tagInterracial LoveWhen Hip-Huggers Go Bad

When Hip-Huggers Go Bad


My day started like all the others, kids to school, husband to work and a full day of chores, cleaning, and shopping for me. I am one of those frustrated, thirty something housewives who do all the right things for all the right people and never complain or never really ever think about not doing those right things for anybody who wants them done for me. I am what most would call attractive with a nice, hourglass figure, added to by having several children, and a few years since the perfection of high school.

I have jet-black hair, curly and to my shoulders, full, nicely shaped breasts, which any man who has ever seen has said that the nipples are unusually pointy, that one always made me giggle because it is only in my aroused state that they are this way! I must admit I had my fair share in college and actually did some rather embarrassing things that I would not want anyone to know of in my present life. I was naughty I admit, but I was experimenting and I enjoy the attention of men, and at several frat parties several men at once! But I digress; I have nice long legs and a very fine round ass to match. I am 5'7" 136 pounds and I have a nice, thick bush which I keep long and bushy, except in the summer when bikini season is upon us all.

My day was going along very well, until I had to go to an office supply place, I was all the way across town and not in a neighborhood I usually shop in. But I did see an office supply place and so I decided to stop here instead of my local place. I was in an adventurous mood and so it fit perfectly into my schedule. On this day I had on a pair of hip hugger jeans, button down shirt, no bra and a little sweater over the top. Sandals and a purse complete with cell phone rounded out the ensemble. I was looking for this special printing paper for pictures on the PC at home.

saw it down on the bottom rack in the paper supply area all the way in the back of this too huge store. I was on my feet bent way down, but almost tri-folded to get to this paper when I heard this voice behind me say "I have been sitting here watching you, and those hip huggers are not what you want to be wearing to get that paper out." I turned as best I could to see this older, black man in a red company vest, black pants and white shirt, a mustache, pencil thin, thick lips, surrounding a wide, grin. "Not that I mind, but your ass is hanging way out of those." he continued, "makes a man think interesting thoughts" I was just getting furious when I noticed his eyes, deep brown and in control.

I did not move or say anything, he looked at me and somehow knew in an instant that I was under some sort of a spell, I had no idea why, he was not an outwardly attractive man, but he had this thing about him that made me quiet and, yes, aroused…with one look. He could see my thoughts and feel my inner weakness. He looked around, and back at me, "you gonna stay down there and show me that ass or you gonna get up?" as he said that I stammered something about the paper and needing it. He said something about needing something a bit more fun, longer, and blacker. I was shocked, and dazed, I knew right then to walk up to that man, slap him, and walk out of that store, but I did not. I have no idea why I did not; I have thought about it many hours and days later but I did not.

It was like a daze, like a moment of loss of control. He finally reached down and brought me up to my feet, "come on sweet one I have just the thing for you, I have seen woman like this many times, all you need is a tune-up." With that he smiled and guided me through the back of the store and into the employees only area. "Baby, you look like a million dollars today, those pants do you such justice, and now let me take a look at what else" He reached up for my little sweater and slide it over my shoulders, I smiled for some reason and he knew at that point it was on.

He was a little overweight and no Adonis by any measure, but he had me, I was under his control and he knew it. "baby, those are some nice melons, lets see them closer up" so I unbuttoned my shirt and let it slid off the shoulders, my breasts were now full exposed and pointing to his mouth. One of his large hands cupped my ass and drew me close…he moved his mouth to my tits and suckled them hard, the one that did not have his mouth on it was being roughly pinched by his other hand. My one hand went to his head and the other sought his maness below, I had to feel that cock that I knew was down there, and hard. I could not reach it and I sighed, he moved his mouth from my tit and asked me if I wanted his cock… "yes please I need to feel it…" I almost yelled, he smiled and said "bitch, you are one gorgeous freak" with that he turned; I thought he might walk out of the room, he did not, instead he walked to the door and locked it from the inside.

"I thought I would get you in here and you would wake-up and run out of here, you don't want to do that baby, you want some meat and you want it now, isn't that right?" My only words were "Yes, please, I need it" He sat down on one of the chairs and told me to "Take off those pants and bring those panties, with your ass still in them to me." I did as he said and walked almost naked to my black man, he slipped his hand on my ass and felt, squeezed hard, looked into my eyes and told me that he had not had a white woman in a long time, and nothing as beautiful as me, he was 53 years old and had finally gotten what he deserved, his own white play thing. I said nothing and he tore away my panties, pushed me down on the floor and unzipped his pants.

He pulled out a black cock that was large, full, and pointed at my mouth. "Kiss it, slut!" he almost yelled at me, I did so and got my first taste of black cock ever, I kissed it once and than could not stop, he laughed and told me to lick it…I did so and enjoyed the taste, he took his hand, moved it behind my head and said "now my bitch you are going to get your first injection of black cum, I am going to shove this cock into your mouth and fuck your lips until I cum, you swallow it all, and if you do you get more." I had never swallowed before but now was not the time or place to argue a subtlety.

He shoved his cock deep into my mouth and I almost gagged, but with some strange pride in myself, I did not and began to service this mans need for me. I felt his cock ram into my mouth and could feel the velvety smooth feel of his black cock going in and out. It was exciting and delicious, he was thicker and longer than my husband, but not hugely so. I reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks and helped thrust him into my mouth, "Bitch you are one freak! I have never had a woman want cock like you!" ad with that I felt him start to spurt into my throat, deep long gushes, in waves hitting the back of my throat like the ocean onto the beach. I started stroking extra hard to milk his meat of every ounce, and sure enough I did not spill a drop, those that over flowed I used my fingers to reserve. My stroking kept him hard, and I was impressed by his staying power at 53, but I wanted more and asked for it as he pulled out…he smiled at me, looked down at me as I was licking my fingers full of his semen on one hand, and plowing my fingers of the other hand into my up to now ignored pussy.

"Now I am gonna brand you as mine, I am gonna fuck that sweet white ass until you hollar for more, and when you do, you are gonna forget that white assed husband and you are gonna want only black cock from now on…ain'tcha?" My eyes gave me away, never have I ever been ass fucked and was not sure I wanted to be now, but he moved in on me like a wolf with a lamb, he moved me to this table and bent me over, where I sat there for some seconds before I felt him near again. To this day I do not know where he got that ass jelly, as he called it, from but I felt it smear my ass. Before I could say much he had entered me and was pumping me like the bitch in heat I was. It went on for hours it seemed, I must have cum four times, I tried not to holler out loud, but he kept on pounding his wonderful cock into me. Finally it felt right and I rode back, thrusting backwards and asking for more and more. All the while we ass fucked he told me how I was now his whore, his slut, and how I loved black cock. I was not sure about all that but I was sure about wanting more and more.

My fingers soon found my aching pussy and started the relief, I was sure it would get a good fucking next, but it needed relief now. I was humped like this for a good long time and finally he gushed streams of liquid into my ass and out the sides. He slapped my ass hard as be backed out. I fell forward onto the table still fingering myself. I could not stop, and I soon felt the jizz from his ass fucking mingling with my pussy juice. He sat on the chair watching me, "you keep fingering that fine pussy bitch, you gonna have to come back tomorrow for more. I am done with you for now." I was shocked, I thought I would get a pussy fucking for sure, I just laid there and fingered my self until I came again.

"Yea baby you finger yourself real good, but if you want this cock again, come back tomorrow, now that you are mine you are gonna wanna come back a lot. And I have some boys I want you to help out too. Tomorrow you come back, you have on a nice short dress, something low cut for those titties you got, and maybe some of those thigh highs. You hear me?" I was just coming out of my cum induced high, when I heard him say I was coming back tomorrow, "what time should I be here baby?" I whimpered, I was so used at the moment it was all I could get out, never had I had something like this and I wanted it to last a few more seconds.

"You come back here tomorrow about 10, I am off but I have a place near here, you gonna know it real well from now on baby." With that he stood, dressed, and walked out. I got up slowly and got my things, they were all about and my panties were shreds. I left them and dressed, as I walked out I saw my black old man talking to a customer, he smiled, waved, and winked. I was thrilled though I do not know why, he is just an old, black man, nothing special except to me now. I was trying to figure out what happened in all this as I got into the car, I sat thinking a second, when a knock on the window woke me, it was a young black man with the same uniform as my new lover, as I rolled my window down he said "Ma'am, Jake asked me to give you these" and he handed me my panties, shredded, and torn. " He also said to tell you to give me a blow job in your car or don't come back tomorrow" I looked at him and thought a second. He started to leave and I asked him to stop and come back. As he climbed into my car, he said that I was a fine looking bitch and Jake said you love black cock, as he pulled his out and I tasted it…I guess it was all true...

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