tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Callia Met Delilah Ch. 03

When Callia Met Delilah Ch. 03


It was morning when Callia returned to her room she shared with Amakiir at the Golden Oak. Still aglow with the flush of incredible passion, she hummed as she bounded up the stairs to the private rooms. She smiled as she recalled her tryst with Delilah and Nathan. The sex had been heavenly. She wasn't sure she could go back to what she'd had before she'd experienced being with Delilah and Nathan. Yet she knew there would be consequences. It was the only reason she'd left the small cottage where both Delilah and Nathan still lay sleeping.

As she reached the door to her room, she noticed it wasn't locked. Why would Amakiir leave it open like this? That didn't make sense. He knew he said he was exhausted. Perhaps he drifted off into reverie and had forgotten to lock it. She knew he had magic spells for that. Puzzled, she pushed open the door and let herself in. Closing the door behind her, Callia scanned the darkened room and found it empty. Where was Amakiir? She crossed room to the bed as her brow furrowed in confusion. Where was he? Callia tapped her boot on the floor as she glanced around.

"Amakiir?" she called, as she moved away from the bed to check to bath that adjoined the room. "Are you here?"

Hmmm...it was morning. Perhaps he still had things to take care of. She returned back to the bed. Soon she felt a shimmering of magic caress the air around her and knew he was there. She opened her mouth to speak his name, but it died in her throat as he materialized out of the shadows. Her heart started beating faster when she saw Amakiir. He looked devastatingly handsome with his long hair flowing down over his shoulders and piercing silver eyes. He moved in behind her and wrapped his arms firmly around her.

"I see you have returned," he said. "Was your escapade worth it?"

"You know how I feel. Why must we rehash this yet again?" Callia snapped in reply. "Are you going to punish me? Or was that just an empty threat?"

He leaned down to kiss her cheek and said, "I never make empty threats, my pretty one. You should know that by now."

He caressed her upper arms gently, and then gripped them firmly. Startled, she gasped and then tried to break loose. But Amakiir took control.

"My sweet, it seems we have unfinished business."

"Do we? Is this unfinished business you are referring to my punishment for being a naughty little slut?"

Dragging her away from the bed, he said, "I've let your naughty behavior go on long enough. Perhaps you'll think about your punishment the next time you betray me."

He was amused at her continued protests as he marched her to the center of the room. He sat on the large wing back chair and pulled her across his lap. Smiling an evil grin, he cupped her ass cheeks firmly.

"What do you think you are doing?!" she growled out, wriggling fiercely to get free.

"You know what I'm doing," he murmured, pulling her short skirt up over her struggling hips, "and you are going to like it. I thought I'd already taught you this lesson once, my pretty one. I guess you'll have to learn it again and this time I won't hold back."

Amakiir drank in the lovely sight of her. She was beautiful and incredibly sexy. He grinned evilly. He caressed her bare bottom, running his hands softly over the smooth cheeks of her cute round ass.


He hit one perfect cheek, watching the creamy globe redden slightly.


The other side quickly received the same.

Her flesh smarted and she started kicking and flailing at him. While squirming all over his lap, Callia started to plead with him to stop.

Amakiir answered her with a firm spanking.

"I suppose (SLAP!) you think (SLAP!) that because (SLAP!) you wish it (SLAP!) I'll stop? (SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!)You are quite mistaken, my sweet."






"I have (SLAP!) been more (SLAP!) than generous (SLAP!) with you! (SLAP!) I have given (SLAP!) you more than what a (SLAP!) slut like you deserves! (SLAP!) And (SLAP!) this is (SLAP!) how you repay (SLAP! SLAP!) me. You cum guzzling little whore. (SLAP! SLAP!) HOW DARE YOU!?!?!?"







Amakiir stopped momentarily in order to readjust her position on his lap and clamped a firmer hand on her to keep her in place. He ripped her short skirt from her body with a strength that surprised her. Then he reached for the rest of her clothing, stripping her completely nude as she lay squirming over his lap. He let his eyes take a walk over her nude backside and he groaned at the sight. She was so incredibly fuckable.

Yet Callia wasn't ready to give up her fight. He may think her he had her where he wanted her, but she vowed to prove him wrong. Sometimes Amakiir's version of punishment was just that. Punishment. It bordered on the edges of sickness. Her mind flashed back to the half-orc he had allowed to ravage her. Callia didn't want that again. Nor did she want him to pulverize her tight ass like he'd done the day before.

Or did she? She didn't have to return to him bright and early. She could've waited. She could've waited for him to come after her. She hadn't, though.

Callia attempted to twist in his arms and break free of his hold as a voice inside her head accused her of purposely angering Amakiir. She wanted to be punished by him. Her mind forced her to admit she was a glutton for punishment and it actually got her off more intensely.

"No," she cried aloud in denial as she flailed about more intensely.

"Don't fight it, pretty one. You know you want this. I can smell it. You need it." Amakiir quipped, amused by her fight. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her back. Then he looked for something with which to restrain them. He grabbed one of the silken ties he'd used the day before, and quickly tied them tightly.

That would do nicely. Yes, indeed it would. With her wrists bound behind her back, he held her tight while he divested himself of all his clothing. Then he began rubbing his hands together in anticipation. He was going to enjoy this. He was going to enjoy giving his little bitch what she deserved.

He began to spank her forcefully. Hard slaps, without pause, and then even harder still. Callia whimpered as she bit her lip, the noises growing louder and louder as she dared not try to cry out.

Stopping momentarily, he listened for any complaints. Yet all he heard was a few low groans. Then, searching through her 'naughty bag of tricks,' he pulled out her thick obsidian phallus. He held it up in front of her face and told her to spread her legs. When she didn't immediately comply, he found a leather paddle and strapped her harshly across the center of her cheeks several times. It left raised welts and deepened the crimson shade of her ass.

Wincing at each stroke she finally obeyed, exposing her damp pussy and tight hole for his pleasure. He teased her wetness and shoved his lubed finger into her clenching ass, fingering her thoroughly. He also lubed the phallus and then began to make it fit, inch by inch.

Callia tried to escape, her wrists still bound, but Amakiir forcibly held her down. He forced the phallus inwards, and with a sly grin cast a spell upon the obsidian phallus that doubled its length and girth. Callia let out a pitiful scream as it spread her asshole like nothing had ever done so before. He ignored her cries of pain as he continued to punish her and continued to push the enlarged phallic device until he had it in as far as it would go. He marveled at how her ass was so tightly clenched around it. He shuddered as his cock grew harder.

So beautiful. So exquisite. So arousing she looked. Amakiir knew the toy was uncomfortably huge; this was the perfect opportunity to remind her who was in charge.

"You naughty little slut, it looks as though you have an enlarged drow cock in her tight ass. How does it feel? How you enjoy it if I procured a real drow male for your pleasure?" Amakiir taunted her.

A painful shudder coursed through her as she tried to get used to having her asshole stretched so far apart. Callia let out a whimper, her body trembling as her breath came out in quick heavy gasps.

"No...no drow..." Callia moaned out.

Listening to her moans, he pumped the enlarged phallus in quick hard thrusts and said, "Stand up."

Callia slid off his lap, reluctantly. Amakiir kept her on her feet and quickly walked her to the back of the chair. Positioning her body over the back of it, ass up high, he ran his palm over her cheeks.

Those perfect cheeks were red and glowing hot and the enlarged obsidian phallus was protruding from her tight hole in erotic display.



Amakiir used the leather paddle to strike her ass sharply. It took her breath away, he saw, as her entire body jerked in shock over the couch.




After each stroke he deliberately paused, letting her anticipate the next blow. He also scolded her, "What did you think you were doing, pretty one, messing with Delilah when I told you not to?"





As he caressed her crimson cheeks he could feel the intense heat. She was wriggling furiously now in pain from the paddle. He found it unbelievably arousing as she continued to struggle. Grinning, he held her down more firmly and continued the assault on her ass. "Did you think I wouldn't know you had fucked her?"






"And do you think I would let you get away with your fling with Nathan, you naughty little slut. Do you delight in making me punish you?"







Then he felt it, felt Callia's true submission. Her body became limp over the chair and she began to sob. But he wasn't quite finished with her yet.







Her sobs were louder, and still he continued to punish her.




Tears trickled down her cheeks, dripping off her chin, soaking into the fabric of the chair she was bent over.

Ah. That was it.

He stopped the spanking then and caressed her burning cheeks.

"Sweet Callia, my sweet pretty one," he said gently.

She cried, her head lowered in utter defeat. Her bright red ass still showcased the remaining inches of the thick phallus.

Lifting her up, Amakiir cradled her in his arms. Her hair was mussed, cheeks streaked with tears and he thought she had never been more lovely. Then he kissed her tenderly. She kissed him with unrestrained passion, struggling just a bit with hands still restrained behind her back.

As he kissed her again and again, she calmed in his arms.

"My pretty one. On your knees."

Callia looked at him with surprise, but then bit her lip as he helped her to her knees. She leaned back, hands still behind her, and opened her mouth obediently as he took his thick cock in hand.

With his hand under her chin he shoved into her mouth and began to thrust. She was wet and hot, her tongue was tantalizing, and he groaned as he slid himself in and out.

"Suck me, my sweet," Amakiir murmured, hands in her hair. She clasped her pretty lips around his cock and drew him in deeply. Almost gagging as he slid his full length into her, she pleasured him skillfully, her eyes watering.

He was painfully aroused and began to pound harder into her mouth. Faster and faster, he was going to explode soon, and he held her head firmly as he took his last few rough strokes.

Grunting, Amakiir pulled out and let his cum land on her pretty upturned face. Multiple jets of warm white spattered her cheeks, her hair, her chin, and dripped down to her breasts.

Breathing heavily, he took a step back. He smiled wickedly as he gazed on his Callia kneeling on the floor in front of him. She was cum-covered, paddled and phallic fucked, tears still welling, and he smiled as he lifted her to her feet.

She looked at him in aroused frustration and he kissed her, tasting his own cum. She kissed him back desperately, and he allowed it briefly before pulling back slightly and turning her body away from him. Ignoring her pleas he ushered her face down over the chair again. He groaned at the sight of the huge phallus protruding from her well stretched ass. Grasping the base, he began to fuck her with it, pulling it almost all of the way out, and then pushing it in, over and over again.

She moaned loudly. Her hips began to move involuntarily back against him and her thighs were slick with her own moisture.

Amakiir spread her legs wider apart as he continued to slowly fuck her ass. Reaching underneath, he slid two fingers into her pussy and penetrated her wetness in time with the actions of the phallus.

Eyes tightly closed, Callia began to beg him, "Ama-Amakiir!"

"Yes, my sweet." He smiled, filling her holes, becoming aroused yet again, watching her writhe in agonized pleasure. Now he attacked her clit, roughly pinching and rubbing as she whimpered for more.


Finally he said softly, "Cum for me, my sweet."

"Ohhhh!" She immediately climaxed, flooding his hand with juices, clenching tightly on the toy embedded in her ass.

"Sweet Callia," he murmured, keeping up the pressure on her clit, continuing to fuck her with the enlarged phallus in her clasping ass as she gasped and shuddered and squirmed, hips pumping up and down.

Her breathing was just beginning to ease when suddenly Amakiir removed the toy in a smooth motion, letting the cool air kiss her exposed hole. Releasing his cock, he aimed his renewed erection at her ass and penetrated.

"Oh God!" Callia cried, as he began to fill her tender hole with sharp, rough strokes. His hard body pressed against her flaming cheeks as he forcefully took her.

"You're grown so loose, you naughty slut. (SLAP!) I'll have to take care of that, now won't I? (SLAP!)" He growled as he continued to barrel his cock into ass. With a flick off his wrist, he touched her stretched hole with a jolt of magical energy and she screamed as she felt it tighten up around his cock. They both let out a scream.

Ahh, she was so tight and warm around his cock once more. It felt like the first he'd plowed her ass the day before. Amakiir grunted and quickened his thrusts. He plowed in deeper and harder as her cries became louder.

Perspiration poured down his body as he fucked her; the heat from her spanked ass radiated against him. He used his hands to spread her cheeks wide, enjoying the sight of her widely stretched hole clenching tightly on his thickness.

"Do you love my cock in your ass, my dear sweet Callia?"


"Answer me." He goaded, pounding in and out.


He rubbed her engorged clit and was rewarded with loud cries as her entire body shook with another intense orgasm. She sobbed his name over and over as she shuddered, her ass gripping his cock.

That pushed Amakiir over the edge. He shoved deeply in and out of her punished ass, filling her with each powerful stroke. Pulling out of her gaping hole, he spattered the last of his cum over her rosy cheeks. Hugely satisfied, he stood over her, breathing heavily.

Stepping back, he stroked her abused body and gently untied her wrists and massaged the red marks there. Then he helped her to stand on her weakened legs. Callia looked a mess. The once proud beauty was disheveled quite thoroughly. Her face was tear-streaked and her face and hair and painfully red ass were covered in cum. And yet she had never looked more beautiful.

Shaking his head, he decided to give her a little food for thought.

"Sweet Callia," he said, gathering her close. "This is why you should never disobey me. I have told you many times that you are mine and I do not and will not share with you. Delilah has been instructed to take care of your precious Nathan."

"Nooooooooo..." Callia cried as she struggled against him.

"I am sorry, but I had to teach you a lesson. Don't worry, my sweet, Delilah won't kill your Nathan, but you know death isn't the worst thing that could happen to him. I said he would pay the price of sampling your forbidden fruits. Just enough so he'll know who you belong to."

"Not Nathan, no...," she cried as she slid to her knees once more. "Please make her stop. Please. I'll do anything. I swear I'll never stray again."

"It's so endearing how you grovel for his safety. You've needed to be punished for quite some time, my sweet." Amakiir flashed an evil grin. "There, there, my sweet. I'll make everything all better for you."


Amakiir stared down at her quite intently. "Very well. I'll give sweet Delilah new instructions to let him go. But you know now that you've sold your soul to me. If you take one step out of line, I will not hesitate to have him found and bought before me. And you, dear sweet Callia, will be forced to watch Delilah do her worst to him. Perhaps I'll even force you to deliver the killing blow."

Callia sank to the ground and let out a wail of despair. She knew now how far she'd crossed the line with Amakiir. Amakiir unleashed bone-chillingly evil laugh and dragged her up off the floor. He held her close to him as he once more caressed her body. Then he lifted her into his arms.

She sobbed into the hollow of his neck as exhaustion swept over her while Amakiir cradled her in his arms.

"Come, my sweet. Let me take you to bed. I'm not through with you yet. I've only just begun."

To Be Continued...

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