What to Say at a Naked Party


I felt his hand make its way down there and I was so eager for his touch that I spread myself for him and pressed up, right into his cupping hand.

"Ahh, Chris..." It came out in a hiss of pure need.

He fingered my folds, moving his fingers up and down my slit, lightly brushing my core with every pass. I whimpered my longing to him, trembling, needy and light-headed with it. I was so wet down there. I felt it seep down between my ass cheeks, making me even more conscious of my need.

"Chris, I need you, please."

If he heard me, he didn't respond.

One finger pushed its way into me and then two as if seeking out new territory, but I was so coiled up by this time that I didn't have any patience left for Chris' slow exploration. I pushed myself down on his hand and felt him embed deeper. I moaned my satisfaction into the room and all but started fucking his hand.

His mouth had been firmly affixed to one breast, and now he switched to the other one, lapping and sucking at that nipple. My frenzy escalated. I pistoned myself on his hand, rocking myself to the fingers inside me, the base of his palm against my clit. I knew I was close. Very close.

When he took my nipple between his teeth and bit lightly, it sent me over the edge. I thundered down and hit my climax with a tortured groan that was wrenched out of my taut body. I shuddered around him, hot and cold and flushed and winded, and completely and thoroughly saturated.

Before even giving me a chance to recover, Chris started to move down between my thighs.

"No!" I cried and grabbed at his hair. "You can't... no." My throat was dry and I couldn't think straight enough to form words and sentences. I only knew that if I felt his mouth down there on me right then, I might just stop breathing.

I pulled him up to me and kissed him deeply.

The insistent pull of my desire had subsided somewhat, but the fire was far from quenched. I felt it creep back into my veins, drugging me again as Chris kissed me to the edge of my sanity. Just his kisses had the power to do that.

It was my turn to touch him all over. I ran fingertips over his nipples, tweaking them slightly. I felt him convulse and did it again for good measure. He ground himself against my thigh.

My hand wandered down his stomach, tickling the column of furry hair, following it down. He shifted, giving me access to his lower body. I was ready for him and reached down, taking his length in my hand, feeling the weight and heat of it for a moment, savoring it, before moving him to my entrance.

His knob pushed against me, and I pushed back. Then it was in, sliding my lips apart, stretching me open just right. I pulled my hand back and placed it on his hip, pressing him down, driving in him into me. I needed this. I needed him. I could feel my body enclose his cock as he slid into me, pulled back, then slid in again and again and again.

We were slick with the heat of our need, writhing bodies of perspiration and molten desire moving against each other. I couldn't feel the edges of where I ended and he began; I just knew that everywhere he brushed against me, I felt a thousand nerve endings quiver. And where we were joined together, I was leaking wet heat with every stroke of his into my melted depths.

I felt myself floating into that heady space where I could just close my eyes and feel my heartbeat in my core, throbbing with the pace of him driving into me. It escalated, thundering in my ears, hitching in my throat, rocking my core... until I was tumbling headfirst into the sweet torture that overtook my every sense and I clenched around him, calling his name and shuddering in his arms.

He pumped a couple times more and then he was losing his rhythm too, losing the tension in his body, losing his control as he convulsed once, twice.... and then his hard frame trembled into limp stillness in my arm, the tremors receding with every long breath he pulled in.

It was humbling, seeing him give himself to me so completely, and I cradled him in my arms, my love for him overflowing. His head on my chest and my arms around him, we stayed that way until we could collect our breaths and reorder them into something resembling normality.

"That was..." I began, but he laid his thumb over my mouth, his hand cupping my cheek.

"There's no need for words," he whispered against my breast.

And that's when I grasped that the silent afterglow of being well-loved and naked with a lover was infinitely better than making small talk at a naked party.

* * * *

Author's note: A warm thank you to my young, dashing, sweet and innocent copy editor LaRascasse, who turned this around in the shortest time possible.

To the readers: I hope you enjoyed the story. Votes, comments and feedback are always appreciated. I like hearing from you so please do write.

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