tagBDSMWhen Harry Met Sally, With Suzie

When Harry Met Sally, With Suzie


Harry and Suzie had been dating a very long time before they really started to discuss their fantasies. In fact, when they started to discuss them, they had been living together for several months and had even talked a couple times about getting married.

One night they were chatting back and forth and the subject of their fantasies came up. He looked into her eyes and said, "I have always wanted to watch two women go at it, have two sets of lips on my cock and balls, and then have one on my face and one on my cock."

Suzie didn't seem surprised, what surprised her is that the idea was making her pussy do funny things. Thinking about having another woman sitting on her face and then thinking about having another woman eat her pussy was making her pussy go into overdrive.

A couple uneventful weeks went by, and then one day Suzie suddenly thought of who she would like to fulfill this fantasy with. Her best friend Sally had been with another woman before. They had talked about it several times, Suzie just had never had the nerve to do it. She approached Harry and asked him what he thought of the idea. After several weeks of discussion, mostly during their sexual activity, they would talk about the different things they could do if there was another woman with them, they decided to try it. The night that finally made them decide to try it was the night Suzie told him that she would consider eating his cum out of another woman's pussy.

A few days went by and Suzie finally got up the nerve to ask Sally. That afternoon, she approached her and said "I have decided that I would like to try being with another woman. I would prefer it to be you. Harry would like to watch and hopefully participate also."

Sally was taken by surprise and said she had to think about it. The next few days were agonizing for both Suzie and Harry. They both hoped she would say yes, and Suzie was fairly certain that she would. But there was still that element of doubt. Even Suzie was getting nervous as the days went by. The days of seeing each other, every day came and went with no mention of the discussion they'd had. Suzie, who was very quiet and easy-going by nature, didn't want to bring it up again, she wanted Sally to be the one to mention it again.

Finally Sally called Suzie and asked her to come over. When she arrived at Suzie's home she was very disappointed because Sally had bad news for her. Sally said that this had been a very difficult decision, but she felt that there was no way for it not to damage their friendship. She had to decline the invitation to participate. She most valued their friendship and wanted nothing to come between that. Suzie agreed with her and went home to tell Harry. Though they were both disappointed, they had to respect her for her decision.

But that didn't mean that Suzie wasn't going to fuck with her best friend a little, because she knew something that Sally did not, the size of Harry's cock. Throughout their relationship Harry and Suzie had taken nude photos of each other. One day Suzie brought those photos to Sally's house, and asked her if she wanted to see some pictures, in case she might change her mind. Sally looked over the pictures and was amazed at the size of Harry's cock. She had a glazed look in her eyes, and Suzie could tell that she had gotten her thinking. Then Suzie threw in a picture of her own body with her legs spread wide and her hands holding her pussy open. Sally continued to stare at the pictures and the look on her face told Suzie that she was getting aroused. Suzie was really hoping that this would persuade Sally to try this with them.

A couple days went by and Sally was coming over to Suzie and Harry's to spend the night. This was not unusual, whenever they planned on drinking they thought it better to have her spend the night than to drive. Suzie was glad that nothing had changed in their plans because of the question she had asked her. She most looked forward to the evenings she could spend hanging out with her best friend. She knew when she invited Sally to join Harry and her it could have damaged their friendship, but was really hoping that it wouldn't.

Harry was out with the guys for most of the evening, at a bachelor party where there were sure to be strippers, and Suzie and Sally were just hanging out having girl time. They had a couple of drinks and visited while listening to music. Then they decided to watch a movie and had a couple more drinks. When the movie was over they thought they should be turning in and Sally asked Suzie if she might like some company in her room until Harry got home. Suzie and Sally laid down in the bed for about an hour talking about upcoming events in their home town.

When Harry arrived home they all sat on the bed and talked for a little while, discussing the bachelor party and the movie the girls had watched. Suzie was naked but covered with a sheet, Sally had on a flimsy nightgown. While they were sitting there, Harry looked over at Sally and said "You know I've been thinking it really isn't fair that you have gotten to see me, but I haven't got to see you. I think you should show me your tits, just to make it fair." She refused several times during the conversation. Finally Harry decided it was time for a shower, he went into the bathroom, and Suzie asked Sally where she was going to sleep. Sally asked if she could sleep in there with them. Suzie said OK. When Harry got out of the shower, he dried off and hollered to Suzie. Suzie went into the bathroom and Harry said "Where is she sleeping?"

"With us, I guess." Was Suzie's response.

"I am not sleeping with underwear on, I never have, and I am not starting now." "Ok," was all Suzie said. He came out of the bathroom after Suzie warned Sally and she just smiled. When he arrived back in the bedroom, he climbed into bed next to her and then she flashed him a quick tit and said "I suppose fair is fair."

Harry smiled and said "Now show Suzie.

Suzie was a little perplexed at this sudden change in events, but for now, they would just go with the flow until Sally put a halt to it.

"Sure," said Sally

Suzie really wanted to lick and suck on those beautiful nipples, so she asked if she could. Sally agreed and Harry asked if he could suck on the other one. Sally agreed and she was the first to feel two mouths on her. While Harry was lost in suckling one of her giant breasts, she had gotten Suzie's attention and they had both directed their attention to Harry's cock.

Harry was dumbfounded when he found out he had two sets of lips on his cock, he moaned something unintelligible and then the two girls were taking turns sucking his cock. He let go of Sally's tit and fell back against the headboard while he enjoyed the sensations coming from his cock.

The first time he came was in Sally's mouth and she got to have a taste of his cum and couldn't wait for the next one.

After that, Harry said, "I would like to see you two girls lick pussy, if you don't mind."

Sally said "No not at all."

Suzie didn't look so sure, but said "OK"

Harry could tell, by her OK that she wasn't so sure, and he just gave her a reassuring hug and said "Just do what you like having done to you."

They laid in the 69 position and began to explore each other's wet pussies. They licked and played and sucked on each other, for a very long time before either one of them reached orgasm. It was like they weren't out for the ultimate goal, it was more about making each other feel good in the process. I guess you could say they made love to each other's pussies. After the girls had each reached an orgasm, together, Harry said, "Now who wants to sit on my face and who wants my cock in their pussy?"

Suzie opted for the face since Sally had never had the opportunity, Sally got the cock. Harry licked Suzie's pussy for a very long time, while Sally was easing his cock into her swollen cunt. It took a while due to his size, but once she had adjusted to his size she began really fucking his cock hard, pounding up and down on it. She would slide up and down the length of it. Every now and then, she would squeeze him with her vaginal muscles, and soon they were both coming.

Harry looked up at Suzie and said "Thank you."

Suzie kind of laughed and said "Don't thank me, thank Sally."

They both thanked Sally. Sally said "You're both welcome, Suzie lets go take a shower, no one says we have to stop now, it's still early. Harry you up for a shower?" They all took a shower together and helped each other wash up. Harry fucked each one of them every way possible, except in the ass. He fucked their mouths, he would fuck one's pussy, and then he would fuck the other one. Harry got off 8 times that night. The girls lost count as each of them are multi- orgasmic.

When they had finished and were sitting around catching their breath, Suzie sat there with an odd look on her face and no one could figure out why. She herself doesn't know if it was nerves, or if she was feeling a bit guilty, or what was going on, but let me tell you, it is now 14 years later and Harry, Suzie, and Sally are still going strong. Months after their first time together, Suzie asked Sally what it was that made her change her mind. Her answer was, "First of all, I was just going with the flow, and as long is it felt right, I was going to keep doing it. Second, I had to try out that big cock of his. And boy am I glad I did."

Suzie and Harry are married and Sally still comes to spend the night occasionally. Sally was even in on making one of Suzie's greatest fantasies come true. See, Suzie always wanted to have a man punish her for her wrong doings and be in control. The same night they discussed there fantasies for the first time, she told him that she desperately wanted to have someone tie her up and spank her when she was bad and then fuck the shit out of her.

Shortly after the first threesome, he did just that. Suzie was home making supper, while they were eating, he was looking around their trailer and said, "You know, you have it pretty easy, you would think you could at least clean the house once in a while."

After supper he pointed to the bedroom and said "Get in there and get naked. NOW."

Suzie didn't take long to react, she was in there and did as she was told. When he came in he said "Now, lay across my legs, I am going to spank your ass." She did as he said, and then he began spanking her ass. When he was finished, he lifted her chin up and said "What are you going to do tomorrow?"

"I am going to clean the house."

"That's right and you can call me, Sir."

"Yes Sir." Suzie said that very sarcastically, which got her another 20 slaps on her already sore ass.

"Now, say it right."

"Yes, Sir." She said it like she meant it this time. He was rubbing her hot sore ass and then he said "I am going to tie you spread eagle to the bed and I am going to lick your pussy until you beg me to let you cum."

He did just that. It wasn't long and she was begging him to let her cum. He allowed her to and then untied her and fucked her hard. They both came together and fell asleep in each other's arms.

That was her first experience with domination. She was hooked from that moment on. You could say they were both hooked on it. If you would like to read about how the three of them made one of Suzie's greatest fantasies come true, read the story called Master and Two Slaves Ch. 1.

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