tagTransgender & CrossdressersWhen Friends Visit

When Friends Visit


He is so excited, thinking it will be a fun night of sucking my strap on dildo. It is going to be a fun night, but he won't be sucking a dildo. I cuff him with cuffs that have a length of chain to give him some freedom of movement and the same for his ankles; he can walk but can't take normal steps. Once I have safely hidden the key out of sight in a different room I tell him, "I have loaned you out for the night."

"What do you mean by loaned me out? You can't loan me out!"

"Nonsense, of course I can. I have already done it. Kay and Dee are in town and they brought friends. I invited them over and told them I will let them borrow you for the evening."

"Friends? What friends? Who are the friends? How many friends? No, I can't, however many it is, it is too many."

"I think two but could be more, but it doesn't really matter."

"Doesn't matter? Of course it matters. I mean that night with Dee and Kay was fun but no, that was just a one time thing. I can't."

"Ok enough of this. I wasn't asking if you wanted to. You don't have a choice. You are cuffed, I have the keys, and you can't get away. What you want isn't even important. This is about what I want, and what I want is to share you with some of my friends. But its almost cute that you think you have an opinion."

"Are they all girls?"

"I don't think I will tell you. I will let you be surprised, It will make it more fun for me." He knows that one of my favorite fantasies is of watching him sucking off a guy but he is always whining about how he doesn't want to suck a guy's cock. After I surprised him with a night with Kay and Dee he has had been afraid I will make some of my other fantasies a reality.

"Now, no more talking. They will be here any minute and I want you on your best behavior. You do what you are told, when you are told. Do not embarrass me. I have told them you are exceptionally obedient and that is exactly what I expect you to be. You can refuse to do this but if you do, that picture of you in your pink skirt and lipstick, I will send it to all your friends."

"You wouldn't do that."

"Try me." I can tell the moment when I have won and I know that he will do as he is told. He is mine to do with as I want and we both know it. And then the doorbell rings and I run to the door.

Kay, Dee, introduce me to their friends, Sami and Casey. We sit down to chat for a bit while we have a glass or two of wine, getting in the mood for the evening. Conversation quickly turns to sex and the Sami and Casey ask if they can see him now. "Of course you can, follow me."

We go to the den to find him just where I left him, cuffed sitting on the couch. "There he is ladies, he is yours for the night, do with him as you wish, be gentle, be rough, whatever you like."

Sami, dressed in jeans and a tank top, doesn't hesitate. She walks right to him, unzips her pants, and pulls out a semi hard yet already huge cock. She grabs his hair and pulls him down to her cock. "Open your damn mouth and make by cock hard." Obediently, he begins to lick the head of her cock, swirling his tongue all over it, sucking it into his mouth, feeling it hardening in his mouth. I quickly grab the video recorder and start filming. I have a feeling this is a video we will watch again and again.

Kay, Dee and Casey undress and sit down on the couch, stroking their cocks, watching him sucking Sami's cock. "Hey let someone else have a turn," Kay says. Sami laughs, but does take her cock out of his mouth. She sits down on the couch with the other women and tells him to get on his knees in front of Kay and then go down the line, sucking them all.

He starts with Kay, holds her cock in his hand and lowers his mouth down to lightly flick her cock with his tongue, licking the head of her cock and down her shaft, before opening his mouth and putting it on her cock. He is eagerly sliding his mouth up and down on her cock and soon he has her entire cock in his mouth. Dee grabs his hair and drags him down to her. He instantly fall on her cock and quickly her cock is hard in his mouth. "Oh, he is a good little cock sucker" she says, "Oh yes, you like it don't you, like to suck cock, you are just a nasty little cock loving whore aren't you."

Then Casey grabs his hair and pulls him down to her, "Suck me, pretty boy. I want to see those lips around my cock." She has been stroking her cock and is already rock hard and he runs his tongue all over her cock, licking it all up and down then opening his mouth and devouring her cock. He is pumping his head up and down, taking her cock deep into his throat. She has her hands on his head, forcing him down onto her cock over and over, and he is taking it all. "Oh god he can really suck a cock. Come on baby, suck me, make me cum." I can see his cock hard between his legs, and know that despite his earlier whining he is clearly having a good time. He starts stroking her cock, while sucking her and she is moving her hips, fucking his mouth with her cock, calling him "one damn good cocksucker." Then, with a few fast thrusts, hands on his head, holding him down on her cock so that he can't pull away, she cums, and he is doing his best to get every drop.

"Clean it all up, whore, don't waste any of her cum," Sami tells him and he obeys, licking every bit of the cum off Casey's cock. Then he moves down to again take Sami's cock deep into his mouth. As he is stroking and sucking Sami, Kay moves, getting behind him, forcing his legs as far apart as his shackles will allow. Applying a generous amount of lube to her cock she starts rubbing her cock against his hole. He has had her big cock in his mouth so he knows how big she is, he has to be scared at the idea of that large pole stretching his tight little ass. She presses hard into him and the head of her cock slides into his ass. He gasps, overwhelmed by her size, but he keeps sucking Sami's cock while his ass adjusts. Once he relaxes a little she starts slowly fucking him, sliding in a little, then pulling almost all the way out, then sliding back in. Soon, she has her cock buried deep in his ass and she is fucking him.

She gives his ass a hard smack with her hand, "Fuck me back bitch, move your ass." He starts thrusting in rhythm with her, fucking her cock with his ass, and obviously loving it. "That's it, fuck my cock. You like that don't you, like a big cock fucking you, you love that cock don't you slut." He is meeting her stroke for stroke, she has her hands on his hips and is fucking him hard, balls, slapping against his ass. Gasping, Sami says, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fill your ass with cum" and with a final hard thrust her cock is pulsing in his ass, filling his hole with her thick cum. She gives his ass a few smacks then takes her cock out of his ass and tells him to get on his back on the floor.

Dee kneels between his legs and starts sucking his cock. He really doesn't want her to do that. He knows he is not allowed to cum without permission and that he will be punished if he does. How is he not supposed to cum when a beautiful woman has his cock in her mouth? Obviously she wants him to get in trouble, want to make him disobey so that he will be punished. Thankfully, Casey kneels over him and pushes her cock into his mouth and he can concentrate on her cock instead of his own. He is giving her cock all of his attention, trying to not think about how good Dee is at sucking his dick.

Finally, Dee takes his cock out of her mouth and asks if she can have the key to undo his ankle shackles. I allow her to unlock his ankle and she spreads his leg wide and slides her entire cock into his ass in one thrust. His ass is raised, she is holding onto his thighs, and is fucking his ass fast and hard. Casey still has her cock in his mouth, and he is getting thoroughly fucked at both ends.

Sami gets beside him and starts stroking his cock. Oh please, stop, why is she doing that? How is not supposed to cum when he has a mouthful of hard cock and an ass full of cock, and a lubed hand stroking his cock. This is just cruel. Just then he feels Casey's cock getting suddenly large in his mouth and he knows she is about to cum. Unexpectedly she pulls her cock out and with a few strokes of her hand shoots a giant load of cum all over his face. He has his mouth open so he can taste her cum, eagerly swallowing every drop that lands in his mouth. He gets lots in his mouth but lots of cum is running down his face. He knows better than to try to wipe off, she would not be pleased if he did that, so he just lets it run down his face.

Dee is still fucking his cum filled ass, "Oh, yes, you are a cock whore aren't you, love getting fucked with my big cock." She is just slamming into his ass, over and over again, giving him her entire cock while Sami is giving him one hell of a hand job. "Are you ready, cock whore, ready for all my cum." He is pumping his hips now, unable to stop himself, even though he knows he isn't going to be able to hold back much longer, as Dee's cock throbs and pulses in his ass, shooting out her cum to mix with Kay's.

"You can cum now," I say. With Dee's cock still in his ass, it takes just a few strokes of Sami's hand before his cock explodes with the strongest orgasm he is ever had. He cums and cums, getting it all over his chest and stomach.

I leave him on the floor in the den covered in cum while the ladies get dressed. Once they leave I go back to the den to find him where I left him. I grab the camera and take several pictures of him, cum drying on his face and stomach and oozing out of his very well fucked asshole. I think many of our internet friends will enjoy these pictures.

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