tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhen Devon Sawa Met Jessica Alba

When Devon Sawa Met Jessica Alba


Devon could feel his heart racing a million beats a minute. He had just finished filming the scene in "Idle Hands", in which he made out with Jessica Alba wearing just her bra and underwear. "Man, she's hot!" he thought to himself. He was always attracted to Jessica Alba, ever since seeing her wearing a bikini in Flipper. He could feel his erection getting bigger and bigger. He thought about masturbating in his dressing room. He was about to do it, but stopped himself. "Devon sawa does not jerk off", he told himself. "Devon Sawa fucks."

A minute later he knocked on Jessica Alba's dressing room door. "Come in", a voice said. Jessica was sitting in front of the mirror, still in her bra and underwear. Devon was about to explode. He thought about his girlfriend back home. "what if she found out?", he thouhgt to himself. "What's up?", Jessica asked him. "Oh, nothing", he said. "Just wanted to tell you I really liked doing that scene with you." "Yup, it was a lot of fun", Jessica said, "really enjoyed it". She smiled at his image in the mirror. "It's been an ineresting week, isn't it?", Devon said. "Oh yes, very" Devon hesitated. He wanted to invite her to his hotel room. All sorts of ideas entered his head. "What if she refuses, what if she accepts but does not want to have sex with him.." "Devon?" Jessica asked. "Is there anything you want?" "Listen", he said. "All week long it's been only working and sleeping, and..." "And.." Jessica said "Well", his heart was racing again. He was never so nervous talking to a girl. Girls never turned him down, but Jessica Alba was so hot!! "I thought that getting together for one evening and just relax and have fun would do us a lot of good." Jessica hesitated. Is he actually asking her out? Or is he just nervous around her like all boys are. She thouhgt that Devon Sawa was hot and cute and attractive, and the option of spending an evening with him was very tempting. "Well?", Devon asked "Sure", she said. "That sounds nice. What did you have in mind?" "Hmm..why dont you come by my hotel and we'll take it from there?" Again, she hesitated. She did like him, but being invited to his hotel room? Sse thought about that kissing scene. She liked it. In fact, she liked it a lot. She could feel his erection while they kissed, and it turned her own. But still, that was work... "Well?", devon asked anxiously. "Sure", she said. Devon quickly gave her the address for his hotel and room number. She was supposed to come at 8 p.m. Back at his hotel room he took a shower, shaved and thought about taking a nap. But he couldn't fall asleep. He couldn't get out of his mind the image of Jessica Alba almost naked kissing him...

He heard a knock on the door a few minutes before 8. He opened the door and Jessica walked in, wearing a blue dress and looking hot as always. She noticed a bottle of wine on the dresser. "What's this for?", she asked. "I thought we can spoil ourselves a bit after working so hard all week he said." Jessica smiled at him. They drank wine and talked for a while. Thay laughed together, watched television, and had a good time. Devon tried to act cool. It wasn't easy taking his mind off sex. Jessica had a perfect body, and he could see her perfect legs as she crossed them when she sat down. His erection caused him a great discomfort. He knew he could not wait any longer. And then, when there was a pause in their talk he took along breath and quickly pressed his lips against hers. She didn't kiss kim back. He pulled back, looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her again. This time she kissed him back, sweetly, passionately, adn suddenly, she stopped. "Devon, this is way too fast. Is that all you were thinking about? sex?" Devon thought he was about to have a heart attack. He was nervous as he never was before. "Listen, Jessica. I am very very attracted to you, You've been driving me crazy all week. you are so fucking hot I can't get my mind off you. When we kissed today, I know it was work, but for me it wasn't. I just keep wishing it was real Jessica, I... I've been having sexual fantasies about you..." Jessica was bewildered. She knew every other girl would be happy to jump to bed with Devon Sawa, but still it was odd. "Don't you have a girlfriend back home?", she asked. "Well...yes, but she's back home and you're now and..." "And what Devon?!" "Ever since I saw in Flipper...in that Bikini, I had sexual fantasies about you...I want you. Today when we kissed in that scene I felt that you are attracted to me Jessica.." He paused, and suddenly he pulled his shirt over his head and stood shirtless in front of her, "Well, aren't you Jessica?" Jessica looked at him. She couldn't take her eyes off his athletic smooth body. The kiss stormed her emotions, and now, the sight of Devon Sawa shirtless caused her to lose control.

She was confused, horny, and she wanted Devon, wanted hei bad. Devon approached her. He stroke her hair with his hand, down to her chick and throat. "It's ok Jessica", he whispered. "No one has to know. let's not fight our emotions. I want you so bad and you want me." Her hands were grasping his chest, she felt his erection against her thigh. At this point she decided not to resist anymore. A couple of hours with Devon Sawa, what's the big deal? No one will find out. All young actors cheat on their girlfriends, and Devon chose her!! "Oh Devon, I want you!" They kissed deeply, their hands running over each other's body. Jessica began to lick Devon's chest and then sucked on his nipples. Devon grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head, exposing the body he wanted so much, the body that was now his!!

He pushed her towards the bed, and then, as she laid on her back he took off her shoes, and her bra. Suddenly he paused. "Come on, Devon." She encouraged him. Take off my underwear. He breathed heavily. He did it many time before of course, but never, never, before did he want to want someone before as bad as he wanted to fuck Jessica Alba. He did it slowly, teasingly, thinking to himself: "Jessica Alba is naked in my hotel room!!" He ran his hand all over her tanned chiseled body, wanting to know every inch in her body. He kissed and licked her body as she moaned and gasped. "Your body is amazing babe", he whispered in her ear, making her even more excited. "I want you naked Devon", she said. "Lay down on your back." He quickly did as she asked, and watched her undress him. Taking off his shoes and pants, and his underwear. His erection was huge. She now teased him as he teased her, licking and kissing his body. They rolled on the bed and when Devon was on top, and Jessica's thighs pressed hard against his body, it was time for him to enter her body. Devon's thrusted his penis hard into her as they both moaned loudly. "Oh god Devon, it feels so fucking good!", she whispered in his ear. "Yes it is Jessica", he whispered back. "You're mine now. Now..I'm fucking you Jessica, fucking you good..and you'll want more". His dirty talk drove her nuts and she knew she was about to cum. Devon knew he couldn't hold much longer, and after a minute they both came hard, moaning each other's name as it happened. Devon felt as if it took him forever to squirt his load. His orgasm was hard and sweet as he felt jessica's hand grabbing his firm ass. He did it. He fucked Jessica Alba.

They laid there for a couple of minutes. Their bodies intertwined on the bed. Devon hugged her, kissing her face softly as she caught her breath. "That was so awesome, Jessica. Great fuck!" "Yeah, she replied. I wasn't ready for your direct approach but that was a real turn on. That was the best sex ever." "So," Devon said, "How many guys am I being compared to here?" "Oh, the question..." "Yes, the question, I'm very curious to know" Jessica hesitated. She was never so open about sex, but Devon made her fell different, comfortable. "You are the eighth." "The best of eight, hmm, not bad", he replied joyfully. "How about you?" Jessica asked. "Oh well..you know, at times that I was not seeing anyone I didn't have to look to far, being a celebrity and all..." "So what, like 10, 20, 100, what?" "More like 30-35." "And where am I ranked?" "I never wanted to fuck anyone like I wanted to fuck you, Jessica, your body is..wow!...ever sice seeing you on Flipper in that sexy bikini" she smiled. Many guys tried to hit on her because of that scene, and hearing Devon talking about it made her fell the sexiest girl alive. They went on talking about their sex lives, kissing from time to time. "So Jessica, who are the top five guys you definitely will go to bed with?" "Hmm...let's see. Nick Carter, surely, Brad pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Justin Timberlake, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, he's a real cutie. You?" "Not easy to choose, Jennifer Lopez...I want that body in my bed, Britney, who doesn't dream about her, Christina Aguilera always turns me on when I see one of her clips, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and...Alicia Silverstone I think." After a while Jessica got up. "It's been great." she said. "Oh, come on, Jessica, don't leave!" He begged her. "Sorry, Devon, long day tomorrow." Devon got up and grabbed her waist. He licked her behind the ear and worked his way down to her neck. "Please Devon," she whispered softly, but she knew that she was too horny. "Come on babe", he replied, "I know you want it, I'll let you be on top this time he said." She turned around and looked deeply into his eyes. He laid down on the bed on his back, pulling her with him. Her hands were now on his just as she sat on top of him, directing him into her body. "Fuck me Jessica, fuck me hard." She began to move back and forth, gradually increasing her speed until she felt as if she was riding him. Devon grabbed her breasts and let her do the work. Now he could hold for a long time, allowing her to control her orgasm. Jessica began to breath very heavily and sweat. "Oh Devon...", she gasped as she felt she was about to cum, "De...von!" She came hard and he did too a few seconds later. she laid down next to him, almost paralyzed by her orgasm. "The night is still long, Jessica...a lot of fun to be had."

Again they started talking. Later, they watched television for a while. "You know, Devon said, there's a porno channel here..." Jessica smiled. She loved porn, but she never watched with a guy before. They watched for a few minutes. There was a seen in which two very attractive young people had sex. Devon looked at Jessica. "I need it now Jessica, I need it bad." Jessica smiled. She sat in front of him and got closer and closer to him until her legs wrapped his waist. She leaned back on her hands and looked at him. "God, i love this position, he said...you're experienced." She smiled at him as they both thrusted their bodies towards each other, moaning and looking deeply into each other's eyes. "Wow you can just keep going and going ha?" "With a body like yours...all night long." They smiled at each other, enjoying to see each other's face twist with pleasure. "I want us to kiss when we cum", Devon said. she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled closer to him. Their tounges were deep inside each other's mouth as they came, and they continued the kiss long afterwards. Finally, Jessica broke the kiss. "We really need to get some sleep." "I want more of you, Jessica....you know what?" "What?" she asked "Let's set the alarm clock a few hours from now and..." Jessica smiled. "Sure Devon, I'll let you rest for a while..." Devon spooned her and whispered in her ear until she fell asleep, and when she did he looked at her studying her face and body, the body he has just fucked three times and was about to fuck again in a while. It was almost midnight. He set the alarm clock to 3 a.m. and fell asleep with a smile on his face. Life's great if you're Devon Sawa.

The alarm clock woke him up and he immediately felt his morning erection. Having a morning erection when Jessica Alba is naked in your bad waiting to be fucked, could life get any better? Devon hugged her and kissed her. "Come on, Jessica, I must fuck now, my dick is huge." Jessica woke up and slowly rose on her elbows. "I want a' see 'em Devon." Devon turned the light on and slowly pulled off the cover revealing his penis to her. Jessica slowly got closer to him and began to stroke him with her hand carefully up and down. Devon was paralyzed, he shivered and sweated and moaned. "Jessica," he said swallowing hard.. "I have to cum now...please." He breathed very heavily and she was excited about the way she was able to control him. She loved doing it, feeling his hard and long penis in her hand. Suddenly she stopped. She reached into her self and started moaning. Devon felt he couldnt breath. His erection was so huge and he was so close to come it was almost painfull. He couldn't take it anymore. He jumped on her, thrusting his pelvis hard into her, cumming almost immediately. They laid quitely for a few seconds trying to relax. "I loved doing that, Devon", she said. "Boy, your penis is the biggest I've ever seen." "Its you babe", he replied. "you're making it big.."

It wasn't long before Devon was hard again. When Jessica noticed she took the wine bottle and asked devon to lay down on his back. she poured wine on his just and started licking. She never had anything so delicious! She didn't have to wait for Devon to ask her to do the same. She poured wine on her just, which Devon was happy to lick, and when she laid on her back he licked wine off her just and fucked her simultaneously. After he came he fell asleep again with his head between Jessica's breasts.

When he woke up he could hear the shower water running. He went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower with Jessica. "Hey there she said. Are we horny this morning?" He pushed her against the shower wall,without saying anyting. She wrapped her legs around him. He lifted her so it would be easy to penetrate her. The feeling was awesome. Hot water washing them as they fucked and kissed. they had another great orgasm and they they soaped each other and washed each other's hair. It was almost 6 o'clock and they ordered breakfast from room service and watched television. Devon called a cab in order to go back to the studio as Jessica went to the bathroom to make final adjusments. "Devon, can you step in here for a minute?", Jessica asked. "Sure babe, but we really have to get going." He stepped into the bathroom finding jessica completely naked in front of him "Oh Jessica, babe..its' late." She approached him, stroking his just. whispering seductively, "Oh Devon..I haven't had enough...I want more...I need more." She slowly lowered her hand to his pants, unzipping them and feeling his erection as she liked so much to do. Devon was amazed. He couldn't believe he could feel so horny after doing it 6 times in one night!! "Jessica...please!" "You can go if you want." Devon made one last effort to resist. "There's a cab waiting." she looked deeply into his eyes and licked her lips slowly, making a sound of a moan. That was way to much for Devon. He lowered his underwear and jumped her. They fell down and did it on the bathroom floor. "Take your shirt off Devon." He complied immediately and fucked her hard. He remained to lay down on the floor, catching his breath as Jessica got up and looked at him. "Poor thing, poor horny thing." They got dressed and left. They apologized to the cab driver for being so late. They got to the studio to shoot the last scenes of the movie, but their minds were somewhere else and during the day they stepped into the dressing room every now and then to satisfy their cravings.

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