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Where's the Key


She wasn't expecting anything unusual when she returned home from work but there again her husband could be unpredictable at times. There he was just inside the flat's front door with his hands together in her pink handcuffs and wearing only a small towel that barely fitted round his waist on his knees. He looked pleadingly at her, "Forgive me please, I've lost the key to these."

She eyed him suspiciously, wondering whether he was playing a game or whether he was speaking the truth. She asked, "What have you done with it?"

"I don't know."

"Have you swallowed it?"

"I'm not saying." He gave her a sly smile.

"I'll get it out of you. You haven't really lost it I feel. Get in there mister." She ordered with a smile of pleasure on her face. She began to shed off her clothes, dropping her briefcase and removing coat then jacket and then skirt and shirt revealing lacy underwear underneath it all. She liked to feel sexy wherever she went, even if it was just to work. Her husband stumbled to his feet and headed for their bedroom. She gave his bottom a smack meaning the towel fell from around his waist and she smiled again, he had always had a good bum in her view.

She followed him through to their bedroom with their iron bed. Obediently, and from knowing what she would be doing next, he lay on his back and allowed her to tie his handcuffed hands to one of the vertical bars of the headboard. She smiled down at him as she tied the ribbon up and then did the same to his legs making him spread-eagled across the bed. He didn't mind being her doormat while she did all the work for she enjoyed it that way. There were sometimes he liked to be the one in control but most of the time it was Carrie who was the mistress and master of the bed.

Having tied him up so he couldn't move she gave him a little dance, slowly removing her knickers. With them removed she lay along him and they kissed, her being forceful over it as their tongues met up. She moved her lips away suddenly and moved them over his cheek and up to his earlobe where she nibbled at it though he wanted her to continue kissing him. He tilted his head slightly and moaned as her warm lips moved over his throat. She sat up, straddling him, and looked at him sternly. He bit his lip and murmured, "Sorry."

She smiled and swept a hand down his chest and tugged at one of his nipples making him wince slightly, "Enjoying this I hope?"

"Of course." He smiled at her.

She slipped further down his body, lifting herself a little to get over his rising cock. She studied it for a moment and then took it in her hand. She teased, "What should I do with this? I think it needs to be removed."

"Pleasure it."

"What would I get in return?"

He shrugged his shoulders the best he could, "Whatever you want."

"Then we'd best do 69." She told him. She turned round so the opening of her womanhood was in easy access for his tongue. She put the warm wetness of her mouth over his cock and he shuddered again as if an electric current had just shot through him. He closed his eyes for a moment at the pleasure of feeling her on his penis. Remembering there was supposed to be an equal-ness in the position she had decided upon he slipped his tongue into her opening, between the protective lips of it. He saw her shiver in her pleasure as well when he ran the tip of his tongue over the little bump just inside that was a bundle of extra sensitive nerves.

Suddenly she moved away from him and turned to look into his face. She demanded out of him, "Where's the key?"

"I'm not telling you." He replied with the sly smile again.

"What do I have to do to make you tell me?"

"That's up to you." He answered with the same smile still on his face. She scowled at him. An idea came to her and slowly she ran her wet opening up and down his hard cock, "Are you going to tell me now?"

He bit back telling her, it showing on his face, since he felt he would come at any moment. Through clenched teeth he said, "No."

"I obviously haven't been hard enough on you." She said with slight annoyance though she was actually enjoying it as much as he was, "I'll make you regret not telling me."

She returned to his cock and teased it with teeth and tongue making him moan. She wanted him to come in her mouth to really annoy him since she knew he didn't really like her giving him oral sex. He moaned, "Please don't… It's not…"

She hissed, "Oh shut up. Excite me, that's your job today." She positioned herself again so his tongue could enter her womanhood. One thing she was planning was not to give him the enjoyment of her breasts, what he liked most of her. When he finally spilt the beans she would consider it then as his reward. She felt him push up underneath her, his natural mechanism coming to life. She felt him pushing his hard penis further into her mouth and then she tasted his semen in her mouth. Generally she would then go spit it out but this time she swallowed it though she felt disgusted doing so. Having done so she turned back to her, "Are you going to tell me now?"

He shook his head, "That wasn't wise."

"Don't tell me what to do, remember I'm the one in charge here." She pointed out to him fiercely, "You wanted this so this is what you are going to get. I'm not ready to have you, so come on. I know you can do better." She leant back so he could clearly see her mound and womanhood, "I'm not wet enough yet. You haven't been doing your job properly."

"Release me and I'll show you how good I can be."

"How are you going to do that if you are handcuffed?"

He looked annoyed then and wished he hadn't hidden the key. Her legs were round his head as he explored her insides with his tongue, tasting her again and again as she grew wetter. She moaned and wished she hadn't tied him and he wasn't handcuffed with the key missing. She knew he had good fingers for prying at her in a way that gave her an orgasm.

She pulled away from him and touched herself with her fingers, teasing him. He pulled a face that looked like he was in desperate agony. Her fingers played with herself and he could see the red opening ready to accept him. He felt he was going to come again. He moaned, "Take me inside you and I'll tell you. Just stop. I'll do anything you want just stop. I'll love you. We can do it properly if you would just take me."

Her eyes were closed and it looked like she hadn't been listening as her fingers ran inside her womanhood. She shuddered as she nearly reached the height of her pleasure. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him and the grimace he had. He was hating to see her having to do it all herself to make her come. She looked down the length of his body to where his cock was erect and eager to enter her. She looked to his face and then to his cock again. She straddled him, facing him and holding the lips of her sexual organ apart she slipped on to his damp penis. She started slow in her riding of it and then began to speed up. As she rode him he wanted to sit up and cling to her. He thrust his hips up, meeting her halfway. His eyes were closed and his mouth open in silent pleasure. It was with a hard thrust that he came inside her and she shuddered all the way through her body as she reached the height of her ecstasy.

He sank his hips back on to the bed with a loud sigh of pleasure and relief. She dropped on to him and lay on him with his cock growing limp just inside her opening. She murmured into his ear, "Are you going to tell me now?"

He slowly nodded, "Under the pillows. I wouldn't have swallowed it."

"Will you give me all you've got now?"

"If you want me to. Let us just lie here for a moment first."

"Sure." She said in agreement for she was feeling tired as well. Her eyes closed and she seemed to fall asleep especially as it had been a long day in the office. He smiled at his wife and closed his eyes as he recalled all that had just occurred.

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