tagBDSMWhen She Say's

When She Say's


She grabbed his hand and led him upstairs, with every passing moment all he could think about was her kiss, her lips, the way she looked at him with those eyes. As she led him up the stairs to her bedroom, it seemed so far away. He licked his lips as he watched her hips sway with every step, she took moving them closer to her door. Closer to what he was craving the most. Though their night had been filled with light conversation, fun and laughter, he knew where the night would end. Counting every minute and every second patiently anticipating the things that she would do to him, how much he would enjoy her. The ways he could please her, touch her, enjoy every inch of her body she would allow him to enjoy.

As her bedroom grew nearer and his anticipation arose, she stopped him before he could take another step, kissing his lips deeply he wanted with every fiber of his being to touch her body, but he had to keep his hands to himself. She pushed him against the wall each kiss more passionate than the last. His pants begin to tighten the deeper she kissed him, the more he wanted to touch her body. Her lips moved from his lips to his neck and then her hands begin to unbutton his shirt, one by one she slowly took her time making him gasp with each button. The urge to ravish her was unbearable.

She pulled his shirt off and then his tank top came next; her hands followed her lips down his chest as she slowly made her way down to his throbbing member. He let out a soft moan as she undid his belt, his hands bracing the banister doing everything in his power not to touch her. He asked once more please can I touch you; she shushed him with a kiss and put his hands back on the banister, No you may not. She slowly pulled his pants off, enjoying the sight of how hard he had become; her hands rubbing outside his briefs she slowly pulls them off kissing just the tip. His body shook with excitement and his moans got louder she took her tongue down his shaft licking the precum he had running down. Her mouth cupped his balls making sure not to miss any part of his erect body.

She continued to lick and suck every bit of him as his moans grew louder and louder, she stopped as he begged please, please let me touch you she looked at him and smiled not just yet. She took his throbbing cock into her mouth, he did everything in his power not to grab her hair and he couldn't hold back any longer she held his hands against the banister as she continued to take him in., he was ready to explode then she stopped as more of his precum rushed down her throat she cupped his balls and begin rubbing them bringing his excitement so close to the edge ready to burst, Please he asked let me touch you, I am going to cum, she stopped. Not just yet.

She took his hands off the banister and lead him up to her room, his cock throbbing wanting to be played with, all he could think of was getting her dress to the floor, taking her in his mouth and being allowed to feel her warmth on his tongue. Finally, they reached the top of the stairs all he could do was smile with excitement the anticipation leading up to this, she opened the door her king size bed sat ready for them now it was her turn to be enjoyed.

He begged her once more now can I touch you please, she kissed his lips as he stood there naked ready to enjoy every bit of her she turned around, unzip my dress nice and slow his body enjoyed the feel of her curves as he ran his hands down her back and unzipped her zipper ever so slowly to take her in. He pulled her dress down as it dropped to her feet. He took his time enjoying every bit of her body as he unhooked her bra and removed her panties, taking the time to enjoy her body with his eyes her skin smooth to the touch, her body smelled so sweet. All he could think of was how bad he wanted to taste her, enjoy every inch of her body, make her moan turn to screams, taste her cum, but all he could do was ask for more.

Can I kiss you please he asked as he licked his lips in anticipation you may; but you cannot touch me, he laid her on the bed as she spread her legs. His lips began on hers as he slowly moved down from there; kissing her neck, her breast, her thighs, taking every bit of her in enjoying her body being careful not to touch but tasting every bit of her he could. As he worked his way to her pussy, her scent drove him mad with the desire to taste her even more. He began kissing slowly softly kissing her clit holding back the urge to devour her, slowly kissing deeper enjoying more of her pussy with every kiss, every lick, listening to her as her moans turn to screams. She runs her hands through his hair, pulling him deeper into her pussy, enjoying every bit of his mouth on her clit, as her pussy gets wetter with every lick.

She moaned in ecstasy as he continued to enjoy her wanting to touch her, he asked can I touch you now, she answered you may but only after I lick you again. She laid him on the bed and started licking and rubbing him, he let out a soft moan as he enjoyed her lips on him again, his cock throbbing wanting to be inside her, but he couldn't' just yet. Please he asked, barely getting the words out can I touch you now I want to be inside you she licked up his precum and slid her warm pussy on top of his throbbing cock they both let out a moan. Please he could barely speak can I touch you, you may, his body filled with excitement, He grabbed her ass as she continued to ride his cock, she moaned in pleasure as he grabbed onto her forcing his cock deeper into her. She moaned as he took her breast into his mouth not missing the chance to suck on her nipples, filling her with intense pleasure sending chills down her body. She could feel him about to burst as his moans grow louder, she rides him faster moaning enjoying every inch of his member in her pussy tightening with every thrust of her hips. She let out a loud moan as her pussy tightened and she covered his cock with her cum as he released inside her filling her body with his warmth as she collapses on top of him enjoying the feel of his touch all over her body.

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