Tom was traveling down south of business when he stopped at a WhataBurger for some chow. But, first he had to drain the lizard. The restroom was setup in a weird way. The urinal was on the same wall as the door on the left right when you came in. As Tom was peeing he was thinking that this place had to be setup by a fag. Anyone coming in that door right now would have a clear view of his pole.

There was a knock on the door and a female voice said anyone in there? She knocked again. Tom had a pretty bad stutter, and this time Tom totally blocked. Tom could not get the wait.. hold on... i'm in here out etc. As Tom was trying to say something, making little pitiful choking sounds as he tried to speak, the cleaning lady opened the door. She was young, maybe 19, probably doing this as a summer job before going back to college. She was a cute brunette with freckles on her cheeks. But, as she opened the door and walked in, she gasped, she was definitely taking back, but her eyes never the less, went straight to his cock.! What could Tom do? He couldn't hide it. Tom couldn’t stop the flow. So Tom just continued to pee. She was blatantly staring as she mumbled an apology. Something like 'Oohh I'm sorry sir. I knocked, a few times and didn't hear any answer.' She started to back out, and close the door, her eyes still glued to his penis when Tom finally found his voice. 'Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwait, no it's my fault I trrrrriied tttto sssaaaay something, bbbut I just ccccccououoou' As Tom tried to get out his apology, Tom had finished peeing, so he gave his hardening cock two flicks to get the last drops of pee off the head.

Heather’s face expression seemed to say, oooooohh....my...She seemed to be having a mental battle with her self. Knowing she should close the door, but still enjoying this pleasantly unexpected view of male anatomy. Or maybe she just didn’t want to be rude by closing the door on someone who was talking to her? Either way she was getting quite an eyeful.

But as for Tom, he couldn't believe this was happening. Here he was holding his member, shaking the last drops of pee from it as, this lady looked on. (And look she did, she hadn’t even made eye contact with him yet. Instead Heather kept her gaze fastened on his private area, which at the moment wasn’t private at all. His hand did cover some of it, his balls were covered by his boxers and his pubic hair was covered by his shirt, so he did have some cover. But his penis head, and some of his shaft were completely on display.) He too was also having a mental battle. He knew he should put it away and zip up, but he just couldn’t do it. So he continued to pretend to shake off the last drops off his member.

This was a thinly veiled disguise of masturbating. Under her supervision, the rolls of skin began to stretch as his cock began to lengthen and thicken. It became more rigid and bounced around less. as Tom brazenly flaunted his swelling penis before her gaze. As all of this was going on Tom continued to try to get out his apology. ‘I trrrrriied tttto sssaaaay something, bbbut I just ccccccououoou saaay anything..sssssorry’.

The ball was back in her court now. He expected her to close the door and leave. A second or two passed. What was she thinking? What was he thinking? He thought to himself, what am I doing I should put this thing away. I’m done pissing. I don’t want to get arrested. The he thought, well hell she came in on me, she continued to stay, and after all he had an alaby of just shaking the last drops off his cock (although he had been doing that for a good 8 seconds now, and he had changed hands to give her a better view). It wasn‘t like he was jacking off. or anything. So what the hell he thought, I’ll just enjoy this, before she goes.

But what happened next blew his mind. She came in and closed and locked the door and took her eyes from his cock and looking him in the eye urgently whispered, ‘Look. I have a boyfriend and if you touch me I will scream. But it is just that I’ve ahh, well I ah,” struggling to find the words, she leaned against the door and with her other arm nervously played with her beautiful auburn hair. Forcing a nervous half smile she said, “Well, it’s just I’ve NEEEEEEEVER seen a cock that big before!” It was surreal, Tom, didn’t know what to do. So he took his hand off his distended member and said, “Are you serious?” I don’t really think it’s that big.” To add emphasis he batted it around so it wobbled a bit. Heather countered, “I’ve only seen 3 penises in my whole life! And they were all small. Jeeez how big does yours get?? Ahh would you get it hard for me??? Please. I‘ve never seen one so big.” Tom whispered back,, ‘Ahh this iiiiiis our lllllllllllllittle ssssssssssecret rrright? No one needs tttttttttttto know about this right? As she leaned against the door she smiled and in a quiet husky tone said, “Ya! this is just our little secret. Let me see you get hard!” Tom really didn’t need to do much. As he played with his dick, under her gaze, it ballooned to a full erection. Heathers eyes widened as it his penis grew and grew. When it was hard he squeezed the base, then moved around and gave her different views, profiles and straight-ons etc. “Well, what do you think," he enquired as he watched her eyes follow his prick as he waved it around.

Heather’s pussy was dripping!!!!! Her bra and shirt were losing the battle and her young firm supple nipples were now visible through her shirt. Short of breath, embarrassed but yet very turned on she uttered, “It’s, it’s Magnificent!” Her eyes widened as she said, “It’s sooo big! I can‘t believe it.”

Smiling, Tom joked, “If you didn’t have a boyfriend, I would ask you to touch it, but I don’t want you to scream”. The joke however, lame helped break the tension, she laughed. It gave her the courage to say. “Yaaa, I can’t touch it, I shouldn’t even be in here, but, aaahhh, I was just wondering...you know...like would a bigger one cum more then a small one?”

Gosh she was sooooo hot Tom thought. The way she tilted her head and looked at him with those cute puppy dog eyes, made him melt. Her innocence, honesty and warmth of her smile was intoxicating. And her body was young and firm looking, but her tits looked VERY big under that shirt. And those nipples!!! He so wanted to ask her to show them to him, but he didn’t want to scare her off, so he said, ”Well, I supposed I could show you? You don’t mind if I masturbate do you?” “Nooooo, please, it’s not like I’m cheating or anything, I just well I want to see what it looks like, yes! please jerk off for me. Just please hurry!” As Tom wrapped his hand around his cock and started fisting his erection, he said, “don’t worry, you are soooooooo hot! Looking at you, is better then any magazine, I‘ll come real soon! Heather blushed at the compliment. Her pussy was so hot and wet as she watched the show.

After a minute or so of Tom masturbating for Heather’s viewing pleasure, he dropped his pants to give her a better view.

“Oooohh my, nice balls," she cooed. “They hang so loooow. Gosh even your balls are huge!!!!”

That they did, they danced under his erection as he stroked himself. Occasionally using his other hand to play with the balls. He moved around give her different views of his cock and balls. His erection was now obscene, bulging and hard as a rock! Then he grabbed his sack with one hand and then continued stroking his shaft with the other. Then he would change hands. Heather was enthralled with his technique. She was memorized by his skillful hands working the incredible equipment between his legs.

As he was putting on a first rate masturbation show for her, he said, “How big is your boyfriend?”

“Aaa about 4 inches," she replied. “He looks like a little boy compared to you. Jeez how big is it? I would love to measure it!” “Eeeeeeeight and 3 quarters," he replied. “really?” “Ya” Every so often he would stop stroking and would grab the base and squeeze proudly displaying all of those inches. He moved it around and gave her different views of it, much to her approval. Her eyes sparkled with delightful mischief.

“Gosh its sooo big. Please cum for me. I want to watch you cum! Hurry someone might knock any second!” This was so dirty she thought to herself. Being in the men's restroom watching this guy with his pants around his ankles working his massive horse cock. But she loved it, she loved the way his massive balls dangled below his incredibly long shaft. And the head was so swollen. Gosh it was impressive she thought. If there was ever a perfect penis. This was it! She pinched her nipples through her shirt, it sent shockwaves through her body.

She continued to egg him on. ‘oooooooohh let me see you cum, gosh look how big and hard your cock is getting. Ooh I love that. Oooohh look, the head is turning such a pretty shade of purple. Ooh let me see you cum..” Tom did not disappoint her. He aimed at the stall and let it rip. As the first jet fired from the tip of his cock, “ahhhooohh’ she exclaimed in a rather high pitch. It wasn’t any type of word really, it was just the audible exclamation of a female amazed, surprised, entertained, turned on, and shocked all rolled into one. They both watched transfixed as jet after jet after jet of viscous cum powerfully squirted out of this very large penis. She stepped forward to get a really close view. She was amazed! She never knew a penis could do this. Her boyfriend would just dribble a little bit and that was it. After 3 or 4 jets, she sort of laughing, kind of turned on breathed, “Oooooh myyyyyy Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd! a few more jets spurted from the top, each one was met with Heather exclaiming, “WOW!," “Eee!” “Woooe” “Nice!” .........finally the torrent of jizz subsided.

As they both came back to Earth she mumbled a thank you and left feeling quite embarrassed. She immediately went into the women's bathroom. She masturbated frantically, bringing herself off replaying the whole incident in her mind.

(The rush she got when opening the door and unexpectedly seeing a very large wrinkled cock spewing out urine from the bulbous cockhead. The conversation with him as she drank in the spectacle of him finishing peeing and shaking his dick around. Watching his cock grow to mammoth proportions. Seeing the wrinkles on skin give way to a larger and larger sex organ. Going in and actually asking him to stroke it for her!! Gosh!!!! She couldn’t believe she said that. But she did, and he did what she asked!!! Her girlfriends will never believe this she thought!!!)

She slipped a finger into soaking love sex and brought herself off to the visions in her mind’s eye of that huge cock spewing jet after jet! Her boyfriend would only have one tiny squirt and then would just dribble. But this huge cock was different. It was like a massive fire hose shooting a fountain of cum. Her orgasm was intense, it seemed to go on forever! Pleasure wracked her body as she worked her clit with one hand and tweaked her nipples with the other. As she swirled in ecstasy she started thinking about her boyfriend. He had said some pretty mean things to her. She suspected that he was cheating on her. Although she didn’t have any proof. Just a feeling. And she started to think he really wasn’t a good boyfriend. He was boring, he didn’t listen to her, etc. They always did what he wanted to do. And he was very controlling. Then she started fantasizing about the guy in the bathroom. Yeah he was about 10 years older then her but he was good looking and that cock was amazing!.....She starting rubbing her clit with vigor and had yet another orgasm. When she came back to Earth she frantically just realized she was letting opportunity pass her by. In a panic she rushed out and was relieved to see the guy from the bathroom sitting eating his WhataBurger. She sat down and talked with him.

They hit it off. He really was a nice guy, and the stutter almost disappeared once he got comfortable. She loved his eyes. She got lost in the shades of blue. Ya he was a little older then her, but there was something sexy about that. He was confident. He was nice. He was a man of the world, not some little boy who still lived with his mom. They had such a cool conversation. Forgetting her stupid job, (she hated it and wanted to quit anyway)

They went to a hotel. They were an incredible couple. Her body was firm but voluptuous. She had the body that only a very gifted 19 year old can have. Slim but huge boobs! The pink nipples were just in the right place. She had large areolas. What she lacked in sexual experience she made up for with youthful vigor and attitude. Her past boyfriends had been dismal. She wanted to learn what a real man could do to her body, and what she could do to a mans!!

Heather, relaxed and enjoyed Tom’s incredible skill as lover. He knew what to do. He treated her like a queen, kissed her forever. Gave her a long massage. Took his time. He had her completely relaxed before the massage got, let’s say a little bit more intamant. He ate her pussy for what seemed like hours. He brought her to a few mind blowing orgasms. When he finally put in his massive cock she was in heaven. She didn’t think it would fit at first. The cock head was just too big. It stretched her. It was a giant hot piece of meat. She felt it push in. Farther and farther and then withdraw, only to push back in. Each time pushing in farther. She let out a scream as he then plunged into her all the way! He was a machine pistoning in and out of her. He drilled her for a good 15 minutes varying his strokes, hitting parts of her that had never been touched before. He guided her through 3 or 4 sexual positions. She couldn’t help but moan and scream in passion as he had her doggy style. Heather’s pussy juice streamed out of her, down his cock and on to his balls as they heavily slapped against her clit. With his hands on her love handles he impaled her on his long shaft. With a rhythm that can only be described as intense he fucked her good!

Finally they went back to the missionary position and he continued to drill her. Her hot wet pussy felt so good! He couldn’t hold off any longer, finally he then pulled out and shot a string of cum over her head. The next landed on her face. The subsequent squirts landed on her full breasts and flat tummy. She was covered in cum. And so began a romance to last the ages. They got married, had kids, the whole 9 yards and lived happily ever after. But, they both have to laugh anytime that someone asks them how they met.

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