tagMind ControlWhat Worser Place? Ch. 02

What Worser Place? Ch. 02


For the next three weeks my dating life was disappointing. The girls I went out with were staid and uninteresting, and on the single occasion that I ended up in bed with one of them I spent the entire time fantasizing that I was with Kristin.

Kristin did not leave me nightly messages as she had done during her previous absence; in fact, I did not hear from her again until the fourth Monday after her visit, when she left a message saying she had some important news and she wanted to come see me as soon as I was willing. The next day I called her apartment while she was at work and left a message on her machine telling her to come on Friday.

On Friday I waited impatiently hour after hour, until by mid evening I assumed Kristin would not be showing up. I was angry at her for not having the consideration to call, and at myself for caring so much.

At nine-fifteen, as I was finishing off my third rum and Coke, there was a knock at my door; sure enough, it was Kristin. She stepped inside as soon as I opened the door.

"Please, please don't be mad," she said, dropping her overnight bag onto the floor and settling immediately onto her knees at my feet. "I got away as quick as I could. I've been dying to see you since I left last time, I was missing you the whole time. When I drove home last time I played with myself practically the whole way, I couldn't help it, you'd gotten me so horny, and I came five times. Is that okay? You said I could make myself cum on the way home, but you didn't say if I was allowed to do it more than once." She lowered her face to my foot and kissed the toe of my shoe.

I was so happy to see her that I did not mind her incessant chattering, and could not stop grinning like a fool. "You can cum as often as you want when you're not with me," I told her with all the magninimity of a monarch bestowing a title of nobility.

She sat up and hurriedly pulled off her skimpy pink blouse, unhooked her bra and flung it aside. "I can hardly wait for you to touch me!" she moaned. Then, thrusting out her chest, she began to shake her lovely tits back and forth, smiling at me impishly. "You still like it when I do that? When I shake 'em really, really hard for you?" She grimaced, gritting her teeth.

"Oh, yeah. I love it!"

Kristin stopped, gasping. "Todd would never want me to do that. He'd die of embarrassment."

"Well, Todd's not here. So why even mention him?"

"I'm sorry, Jimmy. I'm just so glad to finally be with you again, to do everything you tell me. You hate it when I'm moody and fussy, and I promise I won't be this time. I'm just happy to be with you! Can I get naked for you now, or do you want me to wait?"
"What the fuck would you wait for?"

"Nothing, Jimmy! I just want to do what you tell me, and nothing else." She sat down hard on her bottom and raised her feet, began pulling at her shoes with the same urgent haste she had used on her blouse. Then she wiggled out of her pants and panties, turned on her hands and knees to offer her backside. "I'm so horny my puss is dripping," she said, shaking her ass. "I'm going to be your little pet, Jimmy, your puppy. I'm your loyal obedient dog, okay? Fuck me, Jimmy. I've gone for three weeks dreaming and fantasizing, and I just can't wait any more. I want to make your cock cum!"

I did not waste a moment on words, but dropped onto one knee behind Kristin and opened the fly of my jeans. I rubbed my glans against her vulva, which was just as wet as she claimed. She sighed happily, grinding her hips against me, and my cock hardened in seconds.

She gasped as I fitted my cockhead between the lubricious folds of her pussy. “Will you let me cum, Jimmy?" she whimpered.

"Not this time," I said. "Maybe next time."

"Okay, Jimmy. As soon as you tell me to cum, I will."

I slowly eased my cock inside her, clutching her narrow waist and pulling her backward onto me. She let out a tremendous groan as I sank effortlessly inside. "Ohh, Jimmy! I forgot how big it was! Oh, god, can I cum, Jimmy, oh, please can I cum? It's been so long, I've got to explode, please let me cum!"

I was already cumming, clutching Kristin's waist to hold her firmly against my own shuddering hips. When my climax ended, I remained inside of her for several seconds while she struggled to fight her orgasm, then I pulled out. She immediately turned with a bestial moan and sank her mouth onto my cock, avidly cleaning it. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she murmured, nuzzling my shaft. "It felt like it's been a year since I saw you, I was afraid I'd never get to see you again."

"Why the hell would you think that?"

"I don't know, Jimmy. I just thought one day, What if I never see him again? And I got scared, and wanted to see you as soon as I could, so that was when I called you."

"Your message said you had some news to tell me."

"Did it? Yeah, I guess it did. Todd and I have set the date for our wedding. July 30th."

"Jesus, that's two weeks. Why does he suddenly want to rush into it? Or was it your idea?"

"We're not rushing in. We've been seeing each other for over two years. We've been engaged for almost a year." She looked up at me sharply. "Do you not want me to get married? If you tell me not to, I won't."

"Don't be a fool. You should marry Todd and have a whole litter of kids with him."

Kristin's face darkened perceptibly. "I don't really want to marry him, Jimmy. I wouldn't get married to him if you would marry me. Will you marry me, Jimmy?" She paused, as if unsure whether she should go on; then she continued recklessly: "I'll be your naked, devoted little wife. I'll clean and I'll cook and I'll worship you, and I'll keep your cock happy all the time. I'll be the happiest woman on earth if you say you'll marry me, and you don't even have to love me. Will you, Jimmy?"

"I have no reason to tie myself down with you," I said, shrugging.

Her face fell, the hopeful expression obliterated. "No," she said. "I guess you don't."

"I don't see why you're so dejected. Seems to me like you've got the best of both worlds."

"Oh, yeah, I'm living a dream! I get treated like a queen by a man I don't love, while the man I worship kicks me around."

"I daresay being kicked around is exactly what you want."

"But you could have me anytime, everyday! You --"

"That’s enough, Kristin. If you're so eager to be useful to me, then you can start by cleaning my apartment."

"Yes, Jimmy. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad."

I did not reply, but went to the sofa and turned on the TV. Presently I heard Kristin in the bathroom, scrubbing the toilet, tub, and sink. Then she cleaned the kitchen and dusted the apartment. Finally, after more than an hour of work, she came and knelt at my foot, rested her chin on my knee and asked, "Will it bother you if I vacuum now, Jimmy?"

I didn't take my eyes from the screen, where a pretty brunette was giving the local weather forecast. "No, go ahead," I said.

"Yes, Jimmy."

Kristin vacuumed the entire aparment, a half-hour chore; I had to turn the volume on high when Letterman's monologue began. When she was finished, Kristin carefully returned the vacuum to the closet and knelt once more by my knee. She waited in silence for several minutes while I continued to watch Letterman, who was interviewing an uncommonly moronic blonde film star. When the commercial break came, Kristin placed a hand on the inside of my thigh and said tentatively, "Jimmy, will you stick it in my puss now? I've been working really hard, and your apartment's cleaner than it probably ever has been, and the whole time all I could think about was your big cock inside me, and I'm horny as hell. It'd be a nice reward, wouldn't it, for making your apartment so clean? You could stick it in and cum as fast as you want to, and I wouldn't cum, not if you don't want me to. I could cum if you let me, I'd cum in one second, but I won't if you say no. And that just makes it all the better, that I want to cum so bad, but I'm not allowed to, and you can just cum right away if that's what you want. Please, Jimmy, I'm begging you! Didn't I earn a reward? Please?"

Her words came faster and faster, spilling out in a rush. And I liked what I heard.

"All right," I said, feigning indifference. "Get on the couch."

"Yes, Jimmy! Thank you, thank you!"

Kristin plunged onto the sofa beside me and slouched low, drawing her knees up to offer easy access. I stood, pulling down my pants, and put my half-limp cock against her sopping pussy. Kristin was gazing up at me, gnawing her lower lip, an expectant smile on her lips. I pushed myself inside, her little cunt engulfing me greedily. She was hot as a furnace inside, and her muscles contracted instantly around me, gripping my shaft with surprising vehemence.

My cock immediately began to harden, and I grabbed Kristin's waist, crushing myself down against her loins. Even as I lengthened inside of her I surrendered to orgasm.

"Oh, fuck!" moaned Kristin. "Oh, god it's good! Can I cum, Jimmy? Let me cum, Jimmy, please let me!"

I ignored her until my cock had finished spurting, then I pulled out with a heavy sigh. A thick strand of semen hung from my glans, disappearing deep between the folds of her pussy. "Clean me off," I said, breathless.

"Yes, Jimmy!"

Kristin lurched upright, mouth already open wide, and slid off the couch to squat in front of me as she devoured my cock with a groan. I turned my attention back to the TV and pretended to watch it for a couple of minutes while Kristin sucked away all of our mingled fluids.

"Finished?" I asked.

She licked and nibbled my shaft languidly. "Yes, Jimmy. Thank you for not letting me cum. I shouldn't even have asked, but I wanted it so bad it hurt. I know I haven't earned it yet, not until you say so. And it was worth all my hard work just to have you inside me for a few seconds."

"Shut up," I said. "Let's get to bed."

I undressed, brushed my teeth, and climbed into bed. I was asleep before Kristin had finished flossing.

At five o'clock in the morning I woke suddenly with a full bladder and a vague memory of a powerfully erotic dream. I went to the bathroom and had a lengthy piss, then stumbled back to Kristin's side of the bed. She lay curled on her side, still naked, snoring lightly.

I took hold of one of her nipples, squeezed and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. She stirred, mumbled something negatory in her sleep. I gave the nipple a tug, gentle but firm, and was pleased to feel it harden between my fingers. I pulled it slowly upward, feeling the weighty distension of her plump breast.

Kristin's eyes sprang open, and she looked at me with an expression of bleary bewilderment; her brow was creased with the pain in her breast and nipple, a pain of which she did not yet seem to be consciously aware.

"Jimmy?" she mumbled, voice thick with drowsiness. She looked around my room, as if to verify her identification of me.

I grinned at her, swung her breast playfully back and forth by the nipple I still held.

Her pained and bewildered expression intensified. "Ow!" she said with some emphasis, then looked for the first time at her breast and nipple. She winced. "That hurts."

I released her nipple. "Time to get up," I said. "Suck my cock."

“Yes, Jimmy.”

Kristin sat up, rubbing the back of hand across her chin, which glistened with drool. She was less than half awake, still dreamy and befuddled. I stood up and patted her cheek with the head of my cock, still half-engorged from my piss-erection.

"It's big," she murmured, eyes half-closed.

"I'm getting back in bed," I told her. "You just make me cum."

"Okay, Jimmy. Go back to sleep."

I climbed over her and lay down on my back in the bed. Kristin rolled toward me and settled herself comfortably, began to suck and stroke me.

I had not intended or expected to last very long, but when I lay back down my weariness reasserted itself and I felt my limbs growing heavier. I watched Kristin sucking me, and though I hardly felt her mouth I quickly began to harden. I must have dozed off soon after, because the next thing I recall was opening my eyes to find Kristin straddling me, her hips rising and falling as she fucked me spiritedly. The proximity of my orgasm must have been what awakened me, because I immediately climaxed. I groaned sharply, balling my fists in the sheets and writhing so violently against Kristin that she had to clutch herself to me in order to prevent being bucked off.

"Don't be mad, Jimmy," she said hastily, before I had even finished spurting inside her. "I didn't cum, I swear! You didn't say I could, so I didn't!"

"What the fuck? I thought I told you to suck me off."

"You did, Jimmy. You told me to suck your cock, and you told me to make you cum. But you didn't say I had to suck you 'til you came. And I love having you in my pussy, Jimmy. But I didn't cum, even though I could cum in one second whenever you stick it in. I love wanting to cum so bad and not being able to because you haven't told me I could. That's why I wanted to put it in my pussy, so it would make me feel like cumming. I'll get off you now, Jimmy. My pussy's about to explode, and if you tell me to cum I'll cum right now. Can I cum, Jimmy?"

"Get off me. Clean me up. Then make me some fucking breakfast. But don't wake me up for a few hours. Got it?"

"Yes, Jimmy. Thanks for not being mad. I'm ready to cum as soon as you tell me, okay?"

She was lingering atop me, hips writhing slowly with my cock still sunk deep in her loins.

"Off," I said.

She got off me, sucked the slickness thoroughly from my cock, kissed my glans, and left the room. I dozed fitfully for awhile, then woke to find Kristin's face once more impaled on my cock. Her head was bobbing vigorously, and I was more than half-erect. I looked at the clock and saw that it was ten o’clock.

Seeing me awake, Kristin raised her head from my loins and smiled, panting heavily. "Whew!" she said, drawing a hand theatrically across her brow. "I've been sucking for five minutes. I thought I'd faint before you woke up!"

I laughed, genuinely amused. "Breakfast ready?"

"Yes, Jimmy. I hope you like scrambled eggs and bacon and biscuits. And, well, pancakes."

"What'd you do, go to McDonald's?"

"No, it's all homemade."

"I don't have any of that stuff. I've got cereal and milk. If the milk hasn't gone bad."

Kristin smiled brightly. "I went shopping for you. I hope you don't mind. You hardly had anything in your fridge except Coke. And a jar of moldy spaghetti sauce. I went to the supermarket when I got up, and I stocked you up on all kinds of goodies."

"Why'd you do that?"

"I thought you might be mad at me, 'cause I used my puss to make you cum, instead of my mouth. You shouldn't be mad. I didn't really disobey you. And I didn't let myself cum."

"Yes, fine, I believe you. Jesus, do you ever shut your mouth for more than two seconds?"

She hesitated, her pale cheeks reddening, and then she said, "When you stick your cock in it."

We ate breakfast -- or rather, I ate. Standing at the kitchen counter, watching nothing in particular on TV, I shoveled food from my plate into my mouth while Kristin knelt at my feet and sucked my cock. She had cooked a large breakfast, plenty for both of us, but I was ravenously hungry. I piled everything she had made onto one plate, and when I had eaten my fill of this mound of food I put the plate on the counter and said to Kristin, "You can have the leftovers." I had left a couple forkfuls of eggs, a bite of sausage biscuit, and half a pancake drenched with syrup. "Then you'll clean the dishes."

"Yes, Jimmy."

Kristin got to her feet and retrieved my plate, finished off the meager remnants of my breakfast with gusto. When she was finished her stomach growled noisily, obviously unsated. But she did not complain, simply began to clean the skillet and pans she had used. I dropped onto my sofa and flipped through the channels until she was done. Then she came over to me and seated herself on the floor by my foot.

"Did you like your food?" she asked.

I grunted.

"Maybe ... maybe I deserve a reward? Because I cooked and cleaned and went shopping for you?"

"Your reward was my leftovers."

"Oh!" Her eyes widened, and she leaned toward my leg, pressing her breasts against my shin; I felt both hard nipples brushing back and forth. "Thank you, Jimmy! You didn't have to leave me anything, but you did." She gazed at me, her eyes bright. "Do you like me to be hungry, Jimmy? I'll only eat what you tell me to, when you tell me to, if that makes you happy. I'll starve for you and I'll never cum, and you can eat all the food I make and cum in me and on me, and I'll worship you and I'll be happy. Okay, Jimmy?"

"All right."

She smiled and kissed my knee, hugged my leg tightly. "Please don't make me go away," she whispered. "Let me stay here with you forever. I'll be whatever you want."

"We'll see."

The words were a mistake, spoken without due consideration.

"Really?" said Kristin. "Do you mean it? Because if you do, I'll call Todd right now and tell him the wedding's off. I'll tell him I belong to you now, body and soul. I no longer have a mind of my own, I only think whatever you tell me to think. If you want me to, I'll even tell him all the things I do for you, that I walk around naked and eat your cum and take it in the ass and worship your big cock. Do you want me to tell him, Jimmy? Please let me call and tell him everything!"

She had grown excited, sitting up and licking her lips in anticipation, even looking around the room in search of my phone.

"I said we'll see," I told her, annoyed.

"When will I know, Jimmy? When will you tell me if I can stay with you?"

"Before you go. Sunday."

"I know you don't love me, Jimmy. Maybe you think you shouldn't let me stay because you don't love me, but that doesn't matter. I don't matter at all. I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"Right now, shutting up is the only thing you could do to make me happy."

"Yes, Jimmy."

Her silence lasted for five blessed minutes, and then she asked with gratifying diffidence, "May I speak, Jimmy?"

"If you must."

"Will you stick it in my pussy? When there's a commercial, just for a second. You don't have to cum if you don't want. I just really want to feel you inside me right now. And please don't let me cum, Jimmy, even though I'm going to beg to cum once you're inside me. Would it be okay, Jimmy?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Thank you, Jimmy!" She climbed onto the sofa by my side, lifted her knees and spread her thighs wide apart. "Can I touch myself while I wait, Jimmy?"

"Go ahead."

She fingered her clitoris vehemently. "I'm your slut, Jimmy," she gasped. "Don't make me marry another man."

"Shut up," I muttered.

The commercial came on, and I flipped a few channels while Kristin panted anxiously. "Please, Jimmy!"

Still holding the remote, I rolled over and positioned my cock over her pussy. She reached up and grabbed my shaft, pulled me insistently toward her. She was so wet that I sank all the way into her without any noticeable resistance; I hardly felt the friction of her vaginal walls.

"Ahhhh, fuck, Jimmy!" she cried, hips shuddering arrhythmically. "I need to cum, okay? I said don't let me 'cause I don't really want to, but I have to cum, Jimmy. You're gonna make me cum, okay? Is that okay?"

I ignored her, watching a truck commercial over my shoulder.

"Jesus, Jimmy, I'm serious you've got to let me cum!"

Her voice was shrill, edging toward hysteria, and in alarm I turned my attention away from the TV. Her cheeks were pink, her jaw clenched; she looked up at me in supplication. I began to thrust my hips in and out of her. Her pussy clenched me and she groaned, her face darkening to crimson. "Fuck me, Jimmy!" she hissed, lifting both hands as if she intended to grab my waist. But then she simply balled them into fists, squeezed them tight. "Fuck me, Jimmy!" she sobbed. "Oh, god I'm gonna explode! My fucking cunt is going to explode. Please, god, let me cum!"

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