tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhat the Future Brings

What the Future Brings


It had been the strangest of days, the delivery to my home, a gift from a grateful client, the latest and greatest in a line of artificial intelligence life forms, more human than cyborg, capable of emotions and more as I soon was to discover. I had always found myself alone, the weaker sex as I knew them to be called were anything but as I found myself intimidated, my shyness and my own insecurities having assured me of a life alone, that was up until now, until today.

I'd made my fortune in the field of virtual reality books, ones that came to life for the reader, pulling them in as if they were a character in each story. My work had always dealt with the erotic, mostly those in the realm of bondage and discipline, sex sold as well in the year 2105 as is did back in 2005, some things never changed. My last offering had topped the bestsellers list for almost a year and one of the throng which had purchased it had been so impressed that he had taken the time to write and offer this thanks via a special gift, you.

The precursor to your arrival had been two men who delivered a bench, what resembled a simple piece of furniture which they placed at the foot of my bed and though I had asked questions, their reply was simply silence, drones doing their work. I was still in the process of examining the arrival late that night when the knock had come at the door, a woman standing there beautiful, with long brown hair and emerald eyes as you said softly, "Good evening m'lord, I am Michelle and I am here to do your biding." I blinked behind my glasses, a bit taken aback but you simply smiled and took my hand, leading me back through my apartment, moving toward my bedroom as if you knew where it was all along.

You pulled my shirt over my head, allowing your hands to slide my pants down my legs and over my bare feet. I stood there, my erection obvious though you seemed to pay it no heed, simply motioning for me to lie down. "On your stomach m'lord so that I might massage your back, please." I blushed, my face turning a scarlet red though I hoped in the dim light of evening you hadn't noticed and I lay down on the cool sheets. The bed automatically adjusted to my body temperature as I felt the warm oils on my back and I heard your clothing slide off you and onto the floor, forming a puddle at your feet

I felt you straddle my hips, the heat of your body mixing with mine as you leaned down, your hands though so soft feeling so good, such strength as you kneaded and worked the sore, tired muscles as I closed my eyes. You were an expert, one of the many tasks you had been taught to provide and as I lay there, half asleep, between being awake and dreaming I though I heard you say softly, "Please m'lord, turn over now." I did so, keeping my eyes closed, not sure of anything anymore and then I felt the warm liquid flood my cock, followed by your hands as they began to stroke me, gently at first, tenderly, teasingly as my soft moans filled the room. You knew how to pleasure a man, how to take him to the heights of ecstasy and I felt your hands begin to urge me on, moving faster, my back arching with the intensity of my feelings.

I cried out, my body jerking with the force of my pleasure and as I lay there, I envisioned you over me, your body so beautiful, your eyes full with the light of the pleasure you had provided me. Finally I felt myself returning, my heart beginning to slow but just as I was about to open my eyes, to rejoin you I felt the warmth of a cloth, cleaning me, your touch kind, considerate. I also felt your fingers touch my face lightly, a fragrance being placed where I might smell its soothing aroma as I heard your voice say softly, "This will help you rest m'lord, sleep well." Indeed, the aromatic sedative worked immediately, my body succumbing to its cry as you sat beside me, watching me at rest.

Finally you rose, moving to the foot of the bed where the padded bench the agency had provided me with, long enough to allow you to rest comfortably but I was unaware of its other attributes. You however knew them well, pushing the hidden button which brought forth the shackles as you lay down, placing your wrists and ankles in the proper position and when they sensed your body they clamped shut, tightly, painfully as you moaned in the night, a sound not heard as I slept in my drug induced haze. It was not long after that you felt the not one but two intruders, the mechanical machines which came forth, each designed to remind you of your proper place in life, providing you with the pain you had been raised to expect while delivering pleasure in order to keep you satisfied in your position.

If I would have been awake I would have been terrified to see the one, its sharp barbs moving up your body, attaching itself to your breasts, its tentacles piercing the tender skin, your nipples growing quickly hard, your cry loud and piercing. The other burrowed between your legs, finding the entrance wanton and waiting, filling you and then beginning to move. Slowly at first but then picking up in speed as you thrashed against your bonds, your eyes rolling back in your head as you rode wave after wave of your desire, rewarded by pain, overwhelmed by pleasure until after almost an hour the two shut down, their batteries in need of recharging as they retreated to the opening they had first appeared from. It closed, your skin covered in sweat, your breathing fast, your eyes clenched shut as you too succumbed, your body demanding rest.

When I awoke the next morning it was after the best night's sleep I could remember ever. I stood, stretching only to come to a quick and abrupt halt at the sight before me. You lay there, your body captured, your breasts an angry red from the remnants of the machine, your legs covered in your own pleasure, your face so angelic at rest though you seemed to be in the grips of a horrible dream, your head lashing back and forth as if in tortured sleep. I wrapped a sheet around me, moving quickly by your side and gentle shook your shoulder saying, "Wake up Michelle, please, please wake up!"

You did, your eyes opening wide, your fright quickly turning to submission, your eyes moving from mine as you said simply, "I'm sorry m'lord, I pray I did not awaken you." I was dumbfounded, speechless as I heard you say softly, "Release program, Michelle 052935" and with that the shackles fell open and you stood, moving quickly to gather your things as you said, "I will prepare breakfast m'lord and then I shall bathe you" and with that you exited the room, the sight of your beautiful body from behind causing me once again to grow aroused though my mind was still grappling with what I had seen. I followed you, seeing you moving around in the kitchen, as comfortable without your clothes as I was in mine, the sheet trailing across the floor which now sported a thick, white plush carpet.

"Michelle wait, I'm confused, I don't understand?"

With that you raised your face, your eyes still not meeting mine but saying, "I will answer any question you have of me m'lord, I can not lie to you. What is your desire?"

I sat down, motioning for you to join me and you did, sitting next to me, your face though averted from mine. In reality I found myself staring at you, your breasts lush, your arousal still a pleasant fragrance which filled the air and I had to shake my head, trying to clear it, trying to understand as I said, "I don't understand, what is that, that thing you were lying on? I know the agency said it was where you were to sleep but those chains, these marks", as I almost reached out to touch your breasts but quickly pulled my hand back as if they were too hot to handle, "I don't understand."

Your words were softly spoken but your voice never wavered in response. "The bench is provided for my pain and pleasure stimulation m'lord, I have been trained in its ways and must receive it or something similar each day in order to remind me of my standing in life. It provides me with the two daily minimum requirements, similar to in times of old where humans took vitamins in order to maintain their health. I maintain mine through such a manner of the bench. I require the aspects of bondage, domination, submission, pain and pleasure in order to perform at peak efficiency in serving you m'lord. It is required of me."

Once again I was speechless, your words running through my mind but I was brought out of my daze with your words as they said, "The only other alternative m'lord is for you to provide me with what I need. Would this please you?"

I shook my head, seeing the light which had come to your eyes quickly dim and I shook my head again saying, "No, no Michelle, you don't understand, I've never, I mean I don't know how, that is...", my words trailing off as I looked at this incredible creature before me. "Look, why don't we have breakfast and just see where the rest of the day might lead, okay?" You nodded, once again returning to the kitchen unit to begin your preparations. After I had sat down to eat I noticed you moving once again into the shadows. "No Michelle, you will eat with me, here at the table, please?"

Both of us struggled, each trying to decide what to and what not to say so breakfast was mostly a quiet ritual that morning. I got up, you standing as soon as I did though you had touched little of your food. "No, sit down Michelle, finish your breakfast. I need to get ready for work; I'll be out in a minute or two I promise." You sat down, your expression one of a child who had been ordered to her room as I entered the steam shower saying, "One hundred and five degrees, full force" and the jets came to life.

I was as good as my word, a few short minutes later reappearing as I saw you were now not only dressed but the kitchen had been tidied as you sat in the same chair I had left you in. "Michelle, I have to go into the office for a few hours but I will return shortly." You nodded, standing and making your way past me, walking back into the bedroom, nary a word spoken. I started to walk after you but instead I just thought you needed some time to yourself and I slipped out the door and into my waiting transit.

Almost three hours later I got back in the vehicle, punching the code to contact my home and as the tone rang over and over again with no answer I flipped the switch, activating the cameras, the security surveillance for my abode. It first showed the living room, vacant, the kitchen the same but then it showed the master bedroom and I felt myself grow pale, the vision before me startling, frightening as I picked up the intercom, instructing the driver to do whatever it took to get me home, quickly. We rocketed through the traffic, the normal fifteen minute venture only taking eight as I threw myself from the car, leaving my briefcase, my papers, everything as I rushed inside and into the bedroom.

The figure on the bench was mummified, straps covering every inch of her body, forcing her into a fetal position. I could hear soft moans escaping her lips as I frantically pulled at the thick leather pieces, none giving a single inch, all tightly remaining in position, forcing her into restrictive bondage. I could no more see her eyes, hear her voice, nor offer her any assistance as I looked all around the bench, trying to find a switch, a lever, something to offer me some hope in freeing her. It was only when I collapsed next to her, my head in my hands that I heard a mechanism catch and with the sound of a motor engaging the straps began to withdraw, slowly, oh so slowly until finally she was released, literally falling from the bench into my arms.

I held you, seeing the imprint of the leather against every inch of your body and as I pushed a lock of your hair back your eyes fluttered open, seeing me and giving me a smile which warmed my heart beyond all things. Just as quickly, you averted your eyes saying, "I'm sorry m'lord, I did not think you would be home so soon or I would have set the timer for not quite as long. I'll begin preparations for lunch" and with that you began to stand.

I was having none of it, pulling you back down as I forced you to look at me as I said, "NO, NO LUNCH. WE NEED TO TALK." You nodded and if I would have paid closer attention I would have noticed how your body trembled slightly at the sound of my voice, my anger evident.

"Yes m'lord, what do you require of me?"

"Michelle, look at me." You did, your green eyes finding mine and as I gazed into them I felt myself slipping away, captured by the look of them and the feel of you in my arms. I closed my eyes for a moment, willing myself to continue by saying, "I want to know everything about your "requirements", everything, leave nothing out. I want to know how I can learn about them, how I can learn to provide you with what you need, what you must have. Do you understand Michelle?"

You nodded, your body relaxing a bit as you began to speak, your voice calm, confident in saying, "I have spent many years as a slave m'lord, I was programmed as a child, then a teenager and then as a woman finally to accept pain, to need it as another human might require love. It is the sign of my success or my failure as a slave. With it I flourish, without I shall certainly die. Some of the owners I have served have provided me with a part of my daily needs but for the most they depended upon the bench. Do you not require the bench m'lord or do you simply not require me I fear?"

The tears which played at the corner of my eyes seem to mystify her. A light touch of her fingers capturing a drop of the moisture, looking at it like a child before bringing it to her mouth to taste the salty texture. I couldn't help but laugh, to smile as I lifted her chin, my eyes looking deep into hers as I whispered, "I require you, today, tomorrow, forever m'lady, I desire you to be mine, forever, please?" Her smile warmed my heart, something I feared long dead and from that day forward, my life would never be the same again.

It had been a bit awkward at first, each of us walking a bit on eggshells but eventually the days began to fill with smiles and laughter, the perfect starting point in the escalation of our feelings toward one another. I made it a point of leaving before you awoke that Friday morning, knowing that when you arose there would be a single rose and a note waiting, next to the freshly brewed coffee I had made you.

You smiled as you poured yourself a cup, putting the flower in a vase, smelling its beautiful fragrance as you sat down and began to read. "My dearest Michelle, words can not express how wonderful it has been since we have begun our life together. I know no matter what the day might hold that when I return home I will find the reason I have for living, you. I do think however that we both have been avoiding the one subject that drew us at first to one another, that of dominance and submission. I have decided that I will take the initiative and because of that you should expect a delivery at approximately four p.m. this afternoon. All my love, Jonathan."

Sure enough at five minutes till there was a knock at the door and as you hastily signed for the package, your face was flush with wonder, excitement at what the night might hold. You tore the wrapping from it, ripping the tape from the top of the box to reveal another letter, a single piece of paper which read, "I AM HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE DECIDED TO ACCEPT THE POSITION AS MY SLAVE, MY SUBMISSIVE BEAUTY. ADORN YOURSELF WITH THESE THINGS, PREPARE YOUR FACE AND HAIR IN THE STYLE TO WHICH TO PLEASE ME AND BE KNEELING, WAITING MY RETURN AT 6 P.M. THIS VERY EVENING. WE WILL BEGIN YOUR TRAINING AT THAT TIME M'LADY." It was signed simply, "M'lord." I had done some research, looking at the archives of the past, trying to come up with suitable clothing and had found the replicater to be more than capable, the garments which it provided me with drawing your gaze, your eyes wide.

I arrived home promptly at six, opening the door after saying a silent prayer that I would find you in place, awaiting me. My prayers were answered, a vision in white kneeling before me as I shut the door, locking it behind me. Stepping forward, I circled you slowly, letting my eyes take the sight of you in. The corset had been specially made for you, to accommodate two of your more beautiful assets while cinching your waist, a perfect hourglass figure forming. The white lace stockings, thigh highs which you knew were my favorites adorned your legs, the stiletto heels on your feet. Your hands encased in the white, lace, fingerless gloves and then the crowning touch, the single piece of white lace which you wore around your neck like a choker. It would be a symbol, one which we and only we would share as I stood over you and began to speak.

"Listen closely my dear; the symbol you wear around your neck, the white lace ribbon is a special piece of cloth. It symbolizes either your or my desire for your submission. When you wear it you are Michelle, my submissive, my slave, my property to do with as I wish. My desires are your desires, my commands are yours to obey or if you prefers a harsher punishment to disobey. I would speak of this; I will ask nothing of you that will not bring you pleasure in the end though at times pain might be a precursor to such. There will be days I ask you to wear it, laying it out for you and it is up to you if you do. At other times, perhaps you will lay it out, asking to serve me and I will happily comply with your wishes. When in public we are Jonathan and Michelle but in private, in the confines of our home and you wear the ribbon, you are mine, my toy, my plaything, my slave. Do you agree m'lady?"

Her answer brought a smile to my lips though you didn't see it, your head remaining hung in submission, a fantasy come to life, the one I had searched for all my life never daring to dream I would find you. "Very well, you will stand, walk three paces behind me. Come along my beautiful slave" and with that I began to make my way up the stairs, heading toward the attic and the surprise I had planned for you. I had spent considerable time there, putting everything in place, all in advance of this moment whether it would be you or I to make the first move. You would be the first and I was determined to make it an evening to remember for you.

I had wracked my brain, trying to remember everything you had told me, shared with me about your likes and dislikes. As I opened the door, motioning for you to go inside I knew that the room would have quite the dramatic effect on you. The walls painted a deep burgundy, the matching velvet curtains portraying a room of substance, of wealth but it was the various toys, the items hanging from the walls and ceilings which captured your attention, though you only snuck quick glimpses, not wishing to show your disobedience. I let you have a minute, your head turning back and forth, seeing something new with each movement until finally I reached over, and pulling what the archives had called a riding crop from the wall as I began to advance upon you.

"Take this Michelle", holding the leather instrument of torture out, your hands trembling slightly as you took it, an electric shock it appeared going through it as when it touched your skin, you jumped slightly. "Feel it, feel its quality, now that it is made out of the finest leather and that when it strikes your skin it will do so leaving a beautiful mark, a reminder of your disobedience or simply my desire. Swing it, see how it feels in your hand, how it forms to your grip, calling for you to use it, to strike with it but now it is reserved for you m'lady. You will suffer at its hands this very evening." Watching you closely, seeing your chest rise and fall, your breathing becoming more ragged, your mind swiftly becoming lost in the fantasy, in the moment.

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