tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhen I Fall Ch. 03

When I Fall Ch. 03

byChantal Marchon©

Author's note: This is a Weis Kreuz fanfic and if you are unfamiliar with WK, you probably won't enjoy this story. Secondly, this is a male-on-male or YAOI story- if you don't like that sort of thing, you should read something else. Can't say you weren't warned :)


He must have removed his clothes sometime during the night, but he didn't remember it. Ken barely registered that he could feel the thin cotton sheet brushing across the marks on his back. He skin was overly sensitized and even the smallest brush of the fabric was like someone smacking sunburn. He was on the edge of consciousness, still mostly asleep. What had caused him to wake? There was someone pounding on his door. He pulled himself out of bed, gingerly. Every muscle in his body ached. Pain from muscles that had been restrained and tightened from panic protested his movement. He gingerly wrapped the sheet around his body and stumbled to the door to make the intruder cease the horrible noise.

Omi was standing in front of his door, preparing to knock again when it was pulled open. Ken leaned his head against the door, fighting the ache running through him. "What do you want?" He hissed out between clenched teeth.

"You were supposed to be at work an hour ago." Omi stared at him pointedly. It wasn't like Ken to miss work. It worried him.

"Oh, work. Sorry Omi, but I can't come in today. I feel like shit." He carefully kept his back out of view of his teenage team member. "Tell any protesters that I said to fuck off and leave me alone. They are fucking bastards and right now I don't want to see them." Ken's face no longer showed the emotional pain that Aya had put him through. He wasn't depressed or hurt any longer. Now he just felt anger over the callous betrayal. But he had given himself to someone else to care for and threw away the useless emotions that had been caused by Aya's breaking up with him. He had let them all pour out of his body the night before in a mixture of blood and pain. It was a relief to be rid of them. Even though he still hurt physically, the session had been a catharsis to his heart.

"Yeah Ken. I'll tell them to fuck off for you." Omi's face was so easy to read. It was sympathetic and obvious that the younger boy thought he was suffering because of his breakup with Aya. "Just take care of yourself and get some rest." He turned to leave but paused. "You know, if you need to talk. I'm here for you."

"Thanks Omi. I appreciate it, but I don't want to discuss anything now." Ken accepted Omi's gesture of friendship, the boy was always sincere with his teammates and thought of them as his family. He was almost always put in the position of peacemaker.

Ken shut his door behind the retreating figure and securely locked it. His tiny apartment consisted of a bedroom and bathroom. He had managed to cram a coffee maker, a microwave and a mini fridge into the tight space so that he could have a semblance of privacy and convenience. The team shared a common room and the kitchen but Ken didn't feel like eating at the moment. He went over to his mini fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. He chugged half of it down before deciding to take some of his prescription strength painkillers and a shower. He needed more sleep.

Aya was putting together an elaborate flower arrangement. He often did the bigger arrangements as customers appreciated his delicate artistic pieces. Yohji was to lazy to work on anything for an extended period of time, Omi did pretty well but could not quite match Aya's eye for color and Ken was just hopeless, very messy. At the moment Aya was pissed off at his former lover. Omi had to make the deliveries that the other boy was supposed to be doing leaving only himself and Yohji to wait on the horde of fangirls and customers and still try to get all the orders completed. That useless idiot could at least wait on customers and take orders. Aya did not believe for one minute that Ken was really sick. He thought it far more likely that the boy was sulking or being spiteful. He never considered the brown haired assassin's feelings to be love or even affection. To be truthful, Aya did not even care. He was just an available fuck. Yohji held far more interest for him. He was so much more complex. Being the team leader, Aya probably should have taken the dynamics of how such a relationship might affect their group, but as usual, he was focused completely on his own needs.

"I think Ken knows about us, Aya." Yohji commented from the spot he was lounging in next to the cash register. "He has been avoiding us for the past couple of days and he seemed really depressed yesterday."

"I don't care, he can pout all he wants. He is totally worthless and I wish he were someone else's problem." Aya went back to his flower arrangement.

"Damn, what did he do to you Aya? You would think he shot your pet dog or something." Yohji was surprised at Aya's harsh comments.

~~ @ ~~ @ ~~ @ ~~ @~~

Ken slept for several more hours before slowly waking up. His body was now just reacting with a dull ache. He pulled some leftover sushi out of his minifridge and considered his future. He didn't want to leave Weis. He had been with them through some horrible times and some really good times, but how could he remain in a group when he could not trust every single member and trust was absolutely necessary if they were to all survive their missions. Debating whether or not to call Birman and ask for a new assignment, he hesitated and decided to wait and see if the situation got any better.

The cell phone on his dresser started ringing. He picked it up slowly, dreading answering it and talking to the person he had pledged himself to with so little consideration. 'What the hell was I thinking? Giving myself to Farfarello of all people? Am I just as insane as he is?' But the promise was made and the responsibility accepted to back out now would probably make Farfarello hunt him down and gut him. He did not care to listen to the small voice in the back of his head that reminded him he enjoyed the attention he received and the pain had suited his purpose rather well. At the fourth ring of the phone he flipped it on and answered. "Hello master."

"Very nice pet. Do you still have your collar on?" The soft, sensual voice asked.

"Yes master."

"Good. What did you do today?"

"I slept most of the day and gave Omi a message to tell the rest of the team to go fuck themselves."

Farfarello laughed. "I wish I could have seen the expression on their faces when Omi told them that. They probably went into shock just to hear the word fuck come out of the chibi's mouth. Put enough about your stuck-up teammates. Did you eat yet?"

"Just some left over sushi, master." Ken blushed. He was astonished that Farfarello actually went through the trouble of finding out how his day went and if he was taking care of himself.

"Not good enough pet. Get ready to go out and I will meet you out front in an hour. Don't worry about your teammates. My windows are shaded so that no one can see in."

"Yes master." He said obediently. The white haired maniac hung up the phone without saying good bye.

'Why is it I can't refuse him anything? I am so easily ordered around by Farfarello and I don't know why I let him.' Most people would never have considered Ken a submissive personality, but then most people did not bother to look below the surface. It became more apparent when one studied his former relationship with Kase. How he had been willing to do anything to please his old friend. Or in his relationship with Aya. He had bent over backward trying to get Aya to acknowledge him and to return his love. Perhaps, he tried too hard in both instances. In the end, the eagerness to please his lovers may have been what ultimately caused both relationships to fail. The other men had despised what they thought of as weakness; they had used him and taken him for granted. They abused his feelings. If Ken had been more reserved he probably would have held onto his former lovers longer. His total surrender to his lovers had proven to be his downfall. However, now his submissive nature would be exactly what his dominant partner required if they were to have a successful relationship.

Ken pulled on his softest black T-shirt and pair of baggy khakis. He completely tossed aside the idea of underwear; he didn't want anything to rub on his marks. Careful not to jar his bruised body he made his way down the stairs and to the front of the shop. Yohji looked up when he entered and gave him a superior looking smirk. Ken gritted his teeth and looked around for Omi. He found his young friend in the large walk-in cooler putting away a fresh flower shipment.

"Hey, I'm going out for dinner. I don't know when I'll be back. If Birman is desperate and needs me for a mission, call my cell, otherwise I will not be available. I want to talk to you about something later." He glanced at his watch. "I have to go. See ya later." He waved and walked out the front door.

"What was that about?" Omi wondered.

Yohji stood next to Aya and gave him a nudge when he saw his former rival walk to the loading area in front of the shop. A blood red viper with dark tinted windows pulled up and the passenger door opened. Ken got inside and the car sped away.

Omi finished restocking the cooler and came out with a display of flowers for the front cooler.

"Hey, chibi, where is boy wonder off to?" Yohji voiced his curiosity.

"Not that you really care. But he has a date. I think he has a new boyfriend or maybe it's a girlfriend. He didn't say." Omi ad-libbed. He had been very aware that Aya and Yohji hooked up and that Aya had dropped Ken like a hot rock. He wasn't blind or stupid. The way Aya had been treating Ken was horrible. Aya totally played his best friend and he could only see trouble coming from it and soon.

"Hey Aya, you've been replaced." Yohji grinned over at his lover.

"It won't last. Ken is too needy for anyone to tolerate for more than a week." Was the stony answer.

~~ @ ~~ @ ~~ @ ~~ @ ~~ @ ~~

Farfarello drove the flashy sports car through the crowded streets at speeds that would make anyone else ill. Including his passenger. He smirked glancing at Ken out of the corner of his eye. "What's wrong?" He asked teasing his frightened guest.

"Umm, your driving is scary." Ken swallowed the lump in his throat and gripped his seat tighter.

"Master." Farfarello added as a gentle reminder.

Ken paled even more. He knew that he had screwed up, by forgetting to address his master properly.

"We are going to an Italian restaurant tonight. Something different. I get tired of eating Japanese food all the time. But I have a hard time talking Crawford into letting me cook. I don't know if it's because he doesn't like traditional Irish food or if it's because I almost burnt down the kitchen once."

"How did you do that master?" Ken briefly thought of some of his own kitchen mishaps.

"I was chopping things up in a blender and I wanted to see if it was strong enough to bend up silverware for a thing I was thinking of making. The blender wasn't strong enough and the motor blew out and caught fire. Which caught some paper towels next to it on fire, which in turn caught the curtains on fire and before I knew it the place was going up fast. It was interesting to watch, but Crawford was pissed as hell." Farfarello's lilting soft voice drew Ken's attention. The man had a genuine smile at the memory of his little episode.

"I think I would have liked to see how Crawford must have been racing around trying to put out the fire and yelling at you the whole time. It was funny, ne? Master."

As Farfarello drove to the restaurant, he continued to tell Ken about different stories about his life with Schwarz. Behind it all, there was a hint of tension and it made him question something that had been on his mind frequently during the day. "Master, if you don't mind there is something I need to know about. Do you mind answering a personal question?"

The Dom paused before giving his consent. "Yes, I can guess what you want to know. Why I seem so lucid right now. Right?" Ken nodded in agreement. "Well, it seems that Kritker found some files that Esset left behind and they were able to fabricate a drug that helps me think and behave more like a sane person. Without the drug I would not be able to control my blood lust. I believe the doctor's describe me as psychsophrenic, but I'm not sure that is the case either. The drug and help to get rid of Esset are the biggest reasons why Crawford handed Schwarz over to Kritker."

"I understand a little more, thank you for telling me master." Ken sighed and set back in his seat, some of his worries were settled on at least that issue.

Farfarello walked around the car and held open the door for him and even ordered for him in the restaurant. The master would not even allow his slave to feed himself, but insisted on doing it for him. He was enjoying pampering his new pet. The public spectacle of two men acting so openly affectionate did not concern him at all. He cared nothing about what the weak, pathetic creatures around him thought. He valued his new slave, his strength and perseverance had been shown to him time after time.

The white haired demon paid for the bill, casually flipping some large bills onto the table and led his pet back to the car. He drove into an under ground parking lot and got out of the car. "Wait a moment." He told Ken, taking out a black blindfold and slipping it over his eyes. Then he took Ken's hand and guided him to an elevator. They walked for a few minutes before Farfarello stopped and unlocked a door. Ken waited patiently as he was pulled inside a room and the door shut after him. "Stand still." His master stripped off the pet's clothes. Slowly, tantalizing him with short brushes of his fingers.

"You know that you will have to be punished for something don't you, pet?" The dom questioned in a whisper. Farfarello loved looking at Ken's lithe, muscular body. He touched it and swept his hands across the marks he had created the night before.

"Yes master." Ken bowed his head. "I did not address the master correctly earlier tonight." He acknowledged.

"Very good. I am glad that you do not have to be told what your mistakes are and I am certain that you can learn from them. Now I think it is time for punishment, but it will not be a difficult one." He tugged Ken over to a bed and pushed him down then proceeded to fasten him into both wrist and ankle restraints. "Now the fun begins."


Strapped to the bed and blindfolded, Ken could only wonder what his master intended. His muscles grew taut with fear. He strained against his bindings. A cool hand trailed across his chest. "Relax. Accept the pain and it will no longer feel like pain." A cold metal thing was attached to his nipple and tightened, another soon followed, pinching him in a tight grip. "Nipple clamps are interesting little gadgets. I often wonder who thinks up these things." Farfarello told him.

"Now let's see, what else can I do here? Oh, I know." Farfarello sounded delighted for some reason and that only frightened Ken more. "The gates of hell."

"What?!" Ken shouted.

"Hush now or I will have to gag you. Now let me think, the leather, the rubber or the metal. The metal is too hard to remove." Ken heard him throw something to the side with a clinking sound. "The rubber has too much give." Something soft was tossed aside. "The leather it is then." The hand wrapped comfortably around Ken's cock, pumping it gently to bring it full hardness. "Hmm, you are eager today." Something odd replaced the hand. A tight strap was fastened around the base of his penis, quickly followed by three more. The constricting bands ended just below the head of his cock. His hardened length throbbed as the restricted blood struggled to move. The bands made his erection ache. "What else can I do to torture my poor kitten?" Farfarello mused to himself.

Ken bit back the groan trying to creep out of his throat. His cock was starting to hurt, but at the same time it felt good.

"I think I want you in a different position." The master removed one of his slave's ankles from its restraint and placed a pillow under his hips. He forced the leg up until the thigh was pressed against his slave's chest, using a longer tie down; he fastened the ankle to the same D-Ring that held the corresponding wrist. Ken was in a very uncomfortable position with one leg stretched away from his body and fastened above his shoulder. He grimaced at his protesting muscles. The master quickly positioned his other leg in a restraint tied to his other wrist. He was spread wide open, hips angled up and torso bent in a crunch. His breathing was shallow, because the position did not allow him to completely fill his lungs.

Farfarello was smiling evilly at the lustful picture presented to him. His slave was completely ready for him to use, as he desired. "Yes, this is indeed a light punishment. But after yesterday, I don't think you are ready for anything else anyway." He poured out some lube and dabbled his fingers in it before spreading it around Ken's tight opening. The slippery liquid was a warming oil and immediately started a mild tingling. Coating his heavy cock with the oil, the master pushed the head of his cock slowly into the slave, without preparing him for the intrusion. His muscles were still somewhat loose from the day before and easily engulfed the man's solid girth. He began to gentle rock himself back and forth, barely moving. Just enough to tease. Ken bit down on his lip to keep from making any noise as the pleasure and pain washed over him.

The slave's neglected cock weeped from the stimulation, it seemed to grow bigger and become more tightly compressed with every second, the dull ache increased to a throbbing pain. Bracing one hand on Ken's leg the master pushed into him harder and watched the ensnared length bounce and grow an angry reddish purple. He picked up the pace slowly, until he was ferociously slamming into his restrained possession. Ken was straining to keep from yelling out to beg his master to take the bands off his cock and bring him release, tears leaked from the corners of his eyes. With his free hand, Farfarello tugged on the nipple clamps, eliciting a small groan from his toy.

"Who am I?" The master asked emphasizing each word with a solid thrust.

"Master, you are my master." Ken sobbed, his words and breath catching in his throat.

"Again, slut. Who am I?"

"My master." He voiced louder, his words clearly showing his desperation. His cock felt as though it was on fire, the bands cutting into his sensitive skin.

"That is correct and you will always address me as such won't you."

"Yes, Master." The brutal pounding continued.

"What are you?" Farfarello asked, reminding his slave of his place.

"I am yours, your slut, your slave, your pet and your possession." The tortured man whispered.

"That's correct." With the final words Farfarello orgasmed and collapsed on his slave catching his breath for a moment. "Now you have earned my forgiveness and I will release you and let you cum." The white haired sadist released his ankles then his wrists and then removed his slave's blindfold. "Look at the gates of hell, slut and know that I could have chosen the metal ones." Ken looked down at his painful erection, surprised to see a series of leather straps fastened together and wrapped around his cock in a tight chain.

"Thank you for your mercy, master." He said sincerely. The metal would have been extremely difficult to remove without being able to cum and go flaccid but the solid metal rings would not have allowed that either.

"If you try to fist yourself with that on, it will chafe terribly. So, I will remove it." Farfarello took off the cage and poured a liberal amount of the warming oil onto the pulsing cock. The oil burned in the raw spots where the rings had abraded him. Ken hissed at the sudden new form of pain added to the blood being able to circulate more freely causing a very strange pins and needles sensation in an area where he had never felt that before. He suppressed the cry that tried to come out of his throat.

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