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While The Kids Are Away


My wife Lisa and I have been married for 17 years and have two kids. My wife, at 44 is still sexy with a tight, trim body. She's 5'4" with a thin waist, great B cup boobs and an ass to die for. She looks younger than her age and it's common for her to get hit on when she is out. We have tried to keep our sex life interesting and don't like to go too long without. We both believe sex helps keep a relationship strong. Like most couples we did go through some dry patches when the kids were very young. Things started to rebound as the kids got a little older, went to bed early and slept through the night.

Lately however, the kids getting older and staying up later coupled with my wife's inability to stay up late has put a damper on our sex life. We have found that we now need to be creative. The kids, a son and a daughter, are now 11 and 12. So, they have reached an age where they do not need constant parental supervision. This has been the opening that we have been looking for to jump start our sex life.

Last week, my daughter had a dance class and my son had lacrosse practice on the same day at roughly the same time. The daughter caught a ride to class with a friend and my wife dropped my son off at practice. The timing worked out in such a way that my wife was able to drop my son off and return home about fifteen minutes before I arrived home from work.

I sent my wife a text message that read "See you when I get home. I expect you to be naked when I get there." I wasn't sure how she would react but decided it was worth the shot. It had been almost two weeks since we had last had sex. About five minutes after I sent the message my phone beeped. "Is that right?" was the reply. Was that a yes or a no? I was left to wonder.

I pulled into my driveway and walked to the door not knowing if I was going to be greeted by my sexy wife in her birthday suit or if I had just blown a chance at some fun. I opened the door and the house seemed empty. I asked if anyone was home and received a reply from upstairs "I'm up here."

I made my way up the steps and entered our bedroom. I was delighted to see my wife's sexy bare ass as she lying face down on the bed. She rolled over and flashed me a big smile as well as her B cups and trimmed pussy. She looked spectacular. "Great idea" was all she said. I thanked her, unable to stop smiling. She asked me if I was going to join her.

I quickly shed all my clothes and crawled onto the bed. I moved over her and we began a passionate kiss. I was already half erect. My hands wandered to her chest and gently played with her nipples. She was cupping my balls and stroking my cock.

Soon my kisses wandered down her neck to her breasts and I engulfed first one and then the other nipple into my mouth. I was pinching the one that I wasn't sucking and she was emitting soft moans. My kisses moved to her stomach and she suddenly rolled over.

I knew what she wanted. I started kissing the back of her neck and made my way down her back kissing and licking. When I reached her ass, I was kissing and squeezing her ass cheeks. My tongue eventually made its way to the top of her ass crack and very slowly began sliding down her crack a little at a time. Up and down it went move a little lower with each pass. Her moaning was getting louder and she was squirming more and more.

As I reached her puckered ass hole, I spread her cheeks wide and let my tongue play all over it. She was now moaning very loudly with some barely discernable words mixed in. This went on for a little while and then I let my tongue trail down a little further and I plunged it into her pussy. This caused her to jump. My tongue was now sliding in and out of her pussy and also sliding up and down her slit and dancing around on her clit. The moaning was now non-stop.

She lifted her ass up off the bed. This gave me better access to increase her pleasure. She was soaked and the juices were pouring out faster than I could lap them up. I lifted her a little higher and positioned my cock at her entrance and entered her, bottoming out on the first thrust. She was unbelievably wet and I started to immediately pound her hard. I was also slapping her ass. She was yelling for me to fuck her harder and faster and to slap her harder. She was making grunting noises. Her juices were pouring out soaking the bed. It's not often that I get to see her so turned on.

When she seemed like she could be close to an orgasm, I pulled out and flipped her onto her back and dove back into her pussy. I put a finger in her pussy and another into her ass as my tongue drummed her clit. She let out a guttural moan and then tensed and became quiet. I knew her orgasm was about to hit. Within seconds, she let out a very loud moan and her body began to convulse.

I kept my mouth glued to her clit until she couldn't take it anymore and had to push my head away. I pulled my fingers out of her and pushed her legs up and plunged back into her still twitching pussy and started to pound her. She was shaking and saying some things that I couldn't quite make out. Her eyes looked like they were rolling back in her head.

I pounded her hard for a few minutes until once again I pulled out of her before cumming. This time I grabbed some lube, coated my finger and stuck it in her ass. I added some more to my cock and then stuck it at her back entrance and slowly pushed in. Once I was all the way in I started to piston in and out of her gradually increasing my tempo.

In no time, I was pounding into her and she was asking for more. I couldn't hold out very long in her tight ass and I came hard. I emptied my balls into her ass and kept pumping. My cum was leaking out around my cock. I didn't stop until I went soft. My cock made a plopping sound as it slipped out of her. Her ass gaped open and a copious amount of cum was leaking out of it adding to the mess already on the sheets. It was a very erotic sight.

I crawled up next to her and we snuggled for a short while. I was ready to take a nap but it was time to get up and clean up. My son needed to be picked up and my daughter would be home soon. It was back to reality. As I was about to leave, my still naked wife gave me a big hug and kiss and told me what a great idea this had been and that she couldn't believe how hard she had cum. She then headed to the shower while I headed out.

When I got home, my wife was out of the shower and the sheets were in the wash. As we began cooking dinner we kept exchanging knowing glances and smiles at each other. I am looking forward to the next time we can let loose like that.

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