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What Would You Do If A Woman Was...


What Would You Do If A Woman Was...

She's beautiful, she's bound, she's blindfolded, and she's so very helpless. What would you do?

What would you do if you happened upon a beautiful, shapely woman, who was bound and blindfolded and there was no one around? Think about it. You're alone with her and she's helpless. What would you do?

Would you inappropriately touch her, feel her, and fondle her through her clothes, or would you untie her? C'mon, be honest. It's just me, the writer, and you, the reader, here alone. No one will ever know what you did or didn't do with her but us. Besides, this scenario isn't real? It's just a story. Right? Or is it? So, tell me. What would you do?

Quite the dilemma deciding which shoulder you'd listen to, the one with the Angel coercing you to release her or the one with the Devil telling you to undress her. C'mon, be honest, would you feel bad for her, help her, and untie her, hoping that she'd reward you with a free feel, a deep wet kiss, a hand job, or maybe even a blowjob? Good luck with any reward like that ever happening, especially once she's free, once you remove the blindfold, and once she gets a good look at your ugly mug.


Or, as would any testosterone filled, 100% American horny male, would you see this as your golden opportunity of a lifetime to have sex with someone so stunningly beautiful, unapproachably unreachable, and so helplessly bound and blindfolded? Oh, yeah, on a scale of one to ten, she's definitely a ten alright and at best, Pal, you know it and your mother knows it, you're only a four. Sorry, but we all can't be blessed with good looks. Just as in Victor Hugo's novel, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, someone must play the role of Quasimodo and toll the bell in the tower.

Except for the guy in back jumping up and down yelling, "Strip her! Fuck her! Force her to blow you!", are you still indecisive, as to what you'd do? Allow me to tempt you further by persuading your indecision with a heavy hand of imagery. Yes, perhaps, by painting a better picture of our victim, sorry, I mean, our bound and blindfolded woman, a picture of her may influence your decision, somewhat.

Let's say, for argument sake and for the purpose of this story, since I'm a beautiful, busty, natural blonde, albeit a modest woman, who is partial to writing about beautiful, busty natural blondes, that she's a beautiful, busty, natural blonde woman, too. Yet, for your scenario, whatever works for you to float your boat, she could be any woman you imagine her to be. Even though I wrote this story, I can only persuade you what to imagine by the use of imagery; I can't force you to imagine anything. Thusly, in that regard, she could be a tall brunette in the image of Jessica Alba, a sultry, Nicole Kidman lookalike redhead, a beautiful, albeit bossy, black woman ala Naomi Campbell, a fiery Hispanic Jennifer Lopez clone, or a mysterious Asian woman, think Lucy Lui.

"Now what would you do? Look at her. She's a real beauty, isn't she, and she's so vulnerable? Would you grope her or untie her? Would you help her or would you fuck her?"

Oops, sorry, I didn't write what she's wearing or, in her case, not wearing? Perhaps, helping you to see her better, knowing her attire will help your indecision and/or change your mind about what you'd do. Being that you're reading this story on Literotica, she's not wearing much clothes at all, of course. She's wearing a short skirt that exposes her long, shapely legs and a low cut top that already reveals enough cleavage to rival the exposure of Selma Hayek's big boobs, when walking the red carpet. Imagine this woman's cleavage, if you will, looking every bit of exposed as Christina Aguilera's silicone confections, while sitting as a judge on the Voice and wearing an open vest without her having the modesty of a blouse or a bra.

"Oh, yeah, you want tits? I just tempted you with tits. So, now what would you do, if this bound and blindfolded beauty had tits, whether fake or real, practically hanging out of her blouse?"

Yet, instead of practically being topless, as in the case of Christina Aguilera, our woman is wearing a bra, of course, a white, 36C low cut bra, along with a butt shaping pair of bikini panties. Other than shoes and her short skirt and low cut blouse, that's all she's wearing. Now, with that image in mind, can you visualize her? Do you see her in your mind's eye? In the way that she looks dressed like that, I bet you can't wait to touch her, feel her, and to get her naked. If you were playing strip poker with her, but for her shoes, she'd only have to lose four hands to be naked. Imagine. You wouldn't even have to stack the deck to get her to strip naked.

So tell me, now that you know a little more of what she looks like and what she's wearing, would you help her? Would you untie her? Would you remove the blindfold from her eyes? Would you call the police? Or, be honest, would you cop a cheap feel of her shapely body, while untying her and before removing the blindfold? Perhaps, because you're so damn horny and perverted, as is everyone who frequents this site, and she's so damn beautiful and sexy, you'd go a little further and have a little fun with her first, before helping out the poor, defenseless woman.

Would you be blatant in your physical abuse of her body to touch her, feel her, and caress her everywhere through her clothes, before untying her? Would you feel her tits through her blouse and finger her nipples through her bra? Can you just feel her nipples responding to your hairy palm sliding across them and your fingertips pulling them, turning them, and twisting them through her bra? Damn, she has big nipples, doesn't she? Oh, yeah, imagine how excited you'd be touching her big breasts and fingering her big nipples in that inappropriate way, while knowing full well that, while blindfolded and without seeing you, she couldn't identify you to the police.

Maybe after fondling her breasts and fingering her nipples, you've excited her enough for her to want you. Would you feel her round ass, too, while putting another hand between her shapely thighs to see if she's wet for you? Pushing your index finger down on her bean, would trace her pussy slit through her panty, before cupping her pussy and pushing her panty aside with your finger and probing her warm wetness to see if she wants you, as much as you want her?

"This is your chance, big guy. Go for it."

Being that this is just a fictional story, albeit, perhaps, your sexual fantasy, let's make this a little more interesting to possibly sway your indecision, shall we? Instead of going by my description of her, why don't you imagine what she looks like for yourself. Go ahead. Feel free to pick any woman on the planet to find in such a powerless position and precarious predicament. Just for a moment, humor me and imagine the woman of your dreams, a woman you'd love to find bound and blindfolded. Let's even suppose you knew the woman.

"Oh, wow!"

Think about all the woman you've lusted over and/or still lust over. Now, who would she be? Just to name a select sampling to get you thinking of one particular woman, would she be a celebrity, Megan Fox, perhaps, a movie star, Angelina Jolie, a singer, Faith Hill, a newscaster, Katie Couric, or a sportscaster, Erin Andrews?

"Who is she? Who do you imagine her to be?"

What if she was your next door neighbor, Veronica, the one you always spy on, when she's out front gardening and squatting down in her little, sexy sundress or sunning herself in her backyard, while wearing her barely there bikini? Can you see her? Imagine her there now wearing her sundress. How many times have you masturbated over seeing her panties in an up skirt, when she squats down pulling weeds? How many times have you seen her cleavage and the roundness of her big breasts in a down blouse, when she's bending forward to trim her hedge.

"Oh, yeah, you'd love to trim her hedge with your teeth, wouldn't you, if you know what I mean?"

How many times have you masturbated, after catching a quick glimpse of the sides of her breasts, when she unhooks her bikini top, while tanning in the sun. Oh, so close, so many times, you nearly got a look at her areolas and nipples. She's the same neighbor you watch through your binoculars, as she undresses in readiness for bed? Just imagine what you'd do if you came across her bound and blindfolded? You'd do her in a heartbeat, wouldn't you, so long as your wife wouldn't discover your extramarital affair.


Well, here's your chance. That's her, your sexy neighbor, Veronica, in the flesh, just waiting for you to make your move. A decision you may regret for the rest of your miserable life, what would you do, untie her and help her or undress her and fuck her?

I know, even better than your neighbor, how about this? What if the woman so indisposed was your old, college creative writing professor, Ms. Crabtree, the one who somehow always, whether it was accidentally on purpose, flashed you her panties in an up skirt, when she crossed her legs. How many times did she flash you her bra and cleavage in a down blouse, while leaning over you to destroy your paper with her angry, red marks? How many times did you masturbate over the thoughts of all that you saw of her, while thinking of all that you'd love to do to her? With her thinking, no doubt, that she is God's gift to literature, she was such an arrogant bitch, wasn't she? For sure, you'd finally have your share of sexual satisfaction, if only you could find her, feel her, fuck her, and forget about her.

"Oh, yeah, payback is a bitch, Ms. Crabtree. Bend over bitch and bark like a dog. You're my sexy bitch, now."

She embarrassed you in front of your classmates by calling on you to read out loud in your sophomore literature class? Do you remember that? How could you forget that? Michelle, the woman you had a crush on in your class, lost all interest in you, after that fitful and fateful scene instigated by Ms. Crabtree. Well, the Leprechaun has kissed your blarney stone with good fortune because this is your lucky day and your chance to get even with hot, Ms. Crabtree for making a fool of you in front of everyone. Now what would you do? Would you have your wicked way with her or would you take pity on her and set her free?

Just imagine this for a moment. What if the woman so bound and blindfolded was your crazy Aunt Helen, the one with the big tits. Maybe it was accidental, maybe it was purposeful, but she always grabbed you in a big, bear hug and pressed you against her bosom, while squishing her big tits in your face.

"Oh, my little Johnny," she'd always say, while wrapping her arms around your neck, as if giving you a wrestling hold and pulling your head down to give you a face full of her housedress covered, big bra clad breasts. "It's so nice to see you, again."

"Gees, Aunt Helen. I'm twenty-eight-years-old."

As if burying your head between two firm pillows, she gave you a tit sandwich, an erection, and masturbation fodder with her giant fun bags, until the next time Aunt Helen physically molested you. If you had her tits mounted on your steering wheel, you'd have no need for airbags. Do you remember how you used to masturbate hundreds of times over the imagined thoughts of touching, feeling, caressing, and seeing her big tits and sucking those big nipples. The size of nickels, as if they were a magician's hypnotic aid that forced your lips to pucker, they mesmerized you with sexual madness for crazy, Aunt Helen. Well, this is your chance. Now you can finally see, feel, and suck her tits. Your Aunt Helen is right over there bound and blindfolded.

If you knew it wouldn't get you in trouble with your mother, her baby sister, if you knew you could get away with it, and if you knew Aunt Helen would enjoy a quick feel of her massive breasts and a long suck of her enormous nipples, as much as you'd love to feel her massive breasts and suck her enormous nipples, would you? Could you? Should you? Do you dare? Well, now, here's your opportunity to feel Aunt Helen's big boobs. Bound and blindfolded, she's right over there waiting for you.

"Go ahead. Do it. Don't be shy. I dare you. Aw, c'mon. What are you a homo?"

I double dare you to feel her big tits through her clothes, before you unbutton her blouse, unhook her bra, and set those two, big boobs free. Aren't you just a little curious to know what her breasts feel like? Aren't you just a little curious to know what her breasts look like? Wouldn't you just love to bury your cock between her big breasts, while forcing her head down to suck your prick? Now's the time to find out, if Aunt Helen swallows.

Perhaps, it's not your sexy neighbor, your old teacher, or your crazy Aunt Helen that lights your fire. After reading so many brother and sister incest stories on Literotica, would it change your decision to untie her, if you stumbled across your pretty sister, Carol, who you always wanted to secretly touch and undress? Just in the way you masturbated over your busty Aunt Helen, how many times have you masturbated over your sexy sister, Carol? Think about all the times you tickled your big sister, just for an accidental on purpose feel of her ass and/or her tits. How could you forget the time, when you walked in at the perfect moment, when she was changing out of her bathing suit and you saw her naked? You can't even remember how many times you accidentally on purpose exposed your cock to her, with the hope that she'd take your exposed prick in her hand, her mouth, or her pussy, can you?

What if incest is not your best sex but taboo sex is more for you? What if it's your sexy sister-in-law, Maureen, who lights your fire? What if she's the one blindfolded and so tied? What would you do, then? If only for comparison sake to your wife, wouldn't you like to know how much alike they really are beneath their clothes, especially if your sexy sister-in-law, Maureen, is your wife, Colleen's identical twin sister? What would you do then, if that was her over there? Ah, if only your wife still looked like her twin sister. If only your wife didn't let herself go...to McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino's Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts, and Foo Wong's takeout Chinese, you'd have no desire to see her twin sister, your sexy sister-in-law, naked...or would you?

All through literature, incest has played a major role with a mother's love for her son and vice versa. Just to name a select few classics, Thackeray's Pendennis, with the lust that Helen had for her son Arthur, Shakespeare denotes Dane's lustful fondness of his mother, Gertrude, in Hamlet, and in George Eliot's Adam Bede, Mrs. Bede is happy that her husband died for her to pursue a romantic relationship with her son. With the aforementioned in mind, imagine if it was your incestuous, slutty mother, Stella, that you found in such a vulnerable position?

"Oh, yeah, now we're talking."

What would you do, then, huh, big guy? Would you touch her? Would you feel her? Would you undress her? Would you force your mother to have sex with you? Can you just feel yourself putting your cock in her tied hand or wiping your erect prick across Mommy's mouth.


Just as she spied on you masturbating and you spied on her undressing, now it's your turn to take the next step in your incestuous relationship and inappropriately touch her, while stripping her naked. Would your first impulse be to untie your mother or to touch your mother? She's blindfolded, she'd never know it was you feeling her tits through her blouse and her pussy through her panty, or would she? If she did suspect that it was you, just deny, deny, deny. Surely, you'd never have another groping opportunity like this for the rest of your miserable life. What would you do, if that was your mother over there?

Last but not least, what if it's not your mother but your bodacious mother-in-law, Beverly, that you stumbled upon in such a perilous predicament? Oh, yeah, what would you do, then, huh? Tell me, unable to mind her own damn business, unable to stop talking, how many times has she butted in on your business and interfered in a private argument you were having with your wife? Too many times. Now that she's tied and blindfolded, now that she's so helpless, she still continues to put her foot in her big mouth by screaming her head off. This is your chance to shut her up. This is your golden opportunity to have you way with your sexy mother-in-law and fill her mouth with your cock.

"C'mon, no balls. Chicken. Go ahead, I dare you. I double dare you. At least feel her big tits, while taking a peek under her short skirt."

No? Not into incest and/or sexual relationships of taboo, then, don't allow me to make your choice that may or may not influence your decision, pick one of the women you've always fantasized about seeing naked? Imagine her bound and blindfolded. Imagine touching her, while stripping her naked. Do you have the image of her in your mind? What would you do then, if you happened upon her, your dream woman? I bet you wouldn't set her free. No way! I bet you'd get all sweaty with her real fast.

As an aside, for those of you who take exception to this story, for those of you who think this story is sickly disturbing, for those of you who'd immediately untie any woman found bound, remove the blindfold, and set her free without so much as a sweaty handprint on her blouse or a peek at her panty beneath her short skirt, please stop reading this story immediately. For those of you who'd never take advantage of a woman tied and blindfolded, allow me to ask you two questions. What's wrong with you and why are you here reading this story? If you don't leave now, you'll be removed by security.

"For you not to take advantage of such a situation, you're a disgrace! You sicken me. How dare you read stories here at Literotica? You ought to be ashamed. Get out! Leave! Go now. This site is only for perverts, I mean, amorous individuals, who enjoy reading porn, sorry, I mean, of course, erotic literature."

Now, that those pretending to be perverts are all gone, let's just imagine, that this poor, helpless woman was, are you ready?, your wife, Colleen's best friend, Samantha?

"Oh, yeah, you know the one. Samantha! Samantha! Samantha! Now we're talking."

Prettier, shapelier, sexier, better in every way than your short, fat, homely wife, even though your beloved wife is a great cook, a good mother, and doesn't look half bad in bed, so long as it's dark, especially when pulling the covers over her head, while she's blowing you. What Colleen lacks in sex appeal, Samantha exudes with her shapely, Godly blessed body. Good God man, you know you've been lusting over her for years. How could you forget? She's the one that you French kissed at your shotgun wedding to Colleen, when she walked through the reception line, before kneeing you in the balls. She's the one that you wanted to marry, had Colleen not told you that she was pregnant, when she wasn't and had Samantha not taken out a restraining order against you. Now's your chance to realize your unrequited lust for her. What would you do, if this so indisposed, lovely woman was sexy Samantha?

"Oh, my God. Is it really her? It is! Samantha is helplessly bound and blindfolded. She's so beautiful. Kiss me, baby. Now, suck my cock. Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!"

Tall, shapely, beautiful and looking as if she could be from Ipanema, Samantha has it all over Colleen in spades, including those full, pouty, red lips. After having fantasized about her for fifteen frigging long, sexually frustrating years, once, just once, you'd love to experience receiving a blowjob from Samantha, wouldn't you, especially without your wife or anyone knowing, including Samantha, that she sucked your cock? Instead of untying her, leaving her bound and blindfolded, imagine all the fun you could have with her full, red lips stretched around your cock, while you imagine her looking up at you with your hard, hairy cock buried in her beautiful mouth.

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