tagGroup SexWhich One?

Which One?

byKelly Louise©

Hi, this story is one I wrote many moons ago and is the 2nd one that I ever wrote, I found it on an old disc I was clearing out the other day and thought it would be fun to post it to see how I have changed my style of writing. Its all fact and not one name has been changed as no one was innocent : )

New ones to follow soon, ty for all your mail and comments, ya make me blush.



* * * * *

As I picked up the phone I was met with "Kelly, HELP!"

It was Phil, an old friend, who had a little problem. Phil was a mobile D.J., you know the type. He was booked to provide the music for an end of term leaving party at an agricultural college. Since his van only seated three, he wanted to know if I would provide the transport for two other guys who needed to go.

Why he needed all these guys with him I do not know. But, I agreed to take the two other guys so long as I could stay at the college and drive home the next day.

"You're a life saver," came the reply, and we made arrangements for the following weekend.

The following Saturday at 5.30 p.m there was a knock on my door. When I opened it, I am sure the two guys who stood in front of me could see the sparkle that flashed through my eyes.

WOW!!! What Phil had not told me is that I would have in my car two of the hunkiest guys I had seen for a long time.

"Hi I'm John and this is Neil, Phil's mates," John said.

"Hi, come on in, I need to grab something's and then we'll go," I said, as I curled my toes with delight. They stepped in and I offered them a seat. As I ran up the stairs to get my toothbrush, I could see the effect the guys had on me. Clearly visible through my t-shirt, my nipples were already pointing, hard and wanting to be touched. I had no doubt they had also seen my body's reaction. I grabbed my denim jacket and put it on as I went back down to the guys.

The drive took about 45 minutes. In that time, I learned as much as I needed to know about John and Neil. Both were single, both worked out, both lived at home with mum and dad and both were flirting like mad with me.

To this day, I still do not know how the hell I did not stop the car in some lay-by and just have sex then and there with them both. But I didn't, and I arrived at the college like a bitch in heat.

Before the music began and the drinks began to flow, Phil and the guys set up and made ready for the night. I sat and watched as John and Neil lifted, stretched and bent as they set up the disco. Every now and then one of them would wink at me, then say something to the other. They were like a double act and kept me watching for the hour or so it took to get ready.

Dressed in tight stonewashed jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of brown ankle boots, I fitted in well with the "trainee farmers." Soon I was having a great time, laughing and dancing the night away.

Watching from the stage were John and Neil. Every now and then, as they passed me to go to the bar, they would slide their hand slowly over my arse and whisper some comment on the way I was dancing.

We flirted, we danced, we drank and we passed on teasing comments all night until the slow dances inevitably sounded out and filled the room with couples smooching and kissing as they held each other in drunken stupors, sliding their feet and circling around moving as if to try and honour some long ago lost mating dance.

As I took my glass to the bar I was grabbed and whisked around by John. He just pulled me onto the dance floor and pressed me tight to him. As I wrapped my arms over his shoulders, he drew me close. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my body. He ground his hips and whispered that he wanted to dance with me naked and then screw me until I begged him to stop.

It wasn't the greatest chat-up line I had ever heard. But he knew darn well he made me horny and was telling me, in his own way, that I did the same to him.

Not wanting to seem easy, I told him that if I did not fall asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow I might, just might, knock on his door. He needed to give me 20 minutes to see if I showed. If I didn't, he could sulk all he liked, but tough!

The music slowly wound down, the last glasses clinked as they were collected and some guy began to sweep the floor. We all headed to the rooms the college had provided for us. As I reached the door to the room I had been given, Neil came up and asked if I felt safe sleeping so close to horny guys, not knowing if one would try and have his wicked way with me.

I replied, before stepping into my room, "One better had or else."

I heard the door close behind me and turned to see Neil locking it. As he walked towards me, I lifted my t-shirt over my head and started to undo my jeans, sliding my boots off my feet as I did. Before I could strip further he took hold of my hands and held them behind my back as he kissed me.

Neil's tongue pushed my lips open and delved into my mouth. He kissed me hard. Unable to hold him off, I pushed back and met his lips with mine. We were kissing each other hard. As he kissed down my neck, he moved his hands over my body. Holding my hands in one of his, he used the other to undo the rest of the buttons on my jeans.

Tugging at them with one hand, then sliding his hand down my thighs, he got my jeans down low enough so I could use one leg and then the other to pull them off and step out of them.

Sliding his hand back up my body, he undid my bra. As it dropped to the floor, he cupped one of my tits and kissed it softly, letting his tongue glide over my hard nipple and making me arch my back so that I could push it deep into his mouth. Now the other, kissing softly between them letting his lips slide from one over to the other. Still, he held onto my hands.

No, I did not try to free my hands. This was wonderful. I wanted him to take me, I wanted to feel helpless as he kissed and touched every part of my body. As he kissed my tits, sucking gently, chewing on them, he reached his hand down to my knickers and slid his fingers inside them.

As his fingers slid over my pussy I could not help but moan, and I parted my legs slightly to let his fingers slip inside me. As his fingers entered me, slowly sliding into my wetness, I felt my knees give way. My whole body was covered in goose bumps as waves of desire swept over me.

As he moved his fingers slowly round and around and deeper with every push, he moved me backwards. As the back of my legs touched the bed he let go of my hands and I sank slowly onto the bed. He stood back, letting his fingers slip from my pussy, then he stripped.

Not one word was said. The was no need for talk as he covered me with his body and parted my legs with his. As we looked into each others eyes, I opened my legs wide and his cock slipped into me. As he once again held my hands, this time over my head, he began to fuck me.

Deep thrusts of his hips made his cock fill me. Each thrust made me moan softly with pleasure. Deep and hard, so very hard, he thrust his cock into me. Holding me on the bed, he filled me with his cock as he kissed and sucked my tits. I lifted my hips to meet every one of his thrusts, wrapping my legs tight around him to make sure I had it all.

Faster he thrust, harder he pushed, using my body for his pleasure. He was grunting as he fucked me, each thrust pushing the air from my body. Faster, faster each thrust more urgent than the last. At last I could wait no more, I could hold back no longer, and I let my orgasm surge through my body.

As my pussy throbbed around his cock, my muscles contracting faster and faster, flooding my pussy with my cum, he pulled out and I felt his cum splatter on my tummy. It was warm and thick, sending more shudders through my body.

He let go of my arms and slumped beside me, panting we lay together, both of us trying to catch our breath, looking at each others bodies and taking in every inch. As we lay there, I rubbed his cum into my skin and then licked it from my fingers.

I could taste the salty freshness with my dry mouth. As I let my finger slip out of my lips, he looked at me and said he had hoped from the moment I had opened my door hours earlier that we would end the night like this.

We lay together for a while then I said that I needed to use the little girls' room. As I reached for my t-shirt and slipped it over my head, he kissed my back and told me not to be long. He wanted to once more feel my body explode with pleasure. I kissed him softly and said I would be back as soon as I could.

The bathroom was at the end of the corridor. I slipped quietly out of my room and went down to it. As I walked softly, my bare feet against the cold wooden floor boards, I stepped onto a loose board. It creaked, my heart missed a beat, but then I relaxed knowing everyone was probably in a drink induced sleep. Hoping I would not have been heard, I moved on quickly.

When I left the bathroom, I once again quietly crept up the corridor. As I got to one of the other doors near my room, I saw John. He was wearing just his boxer shorts, with a grin on his face as he leaned against the door frame.

He could tell I had nothing on under my t-shirt. Then, he winked at me as he reached for my hand and pulled me slowly into his room. As John pulled me through the door to his room, he bent and kissed my cheek. "You took your time" he whispered as he closed the door behind him. "Thought you had passed me up on the offer!"

He pulled me close and held me tight as he kissed, not giving me a chance to answer. His tongue probed my cold lips, cold from the fresh water I had just drunk. The chill was quickly replaced by the hot taste of passion, and I soon felt his hand slide up onto my naked arse. "I knew you wanted it!" he whispered, as his hand stroked my skin and caressed my arse. Slowly I turned him around, pushing him back onto the bed, and my only reply was, "Ssssssshhhhhh."

With our lips chewing softly on each others mouths, I lay on top of him. As his hands tenderly moved up my back, I pushed my hips gently down and felt the hardness of his cock pressing through his shorts against my naked pussy.

As I pulled away from his lips and kissed him softly on his neck, I lifted up onto my arms so that he could get his hands around my front. My nipples were hard against his fingers as he circled each one, pulling them gently, my fingers clawing the bed with his every touch.

I kissed down his chest, repaying him with soft nibbles on his nipples and letting each one slide slowly from my tight lips. As my lips moved further down, I kissed and felt his tummy go tense, fighting back that tickling feeling as I slowly ran my tongue down to the top of his shorts.

I had no need to take his shorts off. He slid his hands out of my t-shirt and pulled them off for me. As he kicked them off his feet I moved down the bed so that I lay between his legs. There before my eyes lay his hard cock. He was unable to keep the last drop of pre cum from oozing out. I cupped his balls and kissed them. They felt like rocks as I rolled them round my mouth, John groaning softly as my teeth sank ever so gently into them.

As I let my tongue run up his cock slowly, he ran his fingers through my hair. I could feel his body tense as I reached the tip, willing me to sink my lips onto his cock, desperate to feel the warmth of my mouth. As my lips closed slowly over the tip of his cock he pushed down gently on my head, and his cock sank deep into my mouth. I felt him shudder as my tongue and teeth slid over his cock and he moaned out loud. I cupped his balls with my hands as I began to wank his cock with my lips. My head bobbed up and down, each time taking his cock further into my throat. Nice and slow, there was no rush, I let him fuck my mouth. His hips pushing up every time my mouth slid down and his hands resting gently on my head. Sucking, licking, my teeth gliding over his cock I let him use my mouth for what seemed like hours.

After ages, his hands moved and reached for my T-shirt. As he slid it up my back, I let his cock slip from my lips so that he could take it off. I slowly knelt between his legs. As I did, he sat up and kissed me. My hard nipples were pressing into his chest as he kissed me. It was as if he had never kissed anyone before. My mouth was open as he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth, his lips pressed hard against mine. As we kissed, he lay back and pulled me down with him. His hands were running all over my body, as if he had to touch every inch at the same time. Holding my arse in both hands he pulled me gently up, saying he had never felt so horny in his life. I moved my hips so his cock rested on my pussy. Then with one sudden move he flipped me onto my side.

How the hell he did it without us falling out of the bed I will never know. As he turned me, and my legs parted, he slid his cock with one hard thrust deep into me. Then as he held my hips he began to fuck me, hard and deep. This was no gentle tease, just a good hard fuck. He lifted my leg back over his so that I could feel his balls hitting against my arse. As he fucked me, he moved his hand and rubbed my clit with his fingers.

With every thrust I moaned, and as he rubbed my clit harder he said, "I knew you liked it hard, you do, tell me you do, TELL ME. "Yessssss, YESSSSSSSSSSSS hard, mmmmmm fuck me hard," came my gasping reply. With that he pushed me onto my front and, still with his cock inside me, he pulled me to my knees and began to fuck me from behind. As he slammed deliciously into me, my body slid up the bed, my tits clapping with every thrust, the sweat starting to run down my back. I pushed back to meet every one of his thrusts, slapping my arse on his legs as he pulled me back with my hips. Faster and faster he fucked, pushing the air out of my body as I moaned. I could feel the muscles in my body start to tense, and as I pushed my face into the pillow to muffle my scream, I came.

My body went limp as every muscle gave up the fight, I could wait no longer and I came so much. I went dizzy as I felt my orgasm tear through me and I slumped forward onto the bed. Still he fucked, triumphant that he had made me cum.

As I felt my body shudder and go totally limp, he pulled his cock out of me. Getting up and standing next to the bed, he grabbed my head, turned it towards him and pushed his cock into my mouth.

As I panted, unable to catch my breath, he held my head and filled my mouth with his cum. His cock pulsed as it emptied his balls down my throat. Hot, thick, salty cum flowed over my tongue as I swallowed it.

I felt his hands relax on the back of my head and I pulled back so that I could breath. My tits were heaving as I gulped down air. As I looked at him, he held his cock and said I had missed a drop. Then, he squeezed his arse muscles and made a blob of cum come out of the end of his cock. Still looking at him, I wiped it off with my finger and then sucked it off, letting my finger side slowly over my lips. I smiled.

Within a moment, John was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at me as I lay back. He had not made me beg him to stop as he had promised. Then, he began running his fingers over the very tips of my nipples, making each one harder than they had ever felt before. Holding each nipple between his fingers as he kept staring into my eyes, he began to twist them. Not too hard, just enough to make me close my eyes and run my teeth over my bottom lip. As I let me hands slide softly over his arms, he said, "I could cum just watching you."

"I want you to make me beg you to stop," was my reply, as I pulled him down and kissed him. Just as our lips touched, I froze. Someone was walking along the corridor, the floorboards creaking.

Oh my God! Was it Neil looking for me?

What would he say?

What would he do?

It only just occurred to me that I had been with him and had just walked out. The sound of the floorboard was like a slap across my face, bringing me out of the drunken, slut crazed state I was in. Then came the tap on the door. My eyes opened wide as John placed a finger over my lips, then stood up. As he went towards the door, I scrambled to pull a sheet over myself. But, I should have known. I should have realized what was about to happen by the grin on John's face and the glint in his eyes. As he reached the door, he turned, winked at me and then opened it. There stood Neil. He winked at John, then slipped into the room. The look on my face must have been a picture. I looked at Neil as he stood in front of me, in just his boxers. John, with his now hardening cock pointing out in front, just grinned.

"You bastards, you had all this planned out, didn't you?" I said. They looked at each other and grinned, like cats about to get the cream. Both men came over to the bed. As John pulled the sheet from my body he said, "I lied, you're not going to beg me to stop, you're going to beg us both." With that he grabbed my arms and pulled me up off the bed. Neil bent to take his shorts off, John held me and kissed me, and my mind whirled. I'd never had two guys at once before. I was scared, yet excited at the same time.

"Could I? Should I?" my mind searched frantically for a reason why not. Yes, I could feel my body tingle with desire. There I stood, naked between two gorgeous guys, one kissing me and running his fingers over my tits while the other knelt behind me, his hands stroking up and down my legs as he kissed the cheeks of my arse. I tried to say no. I tried so hard, but the word just would not come out of my mouth. My brain gave in to lust as I felt Neil's hands reach the top of my legs and slowly part my cheeks. My body was theirs. They knew it. They knew I could not stop them. They knew I would not stop them.

As John bent his head to suck and kiss my nipples, Neil parted the cheeks of my arse. Parting my legs a bit, I stood up on the balls of my feet to help Neil reach me where I needed to feel him. He ran his tongue over me, reaching under me so I could feel his tongue slide from my clit around back and over my arse. Each time he would pause for a moment let his tongue slip between my open lips and into my pussy, then trail my warm juices up and onto my arsehole.

As Neil probed my arse with his tongue, John moved his hand down and played with my pussy and clit. He kept slipping two fingers in, then bringing them out and rubbing my clit. They were taking turns, one with his tongue, the other with his fingers. As they worked my pussy, I moaned with every touch. I stood in rapture between them for so long the muscles ached in my calves. But I didn't want them to stop. They rubbed, they licked, they touched and they probed. They must have done this before. No way had they not. They were too good, each knowing exactly when and where and how to touch next. They could feel my body shudder with every touch. I did not want to cum, I did not want this to end. I was so close, so close to letting my body explode, when Neil stopped and stood up behind me.

As I let my feet rest back onto the floor, John took my hand and placed it between my legs. Then, rubbing my fingers over my pussy, pushing my fingers in and then sliding them over my clit, he was using my hand instead of his. He held my hand tight as he pushed my fingers back into my pussy. As my fingers slid smoothly into my own wetness, slowly he fucked me with my own hand. There were two, and then three of my fingers being pushed into me.

Neil was kissing the back of my neck. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my arse as I moved my hips in time with John using my fingers in my pussy. John then stopped and pulled my fingers up to his mouth. They glistened with my wetness. As he held each one apart, he took one into his mouth and sucked it, running his tongue over my finger tasting my juice. Then he held my hand over my shoulder and Neil did the same, sucking on a finger, cleaning it, tasting me. Then it was my turn. When John pushed my finger into my mouth, I began to suck on it like a cock. I let him push it deep into my mouth, sliding it between my lips, turning my head so that I got every bit of my juice.

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