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Zombie Love


Along the river-front factories sat aged and worn. Workers had long ago given up trying to find work there. Even animals avoided these ruins of industry. What weeds did grow, did so grudgingly. Occasionally a bird would settle to rest while flowing overhead, but the tremors of evil would drive it away. Now only the dead could find solace in this environment.


Rachel strutted purposely towards the gray house on Ender Street. Her current "boy-toy" lived there and she wanted his services. She never needed, or even wanted, a boyfriend. Ryan's only purpose was to satisfy any cravings that Rachel had. Sexual cravings. Dark plaid material rose ever so slightly as she turned the corner. Her pleated skirt lifted just high enough to give a glimpse of creamy thigh. Lace thigh-high stockings covered her legs between the skirt and the black leather combat boots that secured her feet. Thumbs slide down the suspenders holding her skirt at its assigned position. Only a baby-t covered her pert breasts. They were still firm enough to hold themselves with perky attitude.

As Rachel mounted the steps of the gray house, Ryan anxiously ran to the screen door. "Hey Rachel," he breathlessly uttered.

"Hey baby," she replied. Entering the door, which Ryan courteously held open for her, she grabbed him by the arm and began to drag him upstairs.

"Wow, you are really horny today!"

Rachel ignored him and lead him to his parents room. "Rachel, you know we can't be in here..."

With an economy of movements, Rachel had stripped out of her skirt and t-shirt and had climbed up onto the bed. Her curly brown hair now cascaded over naked shoulders and almost touched her breasts. Hands on her hips, she stood with her feet apart. Her eyes gazed upon Ryan with a mixture callousness and curiosity. Staring up at her, Ryan began to undo his pants. He couldn't take his eyes off her near naked body. Her pussy was completely shaved and pink. A moistness made it shine in the afternoon light. After completely undressing, he climbed up on the bed and laid down on his back. Erect and inviting, his seven inch penis gently throbbed.

Rachel stepped over him and planted a boot on each side of his waist. She gently lowered her body down onto his. She slid her pussy over his hard cock and bent her knees to allow the new position. In a circular fashion she moved her hips to grind her pussy against his groin and around his cock. A quiet moan escaped her lips as Ryan stared up at her in awe.

Slowly her grinds evolved into humps. Her hips rising and lowering on Ryan's rock hard cock. As her speed increased, so did the moans escaping from Ryan's lips. Rachel's eyes were tightly shut and her face contorted in ecstasy. Ryan's screams of pleasure reached a climax and he shot loads of cum into her cunt.

"Aaahhhh yeah! Oh God, oh oh oh." Ryan could hardly contain himself as he emptied his load. Rachel slid off of him and laid down on her back. With a firm grip she grabbed Ryan's hair and forced his head towards her pussy. He quickly got the message and positioned himself between her legs.

Ryan quickly wrapped his lips over her cunt lips. Sucking and tonguing her pussy, he showed no mercy. Rachel's whole body quaked with raw gratification. He concentrated on her clitoris and she screamed with pure joy. Suddenly his face was awash in cum as she exploded in orgasm.

Minutes passed as the lay together covered in sweat. Slowly Rachel began to rise and dress. Ryan spoke, "That was amazing." Rachel smiled in reply and finished dressing. She walked into the master bedroom and quickly pissed and cleaned up.

Walking past a stunned Ryan, she exited the house with ease. "Call me," he yelled in her wake.


Sydney anger filled the car with an intensity that made the others stone silent. "Where the hell is that bitch! If she doesn't show her sorry ass soon, we're going without her."

"We can't do that." Kim regretted her comment the second the period hit the end of it.

Suzie could have sworn that the air actually cracked as Sydney's head spun to confront Kim. "Since when did you have an opinion?"

"There she is!" Suzie had noticed Rachel strutting down the street. Sydney pulled the modified Honda Civic up to the curb next to the satisfied Rachel. She slowly came to a stop and spun towards her friend's car. Inside the blue racer sat the only three people she could stand for more than five minutes.

Sydney, queen bitch and the only one with transportation. She always dressed like she just stepped off a modeling runway. Today that meant knee-high leather boots, calf-skin mini, and a silk blouse. Her soft brown hair always had a perfect sheen and seemed to catch the wind just as photographer would want it to.

Suzie, SITTING in Rachel's seat(!), loved to show off her perfect, razor-thin body. Taunt muscles covered her petite chassis. She preferred a gothic look at the moment. Torn stockings, platform boots, and a silk wrap were her only clothes. The ‘dress' looked like a ripped curtain that simply clung to her body.

Finally, Kim sat in the rear seat. Kim love to show off her cleavage. Huge 36DD tits ruled her appearance. Looking like they would burst out of her t-shirt at any moment, her bra barely held them. Other than that, Kim was not much to look at.

Finally Suzie got the message and got out of the car and pushed her way into the rear seat. Rachel slid her perfect ass into the passenger seat and smiled at the other three.

"I see Ryan has proved his usefulness again." Sydney stated with derision. She didn't care for him. A boy need more than a firm cock to suit her. Both girls in the back seat giggled like children.

"Now that everyone is here, we can proceed." Sydney enjoyed being in charge. "So what is this big secret?" Suzie didn't enjoy Sydney's mind games.

"Well. As you know my father is a very important industrialist." The other three groaned internally. Sydney loved to talk about how important her father is. "The other night he was talking to some low-life from the military. God, I think he was a colonel of all things. A colonel in the army! How pathetic. Anyways, this ‘gentleman' was talking to my father about some experiment that the government did in the 70's. A secret experiment!"

"Cool! I love the 70's." Kim never did learn to keep her mouth shut.

"Anyways! The experiment had to do with bringing the dead... back to life!" As if to punctuate her statement, she squealed her brakes to stop before hitting an old man crossing the street.

"Looks like he could use it!" Rachel offered and the others all burst into laughter.


Gravel crunched beneath the four pairs of feet. Each of the girls were battling their own fears. Each were beginning to regret their decision to visit the old factory complex. Crumbling concrete walls towered on each side of the disused road. Broken windows lined the gray and rust walls. Their glass spider-web or missing. Dark clouds hung low overhead, creating light so flat that it seemed artificial.

"There, up ahead. The building on the left." Sydney pointed towards a building that seemed even more decrepit than the rest. Worn brickwork crumbled away from the walls. Heavy steel doors hung sadly and opened invitingly. Slowly, the girls entered the building. Darkness swallowed the four girls. Cobwebs impeded their way as they moved into the dank, cavernous room. Up ahead, a dim glow encouraged their progress. The artificial night seemed to absorb even the sound of their breath.

As each girl was silhouetted by the blueish glow, they entered the room. Inside machines of all types hummed quietly. Electronics of every description covered the four walls. Several computer displays sat glowing upon a table just inside the room. A large metal table dominated the center of the cavernous room. Covered by a sheet, it bulged with a shape similar to a body.

"Cool! Check out this place!" Sydney lost all pretense and began playing with the various computers. Suddenly the room became alive with all sorts of noises and lights.

"Sydney," Rachel scolded. "Careful, you don't know what you are doing!"

"Don't worry, I'm very good at computers." Sydney answered.

"No you are not," Rachel retorted. "You can barely email!"

"Well who cares, I came here to have fun. Not skulk around all scared like you three. Hey look at this!" Sydney pointed excitedly at the one computer screen. Pictures of naked humans filled the screen. "It says here that the revived humans were horny as hell! That their dicks got HUGE! Look!" The others quickly crowded around the table and stared in awe at the huge organs that filled the screen.

As the other girls stared in disbelief, Sydney continued to play with the computers. Hmmm, she thought to herself, I wonder what this does? She then pushed a red button that had been covered by a protective plastic shield. Suddenly sirens began to blare and red lights flashed.

"What the hell did you do?" screamed Rachel.

"I don't know," answered Sydney. Kim and Suzie shrieked with fear. Rachel ran to the desk and began pressing buttons. Sydney joined the effort and suddenly deafening silence replaced the pandemonium.

"Oh God, let's get out of here!" squeaked Kim. Suzie nodded in agreement. As the girls turned to leave a groan emanated from behind them. Movement on the table caught their eyes forcing them to turn and stare in terror as the sheet began to move. Slowly a ‘man' rose and turned towards them, the sheet sliding down to his waist.

"Aaggghhhhh," the four girls screamed in unison. His face was disfigured with decay. Black and gray blotches covered his torso. A long blueish tongue snaked out of his mouth, dripping with greenish goo. Suddenly the sheet covering his lower body flew into the air. An erect cock, some 17 inches long and thick as a baseball bat, sprung to attention. Purple slime dripped from its cum-hole.

"Well, that is a horse of a different color." Rachel stated with an odd firmness. "I think we need to be more tolerant of those who are different than us." She licked her lips and started towards the zombie erection.

"Ok, I'll be nice to black people. Can we just get out of here?" Kim pleaded.

Rachel ignored her and reached out and touched the huge erection. A burst of purple slime shot of the cock. She started, but quickly recovered. Leaning over she licked the swollen head. With a morbid groan, the zombie lowered back to the table. Rachel shivered and began to suck the massive cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she tried to stick the huge head into her mouth. Both her hands stroked the enormous organ. Pumping up and down, the zombies massive scrotum pulsed in rhythm.

A scraping sound from the doorway woke the girls from their reverie. Turning to see the source of the sound, the three girls were shocked at what they saw. Standing in the doorway were a man and woman zombie, and what could be called a monstrosity. Standing over seven feet tall, the zombie had extra pairs of arms: a female set sticking from its chest, and two male pairs emanating from its abdomen. Plus, a pair of massive cocks hung from its crotch. What could only be describe as a cross between a snake and a penis slithered from its mouth.

Moving faster than the girls expected, the three zombies grabbed the girls and drug them into room. Suzie screamed as the female zombie threw her onto a lab cart and tore Suzie's dress off. Her scream cut short when the zombie began licking Suzie's pussy with a blue tongue.

Kim could faint as the male zombie grabbed her and began tearing her clothes off. He threw her on the ground, spread her legs, and mounted her with enthusiasm. His massive cock tore at Kim's vagina, but the purple pre-cum quickly lubricated her. It also somehow allowed her pussy to expand to take in the massive organ.

Sydney couldn't believe what was happening. The monster quickly tore her clothes to shreds. Its main hands grabbed her upper arms and lifted her up into the air. Hands that were almost girlish began to squeeze Sydney's tits. Her legs were grabbed by the one set of abdomen hands, the second set reached around and pulled her into the zombie's cocks. She screamed, but the zombie tongue/cock quickly stifled it. All three of her holes were being impaled by the zombie cocks, tits and ass being fondled, and her arms and legs were immobilized. What pain, what pleasure.

Rachel disrobed and mounted the huge zombie cock. Her vagina felt like it was going to split. Slowly the pain waned and pleasure replaced it. Clawed zombie hands cupped her pert breasts and twiddled her nipples. Her mouth welcomed a tongue and sucked it. She felt heaven and terror all at once.

Waking to an incredible mixture of pain and ecstasy, Kim tried to scream. Unfortunately her mouth was filled by zombie tongue. She almost choked as it snaked down her throat. Her vagina ached as the zombie pumped her. He fucked her with no mercy. Sliding in and out, the massive 16 inch cock filled her completely. With barely a missed stroke, the zombie switched holes and crammed his cock into her ass. Kim fainted again.

Giving into the inevitable, Suzie had switched around and now was 69'ing the zombie. Her tongue licked up the purple slime pouring out of the zombie's black and green vagina. In return, the zombie fucked Suzie's pussy with a massive swollen tongue, while finger-fucking her ass.

Floating in and out of consciousness, Sydney reached orgasm over and over. Gigantic zombie cocks pistoned in and out of her ass and pussy with maniacal precision. All the while her breasts and ass were fondled with abandon. She could only moan as the zombie tongue fucked her throat.

All four girls had reached orgasm so many times they had lost all sense of time. As the night wore on the switched positions.

Gripping each other in a mixture of terror and passion, Suzie and Kim hugged as the monster fucked both of them at the same time. Rachel humped the female zombie's pussy. The ground each other for over an hour. Meanwhile Sydney sucked and fucked the male zombies...

Hours later, the four girls laid broken and exhausted. When they finally awoke, they were alone. They tried to dress, but most of their clothes had been reduced to rags. Pain accompanied each movement as they made their way towards the door. Reaching the main exit, tears of relief filled their eyes. But the door resisted all attempts at opening.

Behind them, a scraping noise could be heard.

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