tagBDSMWhen A Belt Is Not A Belt

When A Belt Is Not A Belt


It's only your 2nd time in my apartment and already, within 20 minutes, you're on your knees, breasts popping out over your bra, panties balled up on the couch, and my cock half way down your throat. I calmly watch you trying to work your lips all the way down to my balls, spit running down your chin, and eyes glued to mine.

"Grab a seat on the couch."

You do, without saying a word, fingering yourself as you sit, waiting for me. Your eyes follow me as I walk out of the living room and into the kitchen. You can hear me opening a drawer, and walking back into the room. I stand in the doorway, completely nude and with two clothes-pins in my right hand.

I stand there, silently gauging your reaction, and as in response, you smile and start fingering yourself faster. I smile and walk towards you.

I stop in front of you, take one of the clothes-pin, press it open and slowly release it on your right nipple. You let out a strong moan and close your eyes. You continue to finger yourself with your eyes closed when you hear the snap of the second pin, coinciding with the sharp pain in your left nipple. Your eyes shoot open, pleading for an explanation, but you don't budge from your spot.

"If I'm facing you, you keep eye contact, understood?"

You nod in agreement. "Sorry..."

I grab your hair and pull you down to the floor and on your knees again, shoving my cock in your sloppy mouth. I start working my hips back and forth. At first you try to keep up with my movement but within moments, your neck goes slack and you let me just fuck your mouth until I cum.

I step away from you, reaching for my cigarettes and walking towards the balcony. With my back to you, I say, "There are a few leather belts in my closet. Go pick one and when I get back inside, make sure you're on all fours, in the middle of the living room, with a belt in your mouth."

I light a cigarette and walk out.

I come back in the room, the tail end of a cigarette in my right hand and my cock in my left. You're on all fours, in the middle of the room, with a brown leather belt in your mouth and a palpable eagerness in your eyes, like a puppy ready for its morning walk.

I take a final drag of my smoke and put it out in the ashtray on top of the television. I stand in front of you, fully erect again, and ask, "So what is it you think we'll be doing with that thing, doll?" You look up at my eyes, clearly smiling, and shake your ass from left to right.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you. But no, I've got other ideas."

The look in your eye quickly switches to confusion as I walk around you to the other end of the room. You stay where you are, facing away from me, gripping the belt between your teeth, and listening. You hear a drawer open and close, a quick 'click', and finally a soft buzzing noise. You realize that there's a vibrator coming, and you're excited. The belt in your mouth is still a mystery.

You feel two of my fingers running down the length of your pussy and entering you from behind. I slide them in and out a couple of times, checking your wetness. "Very good. Feels like someone's ready."

I take my fingers out and slide the vibrator inside of you, spinning it slightly as I push it in and out of your wet pussy. With the belt still in your mouth, you make muffled little moans. A few moments later I quickly remove the vibrator from sloppy little cunt and in one quick motion, slide it in your asshole.

Without meaning to, you let out a quiet squeal and the belt drops from your mouth. You lower your head in an attempt to get it back but before you can, I give your ass a severe, loud smack.

"Leave that where it is. We'll deal with it shortly," I say while slowly moving the vibrator in and out of your ass. "Focus on what I'm doing for now. I'm going to leave this vibrator inside of you. It's very important that you keep your asshole relaxed or it will pop out. And we don't want that, correct?"

"No," you respond, between quick, heavy sighs.

"Good girl."

I run the vibrator all the way inside of you, let it go, and walk around you so that I'm standing by your face. The belt is lying there, between your hands. You carefully glance up at me with a look that someone else might confuse for pained, but I know better.

I crouch down, grab the belt with my right hand and slowly stroke myself with my left for a few moments as I watch you clearly focusing on not constricting your asshole and keeping the vibrator where it is.

"As for this belt," I say, holding on to the leather end and letting the buckle drop from my hand, "we're going to use it as a makeshift choke collar and I'm going to use it as I fuck your from behind."

Before the end of the sentence leaves my mouth, I notice that the vibrator is quickly getting pushed out of your asshole. It drops to the ground.

I look down at you and see equal parts fear, excitement, and confusion. "I'm sorry," you whimper. Without saying a word, I grab you by your hair and pull you up so that you're on your knees, back straight, and eyes forward. I walk behind you and pick up the vibrator.

"Open your mouth and turn your head to the left." You do and the vibrator, still on, goes in your mouth. "Now face forward again." You do.

I take the belt and run the tail end of it through the buckle, leaving a lot of slack in the middle for your head and neck. I put the loop over your head and then down around your neck, gently pulling on it to tighten it around your throat, like a reverse tie.

"All fours."

You drop back down, vibrator working in your mouth and belt around your neck, reminding me again of a puppy. "Good girl."

I slide my cock inside of you from behind and to my pleasant surprise, I'm met by what's probably the wettest pussy I've ever felt. "I see that someone's enjoying their first lesson." I hear you mumble what sounds like a 'yes' through the noise of the vibrator, so I pull the leash back, choking you ever so slightly, and say, "Spit that thing out; I want to hear all of your noises now."

You spit the vibrator out, gasping for air and moaning, "...again...". I pull the leash back, tighter this time, and hold it, continuing to rapidly work my hips as I do, fucking you with the full length of my cock, my balls slapping against your body. After about 12 seconds, I hear you struggling to breath, and after an additional 2 seconds, I give the leash some slack.

I'm breathing hard and between breaths I say, "I want you to try and last as long as you think you can this time. When you need slack, grab my balls with your left hand, got it?"


I give the belt a sharp tug, pulling your head back a bit, a rapid breath escaping your lips. I close my eyes and start pumping my hips hard, the slapping sound of my body hitting yours drowning out everything else. I can feel the beads of sweat forming all over my back and chest, your body matching the rhythm of my thrusts with gentle resistance. This goes on for what feels like forever, when I finally feel your hand cupping my balls. I open my eyes and let go of the leash, the leather of the belt falling down the length of your back. You gasp for air and lower your head, dropping down onyour elbows. I give your jiggling ass a hard smack, leaving a deep, red mark.

Your head shoots up again and I lean over, grabbing your hair and whispering in your right ear, my cock working your pussy the whole time. "I'm gonna need you to keep your head up the whole time, sugar, so that the camera," I motion across the room, "can see your pretty face, got it?"

Your body tenses up as you notice the red light in the closet, but you don't stop returning my thrusts. "What? We're being watched?"

I let go of your hair and straight back up, placing both my hands on your hips and slowing my thrusts down as we talk. "Do you trust me?"

You're quiet for a moment. "Yes, I think so."

"Good. Eventually you'll learn to drop the 'I think so' but hesitation is understandable at this point." I start fucking you hard, making you forget yourself again, moaning like an animal. "Then keep your head up and relax."


We continue fucking for a while longer, until I stop thrusting and let you work yourself into me, grinding hard and slamming your ass against my abdomen. I grab your hair again, pulling you up so that the length of your back is against my body, and I slide one had under your arm grabbing one of your breasts and removing the clothes-pin. You whisper "Thank you" as I remove the other one.

"How many times have you cum already?"


"We've got time for one more, if you can make it quick."

I lay back on the floor, my cock red and swollen. "Sit on top with your back to me so that you're facing the camera. I assume there won't be a problem with me cumming inside of you?"

"No problem at all."

"Good. Now get to work."

You sit on top of me, and start to ride my cock, working your pussy up and down, rocking forward and backward ever so slightly to work your clit. I close my eyes again, relaxing my body and focusing on the top of my cock, sensitive and hard. As your body movements become more rapid, I feel myself about to cum and as I do, you let out a final satisfied squeal. You slide yourself off of me and move forward, collapsing your body near my feet. Again, the image of a happy puppy enters my mind.

I stand up, walk over to the couch, grab your panties, and use them to wipe my cock off. I walk over to my closet, grab the camera, and take the CD out of it. You watch me from the floor, curious.

I walk over to where you left your purse and put the CD inside it. "That's yours to watch between now and the next time we meet. I suspect you'll learn a lot from seeing yourself work, much more than you will from just listening to me."

You smile and nod.

I grab my cigarettes off the table and light another one while saying, "Go clean yourself up. We've got dinner reservations in half an hour." I walk back out on the balcony, leaving you on the floor.

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