tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhatever You Wish

Whatever You Wish


"Why, of all days, do we have to come here?" whined Maggie. She pouted, slumped down in her seat, seat belt still strapped securely across her bosom.

"Because," barked Harry. "This is the only available appointment that he had and I'm not going through another week of your bullshit." The warning bell of the sedan pinged as he sat with one foot out the door. "This is the last step, before we end up in court, and if you don't get out the goddamn car," he turned to look at his wife of the past decade, "I'm filing as soon as I get back from Florida."

Maggie spun in her seat and glared at her husband. "You can't be serious."

"Try me." With that, he got out of the car, slamming the door and ceasing the annoying bell.

Maggie sat in the car for a minute longer, watching him dodge raindrops as he made his way to the front of the office building. Not one to show much emotion, she unbuckled her safety belt and got out of the car and followed him inside.

What was supposed to be a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, turned in a surprise ambush as Harry passed the restaurant and ended up at a nondescript office building on the opposite end of town. He announced that they had an appointment with a relationship counselor. Maggie knew that there were serious problems in their marriage, but she didn't think that he would choose today of all days to work on it.

Like a loved one dying on your birthday or Christmas, seeking therapy for your relationship on Valentine's Day was egregious in her book. The look in his eyes told here that he was serious about the threat of filing for divorce. She loved Harry, but couldn't stand to around him anymore. It was worse in the bedroom. Him climbing on top of her at a moments whim, ragged breathing and jerky humping, leaving her to sleep in the puddle of his release. She might have gotten more pleasure if he used his fingers, at least she could feel that. Appearances were deceiving. Harry had a slender dick, that bent to the left when he was fully engorged, but it seemed to disappear right before penetration. She moaned, not from the sex, but from the pain of her pelvis being banged with his. Just once, she wanted to be filled to the brim, to feel herself stretched to the breaking point.

Wiping away the raindrops from her forehead, Maggie bumped into Harry in the lobby. He was studying the directory, looking for a name. With a snap of his fingers he said, "Aha." and strode toward the bank of elevators, not bothering to see if she was behind him. Reluctantly, she followed, the click of her pumps echoing in the empty hall.

Harry pushed the button for the top floor and hummed to himself. He was at his wits end a week ago, drowning his sorrow in a tumbler of Scotch at the corner bar, when approached by a stranger about his dour mood. Whether it was the copious amount of liquor consumed or the easy demeanor of his new friend, Harry spilled his guts. When all was said and done, he had a business card pressed into his palm and a standing appointment to "get to the bottom of it." Now, he was rocking back and forth on his heels, trying to will the elevator to move faster.

He didn't even ask Maggie what she thought, he just knew that this had to happen.

The elevator car slowed to a stop and the metal doors slid open. Harry practically leaped out and began looking for the office.

"Harry, wait for me." said Maggie, but he was already down the hallway, neck craning left and right. She stood in the hallway, hands on her hips, frustrated at his demeanor. He was to the point of frantic as he scanned the doors left and right.

"You must be Margaret." said a voice behind her, making her shriek. She almost stumbled, but a quick hand on her elbow, steadied her. "Hello. I didn't mean to startle you." The voice belong to a older man, tall and olive in complexion. He grip on her arm was firm, but yielding. She stared into his gray eyes and saw the answers to all her problems. Without another thought, she shook his hand, felt her lips turn up into a smile. She didn't bother to correct him on the formal pronouncement of her name that she hasn't used since middle school.

"It'll be okay, that I promise you." He guided her to a corner office and ushered her inside. Once she was seated in the plush leather couch, he excused himself and went of in search of her spouse.

Maggie felt unusually relaxed as she settled back into the thick leather of the chaise. The thick smell of incense enveloped the room and she breathed deep. Her eyes felt heavy and she considered taking a nap. The door opened again and the man returned with Harry in tow. Leading him the the spot next to Maggie, the man then pulled up a large leather chair of his own and took a seat. An Egyptian Mau pounced onto his lap, turning tight circles until it found a comfortable spot and settled down.

"I'm deathly allergic to cats, "said Maggie, almost as an afterthought. The man just smiled, nodded his head and shooed the feline away. With a quick condescending stare at her, it jumped down and ran behind the massive desk.

"I'm Madrid." he announced to the room. He stroked his salt and pepper beard and studied the couple for a few minutes. The only sound in the room was his breathing as stared at Harry, then at Maggie.

"From what I've learned from Harold, the sanctity of your marriage is at an end."

"Yeah, yeah," Harry spoke up from his quiet slumber. The somber mood in the room began to fill with tension as he sat up and began to make his case. A corporate lawyer by day, he was crafted in the art of selling his side of the story.

With a simple wave of his hand, Madrid stopped him before he could begin.

"I'll ask the questions, if you please."

Maggie kept staring at the older gentleman, unsure of why she wanted to tell him everything, but sure that nothing was going to be held back.

"Harold, have you sought physical pleasure outside of the confines of Margaret?"

"Yes, I have. Many times." Harry was dumbfounded. The answer flowed easily out of his mouth like water from a broken pitcher.

Maggie sat with mouth agape. She had her suspicions, but no proof. Harry was good at hiding his infidelity, from secret accounts and phones, a separate wardrobe at the office, and an ironclad alibi as his business took him out of state many times.

"You as well, Margaret?" Madrid laid his eyes upon her.

"As much as I can get." Just like Harry, she was amazed how quickly she answered. She was never one to shy away from a comment by a well-dressed stranger who might have offered her a drink in a bar or conversation while standing in line. Sometimes, she was lucky enough to have that man entertain her for a night of fucking.

"I thought as much." Madrid rose up from his chair and walked over the corner of the room. He returned, a jewel-encrusted hookah in the crook of his arm. He sat it down on the floor between the three of them and began to fill it with crumbled tobacco. If it were any other time, the couple would have literally been at each others throats, furniture overturned, maybe a visit from law enforcement, but they were calm. Almost comatose. Once the hookah was lit, Madrid held one of the stems to his lips and inhaled. The couple watched in fascination as he blew a purplish smoke out into the room.

"What is your greatest sexual wish, Harold?" Madrid stared at him through the smoke, his gray eyes ablaze.

"I want, I want." Harry tried to find the words. He thought about the busty Latina down in Miami, with the large aureola, the size of silver dollars and the shaved pussy that stayed wet for days. In his dreams. She was a client for his firm and he always gave her top notch service, hoping that one day she would reciprocate in a manner that warranted a letter to Penthouse. He felt himself harden as thought about her quivering ass as he plowed into her from the back. He began to grin as he fantasied how she would suck him awake every morning, slender fingers tickling his prostate. He always use to brag to his buddies that she could probably suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

"Done, and done." said Madrid, startling him from his day dream.

"Huh, what?" asked Harry.

Madrid removed the stem from his lips and repeated his last statement. He pointed to a door to the left of the office and watched Harry rise and disappear through it.

"Margaret, I ask the same of you that I did for your spouse."

Margaret didn't even respond, her mind immediately took her to the image of the pool cleaner. Even though they rarely swam, she made sure to have him stop by every week. With his surfer build and dirty blond locks, he never took the bait on her advances. She would watch him from the upstairs bedroom window, fingering herself to orgasmic bliss as he went through the motions of cleaning an immaculate pool. His low-slung khakis made her think about the thickness of his cock. How it must have slapped against his thigh when he walked, rubbed against the pants material when he bent down to change filters.

"Margaret?" Madrid woke her from her daydream and was pointed to the same door that Harry recently walked through. Recently? She had no concept of time since getting out of the car. Even though she's never been in counseling, Maggie was confused by the procedures of the therapist.

"Please," Madrid pointed towards the door again. "I will be along shortly."

Without a word, she rose and half stumbled to the door.

Harry was shaking the cobwebs out of his head when he smelled the scent of grilled chorizo. He took a look around and realized that he was no longer in an office, or a building for that matter. From the top floor to winding driveway in the blink of an eye. Not any driveway, but a certain driveway in Miami. The driveway of his client, Marisol Espinoza. He spun in place, giving himself a few slaps to the jaw to check. Yes, this was Miami, that was her house, and he could hear the sausage lightly grilling through the open window of the kitchen, He needed a phone. He had no idea how he got down here from Atlanta, with the clothes on his back and a therapy session in..... That's it. He slapped himself on the forehead once more. He must be under hypnotism, the only explanation. Smiling wide, he skipped up the driveway to the front door. He barely let up off the button before it swung wide open and the host was standing there, wearing a maid's uniform, and nothing else. Rubbing his hands in anticipation, he stepped across the threshold.

Maggie needed water. She stumbled to the master bath and slapped at the faucet until the cool liquid spit out into the bowl. She splashed it on her face, drinking in a few swallows at the same time. She looked at herself in the mirror and tried to focus. How did she get back in her house? Where was Harry? Isn't it too late in the day for the sun to be shining, and where was the torrential downpour from earlier? Too many questions and no answers as she put her face back in the bowl of water. What was that? She stopped splashing for a minute to listen. Someone was in the backyard. Before she ran to the alarm system, curiosity made her tip-toe to the window to take a look. Jake, the pool man, was pulling his hoses through the yard and unloading the extra equipment from his shoulder. The pool wasn't scheduled to be uncovered until May, but there he was, getting ready to clean. She moistened quicker than Pavlov's dog.

"So 'arry," said Marisol. It's sooch a pleasure you stop by." She led him into the sunken living room, round and brown ass peeking out from the apron. Harry was poking through his trousers like a divining rod, eager to get to the next part. No matter how many drunk singles, escorts, and strippers he sowed in his busy schedule, this was the fruition of his sexual escapades. Maggie was a joke in the bedroom. He figured that like wine, she might have gotten better with age, but he would have gotten better pleasure from a gutted carp.

He brought her countless magazine subscriptions, the one with "Please your man in thirty minutes" and "Sex secrets of the stars" on the cover, but she let them lay in the living room and gather dust. One night, she actually agreed to give him head, only to throw up when he unloaded in her mouth. Now, she won't kiss him anywhere lower than the neck. More times than not, he would wait till she was asleep before trying to cram it inside her. By the time she woke, he was halfway finished. The last six months he hasn't even slept in the same room, choosing the couch in his study.

Marisol stopped at the coffee table, bending over to dust the tops of her magazine covers, and giving a full view of her vagina. Hairless and plump, with a protruding clit, Harry stood transfixed. Drool began to flow down the corner of his mouth and he didn't bother to wipe.

"Ju like?" She turned her head around to face him. "Ju have a seat, I make it better."

When he didn't move, she grabbed him by the lapels and yanked him in the direction of the nearest couch and pushing him down. When he fumbled with his belt, Marisol took over and snatched his pants off from the ankles, leaving just a waistband and belt. Before Harry even realize what she's done, she was on her knees and between his legs.

Maggie groaned as watched Jake remove his tight tee shirt. Tanned washboard abs without a follicle of hair to be seen. His khaki pants was still in the sag position, a obvious bulge on his right thigh. She closed her eyes and bit on her bottom lip to keep from screaming as a tiny orgasm burst from below.

"Can I change that filter for you?" He was suddenly standing behind her. She could smell the manly musk emanating from his body, felt his warm breath on the nape of her neck. Too shocked to move, Maggie let him take her by the hand towards the king size bed where he easily scooped her up and tossed her amongst the countless pillows adorned on the bed. She licked her lips and watched as his pectorals twitched as he began to unclasped his belt. Her gaze trailed downward past his torso as his noticeable bulge became more alive. When his dropped his pants, she gasped in amazement and apprehension. His cock was something of legend. As many times as she's surfed the internet for large dicks, she never saw something as astonishing as the one before her. It fell clearly to his knees, a slight swing as he moved his hips.

Before she could blink, he was on the bed, snatching her clothes off as easily as one would pull weeds in the garden. The tear of fabric and sound of popping clasps on her bra gave her a sense of dread.

Back in Miami, Harry was screaming. The chrome was being sucked off the trailer hitch; the chrome was skin, and the hitch was his now bleeding cock. He did his damnedest to pull Marisol off, but she was stuck firmly between his legs, head bobbing at a frenzied pace.

"Stop," he screamed, voice grating into unheard octaves. "You're killing me!"

"Oh no," Marisol raised her head. "I no keel ju." Harry blinked through the tears to see the damage. His penis was covered in red sores and rashes from when she sucked the outer layer of skin off, resembling a chemical peel. With all the trauma and pain, his dick still bobbed, ready for action.

Marisol smiled through a mixture of saliva and blood, teeth stained the lightest shade of pink.

"Ju be okay, I make ju come."

"No, I don't want to__" He let out another scream as she began to suck him again.

As much as she struggled, Maggie couldn't break the iron grip of her fantasy. Jake held her wrists bound in one large hand, while spreading her legs and rubbing her clit with the other. His cock sat her her stomach, writhing back and forth, and scaring the shit out of her. It seemed to get bigger by the minute and she was positive that he couldn't possibly fit in inside her.

"Ah," said Jake. "Just about ready."

"Ready?" Maggie kept up her struggle. "I'm not ready, I don't want to do this."

"Sure you do." Jake pulled his fingers from her vagina and slid them into her mouth. "See?"

She tasted her own excitement for the first time and tried to quell her gag reflex. Not because it was a bad taste, but ever since Harry had come in her mouth, her palate hasn't been the same. She tried to bite down on his fingers, making him let her go, but he showed no reaction, just a broader smile.

"Okay then, here we go." Taking his fingers out of her mouth, he grabbed her ankle and practically lifted her off the bed as he opened her wider. With both hands occupied, his cock began to move without assistance. The one-eyed snake with the purplish head began to move across her belly, upwards towards her breasts. She could only stare as it navigated her prone form. As it continued towards her mouth, she clamped her mouth tight. It suddenly recoiled and went south. She closed her eyes as she felt the thick form brush over her pubic patch. She felt it at the opening of her moist slit and began to whimper.

"Once you get past the head, it's smooth sailing." chortled Jake.

Maggie felt the push of the cock head past her outer labia, heard the squish of her pussy as it accepted Jake's cock. For a brief second, it wasn't that bad, then the pain arrived. Her eyes snapped opened as she watched the first few inches disappear. She came almost immediately, but it kept going in. She felt her vaginal walls stretch and a intense pressure against her abdomen, but his cock was less than halfway in.

"Oh, Jake." Maggie groaned. "It's too much."

"But, it's what you wanted." Jake was still smiling, barely breaking a sweat. Maggie felt the sheets beneath her soaked with her own fear, mixed with her own vaginal juices. Her small cramps gotten larger as the monster cock kept filling her up. Her nails dug into the palms of her hands, rivulets of blood began to flow. Pain began to shoot all over her body as her organs felt as they were being shoved aside to make room for the new tenant.

"Maggie, look," Jake called out to her. She opened her eyes to see him connected to her by the hilt. The head of his cock was visible underneath her skin, right below her breast plate. "Now, we're going to have some fun."

Jake closed his eyes and hummed as his cock began to enlarge inside her. Maggie could only pant as her screams were choked off by the lack of air. She felt like she wanted to vomit, but the pressure against her esophagus was something else. As he began to move his hips back and forth, he released her hands. Instead of attacking him or trying to get away, she grabbed her throat.

Harry was crying like a newborn as Marisol pounded her bubbly ass against his stomach. Whatever suction she used with her mouth, transferred to her sopping pussy as she rode him with wild abandon in a reverse cowgirl. She only laughed as he shrieked and pounded on her back, shoulders, and head with his fists. Each time she rose up, he saw more blood, but he was still hard.

He was finished, succumbed to the torturous rhythm of her riding his ruined cock. As he sobbed, he thought about Maggie. He loved her from the moment he bumped into her at the law library on campus. They held the same interests in literature, outdoors, and types of friends. She supported him though the tough first years of his law practice and always lent an ear when he needed to vent. It wasn't her fault that he didn't find her sexually compatible, but instead of taking the time to work on it like he did when preparing for a big case, he took the easy way out with infidelity. Right now, he'd give anything to have another chance. He felt a hand on his head, looked up and saw Madrid staring at him.

Fighting for every breath, Maggie clawed at her throat, trying to push away the cock from her airways. Jake was getting harder, and trying to puss back in the inches that recently slipped out.

"It's not really a blow-job, if it comes from the other direction, is it?" Maggie tried to blink away wet mascara as she tried to reason with him. She didn't think it was possible for a cock to come out of her mouth, but there was a lot of things that she didn't think was possible that have happened with the past few moments. Her throat swelled as Jake pushed and she could feel the head pushing against her lower jaw. She was running out of air and realized her demise was near. She thought of Harry. She loved him. She loved that he was an Alpha male and did whatever it took to provide for her. He never forgot anniversaries, birthdays, little occasions that meant nothing to anyone but her. Instead of actually reading any of the magazines he brought for her, she took it as an affront to her femininity. She thought him a sexual freak, even though she was ready to do the same things with complete strangers.

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