tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 03

Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 03


In the afterglow of our lovemaking, Danielle and I had talked long into the night. I was flush with excitement at the prospect of this exciting new change in our lifestyle. Our lovemaking had become the most intensely gratifying of our entire relationship – for both of us, at last – and I could only foresee it getting better.

Danni seemed more ambivalent. I was concerned about it, fearing she was already having second thoughts about committing herself to this radical change. I approached the subject obliquely, preferring not to agitate her further.

"I know this sounds trite," I teased, "but it was good for you, too, wasn't it?"

She smiled sheepishly and nodded.

"The best I've ever had," she murmured. "You are a real stud."

We both chuckled at that.

"So, the evening hasn't been a complete bust?" I asked.

My lover briefly glanced down at her overflowing chest.

"I dunno," she teased. "Do you think it needs to be more 'complete' than this?"

I poked her in the ribs good-naturedly. This was exactly the opening I was looking for.

"Well," I began with a knowing smile, "I'm sure we could do something to improve on it. Actually, there are a few things I had in mind. If we are going to give this a fair chance, we will have to keep at it for a while. I mean, every day. You already said your schedule is pretty open right now, right?"

Danni looked pensive for a moment, mulling something over in her mind. She slowly nodded her head.

"Yessss," she replied, drawing out the response, "I have a few small projects and one big one already in the pipeline, but it's all work-at-home stuff to be posted by e-mail. I don't have any face-to-face meetings scheduled."

I smiled radiantly.

"Wonderful! I have a ton of vacation time accrued. I'll call the office in the morning. Let's see, this is Tuesday... well, Wednesday now. Why don't we spend the rest of the week and the weekend together? We'll have some fun, do girl stuff, and just enjoy each other's company. It will be like getting to know each other all over again. We've both been under too much stress lately. Let's live a little! What do you say – just us girls?"

Danni pursed her lips and looked at me, then down at herself. I took her hands in mine.

"Sweetie," I cooed, " It's okay. Whatever you may think is going on here, this is all a really, really big turn-on for me. You make a beautiful girl. With a little bit of work, you could be drop-dead gorgeous, just like you are always saying about me. If this all seems a little extreme..."

I squeezed her prodigious boobies.

"... it's because we both like girls like that – remember? I'm fulfilling your fantasy and mine, too.

"How many times in the last five years have you told me you would give me 'whatever my heart desires,' then done exactly that? I have lost count. Until now, I have never been able to do that for you. I couldn't even make my own husband cum, dammit. It's been driving me up a fucking wall! Now, finally, I have found a way to do for you what you have so unselfishly done for me, a way that has kicked my libido into overdrive, driven me to distraction for a week, and has me obsessed with you just as much as the night I met you. I asked you before and I will ask you again. If you will just trust me, I will give you what your heart desires – in Technicolor, Dolby 5.1, and Sensurround."

I kissed Danni frantically, passionately, to emphasize the point. When we came up for air, she finally smiled a little.

"OK," she replied. "I would really like that."

I hugged her tightly, feeling we had finally made a breakthrough. I just gazed at her lovingly. She really was beautiful, sitting there in her negligee. With that body, those exquisite emerald eyes, and her thick, shiny shoulder-length dark blonde hair, there was no way anyone would think she was a man.

Until that moment, I hadn't had a clue why I was attracted so strongly to men with long hair. Most of my really memorable lovers had worn their flowing locks in a ponytail, as Danny did. Now, it all made sense. I can still remember the first time I laid eyes on my future husband across a crowded nightclub. My eyes tracked him like radar as he made his way across the room – with me in hot pursuit. I have never been shy about going after something I wanted. The rest, as they say, is history....

After our marathon lovemaking session, then the emotionally-draining conversation, I couldn't keep my eyes open another minute. Tomorrow would be a busy day, I mused, and a particularly gratifying one. As I drifted off to sleep, I dreamed I heard a voice murmur: "If it seems too good to be true...."


We were out the door and in my 500SL at ten o'clock the next morning. I had dressed Danni myself with tender loving care. She wore the black leather corset, of course, with her waistline cinched alluringly. Perhaps it was my imagination, but it appeared we were already seeing results. I was certain I was lacing her down at least another inch without a hint of complaint from Danni. I had selected sheer black stockings with French heels to show off her shapely legs and black lace bikini panties to keep her tucked-in 'clitty' snuggled up tight in her crack, out of sight. The stocking disappeared inside black calfskin ankle-strap d'Orsay pumps with five-inch heels.

Her slinky red silk camisole was deeply scooped in front, showing off lots of her deep cleavage. The thin material teasingly revealed the outline of her corset and the thrusting nipples of her braless breasts. The camisole was tucked into a tight little black lambskin microskirt that covered the tops of her stockings – until she walked, sat down, or bent over. Danni thought I had lost my mind. I knew I had; it was all I could do to get her out the door without raping her on the spot!

I was amazed at how quickly Danni was adapting to those skyscraper heels. Her strut wasn't perfect yet, but she was really showing promise. I couldn't wait for some of the men downtown to feast their eyes on her. The only thing out of sync with her sexy image was above the collar. I hadn't applied makeup other than a little lip gloss and her long, thick hair had no shape to it. We would be correcting that situation in short order!

I backed into an empty parking space in front of Eden at ten twenty-five. Danni turned to me and smiled bemusedly.

"Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?", she challenged.

I grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

"In for a penny, in for a pound," I replied saucily. "I said we would do 'girl stuff'. What is more 'girlie' than this?"

"I dunno. Do you really think I should...."

"Oh, shut up," I interjected. "This is something I want and you can't tell me you don't. I've already made the appointment. Lexi is expecting us."

Her eyes grew as big as saucers.

"You told Lexi?"

"Stop it!", I exclaimed. "She's fine with it. I have been wetting my panties all week in anticipation of this moment. I told you last night; you have nothing to be ashamed of."

At that exact instant, two tall, well-built men in suits passed by on the sidewalk. They appeared as though they had just stepped from the pages of GQ. With the roof of the silver Mercedes retracted into the trunk, they couldn't help but get an eyeful of the stunning blonde driver and her equally attractive, provocatively dressed passenger. They both grinned. One whistled. I beamed at Danni.

"See? What was I just saying? Even with no makeup and wind-blown hair, you are a hottie."

"They were staring at you," Danni replied.

I punched her in the arm.

"Bimbo! They were staring at us," I retorted, "and saw exactly what they wanted to see. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were staring down your top at those titties of yours. Really, you are such a shameless little tramp!"

"I can't help it," Danni responded with a wink. "I was made that way!"

"Yeah, Baby," I shot back. "And don't you ever forget it. It only gets better from here..."

I winked at my companion as we walked through the door of the salon.

"... or worse."


Alexis Jordan had been my stylist, friend, and confidant since I had earned my realtor's license and 'moved uptown'. We shared the same head for business and the same tastes in men and sex. Lexi had invested the money she earned from her upscale clientele and, in a few years, purchased Eden outright from her former employer.

We saw each other at least once a week – when I came in to be pampered – and lunched together or went out for drinks whenever our respective schedules permitted. We had been enjoying such a lunch the previous week – the day after my epiphany about Danny. As we grazed on our salads, I decided the time was right to invoke Asset Number Four – and casually dropped The Bomb. My raven-haired companion, in turn, dropped her fork and jaw simultaneously.

"You are going to do what?", she replied incredulously.

I grinned at her conspiratorially.

"You heard right," I smirked. "Honest to God, I wish you could have been a fly on the wall in our bedroom last night. I thought he was gonna blow his load right through the top of my head when I told him I pictured him as a T-girl."

"We're still talking about 'Mr. Magnificent', right?", Lexi responded. "The guy who really does go all night? He of the talented tongue? Custodian of the mighty eight-incher? Purveyor of unlimited female orgasms? He's a sissy?"

"He definitely has latent tendencies," I agreed. "Remember I told you he has been a dry hump as long as we have been together? Not anymore! Once I knew which buttons to push, I couldn't turn the fountain off. The damndest thing is, I had no clue how much the whole idea would turn me on. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since."

The esthetician just shook me head sadly.

"It seems like such a waste. Look, if you're bored with him, just give him to me. I'll put him to work immediately! I can't believe you would trash a gem like that."

I grinned cattily and shook my head.

"I ain't trashing nuthin', Girlfriend! You know I have a Sweet Tooth. I won't do anything that would adversely affect my favorite candy cane..."

I thought about that for a minute, envisioning a universe of alternate scenarios.

"... at least, not yet. I would have to have a really compelling reason to willingly take away my own candy. I've been reading up on it. There are plenty of ways to make 'Danielle' Pet Of The Year material without screwing that up. Aren't you the one who told me some of those girls at Eve's Rib were three-legged centerfolds?"

Lexi nodded in agreement at my reference to the local T-girl nightclub/show lounge. I was well aware the raven-haired beauty harbored 'alternative' tastes in lovers as well. I also knew she was no stranger to the cabaret – nor to the 'girls' who frequented it. She smiled at the memory of something, probably a previous fling with one of the 'starlets' of which we spoke.

"Nice legs, too," she smirked. "All three of them. I also seem to recall urging you to try it some time, but this.... I have to admit; Danny would be stunning. He is such a pretty boy. All right, Sweetie, you've convinced me. I'm in - on one condition."

I gazed at my friend speculatively.

"And that is?"

"I get to sample the merchandise when she is done."

I didn't move a muscle. Since I had befriended the stylist, we had shared secrets, dreams, drinks, and occasional pick-up stud service. I had never had a reason to refuse Lexi anything – until then. I hid it well. I'm pretty sure my smile lost barely a trace of its warmth.

"We'll talk later. Whew, that's a big load off my mind. Now, I have to figure out how I'm going to accomplish the rest. I need to start making contacts."

Lexi reached out and squeezed my hand reassuringly.

"I think I can help you there, too. I know someone who would be a big help. I think I can arrange for them to hook up. As for the makeover, do you think you can have him ready by next Wednesday?"

I nodded enthusiastically.

"If last night is any indication, I could probably have him ready for you tomorrow if I needed to. Wednesday would be better, though. That will give us both time to get ready – and in my case, to do some shopping!"


"Lexi, this is my new girlfriend, Danielle," I purred. "Didn't I tell you she is scrumptious?"

As I expected after our lunch of the previous week, Lexi gave Danni the once-over, head to toe, like she was sizing her up for the kill. 'Desire' was written all over her face. When we were out at the clubs and she had set her sights on some studmuffin, I had always thought that look was cute. Now.... After more than a moment of this silent lusting, she took Danni's hand and welcomed her.

"Delectable would be a better description. Hello, Danielle. Welcome to Eden. Kristen, I have the perfect operator for all of Danni's needs. Celine just joined us this week. I have been trying to lure her away from the cosmetology school for months and finally succeeded. I think Brady Ellison is going to lynch me for stealing his best instructor. Hair, makeup, nails – they just don't come any more skillful or artistic than Celine. She has a real flair for the dramatic, too. She is definitely the right choice to work on our girlfriend here."

Lexi turned and peered down the salon floor.

"Celine? May I see you for a minute?"

Danni and I were equally enthralled by Lexi's newest employee. Celine was a stunning, statuesque African-American siren. She was taller than Danielle, made more so by the platform stiletto sandals atop which she glided so gracefully. Her lush feminine proportions would put many of our favorite porn stars to shame. The woman's face featured big, expressive chocolate eyes, impossibly high, pencil-thin arching brows, stunningly prominent cheekbones and the full-beyond-full, plush lips that were the hallmark of women of her race. Unlike her 'sisters', her nose was straight, narrow, and delicate-looking. To be honest, she looked 'done' – superbly so. Her makeup and hair, substantially more dramatic than most Anglo women would deem appropriate for daytime, were artfully applied and surreally appropriate for the task of highlighting her exquisite, exotic features.

"Celine, this is Danielle," Lexi intoned. "And this is her girlfriend, Kristen."

Celine took my hand first, but barely glanced at me. Her undivided attention was on her latest client. If Lexi had been sizing Danni up, Celine was devouring her with her eyes. I can't explain why, but I didn't feel threatened by Celine the way I had with my friend.

"Hey, Baby," the stunning African purred as she took Danni's hand in her own. Her voice was as smooth, sultry and provocative as the rest of her. "It's a pleasure."

Danielle was visibly stunned by her stylist's hands; so was I. To be exact, it was the nails that captured our fancy. They were the longest I had ever seen; perhaps two inches from root to tip, square-cut, slightly curving, with a multi-color polish scheme and plenty of gold nail art. That's one of those things about Bad Girls that always made Danny and me drool. I could just imagine what was going through Danielle's mind at that moment. I wondered how the woman could work with such over-the-top talons. They were the perfect compliment to this most exquisite woman.

"You ready, Baby Gurrl? I do have some ideas that will have the boys creaming in their shorts."

I wasn't certain Danni really needed that, but if she could look even a tenth as good as the provocative esthetician, I would be happy.

I just stared dumbly as the pair made their way to Celine's station. Lexi smiled as though she were the cat that just ate the canary. When Celine and Danielle were out of earshot, I turned to her in wonder.

"Where on Earth did you find her? She is magnificent!"

"As I said, she was an instructor at the cosmetology school," Lexi replied, "among other things. She's really something, isn't she?"

"Oh, yeah," I managed to croak. "She knows the score?"

Lexi smiled sagely.

"No problem," she replied. "She's down with it. In fact, she's really looking forward to it."

"Aren't we all," I responded dreamily.

Lexi took my hand, smiling.

"Come on," the esthetician offered. "Let's get you started."

At that moment, I rubbed my thighs together, noting the warm wetness between them.

"Not a problem," I noted. "I'm already started."

Celine was still working when Lexi finished with me. It was around noon. My girlfriend had no appointments scheduled until three, so we opted to go to lunch while her associate continued to work her magic. From across the salon, I could not get a good read on what the operator was doing to Danielle. Lexi read my thoughts.

"Never mind," Lexi cooed, as she steered me out the door. A Cheshire smile split her lips. "Danni's in the best of hands. I promise you will love the results. All of them."

I looked askance at my friend. Lexi paid me no mind as we slipped into the Mercedes.


We returned about ten minutes before three. Celine had just finished her task and was escorting her client to the front desk. I froze where I stood as I beheld the approaching apparition who, only a day before, had been unmistakably male. The hair was longer, reaching about mid-way down her back. The blazing copper color was the perfect compliment to her flawless pink complexion and glittering emerald eyes. Her tresses were now a full, bouncy head of big, loose curls.

Those eyes were now as exquisitely made up as Celine's own. The thick, furry eyelashes were an immediate attention-grabber. The multiple hues of perfectly-blended shadow, ranging from dark moss lids to ebony creases to frosty white highlights, with wide swaths of liner extending well beyond the corners, added to the exotic allure of those shimmering orbs.

The combination of dark and light blushes made her cheekbones appear much more prominent than they had been. Her sexy mouth was outlined in Claret and tinted a deep, glistening red. Her lips looked fuller, plusher, more kissable than they had before.

Oh God, she had talons now, too! They were not quite as long as Celine's, perhaps an inch and a half overall. They were polished the same dark crimson as her beautiful lips and flashed with dazzling gold nail art. This couldn't possibly be the same 'girl' I brought in four hours before – could it?

This vision slinked up to me and pirouetted on her heels, giving me a good, long look at Celine's handiwork. Then she pressed her body against mine and slowly, casually scraped my inner thigh with those crimson claws.

"Do you like?", she teased. "I'm thrilled with it."

I groaned and nodded weakly. Somebody please turn off the tap inside my pussy! I made a conscious effort to keep my hand steady as I wrote the check, barely giving a second thought to the amount. So what if it was equivalent to the last two months of our electric bill? It was worth it!

Celine and Danni hugged and blew air kisses, so as not to ruin the Black girl's breathtaking efforts.

"Call me," Celine admonished.

"I will," Danni promised. "Tomorrow."

As we made our way to the door, I had to comment.

"It looks like you made a friend."

Danni looked straight ahead, smiled coyly and nodded.

"Oh yeah," she murmured dreamily. "I sure did."

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