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When Least Expected


I don't even know why I visit this website, and I really don't know why I write stories.

Some kind of therapy, I come back and read what I have written, I read them over and over. There are memories in the words, it lets me relive them.

The only time I do write is when something happens, I tried a few times to write sexy, a fantasy, but it sounds so bad to me that I always end up deleting them. Even writing anonymously, I am too embarrassed to post some of the fantasies I have in my head.

But something happened, so here is the story.

I was married to Tom, the best description of the relationship was that it was stormy. Not because he was a bad man, he really wasn't, although I did come to understand that he was easily manipulated by those around him.

Tom was a fine lover, careful, always more concerned about me and my pleasure than his own.

Except for some reason I still don't completely understand, he had a fantasy in his mind of sharing me, showing me off. That went completely against all of my upbringing, I had troubles with being and acting like I knew he wanted me to be. Yet inside, it was there, and I think Tom sensed that.

For a very long time, I didn't realize it.

Three times I left Tom, all three times I went back. Then I lost him, one morning he kissed me and went to work, and he didn't come home.

At that exact moment, as the sad faced Doctor stood and told me that Tom never came out of surgery, it hit me that I would do anything, anything at all that he wanted me to, just to have him back.

There was a long period of depression, I think I have always suffered from that off and on anyway. I had thoughts of suicide, probably the only thing that stopped me from actually doing that was fear.

I am not even sure what I was in fear of, to be frank.

There were some long periods of bright sunny days earlier this year, a bit odd for December and January. During those times I felt myself getting better, then the snow and ice came and I went right back into that dark place.

My friends Brad and Patty lived with me, that was a good thing and really helped. Patty understood perfectly, she never showed any sense of jealousy of any kind even though she knew I had made one attempt at seducing Brad.

Brad gently turned me down, I was grateful for his being gentle. I will say that when a woman offers herself in a blatant way and gets turned down, it is tough on the self esteem.

Brad let me down gently, the simple fact was he just was not that kind of man, he would not take another man's wife.

But after Tom was gone, I could not be alone, so I slept in the same bed with Brad and Patty. Something about Brad's big strong male body just being there kept me sane.

Sex between us was not an issue, I would not have turned him down if he reached for me and he knew that. He just didn't. I could say I really didn't mind, but there were a few times....

Over months of living closely together, we became...a family? Nudity in various stages was nothing, we sometimes sat in our hot tub, many times I saw both Patty and Brad sunning themselves in the room that Ted, the former owner had built as his massage studio. It had huge windows, so the Winter Sun could shine right in while the room was heated and warm, we could all sunbathe like that on nice days. A few times we even lay out there during storms, there is some kind of a feeling of security, safety being inside and warm while nature does it's thing just feet away.

I lay out there naked with them many times, it felt nice to be free like that. It was exciting, I admit that, and it helped to make me forget things that bothered me. I did notice and feel Brad's eyes on me, but over time I came to accept that as normal. He never hinted, never even touched me other than when I pressed against him at night. All Brad ever did was put his arm around both Patty and I, holding us until we slept.

Everything comes to an end, though. Brad and Patty bought their own home downtown, this meant I once again lived alone. But I was back to work at the health clinic, doing my job filled precious hours, the interactions with other people helped me to heal.

As a female Doctor, I must admit that I am like some of you write about in your stories. Most of them I am sure are fantasy, but the truth is, there really are Doctors like me.

Knowing how much I like the feeling of power over men when I tell them to remove their clothing and to expose themselves to me, one would think I should not have had concerns about some of the things that my husband Tom had hinted at.

I can't explain that, either, in my office I am in control. Yet doing something naughty like briefly exposing myself where someone in public might see or even actually having sex in a swinger type situation took all control away from me.

I spent many hours and days analyzing myself, trying to understand and what I came up with is that deep down inside, I have a need to feel in control. My periods of depression always came when I felt like I was losing that.

I finally gave up on trying to be what I was not, and I became what I am. That took some time to come to terms with. I found myself once again eager to go to work, get to my office, to see what the day might bring.

Often my day was nothing more than a string of patients, I would go through them and do the routines, nothing out of the norm.

But every once in awhile there would be a client that..was special?

It was never any particular type, or look. It was an attitude, a mannerism that set me off. Perhaps the way they looked at me, maybe that was part of it. It could be anything from young men to very old, and anything in between, even female.

Once I got that feeling, I just went with the flow. I loved it when I instructed them to lift their gown as I slid up close to them on my little roller stool. They would then stand there, with their genitals exposed, holding the gown up as I felt their testicles, then took their penis in my latex gloved hands and inspected it closely.

I also worked with female patients, and I would be lying if I said there wasn't times that things happened. I know that some women do enjoy my touch, and with some of them, I enjoy it too.

I never thought I ever had any tendencies that way really, but I guess I do once in awhile.

I also would lean forward innocently when working with men mostly, I knew this allowed the top of my smock to gap open. The one best feature I have is my breasts. They aren't huge but they are fairly large and perfectly formed, and with some practice I got very good at displaying them as I leaned forward, all the way to my nipples.

Almost without fail, I could feel the eyes on me, and many times I would feel my client's penis begin to erect.

I always treated that as something that was normal, mentioning to the patient that their penis was well formed and appeared to respond nicely to touch.

A few would not respond at all, sometimes I would ask them if they ever had any problems with erectile concerns. Most would answer that they didn't although once in awhile one would answer yes.

The ones that did erect caused me to run out of excuses to hold it, the others gave me an excuse to do more.

One older male that was about 65 or so stood before me like that one day, he told me that he had Prostate problems. I suggested that I thought that was part of the issue.

I ended up with my index finger up his rear end as I stroked his penis for him as a "test." He ejaculated nicely and seemed appreciative, that was fun.

The PSA test came back only mildly elevated, so I prescribed some medication for him, and it proved to be very effective.

In fact, he came back the next month for a followup and I helped him once again. That time he was erect before I slid my finger inside him.

I just grinned at him when he mentioned how much he liked me as his Doctor, and how relations with his wife had vastly improved.

"I am just trying to help you with your concerns." I told him. I haven't seen him for a month or so, but I will bet he comes back soon.

What is it that causes some men to get my interest and others don't? I have no answer for that.

Anyway, there really are Doctors out there like me, the truth is we are all human, too.

So there you have it, Sally the way she is and currently quite content with herself.

One day several weeks back I got a phone call from Patty. She wanted to go bike riding, the weather was clear and Sunny, although cool. Patty and I used to ride a lot on our bikes, we both dressed in tight shorts and halter tops and off we would go. The road from my house down to a nearby tiny town is mostly downhill, we would ride down to the restaurant and get a snack, then we would labor back up the hill, almost six miles of it. We got looked at a lot when we were out doing that, both of us are in pretty good shape but it is odd to see two women wearing very little when it is just 50 degrees out.

One thing about a regimen like this is it does keep a girl in shape, my fast becoming middle age body looked as good as any early 20's woman and I knew that. Patty looked just as good.

That was the one wonderful thing my Tom had done for me, getting me that bike. The 15 pounds and softness I had before just vanished over a few months, and I planned to keep it that way. But the long rides that Patty and I took had become infrequent, after my bad experience I related in an earlier story, I just would not ride by myself.

I was grateful for the chance, besides, I loved both Patty and Brad so it was wonderful to see them. Brad drove Patty out to my house, he gave me a big hug and then left, explaining he would be back by evening.

I told him to plan on staying for dinner, I was cooking some chicken with honey and rice, which I knew he loved.

"Hey, how about I bring Jim along?" Brad asked.

"Who is Jim?" I asked, instantly alert since the last time a man had been "brought along" there had been some trouble.

"Jim is my brother, he just got out of the Army and is staying with us until he gets settled."

"Oh, OK!" I told him.

Off he went, Patty and I took our ride, laughing and chatting the whole way. The ride back up the hill was a tiny bit more of a struggle than I remembered, I realized that a few weeks without riding had softened me some.

"I need to get one of those exercise bikes." I told her.

"Naw, I can just come out more often, I need to ride too!" Then she got up on the pegs and took off, I went right with her and we raced back up the hill. She was twenty feet ahead of me when we got to my house, not bad I thought. Patty usually beat me pretty good up the long hill, so I was pleased with myself.

The two of us climbed naked into the hot tub for a soak, then later we went in and ganged up on dinner. Patty made a big salad, I put the finishing touches on my chicken and rice dish.

Just after six, Brad walked in with a younger man right behind him. I took one look and came to a stop. He was about 5' 10", heavy shoulders and chest. He looked a lot like Brad except for his hair cut very short in the military style. He looked to be a decade younger than me.

We shook hands, I felt his eyes slide up and down my body. Then he gave me one of those lopsided grins.

"Brad is a fibber, he said you were beautiful but he didn't say you were spectacular!" I heard Patty giggle in the background.

I went all flustered, this was one good looking young man. I had a crazy urge to just reach out and grab him, he had my hands in his and he wasn't letting go, either.

I finally got one hand free, managed to brush my hair back from my face. Then I hurried into the kitchen, someplace safe where my body would not betray me.

We all sat and had dinner, the guys retreated to the living room while Patty and I cleaned up. I opened a bottle of wine and we sat around and sipped that, just chatting about everything under the sun.

I noticed that Jim kept looking at me, I was doing my best to not blush. Then Patty got one of those wicked grins on her face.

"Hey, anyone up for the hot tub?" She asked.

"Sure!" Brad answered.

"I don't have a suit with me." Jim said.

"No suits in the hot tub!" Slipped out of me before I could get my mouth shut.

"Oh!..OK." Jim grinned at me as I blushed furiously again.

They all hopped up and headed out to the deck, I finally got up and followed. I am not bashful in the least but I had just barely met this man and now we were going to climb naked into the hot tub together?

Patty was pulling her top over her head as I walked out there, Brad was just sliding into the water. Jim looked at me, gave me that silly grin again, then he began to unbutton his shirt.

I turned my back, stripped my jeans down and off. I pulled off my sweater and glanced over at Jim, he was standing there in just his white briefs, looking at me expectantly.

"I guess we are the ones with reservations, huh?" I told him with a grin, reaching back and tripping my bra.

His eyes fell to my bare breasts, I slid my thumbs into my panties and slid them down my hips. His eyes dropped to my crotch.

"My God you are a beautiful thing!" He told me. I stood there with every single nerve in my body alive as his eyes inspected me, then I wanted to get into the water quickly as I felt myself begin to get damp.

I made it to the edge of the tub, Jim slid his briefs down and I barely managed to keep myself from gasping.

His penis was at least 8 inches long just hanging there, and his lower body was hairless. He was circumcised, the bulb on the end was the size of a large Plum. He was grinning at me, I know he read my mind.

I slid into the water, he came over and stood at the edge of the tub for a few seconds. I glanced at Patty, her eyes were on Jim, too.

"Jim was blessed at birth, it's a wonder he didn't get hung up on the way out!" Brad wisecracked, getting a laugh from everyone.

Jim slid into the water, settling down beside me, our bodies lightly touching. That helped, now I could keep from staring.

"I've never been naked in a hot tub with two such pretty women before, plus one ugly guy." Jim said.

"Yea, well, I may be ugly but at least I can run without kicking myself in the nuts!" Brad retorted.

The rest of the evening went just like that, we sat and sipped wine and enjoyed the conversation. It had been a very long time since I laughed like that, Jim and Brad were constant with the wisecracks.

When the time came to get out, Brad climbed out first. I had seen Brad naked many times, even a few times with an erection and he had one going on. I realized the Patty had probably been fiddling around with him under the water. Next Patty got out, the little brat made it a point to bend over and give Jim a nice peek at her pussy from behind. Jim glanced at her and then turned right back to me.

I knew that Brad and Patty were headed for my spare bedroom. I was now alone with this hunk of a man, and I was feeling a bit like a giddy schoolgirl. It was bad enough to be a bit flustered, but I was also completely naked under the water and so was Jim.

"I hope you don't mind, but I really do have this urge to kiss you." He said.

"I...don't mind." I answered, as he turned his head and leaned my way. Our lips met and sparks went off. I had not been with a man in an intimate situation since I lost Tom, I was barely managing to control myself.

I felt Jim's hand come over and cup my right breast, I didn't resist, lost in the feeling of his lips on mine. Finally he leaned back, his hand still stroking me.

"I want to be with you, all it took was one look at you." He said.

"I don't just...." Was all I got out.

"How about making me the exception?" He grinned, his thumb now flicking my rapidly hardening nipple.

I nodded meekly, I had lost all control again. Jim stood up, held out his hand. We climbed out of the water, he reached out and picked up a towel and began to wipe me dry.

Then he wiped himself down, slid his arm around me and steered me towards my bedroom. I meekly went with him. I could see his big penis, it was now hard and bobbing side to side as we walked. I was almost grateful to see that it had not grown by a huge amount, it was already at least half again bigger than any man I had ever been with.

I sat on the edge of my bed, Jim looked at me with a smile, his erection jutting out in front of him. I could not take my eyes off of him.

"Do you shave?" I asked him.

"I have myself waxed." He answered.

"Come here." I told him, he stepped up close to me. I reached out and took his big member in my hands, I inspected it carefully, turning it this way and that. I reached underneath and caressed his big balls, they felt wonderful, the skin flowing over them. Unable to stop myself, I pressed my fingertip to the very tip, rubbing the droplet I found there between my thumb and forefinger. Jim gazed at me in amusement.

"Do I pass inspection?" He asked, finally.

"Yes. You do." I whispered.

"Your turn!" He grinned, reaching out and pressing me back.

"Spread your legs." He commanded. I opened my legs, his eyes were on me.

"Wider!" I opened them as wide as they would go, Jim got down on his knees and leaned forward, parting my lips with his fingers. He rolled my lips in his fingers, then brought his fingertip to his mouth.

I just watched him through slitted eyes, he eagerly inspected every inch of my body, even reaching down and spreading the flesh of my butt cheeks to inspect my rectum.

"May I?" He asked finally.

"Yes, you may." I replied. That sounded so strange, I managed a small titter. Jim just grinned at me with that look he had.

He slid up on top of me, poised that beautiful monstrous cock of his at my entrance. He reached down and wiped some of my moisture on himself and pushed gently. I took a deep breath and relaxed my lower body, I was used to my late husband Tom who was smaller but always very hard. Tom always entered me with ease, Jim's erection felt like he was trying to cram the big end of a baseball bat inside me.

My body relaxed some more, he slid slightly inside. I felt a small stab of pain, then sweetness and a feeling that made my head swim.

His cock began to slide, it went in and in and in as I left out my breath in a gasp. Jim sensed that and stopped.

"Don't stop!" I cried out, unable to keep myself from it. His chest and stomach muscles were solid, I grasped his fanny and pulled, his butt cheeks felt firm and rock hard. I felt another stab of pain as I felt him hit bottom, the only other time I had ever felt that was once when I used an over sized dildo on myself, Jim felt even bigger than that.

I took another deep breath and let it release, then he withdrew partially and slid back inside me. Now we were sliding back and forth, there was a loud noise from inside of me as the air was displaced, I started to giggle. Jim was laughing and just kept right on.

My first orgasm hit me, then they came in waves, one after another, on and on. I lost count of them, then I felt him tense. I could feel his sperm hit me in spurts, my eyes glazed over and the next thing I knew Jim was laying by my side holding me.

I kissed him, then I got up and went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I was on my way back with a glass for Jim when Brad walked out of the other bedroom. He was naked, too. He grinned at me.

"You like Jim, huh?" He smiled.

"Yes, I like Jim very much!" I laughed, went back in and handed Jim the water. He took a sip, sat the glass down. Then he rolled me over and did it to me again. Later, I tried to suck him off, I really did try, too, but there was just no way I could get enough of it into my mouth to get it done.

They stayed the night, the next morning I put on a robe and made some breakfast. Patty came in and sat down, she looked to be well worked over, too.

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