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Where No Man Has Gone Before


SUMMARY: This story in an original work, I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. We all know aliens are ugly gray skinny dudes without any sexuality at all. Don't we?

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words, and virtually no plot. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not legally, allowed to view such a story, don't! All aliens and characters in this story are factious.

Permission is hereby given to archive this story on any site so long as this disclaimer is, attached, no fee is charged and I am credited as the author.

I write this with the faint hope that some day, some way, I can send it to the men of Earth. (Maybe via the Internet?)

It's been over a year now since that night... I had been driving later that night than usual for me. You see I'm just a single, middle-aged guy who's good at fixing stuff. I had gotten a job repairing industrial equipment, although it kept me on the road most of the time I received a fair amount of gratification knowing when I'm done things work, as they should.

The only major drawback is 'on the road' doesn't leave much time for a personal life.

Where was I… oh yes, let's get back to the driving. I was about 100 miles outside Kemmerer, Wyoming. On one of those moonless nights when even, your 'Brights' don't seem able to cut the darkness. Oh sure, every once in a while you could see some lit up areas way off in the distance. However, I didn't even run into other traffic, at least not for a Hell of a long time.

I looked out the window to my left and saw what looked like marker lights from a Cessna. To tell the truth I was kind of glad for the company. Even though I knew it wouldn't last too long (With him going about 170 knots and me going 65 mph.). I looked again and it seemed we would have intersecting courses. He'd probably go right over top of me. I thought, 'cool, maybe he'll get close enough for me to garner which model' (Damn I'm stupid.).

No way, that thing was a Cessna. Whoa was it fast! That sucker was overhead in a heartbeat! I looked out the window on the other side of the van but I couldn't see it keep going. Either it presented an aspect, which hid the marker lights or it made a drastic course correction right over me? No way it could have stopped. (Wrong!)

The van's engine died and the headlights went out. As I rolled to a stop, the van was, enveloped in pink light. Don't laugh. I swear it was pink!

Then my lights went out too.


When I came to, and could finally focus my eyes, you guessed it. I was in a pink room, naked, strapped to a weird lounge chair, with the exception that it resembled those stirrup things for women in the doctor's office, although this was way more comfortable, form fitting, supporting my body everywhere it felt like it hugged me? The other difference was I was quite securely strapped in.

I couldn't see much except what looked like cabinets with a counter top along one wall.

"I'll be with you in a minute," came a very sexy disembodied ladies voice.

Weird? You cannot imagine! My mind began to rush around trying to come up with a possible explanation. The best one I could manufacture was maybe that lunatic in the airplane crashed into me and the closest hospital was an upscale gynecological facility for the rich and famous, out in the wilderness to keep private, what was private. That was wishful thinking on my part and quite imaginative, even if I do say so myself.

No sooner did I come up with that wild story, when into my field of vision walks quite assuredly the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on (And yes, that includes models and porn stars.). Wavy Scarlet hair, beautiful green eyes, thin perky nose, full lush lips, sort of a cross between Jenna Jameson and Tracy Lords, and with a look of concern on her face that was bewildering.

She began to speak and man, it was just like an old Godzilla movie. Her lips didn't synchronize to the words I was hearing.

I'm thinking, 'Great now I'm dreaming in "B" movie!'

Anyway I hear, "Hello, my name is Sa' Indie." (I guess her name didn't translate because her name synchronized up with her lips.)

"I'm sure you have a million questions, but unfortunately I have very little time that I can be gone from piloting my ship right now. So for now no questions, just listen," said Sa' Indie.

Me being in a rather disadvantaged position, I discreetly refrained from speaking.

She went on, "I am from Girl World (Translators can be so literal. Actually more like "Lesbian Lover's World."). Your backward planet's populated by humans due to the result of a crash landing of a ship belonging to one of the many planets settled by our species long ago (There goes that Ape theory.). Galactic law allows for the 'rescue' of a limited amount of castaways from such worlds who, after working off the cost of their rescue by indentured servitude will be allow citizenship on whatever world invests in their rescue. The limits allow for only a certain amount of females and a certain amount of males. Unfortunately for you, the limit for females has already been reached, and on our world no men are allowed."

My mind races ahead and I'm thinking, 'good I get thrown back'! Then another mental jump, 'course she could always 'space' me and naked as I was I felt certain I was not dressed for this kind of weather.

She continues, "There is a tremendous demand for servants at this time, which makes it worthwhile for the additional expenditure of using certain bio-engineered devices to correct your deficiencies."

Whereupon she turns around and picks up something about the size of a baby pig, but looks like a short pudgy worm, with the exception, it has a mouth. She pets it and I can see it moving worm like. She walks over to me, (Who-boy is she a fox.) and she sets the damn thing down on the lounge chair right behind my butt.

With this she says, "I have to go pilot now, but I'll try to describe to you what's about to happen while I'm at the controls."

"You may be wondering why you are not more concerned or frightened, than you think you should be. Before you awakened you were given a mild euphoric."

I'm thinking, 'Oh well, that explains my cool James Bond like attitude.' (Obviously, I was, pretty hammered.)

She goes on, "My little pet there is a Bio-engineered life form."

Now I've been watching that thing, cause it seem to have been inching it's way towards my ass.

"It lives solely to bond with another life form," now I'm worried cause it's inching up my butt, "In a moment you will be in total ecstasy. You're about to be fellatio-ed straight to heaven."

Okay, now this thing is sucking my cock. It's playing with my balls. Let me tell you, I'd put every streetwalker in the world out of business with enough of these things. Oh my god! Good thing I was on that euphoric or I'd be singing show tunes.

"Now comes the interesting part. In a moment, you will ejaculate, (If I last that long…) whereupon my pet there will quite painlessly insert a tube down your penis, right into your testicles. Your prostrate can't pinch shut and block the flow of sperm. It will then release a painkiller, numbing your testicles, and then quite literally suck your balls flat. She will need it for energy and their presence, supplying testosterone to your body, would only fight what she will be doing."

Now there's good news?

"Don't you worry though, she's going to take good care of you. She's going to grow right into your body between your legs. You see the greater part of her body is made-up of all the human female reproductive organs, uterus, ovaries, vagina, labia, muscles, glands, and a clitoris. Then with a little bit of DNA re-sequencing she will give them all to you, woven into your body as if you were born with them. While your nervous and vascular systems are bonded, she will make many changes in you while you sleep. You are so lucky! When you wake up, my pet will no longer exist as a separate organism, she'll be your cunt."

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," I'm the Energizer Bunny of ejaculation! My brain overloads, my eyes roll up into my head, my toes curled so tightly they hurt, and then it's lights out. (But what a way to go.)


My eyes open on the face of an angel, "I was beginning to be concerned. You were out quite a while."

Her lips are moving, her voice synchronized with them, she is not speaking English, but now I understand her? Must be part of those 'many changes.'

I say groggily, "Did you grow while I was asleep?" What in the hell is wrong with my voice? I'm making weird sounds like her, and talking as if I've been breathing helium.

She giggles (that's right, she giggled), "No silly, you shrank."

"At least my eyes are still working," I answered because I always try to look at the bright side of things.

She giggled again, "How are you feeling?"

"Not bad all things considered. You didn't by any chance get the license of the truck did you?" (Sorry, I was, still a bit traumatized.)

"Oh, you are just precious," and gives me a big kiss.

I try to think… 'Does insanity run in my family?' For the life of me, I couldn't think of any.

"Now let's check out the results, this might be a little bit uncomfortable," she warned.

Where have I heard that before?

There are just no words to describe it. With her fingers, she gently stimulates my labia. She diddles my clit a little (Man that was good!), I feel like I'm bleeding? Well, it is wet… it is warm, and running down my butt. You have got to be kidding me? I'm puddling over what this total babe is doing down there.

Now the Pesé De Résistance, she ever so gently spreads my labia with her fingers and checked out my innards. Her slim finger, lubricated with I don't know what, was slowly worked into my body and gently probed around. All the while her other hand was stimulating my own production of lubrication. Then slowly she withdrew her lovely finger (I bet all the women who read this are jealous. I found out later, she had a micro camera on her fingernail). That was my first gynecological exam.

"Now that wasn't too bad was it?"

"I think I'm in love," I say

She gives me another giggle stands up, and then a hug.

She looks me right in the eyes, "I'm sorry, this is probably traumatizing, I'll try and make it as easy on you as possible."

Her empathy brings a tear to my eye. (Raging Hormones?)

She misunderstands and hugs me again, "You really will like it, I promise."

She stands up and turns away, over her shoulder she says, "I hope you don't mind big breasts, those are what I'm supposed to give you, but they are not necessarily my choice."

"Oh goody, I like presents," I don't know why I was trying to make her feel better.

She shakes her head, turns and say's, "You are really something."

I look at what she has in her hands, "That's got to be the biggest Jell-O mold I have ever seen." It looks to be a little bigger than a honeydew melon.

She looked puzzled, "Jell-O? This is another Bio-engineered organism, not nearly as complex as the last one."

She placed it on my wide flat tummy. It started oozing up my skin, just like a slug. It traveled up onto my rib cage. As it was moving, she turned, grabbed its twin, and set it beside the first one. It was moving and undulating as well.

"Monte, I'll take breasts, for $100.00," I think I must have still been a little hammered, plus, a bit scared.

"You make me smile," as she hugged my neck and kissed my ear.

It rather took my mind off what was going on below. The first one reached my right man nipple, which felt interesting, kind of warm, and slippery. Then suddenly it felt like it was sucking onto my nipple. They finally stopped oozing and seemed to settle down. My feedback from them went from the wet movement, to feeling every air current her movements created. She looked at them and said, "All done."

"What no orgasm this time?" I said.

"Sorry. Will this do?" she placed her mouth above the nipple, smiled, stuck her tongue out, and started slowly licking it.

"Oooooh," was all I could muster, as my toes curled and my eyes rolled into my head, and I think I even drooled a little too.

She smiled and suckled.


Lifting her head she giggled, "Does that make up for it?"

My squeaky high voice came out even higher, "I am definitely in love."

She tousled my scarlet locks, "Flatterer." She gave me the hottest French kiss of my life. So hot in fact, normally right now I'd be sporting a tremendous woody. Instead, I began to puddle again, feeling my clit standing at attention. Then she asked me, "I have to go pilot now will you be alright?"

"You couldn't undo these restraints could you?" I asked as sweetly as I could.

"I'm not supposed to…" I must have had that, 'pleeeaase,' look in my eyes because she said, "I don't know. You are smaller now than I am, and there is no way for you to get your manhood back, at least not while you are on this ship. You can't pilot the ship, so even if you did overpower me it would only mean we would most likely crash into something, like a star. So as long as you understand that and promise to be good I'll do it." She didn't tell me until later, that her remote was within easy reach. (More on that later…)

"You have my word as a gentleman," she could hear the tease in my sweet girlish voice.

"Goof! Please don't disappoint me. I have never released a capture while on my ship before. I just really like you and I want to trust you," she admitted.

Now, how could anyone betray that?

She reached low on the lounge, did something, and with that, my bonds came free. She helped me get my new legs out of the stirrups.

I felt so much smaller. It was weird pulling my knees together with my upper thigh muscles. As my legs came together, I could feel and see my labia squeeze together, and a shiver ran through me. With the clamps off my skinny arms, I pulled my hands and arms in toward my body, but my hands stopped before my upper arms could touch my ribs.

'So this is having the 'flaring hips' of a woman. No wonder they stand a lot with hands on hips, it's just about the only thing you can do with your hands,' I thought as I acclimated. The simple actions of moving my arms setup a jiggling in my massive boobs. Looking down at them, well I have to tell you, the view was just incredible. I just had to bring my hands around to cup them and touch the nipples. That's when I found out there is a direct neural link between boobs and beaver. I was turning myself on just touching them.

Sa' Indie said, "Feels good huh?"

"You have an incredible gift for understatement," I used all my will power and stopped groping myself, no time for that now.

She held out her hand to help me up, and all I could think was, 'So that's what happened to the Venus De Milo's arms.'

I took her hand in mine. Wow, my hands were small, long, and thin, with perfectly formed nails and soft, like you've never felt (At least not from this side of them). I was getting so hot for myself it was freaky. As I sat up there was an avalanche. My nipples just about hit my lap, and for a guy who was used to his nipples staying in the same place, it felt as if my chest fell off. However, eventually they had stopped falling, just not undulating. These babies must be 34 "GG" cups.

She reached out, and gave my breast a couple of playful squeezes and backed up a couple steps.

"Be very careful standing up, everything is going to feel out of balance for a while."

I tried to stand in my new form, didn't make it on the first try though. She held out her hand and steadied me. I made it! Look I'm standing! The gap between my thighs was truly strange, it felt like my ass crack came all the way through my legs to my tummy. I took a quick peek at my back door and what a fanny, my butt felt like it was being spread apart just standing there.

"That was the easy part," she said, "don't turn fast, or move fast. Not everything stops at the same time anymore." (Especially cause I'm still naked).

She wasn't kidding there! I now had more jiggles and wiggles, swinging and swaying than I could keep track of. Even with her holding my hand, I was walking like a drunken sailor. Good thing it was a small ship. Every time I took a step, the sensations would flood in. My labia didn't just stay still either. There was just the slightest movement between them, due to their moistness, and my reveling in the stimulus. I walked 25 heavenly feet with her over to the Pilot's seat. I sat in the seat on her left. Trying to regain my senses, I just watched her face as she worked, entranced. After a while she blushed and asked me why, was I only looking at her? Didn't I find the ship or controls Interesting?

I apologized and said, "I just have never been able to spend much time with a woman as beautiful as you."

She seemed to finish what she was doing and got a strange crooked smile on her face.

She said, "You stay there just a minute," and trotted away, only to come right back holding something in her hand.

"I want to show you something," she was holding a mirror.

I looked so much like her that we could have been twins. Of course, I'd have to be the 'Big' sister.

"Do you like it?"

I realize my hormones were out of control but to be honest I really can't blame it all on that, I started crying and reached out to hug her.

She hugged me back not understanding at all, "Is it really that bad?"

"No… {Sniff} I love it," and squeezed her tighter.

I don't know if she understood at that point or not, but she started crying along with me.

When I finally stopped, immediately a new sensation insistently interrupted, my eyes kind of popped, I blushed and said, "I don't know how to say this," I giggled (shut up!), "or do it for that matter, but I have to go potty." I said this with my hands crossing my lap and my body rocking back and forth.

She fell over onto me laughing.

She stood up, took my hand, walked me over to a little room, and showed me how. (They have way different plumbing, but now so did I for that matter.)

I mean, women do it every day, but for me it was an erogenous experience. When I was done I looked at her and said, "Does it always feel that good?"

"You are so cute. It's just peeing."

"Well maybe to you, but I've never had a pussy before. It's just so sensitive down there!" I cupped my pussy to make my point.

"Are you saying you like it?" she looked puzzled and as though she was asking hopefully.

"It beats being a slightly overweight middle aged man, all to Hell!"

"Middle aged? I thought you were only 44 years old?" she asked wide eyed.

"I am, or was. How old am I now?" I was confused.

"44 years old."

"But, if I look like you… You can't be over 19 years old."

She blushed, "Now I know you are teasing me."

"I am not, just how old are you in Earth years?" This was certainly getting strange.

"I'm 429 of your years old," she looked somewhat self-conscious.

"How long do your people live?" Now, I was sure she was the one, pulling my leg.

"Three, maybe Four Thousand years," she said with a shrug.

"My life span is only 100 years, give or take 20," wow, imagine looking like a 19- year-old super model for 410 years and still being a teenager.

"Yes, but you are no longer on your world," she grinned, "When you were changed it was at the genetic level. You will live as long as we."

I was crying again. (Hey, I just found out she gave me more 3,000 years, sue me!)

She got that puzzled looked again.

I hugged her (Believe me, you'd do a lot of hugging her too, as hot as she looked, especially if you had a set of hooters like mine.) and said, "Now I am sure I love you."

"Even though you will have, a full year of servitude?"

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