tagLoving WivesWhat's in the Big Chocolate Box Ch. 01

What's in the Big Chocolate Box Ch. 01


Thanks to Wicked Woman, as always, for editing, and rachlou for plot help. All errors omissions or inadequacies are solely mine, not theirs...


"What's in the big chocolate box?" my wife, Luci, asked, sounding as excited as a little kid.

I immediately flashed back to Christmas Eve, when she had wondered what was in the big box under the tree. She had not cared once we started comparing notes about her accidental voyeurism of our elder son, Wade, fucking his girlfriend, Deanna. This had led to our most passionate sex in years. It had gotten even hotter after Wade and Deanna unexpectedly walked in, and joined in.

So Luci's comment as she toyed with the ribbon on the giant box of specialty treats I had special ordered from overseas naturally caused my cock to swell, images of Luci screaming in joy as Wade had fucked her on top of the very counter where we were sitting now flashed by, alternating with the urge to glance over at the sofa where I had been milked dry by Deanna. If I am to tell the truth, the strongest images were of Deanna's all over tan, her strawberry red nipples aching to be sucked, and how her young abdominal muscles had clenched around my shaft as she climaxed. It had been a wonderful way to see in the holiday.

Now it was the Valentine's Day, barely. Five minutes past midnight on February 14th. You might think from Luci's enthusiasm about the big chocolate box that our incestuous interlude Christmas Eve had reignited the spark in our lagging marriage, but, alas, that was not the case. We had never talked about the fizzle, so I don't know whether Luci's reversion to her uptight Christian conservative sexual ways was caused by guilt over fucking our son, just the passing of the moment, disappointment that the big box contained a new Amish quilt instead of sex toys, or some combination of all those feelings. Or maybe she had found another lover, a well endowed young man like Wade, who could please in ways I no longer could. Since we weren't talking about anything more than the size of the heating bills, I could hardly ask Luci.

"I hope its dark chocolate..." Luci continued, drawing me from my dream state. "...because that's the strongest aphrodisiac."

I gave my head a shake, not believing my ears.

"What did you just say?"

"Ever since Christmas Eve, dear, you've been distracted, off in Dreamland. I can't tell whether you are feeling guilty about fucking Deanna, angry that Wade pleased me so much, or whether that whole night was just an isolated event, and now you are back to that middle aged funk that has grown this chasm between us in the past few years. Sometimes I think you love your right hand more than you love me."

Luci blushed redder than the scarlet ribbon on the big chocolate box. She never spoke about masturbation. Her mother had taught her that it was a sin, just as sex was a chore a woman put up with out of duty. For a time, when we were first together, Luci had gotten past the sexual hang-ups, but after our second son was born, she had retreated. To me, that had been the change in our marriage, not any attitude of mine.

I sat there, across from her at the counter of the dining nook, at a loss about what to say. Maybe she was right, maybe my concerns about work, money, and security had changed me as much as arranging play dates, scouting preschools and carpooling had affected her. It was one thing, though, to see that possibility, it would be another to agree that she might be right.

"It wasn't fucking Wade that made me miss fucking you regularly, with passion and creativity," Luci said, filling the silence, "nor was it the thrill of seeing Deanna lick my juices off your shaft, or even her talented tongue eating me like no man ever could...it was the sex we had alone together before they walked in that reminded me how incredible love makes ordinary fucking into something incredible."

"But they were like a cherry on the sundae."

Luci giggled girlishly, still tugging at the bow on the big box of chocolates, her eyes looking dreamy. "Nothing cherry about those two," she said. "but just as tasty."

"Too bad they are back at college."

"I did love the morning of Christmas day, how after you and I fucked in the bed, Deanna joined me in the shower."

"I didn't know that. What happened?"

"She said Wade woke up to the sound of me screaming to orgasm with your fat meat inside my box."

"Did they fuck then too? I never heard them."

"Deanna told me that Wade just ate the last almost dry remains of your goo out of her pussy. Well, they weren't dried for long, she rehyrdrated them quickly. She orgasmed, but stifled her groans with a pillow. Then she started giving him a blow job, but when they heard the shower, he insisted on making a cream pie in her pregnant womb, just like the one you had deposited the night before. I guess he's not a screamer when he comes."

"Was she surprised or disappointed that it was you, not me in the shower?"

"She never said, though she did seem excited by the idea of my taking a turn eating out her cunt after she had done me right on this counter the night before."

Luci's breathing had slowed noticeably, and her cheeks were flushed as she flashed back to her early Christmas present. I noticed my cock was throbbing, half way to hardness - the state I call a "chubby"- excited just hearing about this story, and even more thrilled by how this Valentine's Day held out the prospect of another spurt of sex play, fuelled by Luci's deeply buried incestuous and bisexual urges. I reached across the counter and gently brushed the edge of my index finger along the back of her hand as she toyed with the bow.

"Did you...?" I asked.

"Eat her, you mean? You can say it you know," Luci's voice changed, now blurting out words in a bark, not a come hither tone at all. She locked her eyes on mine for a heartbeat, but then looked down to where her hands, withdrawing from the big box of chocolates, settled restlessly in her lap. As she fluttered like a trapped bird, she continued.

"If I can admit to how I really like sex, you can talk to me like an equal, you know."

Now she sounded like a little girl who had been scolded by Daddy, but had summoned up the nerve to speak up. With each syllable, though, strength flowed not just into her voice, but coursed through her body, as she sat straight up, shoulders back. This of course had the effect of thrusting her magnificent tits out at me. I was pleased to note that in spite of the set back, her nipples were still erect.

I slid a hand across the countertop, half way, or a hair further, and just left it sitting there. She did not move to touch it immediately, but I would have been shocked if she had. It was a gesture of reconciliation, and also a way to buy time to select my next words with care.

"I love you for all that you are. I love that you are finally allowing yourself to be free, to be all that you want to be. I support you in that, and only ask that we share our joy with each other, even when it might include others."

They must have been the right words, because Luci looked up, her chin lifting further, until her eyes looked deeply into my soul. She raised a hand from her lap and placed it atop mine, not squeezing or rubbing, just allowing the warmth to flow between us.

"I never thought it would involve our son or his fiancée though," she finally said. "That took sharing way far. I think they were as shocked as we were, and that's why we never had another four way play even though they stayed home until after New Year's Day."

"I must admit, I half expected something to happen New Year's Eve."

"Oh, something did. But that's a whole other story. I thought you wanted to hear about Christmas Day in the shower first."

That really got my attention. After all, I had my own confessions to make about sex during the holidays. I wondered how much Luci knew, or wanted to know. I was much happier listening to her stories. So was my cock, which had swelled even more just from Luci's hints of sexual play.

"I must admit that I am curious. It was one thing for you to let Deanna eat Wade's cream out of your pussy. After all, a tongue is a tongue. Agreeing to eat her cunt would cross a whole different line though."

"It certainly took me to another world," Luci's voice was musical again, her eyes unfocussed as she traveled in her mind back to sharing the shower with her future daughter in law.

"Tell me about the voyage."

Now Luci closed her eyes, and wrapped her fingers around my hand and squeezed before she spoke. "When the shower door slid open, at first I thought it was you, wanting more."

I nodded, even though with her eyes still shut, she could not see me. I turned my wrist so that I could return her hand clasping, pressing my fingers around hers. She reached up and undid another button on her blouse, exposing the top of her creamy bosom to the air, and showing her blush creeping down past her throat, coating her chest, descending into her cleavage.

"I ...I...I thought..." she stammered, reminding me of my shy bride, the prettiest girl in college, but the one who you found in the library, never the pub. "I thought that maybe you were going to try to fuck me from behind. In my ass, even..."

"What?" I almost shouted. "I've never even suggested that."

"I know, but, I have to admit something. I've snooped in the history on the internet browser. I saw that after slutty wives and sexy daughters, your favourite stories are anal. I guess since we ever have tried it, you would naturally be curious about it."

I held off asking whether she would have tried it, noting it for future reference, but my cock wanted more images of lesbian shower sex first.

"Were you sad it wasn't me?"

"Well...I have to tell you that the thought of you flashed across my mind in a second, and that then I was suddenly hoping that it was Wade, eager to stuff his fat young cock into my hungry cunt again, since he enjoyed the sloppy seconds so much the night before."

She opened her eyes just then; in time to see what I'm sure was a pretty confused look on my face. She gave me another comforting caress with her fingers. My cock appreciated the current that this created, and I relaxed again as Luci continued.

"I'm especially embarrassed to admit that. I don't want to hurt your feelings, or for you to think somehow that your cock is lacking anything. It's just that after only having your cock and no others for almost twenty years, the different feeling of a cock almost the same size, but just different enough to stretch my walls a little more in some directions, a bit less in others, plus of course, the difference in techniques, it turned me on tremendously. Of course, it leaves me wanting yours again afterwards to compare."

Her smile dissolved all doubts about our love. It struck me as strange how talking about sharing sex with others revealed these depths most fully.

"So you were disappointed that it wasn't Wade?"

This time, Luci rewarded me with a deep throaty chuckle before speaking.

"Not as it turned out. Deanna is frankly a superb lover. As much as I love you, sex with a woman may be my greatest pleasure."

She shook her head before continuing. "I guess, though, I better try it with someone besides Deanna before I generalize. Maybe it's just her who is a great treat."

"Now that's something I never thought I'd hear you say."

"Well, I never thought I'd screw my own son on this very counter top while you fucked our future daughter in law."

"Like you said, she is a special treat. Tell me more about after she climbed into the shower with you."

"The water was running down my face, so I had my eyes closed. Like I said, I thought I would be feeling a hard cock pushing up against my ass, whether to try anal or just to lift my butt a bit and slip into my pussy, but with rear entry."

At she described these events, Luci's blush spread fully below her exposed cleavage. I imagined that it faded somewhere around her nipples. Without asking, I reached over across the counter and undid another button, revealing that her tits were supported by a gorgeous red underwire lace bra I had never seen before. The flesh poking out of the edges was not quite as bright as the fabric.

"Happy Valentine's Day," she giggled.

I decided to get up and walk the few feet over to the counter top wine rack, where I found a nice bottle of pinot noir. I poured us each a glass and sat down.

"I thought you were saving that for a special occasion. Isn't that the last bottle of that vintage?"

"I think tonight and today are special, like any day with you."

In truth, it was nice wine, but I had mainly just not wanted Luci opening it when a random girlfriend popped over, as many people would not know $40 wine from common rot gut. My remark however clearly provided cover, as Luci grinned, swirling the wine in her glass, lips glistening with the moisture.

I faced the question of the moment, the one that kept getting in the way before we got on with the recounting of the lesbian loving.

"What would you have done if Wade or I did want anal, and would it have mattered which of us it was?"

Now Luci's blush was redder than her bra, and she looked down into her glass before speaking. "Honest truth? At that very moment, I was very excited by the idea. I think I might have gone for it. Especially if it had been you asking, since you've wanted to try before, but I was never ready."

"It wouldn't be easier doing it with Wade, the whole stepping outside reality thing? Or is his cock really bigger than mine by so much that you were worried it might hurt?"

"Why do you have to be competitive about size? You both have nice fat juicy thick cocks. I would need them together to know which was bigger." She grinned even wider, and chugged the rest of her wine. I refilled her glass.

"You know, that's not such a bad idea. We could get Deanna to help. She could fluff and I could measure, or vice versa. After all, size only matters if they are stiff," she giggled, taking another big gulp on wine.

"But that would be another adventure; I want to hear about you with Deanna. What she did, how you reacted, what she tasted like."

"That's right; you never got to eat her. At least not with me around." Now Luci's eyes stared into mine like laser beams, searching for hidden secrets.

I held her glare, thinking without saying, 'It's you and Deanna we are discussing.' She got the message as clearly as if she had read my mind.

"There was no 'may I wash your back?' game from Deanna. She just snuggled tight up against from behind, without saying a word, just like I imagined you or Wade would. It was only when her tits squashed flat against my back that I realized it was a woman. I was sleepy, and had forgotten about Deanna, so I was startled about the gender, and also confused who it might be."

"Oh, there are other women that you'd expect to join you in the shower?"

Now Luci sighed, exhaling slowly, relaxing back into her stool, and then laughing lightly, any tension totally dissolving.

"You'd like that, I bet, but no, not anyone specific." Again, Luci blushed deeply, and sat forward, incidentally offering me a steady exposure of cleavage from the best angle, right down her blouse.

"I mean, there are a few with great bodies that I've admired at the tennis club, but none that I know are lesbian or bi. And before you jump on that comment - I never thought of eating their pussies, well, not until just now. I guess there are a few I'd be curious about. All the women that I know swing that way don't appeal to me. But that's another conversation, for another time, as you might say."

"You were telling me about Deanna, snuggling you from behind. If her tits were mashed against your back, you must have felt her nipples."

"They drilled into me like diamonds, but yours might have done the same. In fact, because her tits are so soft, the nipples might have sunk back more than yours would."

"What were her hands doing?"

"She was gentle, slow, not trying to shock me I guess. The next contact after my back was along my sides, where her elbows and arms gave me a squeeze as her hands reached around to start caressing my tummy. By then, she had leaned her head over my shoulder, and her hair was tickling my ear. I think I must have been holding my breath, because I remember her telling me to relax. She then started drawing her hands up my stomach, until she was cupping my tits from underneath."

My cock could barely stand the excitement of the picture Luci was describing. Much more, and I would break my zipper.

"Next, Deanna nibbled my ear lobe, holding it between her teeth and giving it a bit of a tug, followed by a similar tweak on my nipples. I got really wet then. My knees were weak and if Deanna had a cock, I think I might have begged her to fuck me, even to fuck my ass."

My cock wanted me to beg to fuck her ass, but I silently told it to just shut up and be patient. When it kept throbbing, I loosened the top of my slacks by undoing the button. Luci seemed not to notice, her eyes back in dreamland, her breathing slowed to a pant. Apparently, recollections of Deanna in the shower were turning her on as well.

"Maybe a dildo or strap on would even be the best way to get into anal fucking," I suggested.

"There you go, digressing again. Now that you've got me all hot and bothered. Let me continue the story. If you listen well, I might reward you with a blow job."

I manufactured a smile. As rare as oral sex had become in our boring marriage, I was anxious for something more novel. All this talk of anal sex had to lead somewhere.

"Sorry," was all I said, not pushing my luck just yet. "You were saying how she bit your ear lobe as she twisted your nipples."

"Then she gnawed my shoulder, which was an unexpected shock. It sent spasms down through my collarbone, to my spine, right out through my pussy. Since Deanna's fingers were all busy playing with my tits, I inserted one of my own fingers in my cunt, which was already open and ready. By this point, I could barely stand, I was so excited, but also terrified, I guess. So I slumped back into Deanna's arms."

"Good thing she didn't drop you."

"She ended up squeezing my boobs tightly. I think I went 'ouch', but she instinctively knew to resume massaging. Maybe that's a difference with women. I think a guy would have kept squeezing, kneading my tits like bread dough or something, but Deanna knew to slow it back down and be gentle after that shock."

Luci sighed, and chuckled from deep in her chest, not a girlish giggle this time. "Maybe it was just Deanna though, like you said before, maybe I would need to try a different woman to know for sure."

My eyebrows arched towards the ceiling. Was I hearing right? Was my uptight wife suggesting she wanted to pursue her bisexual play beyond these chance encounters with our son's future wife?

"Do you have someone in mind?" I blurted out.

Another laugh, this one from Luci's diaphragm. "None of our friends. Not only because none excites me, but it would be too messy afterwards dealing with them. I mean, if the sex was great, would they want a regular thing? Would I? Worse, if the sex was bad, how could I face them at the supermarket?"

"So, is Deanna a regular thing?"

The chuckle was back in Luci's throat. "Relax and listen to the rest of the story. You're the one who wanted to hear about us in the shower."

I quietly poured us more wine and listened to more of Luci's recollections of loving Deanna.

"While she caressed my breasts, Deanna licked all over the left side of my neck, like she was bathing me with her tongue. Each stroke sent a new wave of pleasure straight to my pussy, but I recall getting impatient quickly. After all, Deanna had already eaten your cream - and Wade's too - out of me, so I had a pretty good idea that her tongue was magic. I was anxious to experience more, though at that point, I think I was still focussed more conventionally along the lines of some sort of fucking."

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