tagAnalWhen the Midwife Takes a Call

When the Midwife Takes a Call

byJack Gates©

'Hello! Maggie, are you there?'

'Yes, Jane, I was in the kitchen. Is it a call out?'

'Afraid so, I know its late, its your fault for being a mid-wife on call. Its Anne at Dyke Cottage, she's a regular of yours.'

'Right, I'm on my way. Anne is okay its that creep of a husband of hers. He strips me naked every time he looks at me.'

'Chance would be a fine thing. Guys look away from me to get over the fright. I will tell her husband you are on your way. Bye.'

I was just in my housecoat after a shower, being in a flat everything is on one level. I went into the bedroom, slipping out of my housecoat and throwing it onto the bed and took out my uniform from the wardrobe. I caught sight of myself in the full length mirror, for 28 years there was no sign of droop anywhere. Considering my breast size is 36c, waist 23, round my hips 36 which went no bad with my 5ft 8ins height. My legs are quite long and shapely. I turned full on, my labia was still open because of my naughtiness in the shower. I can't resist touching myself up. I ran my finger down there just now. My pussy was moist and wanting. I stretched my lips apart turned on by the sight of my glistening juices. I wet a finger and put onto my tongue. Closing my eyes I thought of Gabriel, Anne's husband, the bulge I have so often seen in his tight pants. I fancied him rotten! I cream my panties every time he looks at me with those big brown sexy eyes of his. Anne has four kids already and expecting number five. According to my reckoning she still had two months to go and was always healthy through the time she carries. I suspected Gabriel was calling me out to try and get into my flimsy knickers.

I chose a sexy red silk bra and thong set. As it was a warm august evening it was all I needed under my blue uniform. I didn't bother to wear stockings. In my lewd mind he was ripping my thong off to ravish me. In my uniform I looked so strict and stand-offish. I was a hot piece of cunt underneath it.

'Hello, Maggie! That was quick! Come in.'

He was in shorts and a T-shirt. His eyes travelled up and down my body appreciatively and then stood to one side to let me in. It was a tight space in the hall and he deliberately brushed against my breast which erected my nipples and caused me to draw in an urgent breath.

'Why do you wear that silly cap, Maggie. You have lovely long hair, so thick too.'

'Thank you kind, Sir. My cap goes with the uniform and I am a mid-wife here to see Anne, where is she.

'Oh! Didn't I tell you? She has gone to see her Mum for the week-end. She has the kids with her.'

'Then why did you call me out, Gabriel.'

'Simple, Maggie, Darling. I want to fuck you! You get me hard every time I look at you. See!'

He pushed down his shorts and his prick stood up almost touching his stomach. It was enormous and my pussy started to leak like a tap. I had been feeling horny all day, but I had to fight him off I valued my job too much.

'Put that thing away and let me out of here, Gabriel. I will forget this happened for Anne's and your kid's sake. Go and toss yourself off, it will be better for both of us.'

'I will let you off if you toss me off, Maggie. Come and hold it in your hand. It's lovely isn't it?'

'No! Gabriel. This is not fair on me or any one else. If you go to prison what will Anne do without your money?'

'You won't shop me! You want me to fuck you as much I want it. You are mesmerised by this thing aren't you.' He had it in his hand gesturing it towards me.

'Don't be so nasty, Gabriel, it don't become you.'

'Half the guys in the village want to fuck you. Some, including me want to get their dicks up your beautiful shapely ass! Why is it you are so stuck up? Are you a lesbian? A pussy licker?'

He was edging closer to me and my legs were against the back of the settee. My labia was stretching open going in the opposite direction from my brain. It was the biggest prick I had seen for a while and he was a real handsome guy.

I was jealous of Anne and her squad of kids. Why was he holding back? Why wasn't he ravishing me this very minute? I was on the verge of raging desire and begging him for it. I had deliberately chosen the underwear I had on for him to see, to provoke the very thing what was happening right now. Why was I wasting valuable time when I could be opening my legs for him, guiding that fantastic fuck machine into my ready for it pussy?

I felt him take my hand and place it onto his erect warm shaft. The bulbous knob was wet and slippery.

'Please, Maggie! I beg you, stroke it for me. Give me relief. You are going to get fucked real good before you leave here tonight. Don't make me rape you!'

Despite myself my hand was holding it and he wasn't prompting me. His hands were now at his sides. I ringed my fingers around it and his eyes closed as if he was in rapture. Some picture, a nurse standing stroking the prick of a near naked man!

I started to gently wank him, spreading the pre-cum off his knob down the shaft right down to his hair covered balls. It grew thicker and more turgid and was already throbbing. I wanted that throbbing inside me. It was a good ten inches now. I closed my eyes and pictured it in Anne's pussy. A pussy I had examined, breathed in the odour of, a pussy that swallowed this big cock regularly. I had seen her anus, the puckered redness, not unlike a small vagina. Did she take it that way too? What would that be like? Too be stretched awesomely by such a long thick cock. The knob reaching right into my bowels? I began to shudder and started to cum without touching myself. He must be able to smell my heat!

'Why don't you suck it, Maggie?'

'You don't give up to you? You have turned poor Anne into a baby factory. Last time I examined her she had a very sore ass, you have been doing it that way to her too, haven't you?'

'Your ass has been driving me mad for years, Maggie. Would you like the thing you are loving up just now up your bum, all you have to do is bend over, I will do the rest. You will love it, Anne does. If you don't believe me ask her next time you see her.'

'Shall I ask her if she knows you are trying to fuck me, Gabriel?'

'Your cunt must be teeming with juices enough to lubricate your ass, I bet!'

I started to wank his cock hard and fast to get him off, It was either that or give in to him. The dirtier he talked to me the more hornier for it he was making me. Even as nasty as it would be taking it up my ass would be, I was getting hot for that too. I had never had anal, but I lay awake at night wondering what it would be like? Many guys have threatened to take me that way.

Suddenly he pushed me back onto the settee and he ripped my thong off me and threw it down. The attack was so sudden and executed so easily.

'You have asked for it bitch, now you are going to get it!'

'Stop! Let me take off my uniform, I may get called somewhere else, Gabriel. You can have me, just let me up to take it off!.'

He got off me and pulled me to my feet and watched me strip off. He was hand rearing his cock all the time' As soon as I was naked he pushed me down again and mounted me and I grabbed his cock and guided it into my hot wet pussy and moaned into his mouth as he filled my cunt to the brim. It hurt when he rammed it fully up me. It felt as if he was pile driving my pussy walls up into my womb. I was that up for it I wrapped my legs around his waist and humped my cunt onto his cock. I felt it with drawing, suctioning my vital innards so that I was moving with him. His hands were on my breasts, mauling them, palming my bullet like nipples and each throbbing pulse he was engendering went straight to the nervous system in my cunt. I was bucking up to meet him . My claw like finger nails were up under his T-shirt raking his back.

I hadn't been fucked for three years since my boyfriend walked out on me and I swore I would not let another man near me and here I was fucking another woman's husband. My juices soiling her furniture. His strong hands were gripping tightly onto my buttocks and his fingers inching in bit at time towards my anus. I wriggled my bum telling him to go for it.

'You want it, don't you?'

'Want what?'

'My prick up your Mid-wife asshole!'

'Will you stop talking and do what you want to do to me. You told me my ass was driving you mad. You have to fuck me that way or I will go mad wondering what it will be like to have you do it to me.'

He pulled out of me, his cock up and poised wet with my cream. The aroma in the air was unmistakeable.

'You are a slut, Maggie. You came here tonight wanting this, didn't you? Up onto your knees and cock your ass up for me. Tonight you are going to learn what buggery is all about! My ten inch cock is going to ream your dirty asshole, you, Tramp!'

I moved quickly into position. I had eagerly propositioned myself into this. Just as Anne, Gabriel's wife, had talked me into letting her lick my cunt on several occasions. I had in turn done the same to her. She had thought I was a lesbian.

I do not know which is the worse sin. I only know that I am beginning to enjoy myself again.

His fingers were kneading my ass cheeks as if warming them up and scraping his finger nails from my clit up to my anus and back. I bucked my ass back at him.

'You like this, don't you, Babe? Now you are beginning to want it. Don't matter what I ask you to do now, you want to do it and you are desperate for me to fuck you anyway I want. Answer me, Slut! You want my cock don't you?'

'Oh! Yes, Gabriel, Yes! I want your cock in me!'

'Where do you want it? Say the sluttish words, Baby!'

'F-f-fuck my c-c-cunt! Fuck me in my A-A-Asshole!'

'Louder, I can't hear you, Maggie!'

'I said fuck my cunt and my asshole, Gabriel!'

'That's better! Anne should be able to hear that.'

'You said she is away!'

'The kids are away. Anne is upstairs, naked and tied to the bed. She can hear every word we are saying. I know you two are cunt lappers, she told me. She even made me smell a pair of knickers you left behind one day last week. I have her blessing to fuck you. She didn't need much talking in to it.'

He was working my pussy juices into my asshole now already three fingers deep in my ass. His news about Anne turned me on even more, but I was a bit concerned that he had trussed her up, her being seven months pregnant.

'Aaaagh! Oooooh! Easy! You are toooooo big! Oh! Gabriel that hurts! I have never had a dick up my ass before! aaaagh! Oh! I can feel it inside me. Your prick is up my ass! Oh its filling me! Oh Fuck! It's so big! Anne! Your husband is fucking me up my ass! You Bitch! You set me up for this didn't you?'

I heard her laugh. She replied, but I did not hear what she said because Gabriel was slapping my thigh in time to his fuck strokes. I was taking it all, every damned inch of it fully up my ass and he was pumping it in out as if his life depended on it. The pain was going and I didn't give a damn. I wanted it. I had never realised that bum fucking was so good. His hands moved to my tits and he was pinching my nipples which made me drive my ass harder onto his cock. Anne must be able to hear the slapping of our flesh upon flesh and the sound of the settee squeaking under our joint weight. I bet she wanted to finger her cunt right now. I wished she could be down here, underneath my mouth so I could lap her love slit while I was being fucked. I licked my lips as if I could already taste her delicious juices.

'Oh! Yes! Gabriel, fuck me! I can feel it right up my arse. It is so good! Shag me, Baby! Come on! Shoot me full of spunk! Oh! God! I'm Cummmming! oooooh! I'm exploding inside! Aaaaagh!


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