as I look around I realise that it's not just her that's getting the stares. It's apparent that while people will frequently get into my predicament eventually, it normally takes a while at the party to work up to it.

Typically, this would have had me blushing and self-conscious but after the incident on the street, I've been inoculated for at least a while.

It's not a huge party. The place is probably just a little over a thousand square feet, but the whole apartment has been converted into a dungeon replete with all sorts of BDSM equipment and furniture.

"Follow me slave. We have some bad behaviour to amend."

It's actually fairly busy tonight so walking to the main room, where I appear to be being lead, involves winding through several people. Being naked around all these clothed people is hard enough but getting into their personal space is an additional humiliation as I try to ensure I don't rub my penis against some innocent bystander.

"It seems slave that while you are somewhat responsive to pain, its lessons fail to stick. Let's try a different way."

She leads me into a converted living room. There's a stage with a pole on it and around the outside of the room there are two couches and one big love seat forming a U facing the pole. She walks right up the stage and does a graceful turn around it while delicately twisting and turning to maintain her hold on my leash.

"Crawl to me my pet."

I get down on my hands and knees and start climbing onto the stage towards her.

Her twirl around the pole and our dramatic entrance has drawn even more people into the room with perhaps a dozen scattered around the couches and leaning up against the wall. I glance and see that we have everyone's attention.

Mistress looks up and seems to only just now realise there are so many people there. "Oh. I wanted to treat my slave to a special feeling as we entered the club so back at the corner I commanded him to remove all of his clothes. I was shocked when he hesitated before disrobing. Clearly he needs to be punished. Would it disturb you if I were to do it here?"

I couldn't help but slump my head further upon hearing the cacophony of "Oh no! Not at all. Of course. Go right ahead!" There were certainly some submissives out there and I cursed all of the traitors.

"Slave. Get into your floor position except rest your lips and face on my boot."

Already on the floor, I crawl a step towards her and lean forward to rest my face on her shiny red boot. Then I cross my hands behind my back and spread my legs out ensuring my cock and balls hang free and available to her torments.

"You will count clearly so I can hear you."

Whack! The tip of the crop landed crisply on my right butt cheek. "One. Thank you mistress."

And so it went to the count of ten.

"Slave. Do I have to worry about you hesitating or questioning my orders again?"

"No Mistress!"

"Good, let's get a drink."

We head to the bar where they serve no alcohol. But, you're allowed to bring your own and buy softdrinks or juice from them as mix.

We relax for a while and chat. We even break out of character to giggle at the outrageous scene on the street. A couple people come up to and try to chat us up, but we've always found it hard to find play partners and so nothing really comes of it.

I've come down from the humiliation of the street and the stage and am actually looking forward to exploring more.

Mistress must have had the same thought as my penis and its leash were heading to the center room before my startled brain caught up and got my feet moving. Having your frenum ring yanked by a leash is not the most pleasant experience. There's always that stark fear of a tear. But for sheer submission value, getting dragged by a leash attached to the soft skin of your penis is remarkably powerful.

At the center of the room is a pommel horse. She leads me to it and has me drape myself over it. Each leg has an attachment point to which she clips my various restraints. From under, she pulls a long strap which encircles my mid section and cinches my torso to the top of the horse holding me immobilized. Finally, she pulls a blindfold over my eyes and then walks away.

The minutes pass and I listen to the sounds of a BDSM party: screams of pleasure and pain; smack of whips and paddles; conversation and laughter; the odd bump and occasional grunt. I can feel people brush past me, but no obvious direct touches. I have an extreme sense of vulnerability and anxiousness as I have no idea when she'll be back or even what she'll do to me. From time to time, I can hear her voice far off and even hear her laugh a couple times. I strain to catch what she's talking about but that's futile in the crowded room.

Finally, I can sense she's closer. She leans down and kisses my ear and says in her gentle voice, "are you doing ok?"

"Yeah I'm good." I can tell she's asking as a girlfriend and doesn't require the mistress part.

"Let me know if what is going on is a problem for you by tapping your right foot a few times against the leg. OK?"

That was odd. What could she have in mind?

"Slave! I have a little surprise for you. I hope you enjoy it."

She rests her hands on my shoulder and starts to gently glide them down my back to my ass. She does this a couple times and I'm really enjoying the massage. "Thank you Mistress for the rubs!"

"Oh no, slave, we haven't gotten to the surprise yet."

Her hands have been forming large circles over my ass, spreading the cheeks as she circles outwards. Occasionally, she'll run one hand down my crack and over my hole, lingering to stimulate before circling around my ass again. I love the feeling of the cheeks being pulled apart and the cool draft on my exposed and sensitive opening.

"Are you relaxed, slave?"

"Oh, yes Mistress."

"Ok good. I've found a friend who would like to touch you also. How does that sound?"

"Mmm. Really good Mistress."

I feel a second set of soft hands touch the top of my back and circle over my shoulders and down my arms. It feels glorious to have two sets of feminine hands drawing such pleasure from my exposed skin. I imagine the room admiring the lucky guy having this very public pseudo-threesome and relish the jealous looks I must be getting.

My mistress's hands continue to rub my lower back and ass as the other pair work over my upper body, head and even my face. Then I feel her hand slide between my legs and pull down on my cock, over and over making it rock hard. Her other hand reaches to the end of my penis and wipes clear the precum, which she then uses on my anus. She works in the natural lube while continuing to stroke my cock. She's careful not to go too fast so I'm not really close to coming just in an amazingly aroused state.

That goes up a notch as her first finger slides up to her knuckle and then further so the it is buried in my ass. Still stroking my cock while her partner works my shoulders and head, she slips in a second finger to stretch me out a bit more.

My cock is providing a continuous stream of lubricant which she's using to great effect on both my cock and anus. Still, her strokes are slow and getting slower so even if I wanted to I couldn't cum. It seems she just wants me excited.

"Mistress. Thank you and your friend for such a lovely surprise!"

"Oh baby, you still haven't had the surprise."

At that, I feel a body come closer and I can feel the heat of their body close to my face. Is she going to let me lick her? Mmmmm... I love going down.

I feel her skin brush against my cheek and then my lips - so smooth. Then she presses closer and I feel her heat but I'm having a hard time understanding what part she's pressing against me. Is it her arm and thigh? No. That can't be. Then a thought strikes me. That is too small and soft to be an arm! That...that was a penis!

Holy hell. I don't know what to do.

He has his penis in his hand and he's rubbing the head and part of the shaft against my face. I can even feel a little residue of his wetness on my skin. He seems to be enjoying the contact as he's rubbing it more. He stops stroking my shoulders bringing his hand to rest on the back of my head while the head of his penis stops on my upper lip to the side of my nose. Slowly, it drops lower until the tip is on my lips.

From behind, my mistress is stroking my ass with two fingers and she finds my g-spot. I can't help but moan a little which spreads my lips enough that I find myself with my lips wrapped around the head. He pushes a little and I open enough to take the whole head in my mouth.

He's not particularly big but he's obviously very hard. I can feel his head throb in my mouth. I explore a little with my tongue, the underside and then run it all over. I can only imagine he took that as a positive sign as he pushes more of himself into my mouth.

I use my tongue to stroke him and close my lips around his shaft and start to suck. He pushes in a little more so that he's all the way into the back of my mouth. Still sucking and stroking with my tongue, I start to move my head back and forth. I'm giving this guy head!

He starts to slide in and out of my mouth and I'm slurping while bobbing my head. I can feel the veins on the side of his penis running over my lips. I suck a bit harder and bob a little faster. He helps me by thrusting and using his hand to pull my mouth onto his cock. I hear him moaning and breathing heavily and I imagine he's very close.

I'm moaning too as she's working hard on my prostate and cock, but still not enough to finish me.

The moaning must have been the finishing stroke as I feel him shudder and groan deeply and then feel a gush of hot cum hit the back of my mouth. I keep my lips firmly sealed around his shaft as he shoots again and again into me. It's hard to breath but I manage to swallow some of it down even as he shoots one last time.

I keep his cock in my mouth and suck on him to extract the last of his seed. I lick my lips and swallow what's in my mouth. Finally, he pulls most of the way out even as I suck and lick as it leaves.

I feel her lean over my body and whisper in my ear, "good job baby! That was so hot. Did you like it?"

It's hard for me to admit that I did, but I manage to say, "Yes Mistress" even though I'm trembling at the implication. I'm not sure I'm ready to have that as a regular part of my sex life.

"I'm glad to hear that slave. It's nice to involve others in our fun from time to time. Maybe we can find someone else to enjoy your talented mouth, or maybe this?" She pushes a couple fingers into my ass and fucks me for a bit. "Would you like something a bit bigger in here?"

I'm definitely not ready for that, but I feel compelled to say, "if it would please you, Mistress."

"I'm not sure if it would please me. Maybe we'll try it to find out?"

"I think I'm going to move you into something that'll give us a bit more room to move around." She undoes my clips and the body strap, but she leaves me blindfolded.

She grabs my balls in her hand and gives them a hard squeeze and then pulls me across the room. "Here. Let's try this. Extend your hands in front of you."

I feel something wooden about belly height. "Put your right hand in that notch and your left in the other. Now lean forward." I quickly figure that this is the stocks in the corner that puts my ass up and facing into the room. With my head in place, she lowers the matching top plank and bolts closed the lock.

I feel her kick my feet quite spread and then the ankle clips being latched to rings on the floor. Man, I'm spending a lot of time at this party bent over with my ass on display to the crowd. I'm going to take that as a compliment from her about my ass.

Speaking of my ass, after about a minute of her being absent I feel something hard and metal being pushed against my hole. It feels round but with all the fingering, it goes in with a bit of pressure. It seems to be just a ball, but then I feel there is a metal bar extending along my crack towards my ass.

She seems to be doing something with the end of it causing each movement to stretch my ass further. An anal hook? Seriously?

Yup, I can feel the rope on my back. She strings it through a ring on my collar and pulls tight. Naturally, my ass is pulled up arching my back and my poor abused hole is stretched a bit more. She gives it a couple more pulls and even grunts a little pulling it as taut as possible before tying off the end.

"How does that feel, Slave?"

"I feel very stretched and exposed, Mistress."

"Well, you have been quite a show for people tonight, Slave. I think some have been following us around all night looking to see what we'll do next. Your blowjob got a lot of approving looks. Some even gave me a questioning look to see if they could be next."

"What do you think slave? Shall we use you to service a few people here?" She leans closer, "some look like they may not have had a blowjob in a while. Would you like to relieve them? It would be a generous thing to do."

God. I do not want to give random, desperate strangers blowjobs. Hell, a few minutes ago I didn't want to give anyone blowjobs. So, "if it pleases you Mistress." What else could I say?

"I like what that hook is doing to your ass. Shall we try another and really stretch you out. You'll be able to take a nice big cock. One of them certainly has a big one, don't you think?"

"Probably, Mistress."

She leaves for a minute. "They have another one!" She sounds giddy with her enjoyment of her tortures. I must be quite a sight.

"This is going to take a little work to get in and I'm going to need your cooperation. Don't worry I've cleaned it really well as I'm afraid we do know where it's been."

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