tagErotic HorrorWhen Zombies Attack

When Zombies Attack


Morning came as it usually does and the sun was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. The birds were chirping and the breeze was blowing. Just a normal Saturday morning in the town. Out in the country, it was anything but normal. There was a storm the night before and it had flooded the old county cemetery. A car pulled up and the county officer got out of her car. She looked around in disbelief. The graves were open and coffins empty

In the tree line he saw her and eyed her tight uniform and nice body. He smiled as she bent over. He felt something he hadn't felt for many years, he looked down at his erect dick. He smiled bigger as he realized what he was here to do. He crept his way through the trees towards the sexy deputy. He was craving her warm flesh and not to eat.

She turned to go back to her car and he jumped out and tackled her. She screamed as she fought her attacker. She managed to get out from under him and went to run for her car. He stood up and chased her. She looked back as he closed in. She didn't see the headstone and tripped over it. She rolled onto her back and he pounced upon her once more. She screamed for help as he tore her uniform top open revealing her pink bra.

She found her mic for her radio and went to call for help, but he took it and crushed it. She looked as the corpse used the wire for tying her wrists together. She wiggled as her bra was pulled off and he was licking her hard nipples and sucking her firm breasts. She cried for him to stop as he fondled her. She felt him stop and looked as her pants were pulled off and pink thong was ripped off. There it was, her pride and joy, her shaved pussy.

She struggled as he grabbed her legs and forced them open. He smiled at her and slowly sank his large, rotten, maggot infested cock into her. She looked in terror as the zombie began to thrust hard and deep into her warm, wet, body. She cried for help again as he picked up pace and was really slamming it into her. She tried to fight it but the urge was too strong even for her. Her body betrayed her and her cum was flowing. She was now moaning as her pussy got invaded.

She was attacked for almost an hour before she fainted. He finished by shooting a load that had been sitting around since the eighteen hundreds. He smiled and let it drip onto her red lips and perky tits. He had claimed the first victim. A female deputy, a tight one at that. He disappeared back into the tree line.

Down the road was a farm house. It was in need of paint and the farmer had hired a couple young women to paint it while he was out of town for the week. They were alone and in the barn gathering the paint and equipment. The blonde went out to the old truck and stood on her tipsy toes as she reached into the bed for the brushes. He caught sight of her nice short cutoffs and scurried towards her licking his lips. She got the brushes and turned as he grabbed her throat and lifted her up.

She kicked and fought as he ran his hand up her tanned thigh and firm ass cheeks. She felt him rub between her legs and looked in terror as her shorts fell revealing her white bikini bottoms. He smiled and ripped her tank top off. He smiled as he removed her bikini top and let her twenty year old c cups out. He heard her friend yelling for her and he carried her behind the shed.

He face planted her to the ground and pulled her hips up towards him. She looked back as her tight pussy got penetrated by the rotten cock. She went to scream but he rammed her face into the dirt as he pounded into her tight body. She was trying to fight it but her cum spurted out around the cock allowing him more lube for better thrust. He grunted and really went hog wild on the country girl. She cried as the dirt muffled her voice and mad it hard to breath.

After the violent attack, she was rolled onto her back where she laid barely moving and conscious as he sucked her tits and once more entered her wet pussy. She arched her back and fainted shortly after the second round. He grunted and thrust into her deep and filled her pussy up. He pulled out and ran off as his buddy went to check the other girl.

She came out in her pink bikini looking for the blonde. She walked to the truck and found the brushes and the torn clothes. She bent over and picked up the bikini. She looked around the farm.

"Deanna!? Where are you?" She asked looking around fast.

She went to the truck and got her cell phone. She sat on the seat as she called Deanna. It wasn't ringing. She heard a noise and got out. She went to the passenger side and opened the door. She looked around as he smiled waiting for the moment. Misty had her back to the truck when he reached through the cab and grabbed her red hair. She screamed as he pulled her skinny twenty two year old body back onto the seat.

She was pinned with his cock rammed down her throat and his face between her forced open legs. Her bottoms were ripped as he ate her tasty pussy out. He tore her top off and teased her firm d cup as she got turned on by her attackers tongue diving in and out of her now very wet pussy. She was flowing as he hit the right sensors on her body. He did a quick spin, grabbed her ankles, lifted her legs to the roof and thrust deep into her.

She arched her back and screamed as the enormous cock ripped into her warm body. Misty's pussy was torn a little to accompany the huge bloated dick that was pounding deep into her. She was covered in sweat as she moaned and took the abuse. The truck rocked as he grunted and went faster and harder and even deeper. She gave in a few minutes after her orgasm hit. He let out a howl as his cum exploded into the young body. He pulled out and it was oozing out of her. He left the woman and stopped by the blonde and smiled at her ass. He penetrated her asshole and fucked her until her ass was full of cum. He ran off into the cornfield laughing.

They were out of their coffins and heading towards the small town. Out off the county road, one of the zombies ran and was hit by a car. The car skidded and slid into the ditch. The zombie was thrown across the road and got tore up even worse than the decomposing flesh already was. They driver got out on her cell phone and ran over. She was about twenty nine and hot. She had on a long, tight, black skirt, white, button u p blouse and high heels. Mellissa was the town's secretary. She looked for the person as tears ran down her face. She stopped when she saw the blood smeared path from the road to the ditch.

She walked to the edge of the ditch and looked down. She starred at the non moving body that laid about a foot away from her ankle. She turned and was going to go sit when he popped to life. He reached up and grabbed her ankle. She looked as he grabbed the other and pulled. She screamed and landed on her chest. He continued to pull her towards him. Mellissa cried for help as he pulled her black skirt by the waist and had her in the ditch. She was flipped to her back and pinned as he smiled. His eye balls hung to his cheeks and nose was totally ripped off.

"Please stop!" She cried as he ripped her blouse open revealing her pink lacy bra and nice cleavage. "Oh please don't do this to me!" She said as he smiled as he tore the bra completely off showing her nice sized d cup breasts. "NO!" She cried as he sucked her nipples and licked her tits.

Mellissa looked as he gripped the waistline of her skirt. With one rough pull, it ripped from her skinny waist and revealed her pink lacy thong and long legs. She felt him prod her pussy and whimpered as it turned her on. He smiled at the sound and shoved. Her thong string snapped and was shoved inside her as he began to invade her tight body. She closed her eyes tight as the cock rammed in and out of her hard and fast. She hadn't had a dick in her for at least a year. She was the town's secretary and well she was too busy with her work. Now her work wasn't getting done on account of her attacker.

He held her tits and continued to pound her deeper and harder. Her cum was flowing and her cries of help went to sounds of pleasure as he kept her under his control. She was wearing out as he just beat the crap out of her pussy with the lustful cock. She opened her eyes and smiled as once more her cum oozed around his cock. She fainted as he kept going until he got off and filled her pussy up. He stood up and smiled at the nude woman wearing nothing but her high heels and a smile. Her thong stings were hanging out of her pussy. He had rammed it deep into her body. He smiled and ran off looking for more.

At a house a woman was cleaning. She was young about twenty and worked for the lady who owned the house. She was the maid pretty much. She had on her tight blue jeans and tank top as she cleaned the living room. She walked into the garage and turned as three zombies stood starring at her. Kayla stopped and looked in disbelief as they smiled at the young woman. She saw their cocks erect and oozing a yellowish green slime. She was screwed.

She slowly stepped back and they grunted and headed towards her. She turned and ran into the house and locked the door. She looked as one climbed in through a window. She screamed and ran into the den where the owner had all the guns. She broke the cases glass and pulled out two pistols and loaded them. She turned as one grabbed her throat and lifted her up.

She went to fire as it ripped her top and bra off showing her firm tits. She looked as he began sucking them. She kicked as the others entered the doorway. She wasn't up for a gang bang. She pumped two rounds into the zombies head. He dropped her and fell to the floor dead. The other three headed for her grinning. She aimed and fired again. Another one fell dead. She was getting shoved into the corner by a window without realizing it. She fired off and took the other two out. She smiled and went to walk away when one flew through the window and tackled her.

Kayla screamed as she landed on her chest and felt him holding her head down as he tore her jeans off her little ass. He ripped her panties off and then grunted as he entered her pussy. She screamed as the attacking zombie entered her body and took control of it. She was reaching for her gun as he pounded her deep and hard. He held her head down to the floor and had her ass up and knees on the floor. A very compromising position and he loving it.

She fought the feelings that was beginning to hit as her pussy moistened. She looked as thrust after thrust he dug deeper and got harder. Finally it happened, her cum poured out around the zombies dick. He grunted and felt the warmth, he picked up pace and encouraged more. Kayla was still fighting it as much as she could, but she was loosing it. She made a last effort to get her gun.

She felt the zombie spew his load into her body. She lifter a leg and kicked him off of her and he went flying to the wall. She jumped and got the gun. She rolled to her back as he towered over her groaning and moaning. She fired and he fell, but not where she wanted him to fall. He fell face first into her lap. She realized only one bullet had hit, he was licking and sucking her pussy. She fired again and when the bullet entered his head, his tongue shot out into her pussy. Kayla jumped and pulled away form the dead zombie. She stood up. Naked, oozing zombie cum and covered in decomposing slim, she made her way to the shower. She realized if there was five here, there was more somewhere.

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