tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Would You Have Done?

What Would You Have Done?


I had been working long hours lately so I guess you could partially blame me for what happened, but this story is not about blame, but rather an awakening of a couple who's lives had become the mundane existence that so many other couples go through.

Julie, my wife of 18 years had been spending more and more time staying up late while I went to bed exhausted from the days work. I was missing the intimacy we used to share, the warmth of her body beside me, as well as the extraordinary sex we had. Julie was a voluptuous woman, all the curves in the right spots. She had put a few pounds on since our marriage, but that only added to her sexiness. Julie has always been a flirt and I must admit I always loved the attention other men paid to her. But I knew it was always me that she would be going home with.

Well one night around 2am I got up to go to the bathroom and Julie was still not in bed, I walked down the hall and the light was on in the study. I looked around the corner and Julie was sitting there topless, her hands rubbing her pussy with one hand while she was trying to type with the other. I started to vibrate I was so angry, here I had been, going without, as I worked hard trying to support our family while she stayed home looking after our kids, and now I find out she has been fucking around on line and who knows if they have been doing it in person. As I watched, I was unaware of the fucking huge hard on I had in my boxer shorts, or the fact that my hand had worked its way in and around my cock.

I tried to say something, to pull away, but I was glued there, my breathing becoming rapid when I realized how turned on I was by the whole scene. Standing there confused wanking my dick, angry at my beautiful sexy wife masturbating for some guy. I was not sure if she was camming or just sexting, but I knew that my cock was boiling, and my precum was starting to drip out the legs of my boxers and down my legs.

As Julie leaned back in her chair, her head tilted and her eyes rolled back she began to cum, her hand rubbing her clit furiously, her other hand now lifting her breast and rolling her thick nipple between her thumb and finger.

I retreated to the bathroom and continued jerking off until I blew my load into the toilet, wasting perfectly good cum. I was still angry and confused, but I knew that the bitch would have to pay for this.

Saturday Julie took Emily our daughter shopping and Jeff our son was working his part time job.

I logged on to Julies computer and did some snooping. Sure enough I found her "secret" e-mail address and knowing her I figured out her password within 15 minutes. Lord fuck, she had lots of messages from men dating back to over a year ago, but lately it is one guy, Mark Jones and from the letters I had read they had been cybersexting and camming for over a month.

I was still livid and still very excited and soon I had my cock out again for another jerk off session. I read some of the e-mails, her describing how she would love his fat cock up her ass, for fucks sake, I tried to fuck her ass and was always told no, that I was a pervert and that it was dirty and disgusting, and her, she was sucking his cock, swallowing his spunk. My hand glided up and down my member, precum running over my fingers, and I scooped some up, licking it off of my fingers. I opened up a new long letter and I settled back in my chair, one hand on my cock, the other cupping my balls, and as I read about my wife sucking and fucking other men, my cock began to dance to the rhythm of my hand as I slowly stroked the whole length. I never knew my wife had fantasies like these, threesomes, bi-sexual, inter-racial. I mean we always had great sex, we both love oral, giving and receiving, we loved different positions, and even in the shower occasionally, and lord knows I tried to get her into some kinky stuff, but I had no luck at all, and here complete strangers were getting her to admit to them and it did not seem fucking fair.

I was so fucking mad and I started to wank faster, harder, and soon my spunk was flying out and landed on her computer screen. I did not give a fuck, but as my cock subsided and my anger waned with my deflating erection, I felt some pain and realized I was so vigorous I took some skin off the shaft of my prick. Fuck this was going from bad to worse and now my slut wife would have to make retribution for her indiscretions. I had to put a plan into place to extract my revenge before I booted her fat sexy ass out of my house and life.

I shut down her computer and called a friend of mine for advice, and what he told me made me even more excited and I began to put my plan in motion. I even left my dried cum on her screen. Let her figure out what happened.

About a week went by and she continued to stay up late playing, and meanwhile I let my cock heal and slowly started pleasuring myself again, all the while making sure I would make this Friday night a very memorable one for her.

Friday night came, we had supper, and after, Emily and Jeff said they were headed out with friends and neither would be returning this evening, but rather staying with friends. This would definitely make my plan work better, allowing me more time to drag out what promised to be an entertaining evening for myself, one full of vengeance. At about 9pm I feigned tiredness and retired to the bedroom. I waited an hour and slowly crept down the hall, I peeked around the corner and there she was, sitting there squeezing her tits through her top, still dressed, but too consumed by her horniness to hear or see me.

I opened the door and asked her what she was doing, the look on her face was priceless, her jaw dropped and she tried to close down her computer as fast as she could. I laughed and said I knew all about her slutty ways, and that Mark Jones could have her as soon as I was done punishing her.

Julie stuttered and stammered, but I told her to save it, I had watched her play with her wet sopping cunt the other night, preferring to cum with her hand, talking to some fantasy guy on her computer instead of with the real thing. She started to cry, asking me to forgive her, that she would do anything.

I smirked at her, and replied "anything?" (I was prepared for this) She said yes, anything but please, give her another chance.

I laughed and said sure, but she would have to be punished first. She said anything, that she still loved me and she would prove it. I told her to go to the spare room in our house and she left.

I disconnected her laptop, and brought it with me. I entered the room and close the door, and told her to log on and get her lover back on line. I wanted to talk with him. She looked at me very scared, wondering what I was up to, but nervously she did what she was told.

Once Mark was on line, she told him that she had been caught and I was in the room and wanted to confront him. I asked him if he liked fucking my wife on line, and he replied yes, she was a very sexy woman and said if I had spent more time worrying about her needs, I would not be in this predicament. The self centered arrogant bastard, I thought. I will show you a thing or two about meeting her needs.

I told him that if he cared for her at all, he would stay on line and witness what she was about to go through, and if he tried to leave, I would make matters much worse than what she was about to experience. I told him this was not up for discussion or negotiation, and with that I asked her if she was prepared to follow through on accepting her punishment. Julie lowered her head and with downcast eyes nodded her consent. I told her to answer me, and she meekly replied yes, and I said yes what? Yes Sir, she cautiously stated.

I told Mark to sit back and enjoy the show, to which I saw Julie shudder out of the corner of my eye. I told Julie to remove her blouse, and she started to slowly undo the buttons. I reached out and pulled hard, popping the buttons off, causing her to pull back in fear. I grabbed her by the hair and said "I gave you instructions, and I expect you to follow them quickly". With a frightened look, she removed her blouse, and I told her to get rid of her bra. She fumbled to remove it, knowing full well if she did not I would tear it off.

Once bare she tried to cover her tits, but I walked up, grabbing her arms and removing them, then took her nipples in my fingers and twisted them violently. Julie yelped in pain and I just grinned looking back at Mark on the computer.

I asked if he liked what he was watching and he replied yes. Next thing I know, he has his cock out jerking off looking at my wife being humiliated for both our pleasure. There was no doubting he was as excited by this display as I was, the feeling of complete power over someone, was something I have never felt before and it was exhilarating.

I returned my attention to Julie and told her to remove her skirt and underwear, and she did it in short order.

Soon she was standing totally naked and I grabbed her shoulders and slowly pushed her to her knees. I unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out letting some of my seminal fluid fly and landing on my slutwife's face. I asked Mark if he wondered if my wife sucked cock as good as she must have told him, but all he answered with was a nod, as his hand was busy pumping his cock. I noticed he was cut, a big purple bulbous head on it. His swollen prick was shorter then mine but thicker. My own cock is uncircumcised, over 7" long and thick enough that I can barely get my hand around the circumference.

Julie tried to take my cock in her mouth slowly, but I rammed it in. Hell I did not want a blowjob, I wanted to fuck her face, to make her pay for disrespecting me, or so I thought.

I held her head still and began to pump my penis in and out gagging her, but again, all that did was excite me more. As I became more excited I knew I had to stop, so I pulled out and lifted her to her feet, and led her over to a table I had set up. I bent Julie over and tied her hands to some restraints that had been installed. Now with her helpless, I told her lover to watch. I went across the room and brought back a bag.

They both watched intently as I removed the contents, first a ball gag which I placed in her mouth and secured around her head. Next I removed some nipple clamps, and I place them over her hard nubs, tightening them just enough so they did not fall off, yet not enough to hurt her, which I could tell relieved her fear by the look in her eyes.

That look was short lived as I next brought out some weights, and as I hung them from the clamps, I had to re-tighten the clamps. Slowly I turned the handles, causing the tips of her nipples to turn bright red and pop out. Now with her tits being stretched, the look in her eyes was sheer pleasure to me.

I returned my attention to Mark and asked him how he liked my wife's stories about being fucked up her fat plump ass. He told me that it was just fantasy, they were just having fun. I laughed and told him to watch, it was about to become a reality. I reached into the bag and I produced a small flogger, and the look on her face was more than worth it. Julie was always a strong woman, never one to be dominated and here she was about to suffer the ultimate humiliation, or so she thought. I lay the flogger across her white creamy buttocks, letting it slowly slide across them, next under her bent torso and over her round tummy and up to her large breasts. I turned it around and put the handle between them and used one hand to push them together and started to fuck them. I was enjoying making her wait. I learned years ago, the waiting is always more torturous then the actual pain. I looked back at Mark, and he was definitely into this, and I smiled knowing he probably had not showed her this side of himself yet.

With out warning I yanked the flogger away from her hanging tits and I raised it high coming down hard across her bum cheeks. She jumped with what was sure to be intense stinging as it left bright pink marks across her quivering bottom. I could see Mark gasp and sit up straighter; obviously enjoying the unexpected show he was getting to view. Again I lashed out, Julie trying to move her legs to get away, but nowhere to go as the table she was tied to was too heavy for her to drag. I now moved down to her thighs, the thighs that had gotten a little thicker through the years, the ones I loved to feel around my head and face, but the ones I know wanted to feel the wrath. I struck them, but not with the same vicious blows I gave to her heart shaped ass. Next her tits, I flicked the flogger, making them sway, making sure to leave welts on them. They had to burn, and as much as I wanted her to feel pain, it was obvious that some pain was becoming pleasure as her nipples seemed to swell even more in the clamps.

I looked at my watch and it said it was now 11:30 and within seconds the door bell rang. I sarcastically, although politely excused myself from my imprisoned audience.

Within minutes I returned and Julie looked at me, and I could tell she was wondering who was at the door.

I told them I had a surprise, and that they loved to talk about threesomes and group sex, I had invited a few friends over to demonstrate. It was then that Julie's body sagged. Surely I could not mean that, but I did.

In walked three black friends of mine, and I introduced them to my captive audience, first was James, then Markus, and Jerome. (I could have found more mean guys, but I wanted her to experience the thrill of interracial sex) I told everyone that I had explained the circumstances to my friends and they offered to help me with not only the punishment, but hell, we figured my wife may as well experience the real fantasies instead of living vicariously through her computer.

With introductions out of the way, I told the guys to have fun and anything goes, and I took a seat by the computer to enjoy the festivities.

James was the first one to do anything and he walked over and slapped her ass, telling her that she was one white bitch that was going to get fucked real good. He said he hoped she liked it rough, because that was the only way they knew, and as we all snickered, I could see Julie shrink. All the guys disrobed and the thing that stood out was the smallest cock had to be at least 9" and twice the thickness of my cock. Even I was in shock and I arranged this. Once naked, James looked back at me once more for final confirmation and I said "The bitch is yours, do what you think is necessary to make her a complete slutwife for good. Consider this her training." James took control, telling his friend to make sure that when they left, there would be no doubt that she was good for one thing and one thing only, black cock worship. They all smiled and surrounded her.

James told Julie he was going to remove her gag, but if she so much as protested once, he would beat her ass into submission. There was no mistaking his tone, he meant every word.

James removed the cock gag and Markus removed her clamps and weights making sure to squeeze her melons hard getting a feel for her full tit meat.

Once out, James informed Julie that she would address his Chocolate brothers as Sir, anything else would result in her being severely punished and that she did not want to experience that. He then asked if she understood, and she said yes. Angrily he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back and said "Yes What????" "Yes Sir" she stammered. With that done, they untied her hands and she was ordered to her knees.

They surrounded my sweet wife and they began their assault on her, Markus took her breasts and began to maul her cruelly, twisting the nipples, squashing her tits, and slapping them with his monstrous cock. James began pushing his cock between her lips and Jerome was rubbing his over her cheeks and using her hair to jerk off. As I watched, I figured I should have some fun, and I set up a video camera and took my clothes off and settled into my chair, cock in hand. I asked Mark if he was enjoying the show and all he did was grunt his approval. I thought to myself, so much for Mark's loyalty to my wife.

Finally the guys wanted more and they took her over to the bed, and then Jerome laid back and they had Julie climb over and lower herself over his massive dick, slowly he opened up her tight cunt, taking her breath away as he filled her more completely than ever before. The cunt juice was running down his ebony shaft, making it slick and shiny. Once down she stayed still, letting her self become accustomed to it. Now, Markus climbed up and shoved his cock back into her mouth, and began to slowly fuck her face. He was nice enough to let her take it an inch at a time, and I could see the change in her take place. She was enjoying this. James went behind Julie and spread her cheeks, causing her to try and jolt upright. But with both men in her it was impossible to escape. James chuckled and told her not to worry; he was not going to fuck her snow white ass, at least not yet. He then knelt down and using his tongue, he proceeded to rim her brown ring with darting tongue motions. Now Julie was in heaven, almost delirious. She was rocking back on to the cock in her, and the tongue that was licking the edges of her small puckered anus. She had a larger than life cock slowly stretching her mouth and she was now beginning to understand the thrill of all the on- line stories she had read but never really believed. Now it was happening to her, and she was wantonly loving every second of it. Hell, Mark could watch from now on, but she was definitely going to be a woman on the look out for large cocks, lots of them.

Julie began to cum, she tried to scream out around the cock that was in her mouth, but nothing intelligible came out. For the first time I saw my wife's cum shoot out of her wet pussy, cascading down and on to Jerome's large balls and soaking the bed.

Jerome crawled out from under her and he knelt beside Markus, taking turns plunging into her mouth letting her taste her own female ejaculate. James took the opportunity to kneel behind Julie, placing his cock at the entrance to her still spasming cunt. He began to push his 14" cock into her pussy and this time she did not hesitate and began to push back, wanting to meet his massive manhood. James grabbed her hips and began to fuck her hard, making her breasts sway vigorously back and forth. She tried to grab and hold them but she need her hands for balance as the other guys still held her head and face fucked her. Soon Markus announced he was going to cum and he flooded her mouth with what must have been gallons of white hot semen. I have never seen so much of the white spunk in my life, I know I have never ejaculated that much, She was choking on it as it ran out of her mouth and down on to the sheet in front of her. Both

of the guys by her head laughed and said the white bitch was going to have to learn to swallow better than that, and they pushed her face down, making her lick and suck up the spilt remainder in front of her. Jerome now assumed total command of Julie's mouth and he turned around and told her to lick his asshole, and Julie started to balk when Markus grabbed her head and pushed it in, telling her to start eating black ass or be prepared to have her ass beaten. Julie tentatively stuck her tongue out to lick the edges but with a shove, her face was there, and she had no choice but to lick it clean. Soon her tongue started to probe it, and I could tell the debauched act was turning her on again and soon she let go all over James cock, soaking him too. Fuck, he said, this is one horny hot MILF, and he said it was time for her graduation present. He pulled out his cock and placed the fucking huge prick against her virgin hole. I was sure it would not fit and would tear her apart, but he just grinned and said once they get used to having something like this up their asses, they always cum back for more.

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